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Demand Leanne
Hampton Herald

Leanne Shaw
Vol. 11, No. 2 Aug 24, 2010

NOW Beoutsure to check

our opening

OPEN! in-store specials! 454 Main Street, Hampton

Monday - Friday 9-6 Saturday 9-2
Part of the family of pharmacies.
Ravings By Mike Hickey
Rhonda Finlay B.A., M.S.c. "AN APPLE A DAY"
Audiologist If an apple a day really does keep the doctor away, then my
good friend the Corporate Jet won't be seeing a veterinarian
for a dog's age!! We have a number of apple trees on our
COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES property which are starting to shed apples on a consistent
basis. It appears that the Jet is quite a fan of this fallen
Individuals with hearing loss, their families, as well as caregivers often produce and makes regular trips to a nearby tree and picks up
feel frustration with the impact that hearing loss has on communication.
Even with hearing aids, the following strategies can improve the quality
one or two and even three of these apples. He then fetches
of communication between you and the individual with hearing loss. them back to where I am, spits them all out and then selects
one. After picking up one in his mouth, he will appear to eat it
Reduce any background noise that may be present. Turn off the
television, radio, air conditioner, etc. Some situations are more but then spits it back out again totally unharmed. After
difficult than others, such as in the car. several minutes of this, he finally gets down to the munching
Face an individual and get on their level. If they are sitting, have a and chewing and fairly rapid demolition of the small morsel.
seat. Stand if they are standing. While the Jet has been fueling up his immune system, I have
Face the source of light. Do not have the light behind you or in
been working on my wood supply. I have about half of this
your loved one’s face. winter's wood already stacked away after drying outside all
summer and should get the rest in shortly. This is early for me
The intensity of your voice significantly decreases over a distance.
Try to be within 4 feet of your loved one and get their attention to be doing this, but I have realized that with four or more
before you speak. trailer loads of wood sitting out in the woods, that I have
Refrain from talking from another room or with your back turned.
limited space to bring out any more.
As we were walking in the woods the other day, I told the
Speak in a normal voice. Shouting does not enable an individual missus that it was my goal before I depart this world to leave
with hearing loss to understand you. It actually distorts the
message. behind 20 or more cords of wood cut and split for her. My
dream you see is that I will be sitting in heaven watching her
Keep your hands away from your face while you are talking.
work, since I know she is too Scottish to let the wood go to
Refrain from doing extraneous things like eating, drinking, waste. After nearly 30 years of cutting, splitting and hauling
smoking, chewing gum, etc. This makes your speech difficult to wood, I would love to pass on this legacy to her. Now the
problem with all dreams is in the implementation. While I am
If an individual is having difficulty understanding something you pretty sure that I can handle the wood part if I last another
are saying, rephrase the sentence. Repeating the misunderstood
word will only lead to frustration. year or two, this whole getting into heaven issue might be a
problem. If bribing and bullying doesn't work and I just can't
Recognize that listening for someone with a hearing loss is hard work!
get in, I may have to see if I can work out a deal with the other
Encourage your friend or loved one to contact our audiologist for a fellow and see if I can watch from below.
complete hearing assessment and consultation. I don't know if the fact that I have already been an angel
would help me access the pearly gates. A few years ago I
donned wings and a tutu to help raise funds for the local food
~ Dedication ~ Professionalism ~ Integrity basket as Mikie the Community Angel. Unfortunately to any
number of observers I probably looked more like a fallen
281Hampton Rd., Quispamsis angel and I guess that would put me back underground!!!! 847-3030 It might be better to follow my friend's lead and by eating six
or more apples a day, just postpone this whole idea. 800

Ossekeag Publishing Your Community Connection

Hampton NB Merit Awards
Locally Owned & Operated by Mike & Debbie Hickey Photo courtesy of
242 Main St., Hampton, Phyllis Holmes
N.B., E5N 6B8 For your convenience you can See Story on Pg 16
Tel: (506) 832-5613 drop off ads and editorial at
Fax: (506) 832-3353 Ossekeage Publishing
TF: 1-888-289-2555 Monday to Friday
Email: 9am - 5pm Published Bi-Weekly
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm For ad rates call 832-5613 NEXT ISSUE: September 7 DEADLINE: August 31
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 2
ATTENTION NEW STUDENTS! In Loving Memory of my dear husband,
Registration for students who are new to the area (grades 9-12)
will take place on Wednesday, August 25th from 8:30am to Lloyd E. Allaby God saw you getting tired,
3:30pm at SRHS. Please call the school at 432-2017 for an And a cure was not to be.
So he put his arms around you,
appointment to meet with Guidance regarding your schedule. And whispered, “Come to Me.”
Also, please read the course selection handbook on our
website prior to your appointment so you will be familiar with With tearful eyes we watched you,
the courses offered at SRHS. Our website is And saw you pass away. If you are new to the New Although we loved you dearly,
We could not make you stay.
Brunswick school system, please bring proof of age (Birth
Certificate, Baptismal Certificate or Medicare Card) and proof A golden heart stopped beating,
of immunization. 517 Hard working hands put to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best.
COFFEE “DRIVE THRU” IN MIDLAND Your loving wife, Ivy
Each Friday from 6:00-9:00am Midland Baptist Church
(Rte.124 & Upper Midland Road) invites you to get a great cup
of coffee while making a donation toward alleviating world
hunger. In Memory of my Husband, Our Dad & Poppy
Watch for the MAD@poverty Coffee Drive Thru signs. 115
William Hourihan
who left us Sept 2, 2003
THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION Gone are the days we shared,
Hampton Branch #28 But in our hearts you are always there;
Mondays - second Monday of the Month Executive We who loved you will never forget.
meets at 6:30pm and the General Meeting follows
at 7:00pm. Love, Catherine,
Rose, David, Colby & Brittany
Tuesdays - Legion Bingo is cancelled until fall.
Monica, Reggie, Mary-Frances & Cassie
Thursdays - Lions Bingo at 6:00pm. Lorraine & Brian
September 5th & 19th - Country Style Brunch. New Melissa, Scott, Brett & Erin
time 9:00am-12:00noon. You can help support the
Veterans and your community while you get to enjoy the
awesome tastes of freshly cooked foods. Serve yourself to what
you want for just $7.00 per plate. Younger children eat free.
50/50 draw always held. There will be a
Sunday, September 26th - Vets & Friends, Hampton Legion, at Community Wedding Shower
2:00pm. We sure would love to see you come out to this
afternoon of local entertainment, social time and food for just for
$5.00 at the door.
Are you a Veteran in need of assistance with receiving a
Shelly Hilden
VIP/disability pension? It does not matter how long you served. & Kirk McLaughlin
Please contact Bob Jones at 832-9899.
Did you know we are an air conditioned building for your Norton Wesleyan Church
comfort? Sept 13, 2010 at 7:30pm
Need a place to hold your event? We have facilities for small or
larger groups. Just contact President Paul Morrison at 832- Ladies please bring
4156. We are already booking for 2011 so call and book your refreshments.
event early 106

