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Chad Zullinger

Hello again CMEA Bay Section! It’s a pleasure to
return as your Technology Representative this year.
At our last board meeting of 2016-2017, we
thought it would be neat to speak on the idea of
mentorship in this edition of Tempo. So, in my own
unique way, I will provide some musings about
mentorship, and what “mentorship” looks like in
the 21st century.
The concept of mentorship has seen its evolution
across the centuries. “During the Middle Ages, it
was simply expected that all able-bodied young
people would find a place next to a wise older
person, learning how to work as a blacksmith, an
apothecary, a candle-maker, etc. I have frequently commented on the need to
cultivate our own Personal Learning Networks. In
Fast forward to the today’s world, we tend to rely on a Professional
20th century, in rural Learning Network (PLN), which “is a natural
areas in North extension of the way people learn – by connecting
America, ‘unofficial’ with others who have shared interests, ideas, [and]
apprentice-ships resources.”3 Notice how the graphic of the PLN
were the most above has a student in the middle of the network.
common way to As we see so often in education, the student’s
learn one’s future position in the learning process is somewhat of a
trade right up until mirror of our experience as learners; just substitute
the 21st century.” Here in the first quarter of the that person in the middle of the photo with you!
21st century, “mentoring has transformed from
traditional master-apprentice relationships into Now… time for some of those resources!
multiple developmental relationships that extend
beyond functional, organizational, and geographic
boundaries.”2 TI:ME Technology Institute for Music Educators
Do you have a general music class and want to
infuse it with some technology? Check out this
website! It’s filled with online courses, webinars
and ideas about technology and music to
incorporate this year:

Tempo - Vol. 50, No. 1 18
Casting a Wider Net That’s it for now everyone. I am looking forward
For the last couple of years, a subset leadership to serving you again as Technology
group of CMEA designed and created a one-day Representative! Please reach out to me if you
mini conference called Casting a Wider Net. have any questions, comments, or simply want
Their charter for this unique chapter in our State to talk shop about this great profession as music
organization is “Broadening access points to educators.
music education & promoting creativity for all
students, Kindergarten through University.” I was 1Parshad, Sean. "Mentorship died in the 21st century –
going to write about my experience at the The Mission – Medium." Medium. The Mission, 26 Sept.
2015. Web. 22 July 2017.
conference in April, but someone beat me to it
in the state publication that was sent out in early 2 Whiting, Vicki R., and Suzanne C. De Janasz. "Mentoring
July. It’s a great article, check it out! Their second in the 21st Century: Using the Internet to Build Skills and
conference will be held again at Azusa Pacific Networks." Journal of Management Education28.3 (2004):
275-93. Web. 22 July 2017.
University next Spring.
3Staff, TeachThought. "What Is A Personal Learning
Network?" TeachThought. N.p., 14 Jan. 2016. Web. 22 July

Large Group Festivals
Greg Conway

Welcome back to another school year and an • Festival Registration information can be found at
exciting year of festivals hosted by CMEA Bay
Section. This will be the third year of the new • All Jazz Festivals are open to all jazz groups
Festival Registration Website, and we continue to regardless of region.
make refinements to allow directors to register as • Please double check your schedules/calendars
easily and smoothly as possible. for all school breaks before you register for a
This year we are opening registration for different • THERE WILL NOT BE A WAITING LIST FOR
types of festivals on different days. See below. FESTIVALS. Please plan ahead and register for
We have been working hard to secure contracts for the festival(s) you want to attend. If you cannot
all of our festivals. This edition of Tempo has a list attend a festival you have registered for, please
of Bay Section 2018 festivals that have been see the information below about canceling or
confirmed as of August 7, 2017. Information for transferring festival registrations.
additional festivals will be posted on the Festival • If you happen to register out of your region prior
Registration Website, accessible by visiting to September 25, (excluding jazz sites), your, as it becomes available. entry will be automatically deleted (you will be
A complete list of festivals will be on the contacted about this). Out of Region registration
registration site by September 11, 2017. If you is Monday, September 25 at 4:00 p.m.
have any questions, please feel free to contact me • Festival dates are being posted on our FESTIVAL
at any time: CALENDAR as soon as the festival contracts are
approved. You can find a complete listing of
Finally, if you know of a music teacher new to Bay dates at
Section, please reach out to them and share this
important festival registration information:

Tempo - Vol. 50, No. 1 19