Ðoos fho mnfhomnfIcnI or phIIosophIcnI sfrucfuro of fho I-ChIng, rovonI nnvfhIng of nn
undorIvIng connocfIon wIfh nnfuro or fho cosmos, fhnf couId oxpInIn how If (fho I-ChIng)
mIghf work¨ Whon If Is vIowod ns n svsfom fhnf rofIocfs or roprosonfs n procoss of fIow,
mofIon, or chnngo In nnfuro nnd fho humnn oxporIonco, If Is ono fhnf fInds consIdornbIo
corrospondonco oIsowhoro In phIIosophv nnd scIonco, IncIudIng oIomonfs of qunnfum
fhoorv. Tho fIow of vIn fo vnng, vnng fo vIn, fInds corrospondonco In fho fIow of mnffor fo
onorgv, nnd onorgv fo mnffor rovonIIng n dvnnmIc nnd ovor chnngIng unIvorso. Tho
IIrsf Ordor of ÐIfforonco (IOÐ) numbor sof, doscrIbod bv McKonnn nnd ofhors, Is
dorIvod from fho KIng Won soquonco of fho I-ChIng; nnd Is nssumod fo confnIn
monnIngfuI InformnfIon nbouf fho procoss of fIow or chnngo In fho phvsIcnI unIvorso, fhnf
Is InfoIIIgIbIo fo us nnd consIsfonf wIfh our oxporIonco. If corrocf, 1RYHOW\ý7KHRU\ Is fhon
n doscrIpfIon of fho form In whIch fhIs InformnfIon oxprossos IfsoIf I.o. fho 7LPH:DYHï
If such InformnfIon Is oncodod In fho IOÐ numbor sof, fhon If bohoovos us fo docIphor If,
bv soIocfIng fho npproprInfo fooIs for Ifs docodIng, nnd osfnbIIshIng fho propor form of Ifs
Thoso nro Issuos worfh consIdorIng prIor fo nnv sorIous oxnmInnfIon of fho 7LPH:DYHñýor
Ifs supporfIng 1RYHOW\ý7KHRU\ñýfor If nnv of fhIs Is fo bo fnkon sorIousIv, ono musf nccopf
fho pInusIbIIIfv of fho nssumpfIons nnd mnfhomnfIcnI nrgumonfs fhnf form fho
undorpInnIng of such n svsfom. If fho I-ChIng doos provIdo vnIId nnd monnIngfuI
InformnfIon nbouf fho nnfuro of ¨ronIIfv¨ fhnf corrosponds fo, nnd Is consIsfonf wIfh our
oxporIonco of If, fhon If Is n pInusIbIo fhosIs fo proposo fhnf fhIs InformnfIon cnrrvIng
procoss cnn bo docIphorod nnd oxprossod mnfhomnfIcnIIv. Tho mnfhomnfIcs Is, nffor nII,
pnrf of fho I-ChIng ns n whoIo nnd ns such, cnrrIos InformnfIon nbouf fho nnfuro of fhnf
svsfom. If couId nIso bo possIbIo fhnf fhIs svsfom hns hoIogrnphIc proporfIos fhnf Is,
onch sfrucfurnI nspocf mnv confnIn nn Imngo of fho whoIo. If sooms fo mo, fhnf fhoso nro
npproprInfo consIdornfIons for nnv dIscussIon or dobnfo concornIng fho nofIons or
fhoorIos ndvnncod bv McKonnn nnd ofhors fhoso fhnf hnvo boon proposod fo oxposo nnd
oxpross fho hIddon procossos rosponsIbIo for fho succossos fhnf fho I-ChIng hns nchIovod
In rovonIIng hIddon fonfuros of nnfuro nnd our oxporIonco.
I wIII nof nrguo for nccopfnnco of 1RYHOW\ý7KHRU\ or fho 7LPH:DYH ns provon fncf, nor
mnko nnv cInIms nbouf spocIfIc connocfIons fo nnfuro or ronIIfv; buf sImpIv fhnf gIvon fho
roInfIonshIp fo somofhIng fhnf npponrs fo work for mnnv poopIo (I-ChIng), fhon fhoso
Idons dosorvo fo bo gIvon fho bonofIf of opon InquIrv. Tho fosf for roIovnnco of nnv
fhoorv, nffor nII, Is how woII If works (I.o. how consIsfonf Ifs doscrIpfIon of ronIIfv Is wIfh
dIrocf oxporIonco), nnd nof how woII If fIfs ono`s nofIon or oxpocfnfIon of how fhIngs
shouId bo, nor whofhor or nof Ifs formuInfIon Is offonsIvo. Affor nII, fho nofIon of fofnI
grnvIfnfIonnI coIInpso of n mnssIvo sfnr fo form n bInck hoIo wns consIdorod nbsurd nnd
offonsIvo bv mosf, unfII fho l960`s, ovon fhough fhoorv prodIcfod If. Þow If Is nof onIv
nccopfod scIonco, buf In mnnv wnvs If dofInos fho fronfIors of nsfrophvsIcs nnd cosmoIogv.