Thank You
September 11 @ 2:00 pm After 6 weeks in the Saint John Regional Hospital
982 Hwy. 124, Norton, NB it is so nice to be back home.
I say “thank you” to all my friends and family for
$20 Fee Per Demolition Car their visits, cards, meals, fruit baskets and special
$5 Admission prayers. I truly appreciate everything that was
Children under 12-Free directed to me. You are wonderful people.
*Canteen on Site*

For more info-Mark @ 839-1805 or Steve @ 485-1809 Jim Hovey

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 3
As many as nine million Canadians participate in recreational
boating each year. About 200 of these people will die in

We are set for Fall! accidents on the water, with another 6,000 suffering non-fatal
injuries according to Canadian government statistics. “During
the warm months of summer many Canadians take the
opportunity to spend time on the water,” says Amy Woods of
Allstate Canada. “While our summers may be short, it’s
REGISTRATION FOR: important to take the time to ensure your boating and
swimming experiences are both fun and safe. Taking
precautions will let everyone enjoy our lakes for many
Red Cross Swim Kids summers to come.”
$70/1 child; $125/2 children; To help you stay safe while on the water this summer, Allstate
Insurance Company of Canada has created the following
$30 per additional child boating safety tips:
Prepare: If you operate a powered watercraft in Canada, it is
Canadian law to carry the Pleasure Craft Operator Card or
Moms & Tots Swim (up to 3 years) Pleasure Craft License for all boats fitted with an engine of 10
horsepower or more; Ensure your boat is in perfect working
10 weeks/$35 order. Check lights, look for damage or cracks and make sure
the plugs are in before you put your boat in the water; New
Drop Ins/$7 requirements for safety equipment and pleasure craft licensing
came into effect on May 12th, 2010. Make sure you are up-to-
date and have the proper supplies on board. For more
Wednesday August 25th 7pm-9pm information go to:
menu-1362.htm; Check the forecast before you head out. You
Saturday August 28th 10am-12pm can’t control the weather but you can be prepared. Bring
Monday August 30th 5pm-7pm additional clothing in case the weather changes suddenly; Be
prepared in the event of an emergency. Know how to send a
If you need more information please call 485-2660 distress call and who to send it to. Asking for help in an
or email us at emergency can be the difference between life and death; Carry
an emergency preparedness kit that contains drinking water,
high energy snacks, a flashlight, an air horn, paddles, a bucket,
a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and extra fuel.
Boat Safety: Wear a lifejacket or personal flotation device
(PFD) of appropriate size. You will pay $250 for each person
that does not have a PFD if you’re stopped by marine patrol.
More importantly not wearing a PFD could cost you your life.
Statistics show that nearly 90% of those who die in boating
accidents were not wearing a lifejacket. If you are knocked
unconscious in a boating accident, knowing how to swim won’t
help you; If you decide to jump overboard to go for a swim,
know the water you are jumping into. Some underwater
currents are undetectable from the surface; According to
Allstate data, collision - whether with rocks, piers or other
boats - is the most common boating related claim at 36.4%.
Respect water ways, follow all signs and buoys and be
courteous to other boaters; Don’t cruise and booze. Ever. Not
only is it illegal, alcohol can have more of an effect on your
reaction time if you have been on the water and in the sun. 901

Tenders are requested for the job of
E Snow Plowing and Sanding
N for the 2010-2011 season
at the
Royal Canadian Legion Branch #28,
D 1032 Main St., Hampton, NB E5N 6E7.

E Tenders to be submitted by October 31, 2010.

Lowest bid not necessarily accepted.

R For more information contact Paul Morrison 832-4156

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 4

Gena Fowler, Town of Hampton, Director of Leisure Services
As summer draws to a close I would like to thank our summer PROFESSIONAL GUITAR PLAYER
staff for their work with the Arena, Parks, Teaching guitar lessons in Hampton & Quispamsis
Pool, Office, Tennis, and Day Camp.
Thank you to: Alex, Ben, Craig, Caleigh, 25 years as a professional musician,
Luke, Hillary, Caleb, Jordan, Katie, 15 years of teaching experience in all styles
Amanda, Courtney, Serenna, Jeremy, of guitar from beginner to advanced.
HAMPTON Erin G, Travis, Cheryl, Zoe, Danny, TJ,
It’s our nature! Julie, Nic, Andre, Marcel, Bridget, Erin Presently lead guitar player for
S, Baillie, Chelsey, Daniel, Sean, Geoffry, ECMA winner,Theresa Malenfant.
Emily, Natalie, Jennifer, Emily, Stewart, Joanna, and Emma. Now taking registrations.
The next outdoor movie at the arena on Friday, August 27th, Limited enrollment, Call 832-0283
will be "How to Train your Dragon". Show time is at dusk and
the rain date will be Saturday, August 28th. The Hampton
Lady Huskies Hockey team will provide canteen services. BREAKFAST FOR SINGLES
The Post season schedule for the Hampton Community Pool If you are single, separated, divorced or widowed feel free to join
(August 28th-September 3rd) will offer a public swim from other area singles every Sunday, 10:00am at Holly's Restaurant in
2:30-5:00 and 5:30-7:00pm. The Tennis courts are open to the Hampton Mall as we share a wonderful breakfast and
season pass holders from August 28th-September 30th, conversation. Information available for other events happening for
weekdays from 9:00am-7:00pm and weekends from singles in our area. We'd love to have you join us !
12:00noon-5:00pm. Phone Pam at 832-5438 or Allan at 832-7713 for more
The Community information. 819
Registration will be on
Saturday, September
11th, 10:00am-12noon,
at the Hampton Middle
School. Some of the
organizations include
the Archer y Club,
M i n o r B a s ke t b a l l ,
Figure Skating, Girl
Guides, Minor Hockey,
Hampton Karate Club,
Scouts, Speed Skating,
Step in Time Dance,
and Tae Kwon Do.
The Hampton
Community Centre

$3000.00 upgrade allowance

will open for rentals
beginning Monday,
September 6th. Free
skate times will begin
Sunday, September
12th. Free skating is
for modular homes and
offered Sundays 2:00-
3:00, Mondays 2:45-
3:45, and Thursdays
$1500.00 upgrade allowance
2:45-3:45pm. There
are pre-school and
adult skates on
on mini homes.
Not applicable with any other promotions
Mondays 1:00-2:30pm Expires August 31, 2010
and Wednesdays 9:00-
10:30am. Sussex Sales Center
For more information
please contact he
14 Industrial Drive
Leisure Services office Next to Factory
at 832-6102 or online at Sussex, NB
103 506-433-1001
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 5
It’s Back to School Time!
Please slow down, drive with extra caution,
and watch for children.

