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Flash forward

Flash forward
Canada 2008
Preface  6
Scott Mullin

curator’s note  7
Sara Knelman

Introduction  8:9
Andrea Carson

Bright Spark Award

Adam Makarenko  10 : 19

Canada United Kingdom United States

Jessica Auer  22 : 23 Mariama Attah  76 : 77 Ian Baguskas  130 : 131

Karin Bubas  24 : 25 Benjamin Becker  78 : 79 Gideon Barnett  132 : 133

Ryan Carter  26 : 27 Emma Blau  80 : 81 Damion Berger  134 : 135

Becky Comber  28 : 29 Adam Capper  82 : 83 Erik Boker  136 : 137

Jolie Dobson  30 : 31 Jacob Carter  84 : 85 Michael Christopher Brown   138 : 139

Carrie Duplessis  32 : 33 Yvonne De Rosa  86 : 87 Michael Bühler-Rose  140 : 141

Jenna Edwards  34 : 35 Afshin Dehkordi  88 : 89 Caleb Charland  142 : 143

Amy Friend  36 : 37 Philipp Ebeling  90 : 91 Michal Chelbin  144 : 145

Hudson Hayden  38 : 39 Ilan Godfrey  92 : 93 Kevin Cooley  146 : 147

Simon Hayter  40 : 41 Matthew Hammond  94 : 95 Katrina Marcelle d’Autremont  148 : 149

Laurie Kang  42 : 43 Darren Harvey-Regan  96 : 97 Clémence de Limburg  150 : 151

Anthony Koutras  44 : 45 Alex Hill  98 : 99 Scott Eiden  152 : 153

Eamon Mac Mahon  46 : 47 Frederic Huska  100 : 101 Juliane Eirich  154 : 155

Sarah Mangiarlado  48 : 49 Sam Kemp  102 : 103 Lucas Foglia  156 : 157

margherita marzorati  50 : 51 Christos Koukelis  104 : 105 Nicole Jean Hill  158 : 159

Nik Mirus  52 : 53 Moira Lovell  106 : 107 Joelle Jensen  160 : 161

Dominic Nahr  54 : 55 Susanne Ludwig  108 : 109 Virginie Lamarche  162 : 163

James Nizam  56 : 57 Ivor Prickett  110 : 111 Curtis Mann  164 : 165

Ed Ou  58 : 59 Charlotte Rea  112 : 113 Eric Percher  166 : 167

Lindsay Page  60 : 61 Ali Richards  114 : 115 Dulce Pinzon  168 : 169

Andrew Rowat  62 : 63 Johanna Ruebel  116 : 117 James Pomerantz  170 : 171

Sabrina Russo  64 : 65 Jan Stradtmann  118 : 119 Brian Shumay  172 : 173

Talia Shipman  66 : 67 Jamie Tiller  120 : 121 Jonathan Smith  174 : 175

John Van Der Woude  68 : 69 Alys Tomlinson  122 : 123 Will Steacy  176 : 177

Lizzie Vickery  70 : 71 Stuart Whipps  124 : 125 Hugo Tillman  178 : 179

Honourable Mentions   72 : 73 Honourable Mentions   126 : 127 Honourable Mentions  180 : 181

contributors  182 : 191

preface curator’s note

As a founding sponsor of Flash Forward, TD Bank Financial Group is proud to support Welcome to the fourth edition of Flash Forward from The Magenta Foundation. Driven
The Magenta Foundation in its development of a world-class Emerging Artists Program. by a passion for and commitment to the development of the visual arts in Canada and
In the past four years, Magenta has made remarkable inroads with its unique ability to abroad, this publication aims to expose the most exceptional emerging photographers
bring well-deserved recognition to talented young artists. from Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. With each edition, Flash Forward extends its
mandate to generate even more opportunities for the artists it supports. This year the
As a North American bank, TD provides support to Magenta to help young people from
accompanying exhibition featuring selected work from the publication will be seen in
Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. develop and achieve their full potential, and together,
more venues than ever before — connecting new talent with new audiences.
we’re making a difference in building a thriving visual-arts community.
Since its invention in the 1830s, and through the eyes and lenses of its many
Scott Mullin practitioners, photography has undeniably changed the way that we all see. Today,
Vice President, Government and Community Relations
photo-based images surround us at every turn and digital technology has made
TD Bank Financial Group
making and sharing pictures faster and easier than ever before. As we all frame the
world through a lens — whether that lens is physically present or not — photography is
a language.

In an increasingly global community, photography is a common language. As the

images that follow demonstrate, it has the capacity to give voice to the voiceless and
to capture rapidly shifting environments. It is uniquely adept at forging connections
between diverse and often disparate ideologies and geographies.

As a language, photographs have the power not only to show, but to shape the way
we understand the world around us. They can expand our field of vision and stretch
the boundaries of what we are able to see. In photographs by Adam Makarenko, this
year’s Bright Spark Winner, we see beyond the perceptible, and venture deep into
the imagination. Photographs by equally remarkable artists too numerous to list here
also allow us to see beyond our regular scope. They illuminate, often with astonishing
clarity, a society, a culture, a landscape, a relationship or an individual psyche that
would normally be out of range.

The artists represented in this collection will usher photography into its third century.
The range of styles and approaches to the medium are remarkable, yet the images
remain connected. They share a palpable vitality, a force that says, “these are not
documents, this is life!”

We can all look forward to witnessing these emerging artists give new articulation to
the shared language of photography.

