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INSTRUCTION. Detach the answer sheet on top the questionnaire. Fill up the information both in the
questionnaire and answer sheet as indicated. READ the questions carefully and choose the best answer
by COMPLETELY shading the letter of your choice on the answer sheet.

Management Theories D. ii only

A. Frederick Taylors Motion
Studies 17.The manager is able to achieve
B. Henri Fayols Organizational the target with the use of least
Theory amount of resources. He / She
C. Max Webers Bureaucracy is said to demonstrate what
D. Elton Mayos Behavioral Theory Goal/s of management?
E. Douglas Mc Gregors Theory X & i. Efficiency
Y ii. Effectiveness
iii. Productivity
1. Views man as Self-Possessed & iv. Surplus
2. Scientific selection of workers A. i,ii only
B. i,ii.iii only
3. Involves change of performance
C. ii only
due to change in workers D. i only
4. Advocates complex form of 18.It involves continuous changes
organization based on hierarchy as it is non-static in a world of
of authority and division of work full advancement in order to
5. Unity of command respond to the needs of the
time. Such characteristic of
6. Views man as creative and
Management is known as:
responsible A. Systematic
7. Selection of best man for the B. Dynamic
job. C. Logical
8. Studied the effects of D. Scientific
Illumination to workers
9. Training of chosen workers for 19.Taylors System of Work
involves all of the ff except:
designated task
A. Unity of command
10.Views man as unmotivated B. Best man for the right job
11.Development of the 14 C. Training workshop
principles of administration D. Filling managerial position
12.Hawthorne Effect with highly skilled personnel
13.Esprit de corps
For Items 20-23. Management
14.Views man as uninterested to
work A. Human
15.Filling of managerial positions B. Technical
with more highly skilled workers C. Conceptual
D. Design
16.Management objectives include
which among the ff? 20.It involves the ability to see the
i. Meet goals and target big picture by recognizing
ii. Look after safety and health significant elements in a
iii. Protect resources situation.
iv. Achieve surplus
A. iv only 21.It is the ability to create an
B. i,ii,iii,iv environment in which people
C. i,ii,iii only
feel secure and free to express 28.The statement, The Good
opinion. Shepherd Medical Center aims
to provide patient-centered care
22.It involves working with tools, in a total healing environment
and specific techniques. refers to which of the
23.It is the ability to solve problem A. Vision
in ways that will benefit the B. Goal
organization. C. Philosophy
D. Mission
24.You came across a theory which
states that the leadership style 29.She discusses the goal of the
is effective dependent on the department. Which of the
situation. Which of the following following statements is a goal?
styles best fits a situation when A. Increase the patient
the followers are self-directed, satisfaction rate
experts and are matured B. Eliminate the incidence of
individuals? delayed administration of
A. Democratic medications
B. Authoritarian C. Establish rapport with
C. Laissez faire patients.
D. Bureaucratic D. Reduce response time to two
25.Vision states the:
A. Future role and function 30.Andrea plans to revisit the
B. The reason for existence organizational chart of the
C. The belief of an agency department. She plans to create
D. Things that the agency wants to a new position of a Patient
achieve Educator who has a
coordinating relationship with
26.Which of the following states the head nurse in the unit.
the agencys belief. values, Which of the following will likely
ideals and purposes to achieve depict this organizational
the agencys mission and goals? relationship?
A. Mission B. Vision A. Box
C. Philosophy D. Goals and B. Solid line
Objectives C. Broken line
D. Dotted line
27.Which of the following
statements refer to the vision of
the hospital?
A. The Good Shepherd Medical
Center is a trendsetter in
tertiary health care in the
Philippines in the next five
B. The officers and staff of The
Good Shepherd Medical Center
believe in the unique nature of
the human person
C. All the nurses shall undergo
continuing competency training
D. The Good Shepherd Medical
Center aims to provide a
patient-centered care in a total
healing environment.