Reid’s Funeral Home

Celebrate The Lives Of People You Love
1063 Main Street, Hampton 832-5541

Be Smart:
Stay School-Bus Safe
School buses are essential modes of
A transportation, taking thousands of
Be sure to cross students to and from school every day.
C the street only While school bus accidents are rare,
K when prompted 406 William Bell Drive
riders should still practice safety
aboard and around the bus.
by the school 832-5525
Store Hours:
bus driver. Mon-Thurs 8am-6pm
Fri 8am-9pm In the early days of education, students
Sat 8am-5pm
were educated in local schools within
walking distance. If they needed to
O travel, it was by horse-drawn wagon.
As the nation's roadways began to
evolve, so did the methods of getting
children to school. Eventually school
S buses became the norm.
C what’s RIGHT with the world
In addition to safety procedures
regarding ridership, school buses are
H On September 7th, it’s back to school for the 10,200 built with certain standards in mind.
students in School District 6! A special welcome is Mirrors, lights, braking systems and
O extended to kindergarten children and new families.
Kindergarten parents who have not received information the like are regulated to provide the
O on staggered entry should contact your local school. utmost safety to passengers. While
catastrophic accidents involving school
Visit the District 6 website - at
L for more information on bus routes. It would be helpful to
have your child at the bus stop a few minutes early for the
buses are very rare, buses are built to
handle much more than the occasional
first few mornings of school. Please be patient, as we run-ins with passenger cars and light
work through bussing issues during the first week of
school. trucks.

School District 6 wishes students and staff a safe and Maintaining school bus safety is a team
happy school year. effort. Students need to do their part
while riding the bus. Here are the
safety precautions that should be
Superintendent followed.

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 6

Walk to the bus stop, don't run. HAMPTON AUTO SUPPLIES Drop in to the BIG BLUE BUILDING
548 Main St., Hampton
Always use caution when crossing 832-3421

Be careful when
Walk on the sidewalk whenever crossing the street
possible. If no sidewalk is present, during school hours.
walk in the opposite direction of
traffic to be aware of on-coming Yellow Alert:
Yellow flashing B
lights on the bus
Don't fool around at the bus stop.
Accidents can happen when
All your printing needs indicate that it is
preparing to stop.
individuals are unaware of their 14 Centennial Rd., Unit 1
Hampton, NB E5N 6N2
Cars need to slow
down and prepare
surroundings or distracted. Tel: 832-5218 ~ Fax: 832-3818 to Stop!
Stand at the bus stop in a safe
location. Do not enter the street. Nutter’s
Arrive at the bus stop early so
Accounting Service
Murray K. Nutter, RPA
there is no need to rush and be Business & Personal Tax Prep
Financial Consulting
distracted. General Accounting & Payroll
W h for
a tc 582 Main St. (Next to Shell Convenience)
Wait for the school bus to come to hea d in g back
Bus: 832-9114
a complete stop and for other to school.
S Res: 832-4058
Fax: 832-3835
traffic to halt before approaching
the bus. C
Promptly take a seat, and remain Make sure to cross the street H
seated throughout the entire ride. only at the crosswalks! O
Do not distract the bus driver with O
loud yelling, music, etc.
HAMPTON 832-3336 L Proud to be a
H.A.L.L. Sponsor
Don't throw anything around the

Keep the aisle clear to avoid Be aware of increased pedestrian

tripping hazards. traffic on crosswalks
Live well with
Follow the driver's instructions in PHARMASAVE
the event of an emergency.

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 7

Remain seated until the bus has
Please Observe stopped at a particular drop-off
School Zone location.
Rob Moore, MP When exiting the bus, take three
Fundy Royal steps away from the bus so that
832-4200 visibility of the driver is improved.

Watch for traffic when crossing

Ready to Take the street. Always cross in front of
B Control of Your
the bus.
A Call me today to schedule a personal
financial assessment. If something is forgotten on the
Debt Consolidation is my specialty!
C Kim Blanchard
bus, don't try to run back and
retrieve it. The driver may not
K 506-650-7975
expect a student to be returning to
the bus.


Slow down in school zones
O and be aware of children
crossing. Wait for them to
complete their crossing
832-5154 safely.
S Complete Line of Automotive Parts & Accessories

O Assisted Living for Seniors
O to look bo
Make sure ssing the street!
e cro
ways befor
L 20 Neil Dr.
Ph: 832-3618
Fax: 832-3374

Have a Great 2010/2011 School Year!

From your friends at:

Your Community Connection

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 8

One Cadet, Noah Klotz-Mosher, who “WHERE NICE MATTERS”
earned the Duke of Edinburgh (bronze)
in May 2010 was selected to spend six Your Hometown Team
weeks at the base in Whitehorse, Yukon. Office 433-5227
His activities included going on a 200 1040 MAIN STREET SUSSEX,
kilometer Canoe trip and a Tatshenshini
Expedition. Way to go Noah!
Other Cadets were off to Camp Argonaut an extension of
Base Gagetown for two, three, and six week programs. Their
courses included physical fitness, marching, ceremonial drill, NEW W EL L NEW LISTING
sports, marksmanship and general training with many other
fun activities thrown in. All cadets have returned after having
successfully completed their respective programs.
At the beginning of the summer the entire Cadet Unit also
had the opportunity to see the Nova Scotia Tattoo, which was 4 Seafarm Rd. Rte 114 12679 Hwy 10 Kierstead Mt.
thoroughly enjoyed by the 140 Peninsula Cadets as well as $84,900 $159,900
other corps from Saint John and Hampton. Immaculate year round cottage! Open Large 5 Bdr home, 1.5 baths
concept. Featuring Cathedral ceilings &
The Cadets are now looking forward with anticipation to the hardwood floors. Screened in porch.
2 garages, 5 acres of land
fall-winter 2010-2011 program. They will continue their New Well Needs TLC. Steal of a deal MLS
training in their various achievement levels, well as other MLS SJ102805 MLSSJ102762
activities including biathlon, shooting, snowshoeing and Lisa 434-2176 Faith 432-0077
outdoor trekking. The ultimate cadet goal for this season is
to take a trip to Ottawa, Ontario. NEW PRICE NEW PRICE
In order to achieve this goal, the cadets will be participating
in various fund raising endeavors such as tagging, chocolate
bar sales, Christmas basket raffle as well as some new ideas
like spaghetti dinner combined with a silent auction. These
events are all in support of the planned trip to Ottawa, where
they will visit museums, enjoy shopping and many other new 226 Gowland Mt Rd., Elgin Radcliffe Lane, Portagvale
opportunities. $355,000 $35,000
The first meeting for the fall will be held on Wednesday, 7 Bdrm, 3 Bath! Double garage! All you need is your suitcase!
September 8th beginning at 6:15 and concluding at 9:00pm. Barn, 60 acres, apple orchard Fully Furnished & Ready for you!
Perfect for a B&B or just a Lrg family. Cozy Cottage. 3 Bdrm. Nice lot! Brook!
We cordially invite all students between 12-19 years of age to
MLS SJ102762 MLS 094648
attend. The Cadet movement does not have any registration Lisa 434-2176
Faith 432-0077
fees and provides all uniforms and educational material free
of charge.
For further information please feel free to call Officer C. NEW PRICE NEW PRICE
Donnelly at 849- 7177. We are hoping to see many new faces
to join all the great planned events. 405