Sara Knelman
Curator of Contemporary Art
Art Gallery of Hamilton
Hamilton, Ontario

10 : 11
The Photographer’s Pursuit

From photography’s earliest days, when W.H. Fox Talbot experimented with calotypes both the role of women in Georgian society and the laborious development of the
at Lacock Abbey, England, to the exotic imagery of 19th-century travel photographers countryside. Twenty-one-year-old L.A.-based Canadian photographer Ed Ou, by
Maxime du Camp and Auguste Salzmann, through to its application in 21st century news contrast, captures the explosive energy in Sudan, Somalia and the West Bank where
media, the camera has functioned, as Marshall McLuhan observed, as an extension of violence is a daily reality.
the eye.
.Other photographers have sought out communities that retain, or reinstate, a tradi-
.With this extension came a transformation of the world from a personal, time-based tional way of life. Ryan Carter records the peaceful isolation in Old Crow, Yukon,
experience into a series of singular, consumable moments whose original context while Ali Richards presents the elements of the traditional hunt in a remote Canadian
is always lost to the ambivalent gaze of its recipient. Transcending time and space — First Nations community. Lucas Foglia’s portraits and views of various off-the-grid
from ultrasound images of the unborn to historical events, from the local to the communities across the United States depict a studied utopianism, and Emma Blau’s
exotic — a photograph always implies distance. McLuhan theorized that a significant, portraits of people with autism probe the ability of photography to reveal human nature.
if often overlooked, effect of technological extension is the amputation of other,
.For those artists experimenting with the aesthetic possibilities of the medium, a sense
established societal norms. The result is that after some time, technologically advanced
of isolation and experimental surrealism persists. Many artists are using techniques
societies seek to restore these amputated practices.
like decoupage, collage, mixed media, constructed sets and digital manipulation to
.If it is possible to identify an overarching theme in the work of more than 100 emerging imbue the photograph with the warmth of human emotion, while other images possess
photographers from Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. featured in this year’s compendium, a willful painterliness. These techniques invite the viewer to explore the image beyond
it may be an interest in the pursuit of the genuine and personal experience. This search the surface. A deep, gothic beauty pervades the powerful landscapes by Canada’s
sometimes appears through an exploration of the surreal or the gothic, or through the Jolie Dobson, and Chicago-based photographer Curtis Mann locates figures within
deconstruction of the theatrical, or the documentation of marginalized communities — scorched, empty space with decoupage-style techniques. James Nizam’s room-sized
whether local or in politically charged countries. One senses that the experience of camerae obscura are created from the dingy rooms inside soon-to-be demolished
engaging with their subject matter profoundly affected these artists. It follows that houses, into which he projects, upside-down, the great outdoors. Caleb Charland uses
this trend may be a byproduct of the photograph’s pervasiveness in Western society. photography to document his dramatically lit chemical experiments that also speak to
One young photographer, James Nizam, tellingly describes his reconstruction of room- transparency and layering, while Canadian Becky Comber’s dark landscapes incorporate
sized camerae obscura as a “relief from technology.” a palpable sense of awe toward nature through the use of collage, re-photography
and other forms of manipulation. This year’s Bright Spark winner, Adam Makarenko,
.The challenge for today’s generation of emerging photographers is to filter their view
uses constructed landscapes, dramatic lighting and a Gothic sensibility in an intimate,
of the world through their experience of advertising, political and media imagery at
semi-fictitious exploration of the world of bees.
a time when the Internet, the iPod and online gaming technologies continually isolate
society from its sense of itself. Much of this year’s documentary work, for instance, .Today’s emerging photographers continue their exploration, applying Proust’s truism
illustrates a concern for neglected communities and the ways in which these people that the real voyage of discovery is in having new eyes. Let the artists in the pages of
cope with daily life. Yvonne De Rosa’s tender, beautifully coloured images of a this book take you beyond the image, unearthing compassion, concern and humanity
now-closed mental asylum speak to the abandonment of those who once resided there. in their imagery. From the first page to the last, savour the journey through the fresh
The series reflects De Rosa’s time spent as a volunteer in that same establishment. eyes of a generation.
Similarly, Gareth Phillips takes the viewer inside a hospice for the terminally ill,
with haunting black-and-white images that invite the viewer to question mortality. Andrea Carson
Writer & Publisher
Ivor Prickett presents his ongoing, award-winning project following the plight of
displaced Serbian Croats and Tbilisi; Georgia-based photographer Molly Corso records

12 : 13
Bright spark award
Adam Makarenko

Proto Bees : From the series Miniature Apiary Series/Langstroth Range

Adam Makarenko bright spark award
Honeyshack : From the series Miniature Apiary Series/Langstroth Range 16 : 17
Adam Makarenko bright spark award
Flying In : From the series Miniature Apiary Series/Langstroth Range 18 : 19
Adam Makarenko bright spark award
Beetruck : From the series Miniature Apiary Series/Langstroth Range 20 : 21
Adam Makarenko bright spark award
Hive Vandals : From the series Miniature Apiary Series/Langstroth Range 22 : 23

Detail of “Wax of Céline, Las Vegas”

from the series ’Til Kingdom Comes…(or a slight difficulty to breathe)
20 : 21
by Guillaume Simoneau
Jessica Auer Canada
Machu Picchu, Peru : Niagara Falls, New York : From the series Re-creational Spaces 22 : 23
Karin Bubas Canada
Girl in Apple Orchard 24 : 25
Ryan Carter Canada
Allan Benjamin, 50 : Stephen Frost, 75 26 : 27
becky comber Canada
The Boat Took Us to That Coastal Town : You’re Too Far Away : From the series the forbidden hours can eat you alive 28 : 29
Jolie Dobson Canada
Scarred Landscape 5 : Scarred Landscape 8 30 : 31
carrie duplessis Canada
Carolyn & Devon : Rixa & Elena : From the series Communication Breakdown 32 : 33
jenna edwards Canada
The Collection of B. Edwards : The Collection of L. C. Tong : From the series Accumulated Histories: Collections of Family Photographs 34 : 35
Amy Friend Canada
Vestiges : From the series Soon This Space Will Be Too Small 36 : 37
hudson hayden Canada
Parkdale #1 : Parkdale #2 38 : 39
From the series Caledonia 40 : 41
Laurie Kang Canada
From the series My Father and I 42 : 43
Anthony Koutras Canada
Safe-Lite FRC : Wade in Canada : From the series Urban Simulation 44 : 45
Eamon Mac Mahon Canada
Playground, Uranium City, Northern Saskatchewan : Altar, Camsell Portage, Northern Saskatchewan : From the series Landlocked 46 : 47
sarah mangialardo Canada
From the series Reconstructions 48 : 49
Margherita Marzorati Canada
Untitled # 04 50 : 51
Nik Mirus Canada
Brad Hignel : The Leroux Siblings : From the series Treeplanters 52 : 53
Dominic Nahr Canada
A Brief Glance : Only Escape : From the series The Gaza Strip — When Brothers Fight 54 : 55
James Nizam Canada
Anteroom (Chimney in Room) : Anteroom (Rhododendron in Room) 56 : 57
Ed Ou Canada
Uganda : Turn Off Your Lights Day, Los Angeles 58 : 59
Lindsay Page Canada
From the series Spawn 60 : 61
Andrew Rowat Canada
Drug Baron Embroidery, Tajikistan : Hotel Avesta, Tajikistan 62 : 63
sabrina russo Canada
Andreane : Gerald : Sabrina : Tek : From the series Shaking 64 : 65
Talia Shipman Canada
Cattle Disease / Hormones, GMO’s : Lice / Surveillance : From the series Exodus: The Ten Plagues 66 : 67
John van der Woude Canada
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, U.S.A. 68 : 69
Lizzie Vickery Canada
Rowing : Peeking : From the series Miniature World 70 : 71
Arantxa Cedillo Danny Custodio David Larraguibel Lindsay Murrell
From the series Canada’s Only Female Boxing Club Azulejos #2 (Gloves) It Was Hard to Watch You Leave Untitled (Jackie) : From the series Out of Stillness

