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A new version of Sirio and Sirio Entry has been
released on the market.
The new release includes hardware and
software improvements.
Additional functions are available and system
reliability is increased.
Service on the devices is simplified as well,
thanks to the introduction of a complete logging
of errors, supply timer, running timer, etc.
How to recognize the new version
You can recognize the new version 2.0 thanks to
the identification label applied on the cover and
on the external box.
Hardware improvements
More than 20 improvements were applied to the
circuit boards.
Hardware improvements
New microcontrollers
new software for motor control and human interface
new parameters and extended possibilities
new components packages with improved soldearability (solves the
problem of cold soldering on some pins)
Hardware improvements
Modified pressure sensor amplification circuit
amplification circuit improved for a better pressure reading
reduced drift of the signal along the time
increased amplification gain for a more accurate pressure reading

mV Pressure sensor signal

12 Sirio
Sirio 2.0
0 0,5 1 1,5 2 2,5 3 3,5 4 4,5 5 Bar
Hardware improvements
I/O expansion card available
allows connection to other equipments (like BMS)
1 digital input and 1 relay output available
can be used for the command of a DOL pump, external enable
signal, error signaling, double set-point activation, etc.
doesnt affect the possibility of connecting more drives in a boosting
Hardware improvements
Intelligent thermal management
automatically reduces the power to the pump when the temperature
avoids over-temperature on the IGBT and DC bus capacitors
extends inverter life

Hz Output maximum frequency

60 65 70 75 80 85 C
Hardware improvements
Improved low voltage DC-DC converter
higher resistance to input voltage fluctuations and short interruptions
lower EMI noises

New inrush circuit directly commanded from CPU

perfect protection from inrush currents
protection of the power stage
Hardware improvements
New board-to-board connections
Boards are internally connected through ribbon flat cable
instead of pin strips
Increased reliability
No loose of signal
Easier replacement of the boards during service
Software improvements
All functioning variables are now available directly
on the screen, including:

actual pressure
actual frequency
incoming voltage
output current
internal ambient temperature
IGBT temperature
Software improvements
More protection of the pump and inverter thanks
to improved functions:

over pressure protection

automatic maximum frequency reduction with temperature
anti-cycling protection in case of leaks
anti-seizure protection automatically starting the pump in case of long
inactivity period
dry running delay timer can be adjusted separately
Software improvements
Increased performances thanks to new PWM
waveform generation:
output waveform is perfectly sinusoidal
+15% output voltage thanks to space vector technique, compared to
the past 3rd harmonic compensation
smoother functioning of the motor
maximum performance of the pump is equal to DOL connection
Software improvements
Universal software for different markets:
BAR or PSI pressure indication
50 or 60 Hz output frequency selection from the display
8 languages menu (IT,EN,FR,ES,DE,PT,GR,SK)

Flexibility of use:
automatic or manual functioning mode (frequency can be commanded
from the keypad)
flow sensor can be disabled for operation with unclean water, sand,
over voltage and under voltage limits can be adjusted from the menu
for operation in rural areas where power supply is not stabilized
selectable PWM switching frequency
Software improvements
Easy maintenance:
Complete errors log for quick debug
Power supply timer
Pump running timer
Easy access to calibration menu without removing plastic enclosures
Connection with PC software for quick inspection of all the parameters
(under development).

RS 232
New Sirio & Sirio Entry

Thanks for your attention!