The Barnesville Presbyterian Church (1257 Rte 820 Park Rd. Rte 114 316 Lakefield Rd.
Barnesville) is holding a breakfast the 3rd Saturday of each $8500.00 $199,900
month from 8:00-11:30am with a choice of two complete Former Vegetable Stand Approx. 300 aces, fields, woodland
breakfasts. $5/adult, $3/child, pre-schoolers eat for free. Perfect for cottage or new home Many possilbities for this property
1 acre, driveway already in. Cruise report on file.
Everyone welcome. 508 MLS SJ102073 MLS 095767
Faith 432-0077 Faith 432-0077
“The Pool Professionals”

SPECIALISTS IN: Residential, Commercial,

In Ground & Above Ground Spas, Hot Tubs &
Saunas, Installations by Emmerson Technicians
128 Magnolia Ave 11502 Rte 10, Coles Island
*Financing Available Cute, Cozy, Convienent! Wheelchair accessible. Country Living.
On Approved Credit Many Updates, Garage Many updates! 22 Acres.
Beautiful backyard. Deck Two ponds, Attached garage.
MLS SJ103850 MLS SJ100679
SIMA 847-POOL 7665 Lou 434-4568 Faith 432-0077

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 9

At Your Service...
Fax: 506-832-3918
where our business is your “business”
! Special Events
Portable Toilet Rentals & Service (Reunions, Weddings, Parties, etc)
! Sporting Events
For delivery to your next event, ! Construction Sites
please call ! Parks and Picnic Areas
694-8770 or 832-2240 (short or long term)
TF: 1-877-887-2240 ! Handwash & Handicap Units Available
157 Hampton Rd, Suite 200 Rothesay, NB E2E 2R3

River Valley Septic & Environmental SEAN’S EXCAVATING

Great Rates
& Service
420 Model Farm Rd,
Quispamsis, NB E2G 1L5 Lance Betts
Licensed Septic
Landscaping ! Tank Location Screened Topsoil
Drainage & Repair Screened Gravel 721-9706
Service Screened Sand 721-4897
Keeping ground water clean Drain rock
Don’t wait until it’s too late PUMP NOW! Call: 849-PUMP (7867) Pit Run

“Your hair is an expression of you”

Village Hair Design
Shana Wilcox,
Hair Designer
622 Main St, Hampton, NB
Phone: (506) 832-4933
Mon-Sat 9am-9pm
We’re “WELL” Worth The Call ...

2010 Season began 1st week of August

HARD ROCK 832-4184
Packed fresh daily just for you! DRILLING LTD. FAX: 832-4180 Owner/Operator
ice! Rob Beers
Order yours @ 506-485-6248 Year Round Serv 441 Lakeside Road
or 506-485-1999 Hampton
Email: Available Evenings/Weekends
Located at 2 Church Lane, Rte 870 Water Well - Quarry Drilling & Blasting

Ossekeag Publishing
Tel: 832-5613 Fax: 832-3353 Toll Free: 1-888-289-2555
242 Main Street Hampton, NB E5N 6B8
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 10
As a resident of the sub-division off the Hall Road, I am Building a Deck? Building Anything?
disappointed at the speeds that people are driving on Villa Use our quality lumber for best results.
Drive. I am not sure what the posted speed limit would be for Tongue & Groove Pine
our neighbourhood; however I do not believe it would be the Sikkens Stain
same speeds in a subdivision as it would be on a main Cedar Decking
thoroughfare. Kiln Dried Construction Lumber
Subdivisions have a higher than average number of kids on Hemlock Retaining Walls
bikes, people out walking, and cars pulling in and out of Siding
driveways, and in Hampton most side roads do not have K.D. Pine
sidewalks. It would be prudent for drivers travelling on Villa
to actually slow down a little, rather than gradually going
McMillan Forest Products Ltd.
faster on average, year over year. I know I would appreciate it,
and I am sure my neighbours with young children would as Belleisle Creek 485-1010
well. Dave Marshall. 116 When it comes to lumber – We Deliver!


Queens County Heritage is having another Book Fair on 8 River Road, Rothesay
Saturday, August 28th from 8:00am-8:00pm at the former Crib every Wednesday at 7:30pm. For information please call
Dykeman Store in Lower Jemseg. We have thousands of books Sam Gauvin at 847-8261. Everyone welcome.
on a wide variety of topics to browse and buy at modest prices. Bingo every Thursday night. Doors open at 6:00 games start
Lovely new stock too. Hope to see you there. at 6:55pm. 10 regular games, 4 specials and a jackpot game.
For more information call 488-2295. 515 Also early and late games and building pots (Bonanza, Lucky
7, Pyramid and Treasure Chest). For information please call
Richard at 847-4163. Canteen services available.
BINGO & CARD PARTIES IN UPHAM Hall rentals are available for various types of
Regular Wednesday night Bingo at the Hall in Upham will events/activities. The Hall is also available for special benefit
resume on September 8th at 7:00pm. The regular Monday
functions at no charge. New members always welcome. For
night card parties at the Upham WI Hall begin at 7:30pm and
further information please contact Margaret at 849-0031.
will continue all summer.
All are welcome. 514

Directions to THE KNOLL

Exit 192 Right onto RTE 121 toward Sussex. Right onto Main Street.
Keep right onto Broad Street. Over the Train tracks. Right onto Magnolia Ave,
Right onto Malone Street, Straight onto Malone Way.

Amenities in Sussex: Advantages with having a Prestige home:

45 minutes to either Moncton or Saint John Factory and Service Center
Real Community Living Minutes away from The Knoll
Hospital and Health Center Built with the Quality Prestige Homes
Soon to be built Fundy Civic Center has been known for over 35 years
Close by Nature Trails Energy Efficient Homes
Many Churches, Clubs and Organizations to join 7 Year Structural Warranty
Shopping, Restaurants, Top Quality Building Components
Golf and Curling Club with Excellent Manufacturers Warranties

New town homes in Sussex from $228,000

Call for an appointment to view The Knoll • Gorgeous views • Master bedroom with
433-9131 ext 115 Office Hours: Mon to Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 10am-3pm • Private, serene setting walk-in closet
• Open, airy floor plans – • Low maintenance
great from entertaining • Lower energy costs
• Private balconies

These beautiful new homes are built by Prestige

Homes. So you know you’re getting a top-quality
home that is brilliantly designed with fabulous
curb appeal.

Call or visit now – while pre-construction

prices are still available! • 506-433-1001 The Knoll Open Mon.-Fri. 8 – 5, Sat. 12-3.