Eric Deis Jessica Eaton Lucas Oleniuk dustin parr

Rot Quantum Pong 3 From the series Airsick Grain 1, 2006

Gregory John Hern eric Kaluzny Guillaume Simoneau Aubrey Wade

A Mother’s Love : From the series Retention Untitled Neglected McDonald’s Sign, Morocco :  Palacios, Texas, USA
From the series Til Kingdom Comes…(or a slight difficulty to breathe)
Honourable Mentions 72 : 73
United Kingdom

Detail of “#5” from the series And the Word Was God
by Lydia Goldblatt
Mariama Attah United Kingdom
IKN 1.2 : ICA 7.0 : From the series Light Spaces 76 : 77
Door, Villa Galeb : Picture, Villa Galeb : From the series Interiors of Power 78 : 79
EMMA BLAU United Kingdom
Adrian : Anonymous (feared the press would misrepresent her autism) : Julian : Sam S :  From the series (IN)VISIBLE (IN)SIGHTS 80 : 81
adam capper United Kingdom
Nan’s Legs 82 : 83
Jacob Carter United Kingdom
From the series Wilderness 84 : 85
Yvonne De Rosa United Kingdom
From the series Crazy God 86 : 87
Afshin Dehkordi United Kingdom
Alborz Mountains (Central Tehran) : Effi (South Tehran) : From the series The Iranians 88 : 89
Philipp Ebeling United Kingdom
Nastya and Alexey in the Banja : Cheerleaders : From the series Perestroika 90 : 91
Ilan Godfrey United Kingdom
Alexandria and Ainsworth Estate : Camren, 13, With His Dog Bonnie : From the series Rowley Way 92 : 93
Matthew Hammond United Kingdom
Untitled #11 (Journey) : Untitled #21 (Journey) 94 : 95
Darren Harvey-Regan United Kingdom
Landscape With Apparent Horizon (1) : Landscape With Apparent Horizon (2) 96 : 97
Alex Hill United Kingdom
Towan Beach, Cornwall : Tower Bridge, London : From the series Funworld 98 : 99
Frederic Huska United Kingdom
Erica (May 2007, London) : Matthew (June 2007, London) : From the series Unseen 100 : 101
sam kemp United Kingdom
Home Constellation 1 : Home Constellation 5 102 : 103
Christos Koukelis United Kingdom
Remaining Interiors 01 : Remaining Interiors 02 104 : 105
Moira Lovell United Kingdom
Kerry : Grace : From the series The After School Club 106 : 107
Susanne Ludwig United Kingdom
Museum 1 : Museum 2 : From the series Grandmother’s Cellar 108 : 109
Ivor Prickett United Kingdom
From the series The Quiet After the Storm: Croatia’s Displaced Serbs 110 : 111
Charlotte Rea United Kingdom
Emergency Accommodation #27 : Emergency Accommodation #29 112 : 113
ALI RICHARDS United Kingdom
An Honest Hunt — Beaver Skin : An Honest Hunt — Skull 114 : 115
johanna ruebel United Kingdom
Untitled 1, from the series Water 116 : 117
Jan Stradtmann United Kingdom
From the series Manor Garden Allotments 118 : 119
Jamie Tiller United Kingdom
Outside In #04 : Outside In #12 120 : 121
alys tomlinson United Kingdom
Issy, Hedgehog Community, Sussex : From the series One Life: Intentional Communities in the U.K. 122 : 123
Stuart Whipps United Kingdom
Johannesburg. The Provincial Building, 003 : Johannesburg. Shakespeare House, 003 : From the series CBD 124 : 125
Rowan Butler Jo Gane louise maher Gareth Phillips
End of Shift Number 2 : From the series Secret Gardens Ailse : From the series Cailín From the series Existence

Lydia Goldblatt jason havneraas Helga Steppan Phill Taylor

#7 : From the series And the Word Was God A Sardinian Choir Sing to Me in Norway London 4 June 2007 : From the series Belongings Apart My Little Princess 1 : From the series My Little Princess

Paul Hockett Katharine MacDaid kurt tong James Wakefield

Phase 1, #6 : From the series Is Deconstruction the Same as Taking Apart? From the series Kate and Denis Restaurant (Lian Hu Park, Xining, China) : From the series People’s Park Still Looking : From the series Still Looking