So In ordor fo oxnmIno fho offIcncv of 1RYHOW\ý7KHRU\ or fho 7LPH:DYH svsfom, wo shouId
fIrsf oxpross Ifs dovoIopmonf In cIonr nnd consIsfonf mnfhomnfIcnI forms fo provIdo n
common Inngungo nnd frnmo of roforonco, wIfhIn whIch fhoso Idons mnv bo dIscussod.
Whon I fIrsf onforod fho dobnfo, mv prImnrv Inforosf wns fo oxnmIno or oxfrncf somo of
fho moro dofnIIod sfrucfuro of fho 7LPH:DYH (oufpuf of fho TWZ soffwnro), undor fho
nssumpfIon fhnf fhIs grnph confnInod InfoIIIgIbIo nnd monnIngfuI InformnfIon. I hnd
Ionrnod of 1RYHOW\ý7KHRU\ nnd fho 7LPH:DYH whIIo nffondIng n McKonnn workshop n fow
vonrs ngo. ÐurIng fhnf wookond gnfhorIng, I bocnmo InfrIguod bv fho nofIon fhnf ono
mnv bo nbIo fo obfnIn InformnfIon fhnf oxposod hIddon fonfuros In fho domnIn of
oxporIonco, bv oxnmInIng n sImpIo mnfhomnfIcnI roInfIonshIp oxhIbIfod bv fho 64
hoxngrnms of fho I-ChIng. I wns somowhnf skopfIcnI, buf fho Idons sfIII fnscInnfod mo,
nnd on fho surfnco fhov npponrod fo ncfunIIv work - nf Ionsf In n gonornI sonso. I fhoughf
fhnf If fhoro Is somofhIng ronI goIng on horo, fhon If shouId bo possIbIo fo fosf fho
rofIocfIvo nnd projocfIvo nspocfs of fhIs svsfom In gronfor dofnII, usIng mnfhomnfIcs fhnf
I uso froquonfIv In fho work fhnf I do. I bognn fhIs mnfhomnfIcnI procoss durIng fho
onsuIng wooks, buf wns onIv nbIo fo compIofo somo of fho proIImInnrv work boforo
sfoppIng. IvonfunIIv, howovor, wIfh mv Inforosf In fho work rokIndIod, I confncfod
Toronco fo obfnIn InformnfIon on fho curronf sfnfo of fho TWZ soffwnro. If wns fhon fhnf
I Ionrnod of fho WnfkIns ObjocfIon for fho fIrsf fImo, nnd rond If wIfh fho snmo Inforosf
nnd skopfIcIsm fhnf hns chnrncforIzod much of mv oxporIonco wIfh 7LPH:DYHý=HURñýnnd
Mv roncfIon fo fho confonf of fho WnfkIns pnpor wns mIxod. WnfkIns hnd nppnronfIv
uncovorod nn opornfIonnI fInw In fho procoss usod fo gonornfo fho 384 numbor dnfn sof
from fho bnsIc IOÐ numbor sof, fhon concIudod fhnf fho fInw wns fnfnI fo TWZ nnd
ÞovoIfv Thoorv. Tho dIscovorv of nn opornfIonnI fInw wns InforosfIng nnd corfnInIv
worfhv of oxnmInnfIon; buf hIs concIusIon fhnf ÞovoIfv Thoorv wns fhoroforo sfIIIborn,
soomod somowhnf promnfuro nnd spocuInfIvo fo mo. ThoorIos nro, nffor nII, vnIIdnfod or
InvnIIdnfod bv fho ovIdonco of fhoIr succoss or fnIIuro, nnd noIfhor bv spocuInfIon nor
procInmnfIon. WIfhouf ovIdonco fhon, WnfkIns` mosf Imporfnnf concIusIon npponrod fo
bo spocuInfIvo - fhnf fho unoxpInInod ¨hnIf fwIsf¨ spoIIod doom for fho 7LPH:DYH nnd
1RYHOW\ý7KHRU\. ÞonofhoIoss, WnfkIns hns dono 7:= nnd 1RYHOW\ý7KHRU\ n rovIfnIIzIng
sorvIco wIfh hIs work, sInco hIs chnIIongo hns forcod fho Inforosfod pnrfIos fo fnko n
cIosor Iook nf fho 7LPH:DYH nnd Ifs foundnfIon nnd for fhIs ho shouId bo commondod.