Malone Way

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 11

END OF SUMMER SALE Submitted by the New Brunswick Securities Commission
Are you concerned about having enough money for your
retirement? That could make you a prime target for investment

15% fraud. There is no "typical" victim of fraud. Professional scam

artists go where the money is, which means that if you have
money to invest, you're vulnerable to fraud. Most successful scams
are built on trust. Scam artists often start off by asking seemingly
TO harmless questions about your health, family or hobbies. For
example, they may find out that you're worried about not having
enough money to retire. Then they use what they've learned to
target their sales pitch to your specific situation.

Here are three common ways scam artists approach people over
50: Investment seminars - scammers often target pre-retirees
through "free lunch" investment seminars. These seminars are a
popular way of promoting investments. The investments
themselves may not be scams, but the sales tactics used at these
seminars often raise concerns; Some presenters are paid to
promote specific investment strategies that offer high returns.
Off Selected Brands They may not tell you that these products are risky and may not
And More … be appropriate for you. They'll use high-pressure sales tactics to
get you to invest on the spot or to schedule a follow-up
appointment; Through a group you belong to - affinity fraud is a
Sale Ends type of scam that targets groups such as religious groups,
September 2nd, 2010 business groups, ethnic communities or social clubs. The scam
artist may be a member of the group or may know someone in the
group. These scams are often successful because many people are
less likely to question advice that comes from someone they
know; Unsolicited email or phone call - many scams begin with
spam emails that promote a certain stock. These emails typically
promote risky investments for which there's little information
Gateway Plaza, Sussex, NB - 433-6173 Or, you may get an unsolicited phone call about an investment
opportunity. The caller may ask you questions about yourself and
use the answers to manipulate you into a quick sale. They'll also
use high-pressure tactics, like repeat calls or limited-time offers.
The business may sound real. They might give you an address in a
INDEPENDANT financial district, or direct you to a toll-free number or a website
DEALER that looks legitimate. However, the information on their website
may be fake and the address they give you may be nothing more
than a post office box.
Ventilation & Sheet Metal How you can avoid becoming a victim: Never invest in anything
Air to Air & Geothermal Heat Pumps that you don't fully understand; Take your time making
Radiant Floor Heating investment decisions; Research each investment opportunity and
Design, Installation & Service the person selling it before you invest; Never sign documents you
have not read carefully; If you receive a suspicious telephone call,
Stirling McNamara Sean McNamara hang up, or a suspicious email, delete it; Visit the NBSC website
636-1161 333-5785 for more information:
Contact the New Brunswick Securities Commission immediately
Hampton, NB to report any suspicious investment or suspected investment
fraud. Call us toll free at 1-866-933-2222 or visit our website. 908

Peter Kohler
Authorized Dealer
Win your kitchen!
Drop by or call for details


Phone: 506-433-6918 Fax: 506-433-5906

1 Queen Street, Sussex, NB, E4E 3W4
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 12
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 13
The time is here when I can tell you when the fall activities are
starting at the Resource Centre.
September 2nd - Beginning Thursday morning all the
musicians are back with some good entertainment then at
noon is a delicious dinner, and as always on the first Thursday
of the month is pot luck, so if you have a special dish you like
to make, bring it along and that covers the cost of your
Monday, September 6th at 9:30am the ladies are there doing
their crafts/quilting and quilters are always welcome to come
and help. Any questions regarding quilting call Anna Young
832-5056. At 1:00pm Monday afternoon Swedish weaving
classes starts again, giving you an afternoon of entertainment
and work with a light lunch being served. For information
about Swedish weaving call Betty Prentice.
Monday evening at 8:00pm Square Dancing starts again.
General Excavation You are always welcome to drop in, watch, dance or for
Soil Remediation Tuesday, Bridge players are there at 7:00pm for an evening
Water & Sewer Services
Repair & Installation
of enjoyment, you are welcome to join them.
Wednesdays at 7:30pm "auction 45" players are there
Drain Tile Repair & Installation playing and have a light lunch after.
Thursdays at 10:00am the music starts until 12:00noon,
Landscaping then the dinner, don't forget this one is potluck, and if you are
a member of the Resource Centre the price is $4, non
members the price is $5.
If you wish to rent the Centre for a special occasion call 832-
7871, leave a message and your call will be returned. The
Rotary Club of Hampton also provide bar facility's for
functions at the Centre.
To any one having a Birthday or Anniversary this month we
extend our Best Wishes.
To anyone ill or in the hospital we wish you a speedy recovery
and return to the Centre, your friends miss you.
Submitted by Mary Long. 113


The Codys Women’s Institute will be holding
their Fun Day on Saturday, August 28th from
832-3502 Amy Brittain Wheatley RMT 11:00am-4:30pm at the WI Hall (1 Codys Lane,
600 Main Street Hampton Rte 710) Codys. Come out and support the work
of the Codys WI - there will be all day music, yard
Specializing in Deep Tissue Therapy sale, silent auction, bake sale, canteen, dessert
Covered by most insurance plans table, children’s games, 50/50 draw and more.
We look forward to seeing you. For more information
Evening Appointments Available contact 362-2135 or visit the website - 516

Helping Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

Contact Carol
about advertising opportunities
in the Hampton Herald
at 832-5613.
Your customers
Ossekeag are reading the
Publishing Co. Ltd.
Home of the Valley Viewer, WesTides, Hampton Herald
Sussex Herald, & Hampton Herald
right now!
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 14
The residents of Ossekeag Place have taken an active interest In Loving Memory of
in creating a beautiful garden area for their enjoyment. Over
the past year they have held pot luck dinners and other Helen Grace Smith
fundraisers and made personal donations towards the cost of May 7, 1921 - Aug 31, 2009
a lovely gazebo. With generous donations from the Hampton
Rotary Club and Ossekeag Place resident, Henry Moore, the We miss you, love you and thank you
gazebo has been completed. for your love and gift of music.
Thank you to everyone involved in this project, and to Jim You are the spirit of the Long Reach
Hebb whose vision and hours of work put it all together. 119 Kitchen Parties.

Lovingly Remembered by
Fraser, Noeline, Sylvia,
Archie & Families

Make your next move with us!