United Kingdom
Honourable Mentions 126 : 127
United states

Detail of “Superman” by Dulce Pinzon

Ian Baguskas United states
Sansaram 22, Mt. Sorak, 2005 : Sansaram 32, Mt. Sorak, 2005 130 : 131
Gideon Barnett United states
Johnson City, Tenn., 2007 : SR 11E near Talbot, Tenn., 2007 132 : 133
Damion Berger United states
Hula Hoops, Monaco, 2001 : Flippers, Monaco, 2004 :  From the series In the Deep End 134 : 135
erik boker United states
Colgate Luminous, Paradise Fresh : Crest Whitening, Citrus Splash : From the series Product Dissections, Part I 136 : 137
Michael Christopher Brown United states
Countryside Bathroom : From the series The Great Experiment 138 : 139
Michael Bühler-Rose United states
The Conversation, Alachua, Fla., 2006 : Kumari & Anapayini, Alachua, Fla., 2006 140 : 141
Caleb Charland United states
Four Spheres With Compass, Penlight and Drill : Study With Flashlight : From the series Demonstrations 142 : 143
Michal Chelbin United states
Natasha, Ukraine, 2005 : Young Cadets, Russia, 2004 144 : 145
KEVIN COOLEY United states
284 Devoe Street, Landing Pattern LGA :  Trumbull Park, Landing Newark International Runway 4 146 : 147
Katrina marcelle d’Autremont United states
Maria Esther y Dorita, Argentina, 2006 : Abuelo a la Mesa, Argentina, 2006 : From the series Si dios quiere. . . 148 : 149
Clémence de Limburg United states
From the series Satmar 150 : 151
Scott Eiden United states
Looking Backward #1, Jana : Looking Backward #7 152 : 153
Juliane Eirich United states
Porsche : Meiers House : From the series Snownight 154 : 155
Lucas Foglia United states
Rita & Cora Aiming, Tennessee, 2007 : From the series Re-Wilding 156 : 157
Nicole Jean Hill United states
Golden Sebright : White Leghorn : Buff Orphington : White Crested Black Polish 158 : 159
Joelle Jensen United states
Portrait Hall : High School Portrait II 160 : 161
Virginie Lamarche United states
Untitled 18 : Untitled 20 : From the series Fenestrated 162 : 163
Curtis Mann United states
On Horizon (Palestine) : From the series The Modification 164 : 165
Eric Percher United states
From the series Work 166 : 167
Dulce Pinzon United states
Mr.Elastic : Spiderman 168 : 169
James Pomerantz United states
Mud Bath, Bibiheybat, Azerbaijan : Refugee Child and Doll, Baku, Azerbaijan : From the series Caspian Dreams 170 : 171
Brian Shumway United states
Girls Eating Rice and Beans : Boys in the Pool : From the series La Chureca 172 : 173
Jonathan Smith United states
Corrugated, Brooklyn : Pepsi-Cola Sign, Queens : From the series Night and the City 174 : 175
Will Steacy United states
Cathy : Lauren : From the series All My Life I Have Had the Same Dream 176 : 177
hugo tillman United states
Wang Xingwei 178 : 179
Beau Comeaux Molly Corso John Francis Peters Elise Rasmussen
Visitors Mirror From the series Guizhou, A Precious Land Untitled (Sheet) : From the series Stendhal Syndrome

Tanja Geis Wayne Lawrence Liz Rubincam Kristopher Stallworth

From the series We Have Known Each Other Since 1991 Untitled (Jouvert, Brooklyn) Cara, Sabine & Ronnie : From the series Day One #11 : From the series Periphery

Phillip Andrew Lewis John Wesley Mannion Lisa Wiltse david wright
East 6:24–6:59 Toilet From the series Little Voice Meredith

United states
Honourable Mentions 180 : 181
bright spark award Becky Comber  28 : 29
Birthdate  March 8, 1982 Resides   Grey County, Ontario 
Adam Makarenko  10 : 19 Web

Birthdate  August 30, 1973 Resides  Toronto Web Exhibitions  The forbidden hours can eat you alive, Pikto Gallery, Toronto,
Exhibitions  The Langstroth Range, Pikto Art Gallery, Toronto, 2008; Group February 2008; Rising, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, May 2007; Association,
Show, Bjornson Kajiwara Gallery, Vancouver, 2007; Group Show, Splashlight Gallery 44, Toronto, September 2005; Wallpaper, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto,
Studio, American Photo Magazine, Images of the Year, New York, 2007; May 2005
Organic Series, Propeller Gallery 0.7%, Toronto, 2006
Awards  American Photo of the Year, American Photo Magazine, 2007 Jolie Dobson  30 : 31
Birthdate  November 8, 1981 Resides  Toronto Web
Exhibitions  Illuminations III Landscape and Memory, Prime Gallery, Toronto,
May 2008; From OCAD With Love, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, May 2008
CANADA Awards  Photography Faculty and Friends Award, OCAD, 2007

Jessica Auer  22 : 23 Carrie Duplessis  32 : 33

Birthdate  May 30, 1978 Resides  Montreal Web Birthdate  May 8, 1981 Resides  Toronto Web
Exhibitions  Re-creational Spaces, Toronto Image Works Gallery, Toronto, Exhibitions  Illuminations II, Prime Gallery, Toronto, 2007; A Room With a View,
February 2008; Toronto International Art Fair (TIAF), Booth 1016, November The Now Lounge, Toronto, 2006; See It Here . . . Before It’s Everywhere, OCAD,
2007; Re-creational Spaces, Fofa Gallery, Vitrines, Montreal, September Toronto, 2006; The Darkroom, XSPACE Gallery, Toronto, 2005; Merge, One of
2007; Ailleurs Ici, Musée d’Art Urbain, Montreal, August 2007, Re-creational Two, Lennox Gallery, Toronto, 2005
Spaces, Galerie Thérèse Dion, Montreal, March 2007 Awards  Dr. Eugene A. Poggetto Award for Proficiency in Photography
Awards  Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec, Travel Grant, 2008; Centre Clients  Divine Logic Films, Tarnished Halo Creations
Interuniversitaire des Arts Médiatiques (CIAM) Grant, 2007; Roloff Beny Prize,
2005; J.W. McConnell Memorial Graduate Fellowship, Concordia University, Jenna Edwards  34 : 35
2004; Sheila and Marvyn Kussner Scholarship, Concordia University, 2004 Birthdate  February 27, 1985 Resides  Toronto Web
Collections  CollectArt, Standard Life and the Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec Exhibitions  Accumulated Histories, Harbourfront Centre, York Quay Galleries,
Toronto, May 2008; Best of 2007 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, FCP Gallery,

