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LARC Physics 7C

Goal: tutees will be able to calculate impulse by finding change in momentum

Mini goal: tutees will be able to convert between force and impulse by integration


Model 1: Derive the relation between kinetic energy and momentum. If a 50 g golf ball and a
150 g baseball have the same momentum, which has the greater kinetic energy?

K = m v2 First I solve the definition of momentum for

p = mv ==> v = p/m ==> v2 = p2/m2 velocity, and then plug it into the definition of
K = m (p2/m2) = p2/(2m) kinetic energy.
If p is constant ==> K 1/m Because the golf ball has less mass and the
mgb < mbb ==> Kgb > Kbb same momentum, it has more kinetic energy

Guided Practice 1: One 100 kg football player is running to the right at 2.75 m/s while another
125 kg football player is running to the left at 2.2 m/s. (a) What is the momentum of each player
(mag and dir)? (b) What is the net momentum of the two? (c) What is the kinetic energy of each
player? (d) What is the net KE of the two?


Model 2: A 15 g hockey puck is moving on ice. At t = 0, the puck is moving to the right at 3 m/s.
Calculate the velocity of the puck after a force of 25 N is applied to the right for 50 ms.

J = F dt ==constant force==> J = Ft The impulse is defined as the integral of force wrt time
J = p = m(V2 V1) = Ft The impulse is also equal to the change in momentum
V2 = V1 + Ft/m Solving for V2 I can get the answer
V2 = 3 m/s + (-25 N)(.05 s)/(.015 kg)
V2 = 80 m/s to the LEFT The final answer is negative, so it is now traveling left

Guided Practice 2: A bat strikes a 150 g baseball. Just before impact the ball is traveling
horizontally to the right at 50 m/s, and it leaves the bat traveling to the left at an angle 30 above
horizontal with a speed of 65 m/s. If the ball and the bat are in contact for 1.75 ms, find the
horizontal and vertical components of the average force on the ball.

Independent Practice: A tennis player hits a 75 g ball vertically with her racket. If the ball is
stationary just before impact, and it goes 5 m high, what impulse did she impart to it?