Barry 650-3779
Rob 608-1906

Rob MacDonald Barry MacDonald 2009 Remax 100% Club


We are looking for new leaders for this fall! Girl Immediate Occupancy Only One Left
Guides of Canada aims to help girls and young
women become responsible citizens, able to
give leadership and service to the community,
whether local, national or global. We work with
girls in Sparks (5 & 6 year olds), Brownies (7-9 Lot 707 & 708 Walker Cres.
Semi detached home in New development Lot 709 Walker Cres
years), Pathfinders (12-14 years) or Rangers featuring 2 BR, 1.5 baths, paved driveway, Awaiting your choice of finishes.
3 BR, 1.5 Baths. Great neighborhood.
landscaping, and new home warranty.
(15-17 years). $196,500 hst inc. (SJ102038) Paved drive, Landscaping & new home
Warranty included $199,500 (SJ102038)
You don’t have to know anything about Guiding at all! We
provide: training in everything from financials, cookie New Price Riverfront 1500+ sq ft
selling, first aid, songs and campfire, to crafts and leadership;
monthly meetings with other leaders to share ideas,
problems, opportunities and good news; subsidies for
uniforms; the fun and challenge of mentoring tomorrow’s
women; membership in the largest female organization in the 1256 Rte 860 Smithtown
world; the warmth, friendship and support of wonderful 124 Dutch Pt. Rd.
3 BR, 1.5 Baths, Garage, Pool, Paved
On the river and only 5 min from Hampton.
This 1 year old energy efficient home has
women! Driveway, on 1.95 acres. many features including 5pc ensuite an
$169,900 (SJ102397) fantastic scenery. $249,900 (SJ102194)
We are looking for leaders in the following areas: Hampton
Brownies; Nauwigewauk Sparks; Nauwigewauk Guides; New Price Riverfront
New Price
Upham Sparks/Brownies; Upham Guides.
Please contact Beth Middleton at 832-1103 or email at - 124
Granny Suite
You were someone very special 8 Jennie Rd, Hampton Back River Rd Barnesville
In Loving Who can never be replaced.
On 1.75 acres this 6 yr old home features an
ensuite, attached garage, main floor laundry,
Getaway to your log cabin on the River. On
apx 18 acres and only 15 minutes from
Memory of Your memory in our daily lives and a fantastic Granny Suite or rental unit.
$249,900 (SJ100452)
$99,900 (SJ103963)
Can never be erased.
Wilmot (Bill) Kilpatrick Time can not steal the memories New Price New Listing
who passed away We carry in our hearts,
Aug 31, 2003. Or take away the happy years
Of which you were a part.

Loved always and forever missed, 481 Rte 845 Kingston

3 BR home on 2 acres w/garage Acadia Crescent Hampton
Great starter home in the center of
Wife Marie, and additional workshop building.
Minutes to Hampton. Hampton. 3 Br, 2 baths, finished basement
$164,900 (SJ103958)
Daughters Sharon & Marcia $149,500 (SJ102105)

and families

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 15


By Richard Malone, Town Manager
Town Council presented the NB Day
Merit Awards on Thursday, July 29 th

String Studios
during the CIB Judges Reception at
the Lighthouse River Centre. The
following individuals and HAMPTON
organizations received Merit Awards It’s our nature!
for their work in the community: Arts
Now Registering and Culture - Dr. A.T. Leatherbarrow Primary School “Art
from the Heart Program”; Business - Five Sons Video;
for Classes Community Leadership - Kathy English; Environment -
John and Phyllis Holmes; Sport, Recreation and Active
Violin, Cello, Living - Barry Britt; Volunteer Service - Mark Perry
(Hampton High School’s Memorial Military Heritage
Bass, Orchestra Project). Congratulations to all recipients!
Town staff are working on the underground conduit for
NB Power, Aliant and Rogers across Main Street and
NEW THIS YEAR through the Town Square. This will allow for the poles to be
taken out along the Town Square and the intersection of
Beginner Violin Classes Main Street and Centennial Road/Crawford Street. There
have been traffic detours in the area due to this
for Ages 7-9 construction. Thank you to the residents living on the
detour streets and motorists for your patience during this
The 5 th anniversary of the Hampton Envirofair will be held
Fran Dearin September 25 th at Hampton High School. The Envirofair supports local environmental vendors and speakers while
educating the general public on the latest environmental
initiatives. It will run from 11:00am-3:00pm and there is
no charge for admission. The second annual “Locavore
Banquet” will be held in conjunction with the Envirofair on
Friday, September 24 th at the Lighthouse River Centre.
Tickets are on sale until September 17 th by calling 832-
Reaching over 40,000 homes across 6096.
The International Communities in Bloom Judges were in
Southern New Brunswick every two weeks! Town from July 28 th-30 th. Special thank you to the CIB
organizing committee, town staff and all residents and
The Hampton Herald businesses for your support of the judges’ visit. Many
Delivered free to 7,280 homes in Nauwigewauk, Hampton, community individuals and organizations assisted by
Bloomfield, Norton, Kingston Peninsula, Hatfield Point, presenting their projects to the judges during their visit.
Belleisle, Belleisle Creek, Barnesville, Upham, Titusville, This year’s winners will be announced at the National
Kars, Smithtown. Awards Ceremony in Halifax on October 30 th.
The Valley Viewer For more information, please visit our website at
Delivered free to 10,625 homes in the towns of Rothesay &, you can call us at 832-6065 or
Quispamsis. email us at 101