Contributors Toronto, January 2008; Photographing the Photograph, Pikto Gallery, Toronto,
Karin Bubas  24 : 25
Birthdate  August 23, 1976 Resides  Vancouver Web November 2007; The Constructed Image, Toronto Image Works Gallery,
Exhibitions  Studies in Landscape and Wardrobe, Canadian Cultural Centre, Toronto, May 2007; Exordium (Thesis Exhibition), Visual Arts Ontario Gallery,
Paris, curated by Catherine Bedard, September 2008; Moodyville, Presentation Toronto, May 2007
House Gallery, North Vancouver, May 2008; The Tree From the Sublime to Awards  Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Social
the Social, Vancouver Art Gallery, curated by Emmy Lee and Daina Augaitis, Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2008; Roloff Beny
February 2008; Studies in Landscape and Wardrobe, Monte Clark Gallery, Foundation Graduate Photography Scholarship, NSCAD University, 2008;
Toronto, May 2007; Red, Blue and Yellow, Aperture Public Art Project at The Best Photography Award, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, 2007; Best
Vancouver Public Library Downtown, curated by Karen Henry and the City of Graduating Student Award, Maximum Exposure Exhibition, Ryerson University,
Vancouver, March 2007 2007; Roloff Beny Foundation France Study Abroad Scholarship, Ryerson
Awards  Canada Council Grant, 2007; B.C. Arts Council Grant, 2007; Vancouver University, 2006
Arts Award, 2005; Canada Council C Grant, 2003; B.C. Cultural Grant, 2003
Clients  Aritzia, Mint Records, Douglas Coupland, Erin Templeton, Toro, Report Amy Friend  36 : 37
on Business, Quill and Quire, Chatelaine Birthdate  May 13, 1974 Resides  Windsor, Ontario Web
Exhibitions  Agua de Noche, Galerie Joel Jover, Camaguey, Cuba, Fall 2008;
Ryan Carter  26 : 27 Nuit Blanche, Red Head Gallery, Toronto; FiveFold, MFA Exhibition, Art Gallery
Birthdate  October 28, 1981 Resides  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates of Windsor, Ont., 2008; Fall In, Artcite, Windsor, Ont., 2006; This is a Recording,
and Toronto Web Gallery 1313, curated by Philip Monk, Toronto, 2005
Exhibitions  Ian Parry Exhibition, The Sunday Times Magazine, Getty Image Awards  Ontario Graduate Scholarship, University of Windsor, 2007; Social
Gallery, U.K., 2006; The Life of Water, Photosensitive, travelling exhibition, Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Scholarship, Masters
Canada, 2005; Documents and Dreams, Narrative 360, travelling exhibition, Recipient, 2007; Nalini and Tim Stewart Photography Award, York University,
Canada, 2004 2005; Michael Plexman Award for Creative Innovation, 2004; Millennium
Awards  National Picture of Year Award, Second Place, Portrait Category, Excellence Award, Awards Secretariat Canada, 2003
Canada, 2007; Ian Parry Scholarship/The Sunday Times Magazine, Short List,
U.K., 2006; Magenta Foundation, Carte Blanche Vol. 1, Canada, 2006; Hudson Hayden  38 : 39
International Photography Awards, Honourable Mention, Emerging, U.S.A., BirthDate  October 30, 1986 Resides  Toronto Web
2006; National Geographic Grant, Barnstorm XVIII, The Eddie Adams Workshop, Exhibitions  Max Ex 2008, Gallery 1313, Toronto, 2008
U.S.A., 2005 Clients  Lotus Leaf Communications, Format Magazine, More Proof
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Geographic, Chatelaine, D la Repubblica delle Donne (D Magazine, Italy), Geist,
The Globe and Mail, Grazia Neri (Italy), Report on Business, Toro, The Sunday
Times Magazine (U.K.)

182 : 183
Simon Hayter  40 : 41 Margherita Marzorati  50 : 51 Sabrina Russo  64 : 65 Jessica Eaton
Birthdate  March 31, 1979 Resides  Oakland, California and Toronto Birthdate  July 8, 1983 Resides  Vancouver Web Birthdate  March 5, 1981 Resides  Toronto Birthdate  May 15, 1977 Resides  Toronto
Web Awards  Premio Resistor Portfolio, Garbagnate Milan, 2004; Honourable Exhibitions  From OCAD With Love, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, May 2008; Web;
Awards  Helge Hummelvoll Scholarship, Missouri Photo Workshop; American Mention Circolo Imago, Milan, 2004 Re-Surfaced, XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto, May 2008; Exposed, Gladstone
Photography 23; Nominated for Picture of the Year, General News, NPAC 2006; Hotel, Toronto, May 2008; Transition, OCAD Student Gallery, Toronto, April 2008; Gregory John Hern
Picture Story of the Year, 2005 ECNPA; 2nd Place, Feature Picture of the Year, Nik Mirus  52 : 53 Made Ready, Lennox Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, August 2007 Birthdate  July 26, 1982 Resides  Toronto
2005 ECNPA Birthdate  October 8, 1981 Resides  Montreal Web Awards  Mark McCain Award, OCAD, 2007; Dr. Eugene A. Poggetto Scholarship, Web

Clients  Getty Images, Maclean’s, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Awards  Canadian Winner, Flash Forward, The Magenta Foundation, 2007; OCAD, 2007; Imageworks Prize in Photography, OCAD, 2006; J.S. McLean
The Advocate, The Observer Member of Young Photographers United Scholarship, University of Toronto, 2000; Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Eric Kaluzny
Scholarship, 2000 Birthdate  June 12, 1987 Resides  Toronto
Laurie Kang  42 : 43 Dominic Nahr  54 : 55 Web

Birthdate  February 12, 1985 Resides  Toronto Web Birthdate  June 10, 1983 Resides  Toronto Web Talia Shipman  66 : 67
Exhibitions  30 Ticks-Concordia University Annual Undergraduate Exhibition, Exhibitions  When Brothers Fight, Look3 Festival, Charlottesville, U.S.A., June Birthdate  March 28, 1982 Resides  Toronto Web David Larraguibel
FOFA Gallery, Montreal, April, 2008; Imprints/Empreintes, Art Mûr, Montreal, 2008; When Brothers Fight, Ryerson Gallery, Contact Festival, Toronto, May Exhibitions  It Never Happened, Los Angeles, April 2008; Captive Visions Birthdate  June 6, 1977 Resides  Toronto
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and 2008 Year International, Magazine News Picture Story, Award of Excellence, March Flash Forward, The Magenta Foundation, 2006 Web