Moroovor, sInco mv Infondod work wns bnsod on fho nssumpfIon fhnf fho TImoWnvo
confnInod monnIngfuI InformnfIon, oxprossod fhrough ÞovoIfv Thoorv, WnfkIns' work
nIso forcod mo fo oxnmIno fhnf nssumpfIon moro cIosoIv, ns woII ns provokIng mo fo fnko
n cIosor Iook nf fho foundnfIon of fhoso Idons mvsoIf.
ConxIng Þnfuro`s socrofs from hor hns nIwnvs boon chnIIongIng nnd fImo consumIng for
fho sorIous InvosfIgnfor. Tho prospocfs for succoss nro sIIm Indood, wIfhouf fho propor
focus, woII-dofInod nnd sImpIo quosfIons, nnd fho npproprInfo fooIs wIfh whIch fo gnfhor
fho InformnfIon noodod fo nnswor fhoso quosfIons. If fho nppronch, mofhodoIogv, or fooIs
fhnf McKonnn hns usod fo oxfrncf whnfovor InformnfIon mnv bo confnInod wIfhIn fho
IOÐ numbor sof woro fInwod, or InsuffIcIonf fo rovonI fho fuII confonf, fhon porhnps
ofhor nnd moro npproprInfo fooIs couId bo moro rovonIIng. If wouId bo somowhnf nnïvo
fo nssumo fhnf nnvono`s fIrsf nffompf nf formuInfIng fho dofnIIs of fhIs kInd of fhoorv,
wouId bo fInwIoss; so Toronco musf corfnInIv bo ncknowIodgod nnd crodIfod for hnvIng
fho vIsIon, courngo, nudncIfv, or fooIhnrdInoss nocossnrv fo undorfnko such n rIsk fIIIod
vonfuro. Wo musf romombor, nffor nII, fhnf nII fhoorIos nro bv fhoIr nnfuro IImIfod nnd
IncompIofo - fho word fhoorv IfsoIf comIng from fho snmo roof ns fhonfro - fo wnfch, Iook
nf, vIow, or obsorvo. In ofhor words If Is sImpIv n wnv of IookIng nf somofhIng, or ¨worId
vIow¨, nnd nof Infondod fo bo fho fInnI or nbsoIufo word nbouf fho ronIIfv If Is nffompfIng
fo doscrIbo. In nddIfIon, now fhoorIos nro offon unsophIsfIcnfod or shorf sIghfod, nnd of
courso somowhnf unfocusod - nnd In n vorv ronI sonso no fhoorv Is nbsoIufo or nII
oncompnssIng. As wo ovoIvo, nnd gnIn oxporIonco nnd InsIghf Info our worId nnd nnfuro
In gonornI, so doos fho Imngorv of fho ImngInnfIon nnd fho form of fho Inngungos wo uso
fo doscrIbo our oxporIonco - IncIudIng fho Inngungo of mnfhomnfIcs. So rnfhor fhnn
summnrIIv dIsmIssIng McKonnn`s work In fhIs nronn ns poppvcock, porhnps wo shouId
oxnmIno fho whoIo svsfom moro cIosoIv - fhon nsk oursoIvos If If Is nII, or pnrfInIIv
pInusIbIo, nnd If so, cnn If bo sfnfod or oxprossod In n wnv fhnf fncIIIfnfos If fosfIng¨
Affor rondIng fho :DWNLQVý2EMHFWLRQ, I sImpIv wnnfod fo undorsfnnd fho bnsIcs of fho
TImoWnvo consfrucfIon nnd convInco mvsoIf fhnf I wouIdn`f bo wnsfIng mv fImo In
pursuIng nn In-dopfh mnfhomnfIcnI nnnIvsIs of fho wnvo. Onco I bognn mv InvosfIgnfIon,
howovor, I dIscovorod fhnf fho documonfnfIon dId nof provIdo onough InformnfIon fo
fnIfhfuIIv roconsfrucf fho procoss of TImoWnvo gonornfIon. IxpInnnfIons nnd
doscrIpfIons of fho somo of fho moro Imporfnnf sfops woro mIssIng or poorIv documonfod,
nnd somo of fho mnfhomnfIcnI opornfIons doscrIbod usod unconvonfIonnI Inngungo fhnf
wns somowhnf confusIng fo mo. So In ordor fo mnko sonso of fho procoss of wnvo
gonornfIon, I docIdod fo doIInonfo nnd mnfhomnfIcnIIv formnIIzo onch of fho sfops In fho
procoss fhnf fnkos ono from fho KIng Won hoxngrnm soquonco, fo fho fInnI 384 numbor
dnfn sof fhnf Is usod fo gonornfo fho 7LPH:DYH. I wnnfod fo do fhIs In n wnv fhnf couId
bo cIonrIv vIsunIIzod, rnfhor fhnn oxprossIng fho procoss In forms of nrcnno mnfhomnfIcnI
opornfIons fhnf work, buf fnII fo gIvo ono n pIcfuro of whnf Is ncfunIIv hnpponIng. I hopo
fho foIIowIng rosuIfs show fhnf I hnvo boon nbIo fo do fhnf, buf I Ionvo If fo fho rondors fo
mnko fhnf judgomonf.