The Sussex Herald

Delivered free to 10,660 homes in Apohaqui, Sussex, Sussex
Reminder: MERCER Cassidy Lake
Corner, Coles Island, Cody’s, Cambridge Narrows,
Penobsquis, Petitcodiac, Havelock, Salisbury. There will be a Mercer Family Boarding Kennel
Reunion held on Saturday, “Where Pets are Always Happy to Come & Stay”
WesTides September 4th & Sunday,
Delivered free to 11,475 homes in Welsford, Public Landing, September 5th at the home of Brand new
South Bay, Morna, Ketepec, Belmont, Acamac, Martinon Shirley Mercer (17 Mercer facility for
and Grand Bay-Westfield, Lorneville and Saint John West. Laborde Lane, Norton), with boarding Cats
games, music and fun for all & Dogs.
ages. There will be a BBQ on Opening Sept 1st, taking bookings now!
Saturday and a Pot Luck on
Ossekeag Publishing Co. Ltd.
211 Lakefield Road,
Sunday. Cassidy Lake, NB
... Your Community Connection For more information please 506-433-6974
Home of the Hampton Herald, Sussex Herald, call Shirley at 839-2108 or
Valley Viewer & WesTides
Muriel at 839-2484. 816
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 16
As the evenings start to cool in Hampton, many of us with
children are starting to think of the approaching school year.
However, in Piggs Peak the school year runs from January to
We're glad
December and winter there is just coming to an end. Their
third term begins on September 8th at which point the final
You asked!
instalment of school fees are due. Thanks to the generosity of Brock Reid
our supporters, particularly our Starfish sponsors, we will be
able to make the necessary payments and ensure that all of
our 80 students will be able to complete their school year. Something Special?
Although receiving direct communication from our There are many ways that we can help you create something special to
students is a challenge, our friend John Lovett regularly tells personalize the family gathering, ceremony, committal service or
us the importance of what we are doing in allowing these reception. You can gather remembrances of the person's life based on
what their talents or their interests were. Here are some questions you
young people to attend school. A recent email in which John can ask yourself to come up with ideas.
compares the students in Swaziland with wealthy students in
Family and Home - Was home the center of their life? How can you show
Dubai is a prime example. He writes: it?
“I'd like to share part of a letter from my son in Dubai where Favorites - Colors, flowers, music, movies, quotes/sayings, and places.
he teaches at a college for wealthy Arab students. ‘The
Beliefs and values - acknowledging the ideas and character qualities of a
semester is winding down and I have just two more teaching precious and unique individual.
days left, then lots of exam stuff. Good thing, the students are Recreation / Sports - Golf, hiking, cribbage? Opportunities abound for
getting sports themes and community involvements.
way too Career / Affiliations and Lifestyle - Can a life's work or passion be
annoyin represented at a service? Absolutely.
g - and Hobbies and Achievements - Gardening, art, music? Everyone has
s o o o special gifts. Let's share them.
much Celebrate The Lives Of People You Love
ning: Reid’s Funeral Home
headac 1063 Main Street, Hampton 832-5541
h e ,
tired, Funeral Directors: Barbara & Brock Reid, Leonard Goobie & Karen Bremner
f e e l
s i c k ,
want to
today, need a day off, too hot, too cold, did too much work,
want to watch a movie today instead of work, need to leave
class for one hour to make a phone call, etc’.”
"What a difference to my kids here in Swaziland. Last
Saturday I had 50 students who had voluntarily come to
school that morning even though some had difficulty in
finding the bus fare while others had walked several
kilometres. It was another session of the Junior Achiever's
Program. It is most rewarding to watch them grow in self-
confidence and I was able to sit back as they took turns in
presenting various solutions in a manner that was a pleasure
to see. It is kids like these that give me confidence in the
future of this country. The kids are the future and I wonder if
the spoiled students my son describes will ever grow into
responsible adults. My kids have never experienced the
privileges that come with affluence. They take very little for
granted and grasp the few opportunities that come their way.
Providing they are given the chance they will change this
country for the better.”
The people in Hampton are giving the students in Piggs Peak
the chance they need. As 2010 winds down and the Swazi
school year comes to an end, we are faced with deciding how
many students we will be able to support in 2011. Hopefully
we will be able to continue the trend of increasing the
number each and every year. Your donation or commitment
to our Starfish program can make that possible. Please visit
our website or call me, Mark
Bettle at 832-0003. 110
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 17
CARDIAC RALLY AND WALK OF LIFE Pharmacist, Sharon Thomas from the Hampton
On Thursday, August 5th Lifestyles Health & Fitness Studio Pharmasave also participates in the program as a guest
in Hampton hosted a "Cardiac Rehabilitation Rally. The speaker on a regular basis. The program consists of a
Rally brought together former graduates of the Cardiac weekly educational component followed by an exercise
Rehabilitation Program as well as health-care professionals session in the gym. Karen and the team incorporate
from the greater Hampton area to celebrate the various forms of physical activity including resistance
accomplishments of the program and to kick off a team of bands, yoga and more recently, Nordic walking in to the
participants for the Walk of Life to be held at Harbour program.
Passage on Saturday, September 11th This annual event For more information, please contact Lifestyles at 832-
raises funds to support the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program 4848 or 804
by funding the community-based programs and providing
equipment for use during the programs.
Lifestyles Health & Fitness Studio was the site for the
initial pilot project for the first community-based Cardiac
Rehabilitation Program and has been a host site for this
important program since 2009. This program allows those
recovering from cardiac incidents to participate in a
rehabilitation program outside of the hospital setting
making it more convenient for patients while also allowing
for a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
Program participants take part in a nine-week program
under the supervision of registered nurse, Karen Crane and
staff of the Horizon Health Network's Saint John Regional
hospital including dietitian, Debbie Blais, and
physiotherapist Stephen Mundle. A smoking cessation
counselor and part-time psychologist also take patient

Church Chart
2129 Rte 124, Hatfield Point
All Welcome Rev. F. W. Wickett ST. PAUL'S ANGLICAN CHURCH
Ch: 485-2257 486 Kennebecasis River Road, Hampton Rev. Leo Martin
Tuesday st
(1 Tuesday of each month)
10:30 am Worship & Kingdom Kidz 7:00pm Today’s Christian
(ages 2-11) Girls’ Club (ages 10-15) August 29th 9:30 am Holy Communion
Youth Classes (12-18)
September 5th 9:30 am Holy Communion A Warm
7:30 pm Family Night -
6:30 pm Evening Service September 12th 9:00 am Holy Communion
Outdoor evening services
August - weather permitting
Adult Bible Study
Kidz Zone (ages 4-12) 10:30 am Holy Eucharist To All
Monday (1st Monday of each month) 7:00 pm U -turn
10:30 am Sunday School
7:00 pm Women in Touch Prayer Group (Ages 12+)

“Let your countenance shine upon your servant and teach

“...I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10
me your statues.” Psalm 119:135


Bayswater-Summerville Long Reach Westfield 24 Robb Court, Hampton
United Churches
Minister: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson Minister: Rev. Keith Lyons
Church Office: 757-2201 Church: 832-5050 Residence: 832-5383
Aug 29
Flower Memorial Service at Summerville 11:00am
Pastoral Charge Worship
Sept 5 Sunday Worship 10:15am
Peninsula Worship at Long Reach 09:30am
Westfield United 11:00am
Nothing to do? Come fill a pew!
Website: All are welcome to worship in our community of faith.

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 18

46 Magnolia Ave 432-4585,
Summer Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday -
10:00am-5:00pm, Wednesday - 12:00noon-8:00pm, In Loving Memory of my Dad,
Saturday & Sunday - closed.
Another Summer Reading Club adventure has come to a
close. Thanks so much to our fun and fabulous summer
students: Brittany Eisner, Brittany Gregg, Rebecca Gregg
Lloyd E. Allaby,
and Katelyn Price. They helped 347 children “See the World who passed away
@ your library” through awesome books, skits, puppet shows Aug 22, 2009
and crafts. Our students did a wonderful job organizing the
program this summer and their energy and joie de vivre will
be missed. A huge thank you to Subway for rewarding each
child who reached half of their goal with a Kid’s Pak Meal and
for bringing their yummy cookies to our party. This is a The Angels gathered near your bed so very close to you,
delicious incentive for the children; Subway’s commitment
For they knew the pain and suffering that you were going through.
to literacy and generosity are a huge part of SRC’s success.
Fall Preschool Programming: Storytime and Toddlertime will both I thought about so many things, as I held tightly to your hand,
resume on Thursday, September 30th from 10:30-11:00am Oh, how I wished that you were strong and happy once again;
and Babies in the Library will start up again on Friday, But your eyes were looking homeward to that place beyond the sky,
October 1st from 10:30-11:00am. All preschoolers welcome! Where Jesus held His outstretched arms, it was time to say goodbye.
The Inspirational Book Club will have its first fall meeting on I struggled with my selfish thoughts, for I wanted you to stay.
Saturday, September 18th at 10:00am to discuss their
summer selections: “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers, So we could walk and talk again, like we did yesterday;
“Have a Little Faith” by Mitch Albom and “The Breakdown But Jesus knew the answer, and I knew He loved you so,
Lane” by Jacquelyn Mitchard. So I gave to you life’s greatest gift, the gift of letting go.
The Adult Book Club is thrilled to welcome local author, Jan
King, to our first meeting of the fall on Wednesday,
Missing you Dad,
September 22nd at 6:30pm. We will be discussing the first two
books in her spell binding “Island Magic” Trilogy set in
Faith & Scott
breath-taking PEI. Copies of both “Circle of Grace” and
“Circle of Hope” are available at the front desk.
We are pleased to welcome back New Brunswick author
Nicholas Guitard. He will be joining us on Wednesday,
September 29th at 7:00pm to share directions and anecdotes
from his new book “Waterfalls of New Brunswick: A Guide”.
As always, free computer lessons are available by
appointment. Please call 432-4585 for more information.
Fall/Winter Hours commence on Monday, September 13th;
Hampton Middle School
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10:00am-:5:00pm; Wednesday Saturday, September 11th, 10am - 12pm
12:00noon-8:00pm; Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm and closed
Sunday & Monday. Girl Guides Figure Skating
For more info on any of these programs please call 432- Scouts Speed Skating
4585; pre-registration is not required. 504 Hall Karate
Archery Club Tae Kwon Do
Basketball Step in Time Dance
Skate times at the Hampton Community Centre
Outdoor Movie Beginning September 12, 2010
It’s our nature! Hampton Community Centre Monday Wednesday
1:00 - 2:30 Preschool / Adult 9:00 - 10:30 Preschool / Adult
2:45 - 3:45 Free Skate
“How to Train Your Dragon”
Thursday Sunday
August 27 – Rain Date: August 28 2:45 - 3:45 Free Skate 2:00 - 3:00 Free Skate