2008; College Photographer of the Year Runner-Up and 1st Place International Clients  Royal Ontario Museum, Red Bull, L’Oréal Fashion Week, Ryerson
Anthony Koutras  44 : 45 Picture Story, November 2007; Ian Parry Grant, Honorable Mention, August University, Schools Without Borders, Hightop Studio Lucas Oleniuk
Birthdate  October 8, 1979 Resides  Toronto Web 2007; Flash Forward, The Magenta Foundation, 2007 Birthdate  1978 Resides  Toronto

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Photography Scholarship, OCAD, 2003 2007; Dwellings, Scalo|Guye Gallery, Los Angeles, 2006; Dwellings, Gallery Scotia), 2007; British Columbia Arts Council Senior Scholarship, 2006; Roloff Web

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Birthdate  September 22, 1976 Resides  Toronto Web Clients  iPerceptions, Montreal; Exhibits + Displays & Graphics, Halifax; Nimbus Birthdate  March 1, 1997 Resides  London, U.K.
Exhibitions  Embedded Cosmology or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Higher Ed Ou  58 : 59 Publishers, Halifax; Fernwood Publishing, Halifax; Maclean’s Web

Pictures Gallery, New York, May 2008; Landlocked and Aerial, Toronto Pearson Birthdate  October 3 Resides  Jerusalem Web
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for the Arts, Detroit, January 2008; Process>Product, (Video Projections), The Eldon Photojournalism Scholarship; Hearst Photojournalism Award, Honorable Exhibitions  Photorama, Gallery TPW, Toronto, 2007; Group Show, Contact UNITED KINGDOM
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and Design Club of Canada Awards, 2007; Hewlett-Packard Prize for Photography, Awards  Ryerson University’s Best Emerging Artist Award, 2007 Birthdate  April 4, 1985 Resides  Birmingham, U.K.
2007; Coupe International Design and Image Award, 2004, 2005 and 2006 Lindsay Page  60 : 61 Clients  The Walrus, Quill and Quire, Schools Without Borders, Fleishman-Hillard Exhibitions  Light Sale, in association with Rhubarb Rhubarb, Birmingham, U.K.,
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Canwest Global TPW, Toronto 2007; Free Rein Full Play, Ellen Curlee Gallery, St. Louis, Mo., 2007 Project Space, Birmingham, U.K., January 2006
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Sarah Mangialardo  48 : 49 Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council, 2007; Society for Photographic Birthdate  August 20, 1977 Resides  Toronto
Birthdate  March 11, 1981 Resides  Montreal Education Award, 2006; National Magazine Award, 2006; Trustee Merit Web; Benjamin Becker  78 : 79
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Courage, Ryerson Gallery, Toronto, May 2007; Art in the Halls, 401 Richmond, Clients  QT, Report on Business, The Walrus, Dose Danny Custodio Web

Toronto, September 2005; Flash Forward  Emerging Artists From Toronto Birthdate  February 19, 1982 Resides  Toronto  Exhibitions  Failure/Success, curated by Nigel Rolfe, Laznia Nowa, Photomonth
and New York, Lennox Contemporary, Toronto, April 2005 and New York, Andrew Rowat  62 : 63 Web Krakow 2007, Krakow, Poland, 2007; Postcards of Serbia, Artget Gallery,
March 2005 Birthdate  January 14, 1977 Resides  Shanghai Web Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, 2007 (solo)
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Clients  Vanity Fair, Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, Wallpaper, Dwell, Birthdate  October 3, 1979 Resides  Vancouver  2007, Finalist, Blelefeld, 2007; First Award, International Photography Exhibition,
Monocle, Business Week, Newsweek, Portfolio Web Museum of Contemporary Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, 2000

contributors 184 : 185
Emma Blau  80 : 81 Philipp Ebeling  90 : 91 Frederic Huska  100 : 101 Ivor Prickett  110 : 111
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Penguin Books; Reuters

contributors 186 : 187
Jan Stradtmann  118 : 119 Jason Havneraas Damion Berger  134 : 135 Michal Chelbin  144 : 145
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Place, 2006; Arts Council England Grant Award, 2005; AOP Student Awards N.Y., September 2007; Hey, Hot Shot! Ne Plus Ultra 2007 Annual, Jen Bekman Clients  HarperCollins, Equal Vision Records First Prize, Camera Club of New York, juried by Larry Fink, 2008; Residency,
Shortlist, 2005 Gallery, New York, January 2007; Hey, Hot Shot! 2006 Spring Showcase, Les 14ème Rencontres Internationales de la Jeune Photographie, Niort, France,
Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, June 2006 Caleb Charland  142 : 143 2007; Focus on Monferrato Masterclass, Monferrato, Italy, 2005
United kingdom Honourable Mentions  126 : 127 Awards  PDN’s 30, 2008, Photo District News, 2008; 2007 Aperture Portfolio Birthdate  August 12, 1980 Resides  Brewer, Maine Web
Prize Finalist, Aperture Foundation, 2007; Hey, Hot Shot! Ne Plus Ultra 2007, Exhibitions  Proof, Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh, 2007 (solo); Scott Eiden  152 : 153
Rowan Butler Jen Bekman Gallery, 2007 Demonstrations, Susan Maasch Fine Art, Portland, Maine, 2007 (solo); Birthdate  May 19, 1975 Resides  Brooklyn, N.Y. Web
Birthdate  June 11, 1981 Resides  London  Abilities Arts Festival, Joseph D. Carrier Gallery, Toronto, 2007; Contained Art, Exhibitions  Hey Hot Shot! Finalist, Jen Bekman Gallery, Winter 2007
Web Gideon Barnett  132 : 133 galerie-sei-un-do Zurich, Switzerland, 2006; Destination Anywhere, S. Dillon
Birthdate  September 20, 1982 Resides  Riverside, California Ripley Center, Washington, D.C., 2006
Jo Gane Web Awards  Trustee Fellowship School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2008; Silver
Birthdate  July 19, 1984 Resides  Coventry, U.K.  Exhibitions  Quinzaine Photographique Nantaise (QPN), Theatre Le Grand T, Eye Center for Photography 2007 Fellowship Award; Photographer’s Forum
Web Nantaise, France, 2008 (solo); Thinking Big, Slocumb Gallery, East Tennessee Best of Photography Annual 2007; Aperture Foundation Portfolio Review
State University, Johnson City, Tenn. (solo); Works on Loan From the 21st Century, Honorable Mention, 2007; Destination Anywhere Second Award Finalist
Lydia Goldblatt Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, Calif., 2008; Various Photographs, curated Clients  Popular Photography, Aperture, and Photographer’s Forum magazines
Birthdate  March 16, 1978 Resides  London  by Tim Barber, New York Photo Festival, Brooklyn, N.Y., 2008; Photography Now, Collections  Philadelphia Museum of Art; Comcast
Web Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, N.Y., 2007