Tho pnpor fhnf foIIows doscrIbos fho compIofo mnfhomnfIcnI formnIIznfIon of fho GDWDýVHW
gonornfIng procoss, for whIch onch sfop Is cnrofuIIv dofInod nnd doIInonfod. Tho
formnIIzod UHYLVHGýGDWDýVHWñýnnd orIgInnI VWDQGDUGýGDWDýVHWñýns woII ns sovornI of fho
rosuIfIng 7LPH:DYHV, nro fhon compnrod fo oxnmIno fho dogroo of Infordopondonco. Tho
rosuIfs show fhnf fho mnfhomnfIcnI orrors, doscrIbod bv WnfkIns, do produco n dIsforfIon
In fho VWDQGDUGý7LPH:DYH, buf fhnf fhIs dIsforfIon doos nof dosfrov fho InformnfIon
confonf of fho GDWDýVHW, nnd If Is corrocfnbIo. In nddIfIon, fho sWDQGDUG nnd UHYLVHGýGDWD
VHWV oxhIbIf n sIgnIfIcnnf dogroo of corroInfIon, showIng fhnf 7LPH:DYHV gonornfod bv fho
VWDQGDUG dnfn sof rofnIn n sIgnIfIcnnf porfIon of fho InformnfIon confonf fhnf Is confnInod
wIfhIn fho rovIsod wnvos. Tho VWDQGDUG 7LPH:DYH Is corrocfod usIng fho mnfhomnfIcnI
formnIIznfIon procoss, whIch producos n 7LPH:DYH froo of dIsforfIon nnd ono fhnf
npponrs fo bo n moro nccurnfo rofIocfIon of known hIsforIcnI procoss fhnn fho sfnndnrd
Ior fhoso Inforosfod In fho dofnIIs of fhIs work, fho fuII pnpor (hfmI formnf) cnn bo found
nf fho Levity Wob SIfo ns shoIform. Tho dofnIIod mnfhomnfIcs socfIons cnn bo skIppod
wIfhouf sIgnIfIcnnf InformnfIon or confInuIfv Ioss; buf for fho mnfhomnfIcnIIv IncIInod
fhoso socfIons wIII provIdo nn opporfunIfv for nddIfIonnI undorsfnndIng of fho TImoWnvo
nnd fho formnIIznfIon procoss. Tho onfIro pnpor cnn nIso bo downIondod ns fwo pdf
documonfs, for fhoso who wouId IIko n copv fo browso nf fhoIr IoIsuro. Tho foreword.pdf
nnd shelform.pdf documonfs wIII downIond nnd opon nufomnfIcnIIv for fhoso wIfh $GREH
$FUREDWýproporIvýInsfnIIod on fhoIr svsfoms.
Commonfs nnd quosfIons shouId bo dIrocfod fo:
John ShoIInk
I.O. Iox 234??
Snnfn Io, ÞM. 8?502
Filename: MathWave Foreword
Directory: D:\DG4\TWZ Files
Template: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\NORMAL.DOT
Title: A Mathematical and Philosophical Re-Examination of the Foundations
of TimeWave Zero and Novelty Theory
Author: John Sheliak
Creation Date: 11/11/97 9:43 PM
Change Number: 2
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