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Grade Level : 11 Quarter: I Date: September 22, 2017

School: Section: Zircon

1. identify the major stroke in gesture drawing.
2. construct the basic line in gesture drawing.
3. acknowledge the importance of stroke in a gesture drawing

II. SUBJECT MATTER: Gesture Drawing

Time Allotment: 1 hour

Reference: - CG Animation NCII

- CBT Video on Gesture Drawing-

Materials: Visual Aid, Personal Computer, Multimedia projector

Value Infused: Attentiveness, Participation, Creativeness, Accuracy, Honesty

a. Preliminary Activities
a-1) -Prayer
-Setting arrangement
-Checking of Attendance
-Passing of assignment (if there were...)
a-2) Review (Individual work )
Asking all students to perform the skill learned from previous lesson
Drawing of basic shapes using lines.
Instruction: Using line, draw any shape that create volume. (5 minutes)

a-3) Motivation
Viewing a series of pictures related to the construction of Gesture
Drawing. with follow-up question.

1. What is your thought on the still images presented?

2. How will you know that your drawing of head is in proportion?

b. Developmental Activities
b-1) Presentation of the lesson

VIEWING video on the Gesture Drawing

Teacher Demonstrate sample drawing in the board.

- instruct the class to divide into four groups in which they have to
perform a demonstration on the board (group activity).

- Construct a simple gesture drawing of human according to
the video presented. Each group will assign a
representative to discuss the output of the group. The
teacher will provide feedback to the output of learners
activity based on the following RUBRIC.

-Presentation of the Rubric

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c. Performing the Activities
c-1) Skills demonstration

Student will perform the skill by groups

- 4 groups

c-2) Skills Presentation

Assigned student of the group will present the groups output

c-3) Feedbacking
- Checking the outputs using the Rubrics
- Teacher asks an opinion from the learners which of the output
presented really done well.
- Teacher to critique the output

d. Generalization
d-1) Present a reference guide of constructing a head and let the learners
draw and complete the form of a human head with proportion.
d-2) Discuss the relevance of the skill learned to this session to their daily

IV. EVALUATION: Redraw the output of your group in a bond paper.

V. ASSIGNMENT: In a short bond paper, fill the sheet with arc lines.

Prepared by:

Subject Teacher 2D Animation

Checked by:

Head Teacher III

Criteria high Average Low Score

8.0 -10 points 6.0-7 points 5 points

Done with outstanding quality Done with high quality of Done with acceptable
of work work quality of work
Earned for exemplary work Satisfactory completion of Below average
clearly beyond requirements skills requirements and completion of skills
mastery of essential skills requirements.
All members have shown Some members were not No cooperation and
Collaboration cooperation in doing the task/s helping in doing the participation of
seriously required task/s members
Required work submitted Required work submitted Required work
Time out ahead of time five (5) minutes after submitted Ten (10)
duration time minutes overtime


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