contributors 188 : 189
Juliane Eirich  154 : 155 Virginie Lamarche  162 : 163 Brian Shumway  172 : 173 United states Honourable Mentions  180 : 181
Birthdate  November 25, 1979 Resides  New York Web Birthdate  November 27, 1977 Resides  Dayton, Ohio Birthdate  January 21, 1976 Resides  New York Web
Exhibitions  Scope Basel with Gallery Schuster, Switzerland, 2008; Night, Web Exhibitions  14th Juried Exhibition, Griffin Museum, Winchester, Mass., Beau Comeaux
Hunter College Art Galleries, New York, 2008; Snownight, Galerie Schuster, Exhibitions  Fenestrated, Schneider Gallery, Chicago, 2007; The Age of Excess, June 2008; 7th Annual International Photography Competition, Fraser Gallery, Birthdate  October 30, 1975 Resides  Dallas, Tex. 
Berlin, 2008 (solo); Photofestival Mannheim/Ludwigshafen/Heidelberg, Germany, The Foundry Art Centre, St. Charles, Mo., 2007; Connectivity Across Time, Bethesda, Md., February 2008; Onward ’08, Project Basho Gallery, Philadelphia, Web

2007; Antennae, Houston Center of Photography, Houston, Texas, 2007 Across Earth, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, 2007; Julia Penn., January 2008; Group Show Annual Exhibition, New Century
Awards  Voigtländer New Talent Award, Winner, 2007; The Magenta Foundation, Christie, Howard Bjornson & Virginie Lamarche, Schneider Gallery, Chicago, Artists, New York, March 2007; Focused, Photographic Center Northwest, Molly Corso
Flash Forward 2007, Winner, 2007; European Architectural Photography Prize, 2006; In Vain, The Surplus Gallery, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2006 Seattle, Wash., July 2005 Birthdate  April 2, 1977 Resides  Las Vegas, Nev. 
Highly Recommended, 2007; Canon ProfiFoto Award, Winner, 2007; DAAD – Awards  2nd place, Annual International Juried Competition, Los Angeles Center Awards  Honorable Mention (La Chureca), Project Competition, Santa Fe Web

Scholarship of Fine Arts, South Korea, 2006 for Digital Arts, Los Angeles, 2006 Center, 2008; Selected, AP24 Annual, American Photography, 2008;
Clients  The New York Times Magazine, BMW, Daimler, Adidas, The London Emerging Photographers 2006, Winner, The Magenta Foundation, 2006; Tanja Geis
Daily Telegraph, md Magazine, Stern Magazine, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Workman Curtis Mann  164 : 165 19th Annual Photography Competition, The Photo Review, 2003; New Blood, Birthdate  December 30, 1979 Resides  New York and Hong Kong
Publishing, fotograf Magazine Birthdate  September 27, 1979 Resides  Chicago Web British Design & Art Direction (D&AD), 2003 Web

Exhibitions  Modifications, Galerie Kusseneers, Antwerp, Belgium, Fall 2008 Clients  Children’s Center, Life, Newsweek, The New York Times, Time, TV Guide
Lucas Foglia  156 : 157 (solo); The Solo Project, with Galerie Kusseneers of Antwerp Belgium, Basel, Wayne Lawrence
Birthdate  January 26, 1983 Resides  New York Web Switzerland, 2008 (solo); The Ubiquitous Image, New York Photo Festival, Jonathan Smith  174 : 175 Birthdate  April 14, 1974 Resides  Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Awards  Photography Now 2008; Center for Photography at Woodstock, N.Y., curated by Lesley Martin, New York, 2008; Are We There Yet, GASP Gallery, Birthdate  March 3, 1978 Resides  Brooklyn, N.Y. Web

2008; Photolucida, Top 50 Photographers, Critical Mass, 2007; Light Work curated by Dawoud Bey, Boston, 2008; Strange Habit, I Space, curated by Web

Artist-in-Residence, Syracuse, N.Y., 2007; American Photo Magazine, Luke Batten, Chicago, 2008 Exhibitions  The Brooklynites, Powerhouse Arena, Brooklyn, N.Y., 2007; Phillip Andrew Lewis
Finalist, Emerging Artists of 2007; Aaron Siskind Fellowship in Photography, Awards  Foam Magazine Talent Selection, The Netherlands, 2008; Weisman PPE New York, PDN 30 Booth, 2006; The Bridge Project Exhibition, Photokina Birthdate  November 13, 1973 Resides  Chattanooga, Tenn.
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, 2006 Memorial Scholarship Project Grant, Columbia College, Chicago, 2008; Santa Cologne, 2006; The International Center for Tolerance Education, The Bridge Web

Collections/Exhibitions  Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Rhode Island School Fe Prize for Photography Finalist, Santa Fe, N.M., 2007; National Crystal Project, 2005; The ING Show, Ariel Meyerowitz Gallery, New York, 2003
of Design Museum of Fine Art, Newport Art Museum, David Winton Bell Gallery Apple Award, Society for Photographic Education, 2006; Follett Full Tuition Awards  The Design Trust for Public Space, Photo Urbanism Fellowship, John Wesley Mannion
of Brown University, Margulies Collection Fellowship Award, Columbia College, Chicago, 2005 March 2004; PDN’s 30 Winner, 2006 Birthdate  April 19, 1974 Resides  Syracuse, N.Y. 
Clients  Metropolis magazine, RPS magazine, PDN, LA Architect magazine Web

Nicole Jean Hill  158 : 159 Eric Percher  166 : 167

Birthdate  May 9, 1978 Resides  Eureka, Calif. Web Birthdate  November 30, 1976 Resides  Brooklyn, N.Y. Web Will Steacy  176 : 177 John Francis Peters
Exhibitions  Home Turf, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon, June 2008; Nature Exhibitions  EXPOSURE: The 13th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition, Photographic Birthdate  July 31, 1980 Resides  New York Web Birthdate  November 29, 1978 Resides  New Paltz, N.Y.
Morte, Shotgun Space, Los Angeles, March 2008; Fanciers, Piante Gallery, Resource Center, Boston, May 2008; ASMP Exhibition, The Center for Fine Art Exhibitions  6X6, Society of Photographers, Rooke Gallery, Johannesburg, Web

Eureka, Calif., November 2007; Terrain, Bemis Underground, Omaha, Neb., Photography, Fort Collins, Colo., June 2008; Humble Arts Foundation, Solo South Africa, January, 2008; Engulfed by Katrina, African American Museum
May 2006; Earth and Sky, Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, Show, Online Solo Exhibition and Interview, May 2008 of Art, Philadelphia, May, 2007; After, Peer Gallery, New York, April, 2007; Elise Rasmussen
Toronto, June 2005 Awards  Singular Image Color Award; National Photography Exhibition, Camera Warsaw Festival of Artistic Photography, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland, Birthdate  October 29, 1977 Resides  Brooklyn, N.Y.
Awards  Bemis Center for Contemporary Art Curatorial Grant, 2006; Weiss Club of New York, 2007 March, 2007; Trace (Visions of Katrina), Houston Center for Photography, Web

Urban Livability Fellow, University of North Carolina, 2002 September, 2006

Dulce Pinzon  168 : 169 Awards  Nominee, New York Photo Festival, Photo Awards, Best Fine Art Liz Rubincam
Joelle Jensen  160 : 161 Birthdate  September 23, 1974 Resides  New York Web Series, May, 2008; Winner, American Photography 23, March, 2007; 25 Under Birthdate  August 27, 1978 Resides  Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Birthdate  December 15, 1973 Resides  Brooklyn, N.Y. Web Exhibitions  The Real Story of the Superheroes, Trinity University, San Antonio, 25, Up-and-Coming American Photographers, Selected by Sylvia Plachy for Web

Exhibitions  Interiors, Wall Space, Seattle, Wash., 2008 (solo); Décor/Decorum, Texas, 2008; Reflecting Culture: The Evolution of American Comic Book the Center for Documentary Studies and PowerHouse Books, October, 2006
The Felicity R. (Bebe) Benoliel Gallery, Philadelphia, Penn., 2008; Natural Superheroes, The Center for Photography at Woodstock, N.Y.; Central Library Clients  Converse, Design Within Reach, The Fresh Air Fund, Toll Brothers, Kristopher Stallworth
Selection, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, Md., 2008; Memory Minister, of Brooklyn, N.Y.; Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, D.C.; and The Corcoran Group, Newsweek, Harper’s, Metropolis, The Paris Review Birthdate  November 4, 1976 Resides  Bakersfield, Calif.
Chashama, New York, N.Y., 2007; Degrees of Separation, Peer Gallery, Montclair Museum of Art, New Jersey, 2007; Art Basel Miami, Kuntshaus Gallery Web

New York, 2007; Flicker, Tower Gallery, Philadelphia, Penn., 2007; Residents, Awards  Ford Foundation Fellowship, 2008; Artist in the Market Place Residency, Hugo Tillman  178 : 179
Camera Club of New York, New York, 2007; In a New Direction, Wall Space, Fall 2007, Bronx Museum of Art, New York, 2007; Artist Residence, Artist Birthdate  July 25, 1973 Resides  London Web Lisa Wiltse
Seattle, Wash., 2007; Resonance, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, Alliance, Andy Warhol, The Greenwall Foundation and the National Endowment Exhibitions  TBA, Shine Art Gallery, Shanghai, 2008; TBA, Duolon Shanghai Birthdate  July 23, 1977 Resides  Sydney, Australia 
Wash., 2006; Inner Limits, Abrons Art Center, New York, 2006 for the Arts; New York Foundation for the Arts, Fellow in Photography, 2006; MOMA, Shanghai, 2008; TBA, Elementa, Dubai, U.A.E., 2008; Louis Vuitton Web

Awards  Artist Housing Grant, Center for Emerging Visual Artists, 2007; Santa Fe Center for Photography, Honorable Mention, 2006 Gallery, Hong Kong, 2008; Mapgames, Gasworks, Birmingham, U.K., 2008
Two-Year Fellowship, Center for Emerging Visual Artists, 2007–2009; (group); Film Stills of the Mind, DF2 Gallery, Los Angeles, 2007; Film Stills David Wright
Selected Artist, Photo Annual, Photo District News, 2007; Artist Residency, James Pomerantz  170 : 171 of the Mind, F2 Gallery, Beijing, 2007; Chinese Contemporary, Nohra Haime Birthdate  December 31, 1983 Resides  Tenants Harbor, Maine
Camera Club of New York, 2006; First Place, Juror Paul Kopeikin, Resonance, Birthdate  January 15, 1977 Resides  Brooklyn, N.Y. Gallery, New York, 2006 Web

Photographic Center Northwest, 2006 Web Awards  Photo Review Competition Winner, 2006; Selected American Photo 21,
Clients  Esquire (Russia), Ubu Gallery, New York Exhibitions  Open Society Institute Moving Walls 15, National Portrait Gallery 2005; Schweppes Photographic Prize, 2004; Symposium, selected by Robert
Group Show, 2006 Storr, 2004; Certificate of Excellence Award for Outstanding Merit in Graduate
Awards  Joop Swart Master Class, PDN Photo Annual 2008 and 2007; Fine Arts, Pratt Institute, 2004; Pratt Circle Award for Outstanding Academic
Schweppes Portrait Prize, 2006 Achievement, 2004
Clients  The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Rolling Stone, Ogilvy Clients  L’Uomo Vogue

contributors 190 : 191
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To everyone who submitted to this competition front endpaper photograph

Detail of “Homeschooling,” from the series Re-Wilding,

special thanks
by Lucas Foglia
Alan Convery
Kathleen Cullen back endpaper photograph

Paula Tognarelli Detail of “Untitled 22,” from the series Fenestrated,

Andrea Carson by Virginie Lamarche

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