Start Time: Dusk For more information call the

Free Admission – Bring your chairs Leisure Services Department at 832-6102

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 19

Sale Ends August 28 PHARMASAVE
Coca Cola or ea
Pepsi Products Sugar Twin 100 Packets
With in store Coupon only
2L Reg. $2.99 Limit 3 Only

79 ¢
Primo Spaghetti
69 ¢
Spaghettini or Rotini PHARMASAVE
Paper Towels
2 Rolls

79 ¢
GUM Toothbrush
Dome Trim

5 49
Jamieson Vit D

200 + 40 Bonus Facial Tissues

1000 IU, 25 mcg 144

1 Buy 10 Pharmasave Brand Products Get 1 FREE


BUY 10
GET cts to choose from
100’s of Produ

Brand Did You Know?
Products ! Ask for your Pharmasave Brand Loyalty Card in-store today!
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! Our Pharmasave Brand products are National Brand Quality at Every Day Low Prices.
itions may
*Some cond
Sears Card
Accepted Here!! Live well with STORE HOURS:
599 MAIN ST, HAMPTON, N.B. Mon. - Fri 8:30am-9:00pm
PS PHARMASAVE HAMPTON 832-5564 Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm
Sundays & Holidays 12:00pm-5:00pm

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 20

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 21
Baseball NB has awarded Hampton Minor Baseball the
Bantam A Provincial Championship Tournament to be held
Mike Saunders, Prop. from Friday, September 3rd through Sunday, September 5th.
Licensed Mechanic Games will be played at two fields in Hampton - the High
School Field (Earl Bovaird Field) and the Veterans’ Field
All makes & models (Legion Field).
Six Bantam A teams with players aging from 13 to 15 years
Licensed Motor Vehicle Inspection Station old will be battling for the title. The competing teams are
from Hampton, Miramichi, Atholville, Bathurst, Grand Falls
379 Cumberland Road, Lakeside and River Valley. All teams will play on opening day, Friday,
Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm
with five more games on Saturday. The semi-final games and
832-0256 (SHOP) championship game will be played on Sunday. The complete
654-0962 (CELL) schedule will be available shortly.
For more informatin on the Tournament contact John
Henderson, Tourament Chairman at or
call 652-5502. 117


a ve LAWNBOY 1935 Rte 121, Norton NB

Mondays - 45's @ 8:00pm.
S$ 20! Tuesdays - Double crib @ 8:00pm.
SALE Wednesday nights - Summer Darts, contact
Anna Walsh at 485-8813 for more information.
starting at Thursdays - Correction: Dabber Bingo, Jackpot
$1,000 in 50#’s or less & building. Jackpot
$299.99 starts at $350 in 51#’s and/or consolation
Model 10640C prize $100. Doors open at 6:00pm, Bonanza
game starts at 6:30pm sharp. Bonanza - a building jackpot in
52#’s and/or consolation prize $100. We also have wild #’s in
some of regular bingo games. Come & support your charity
event. Starts 7:00pm sharp.
Saturdays - Single crib @ 8:00pm.
Are you a veteran who does not receive a pension or health
care benefits? It does not matter how long you served. For
more information contact Gordon McKenzie, Service Officer

We repair all makes and models RCL #76 at 432-0779.

To rent the Legion Hall please contact Marg Lewell at 839-
2212 or Gordon at 432-0779 or 485-8849. 502

Kennebecasis Rentals
123 Hampton Rd, Rothesay NB Friday, August 27th Kitchen Party at the Kingston Parish Hall,
Phone #: 847-2792 7:00pm with special guests Ivan & Vivian Hicks - please note
venue change for this date .
Bring your instruments for lots of fiddling, singing and fun.
The Town Chiropractor Light refreshments. $5.00 donation at door for church and
Dr. Erik F.C. Klein, B.Sc., D.C. hall repairs.
No medical referral is required Hosted by Sylvia Campbell 386-4601, 763-3393 or Fraser
9 Dann Drive, Hampton. Phone - 832-2040 Smith 763-2559. 808
“Sciatica” is a common ailment that indicates pain in the nerves
Back travelling from the spine into the leg. It can range from tooth ache like
pain in the knee or calf with buzzing sensations, to a continuous mild
Neck Pain
ache in the buttock. Usually bending forward makes it worse. Walking Reminder: SINGLES & FRIENDS EVENTS
“Sciatica” and standing can often be intolerable when it’s severe. Acupuncture can Singles and Friends will be hosting dances in Saint John: on
be very helpful in reducing that nagging pain in the leg by reducing
inflamation and producing natural pain killers. Chiropractic care can
Saturday, August 28th at the Branch #53, East Saint John,
Shoulder Pain loosen up restricted tissues around the spine when appropriate and 1016 Bayside Drive with DJ-Duncan Loughery with Hazen;
Knee/ankle advice on what exercises are most helpful will encourage your body to and Saturday, September 4th at Branch #69 Legion, Wilson
Wrist/elbow reach maximum healing potential. If you’ve failed prior therapies with
sciatica or are encountering a new case, Dr. Erik’s integrative care Street West. Doors open at 8:30pm and dance is from
programs can usually be of help. Ask your friends and neighbours for 9:00pm-12:30am.
their success stories in our clinic!
Admission $5.00 for members and $7.00 for non-members.
9 Dann Drive, Hampton Tel: 832-2040 Fax: 832-0787 696-1915 info line for updates. 520
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 22
On July 21st 17 members and two guests of the Nauwigewauk
Darling Seniors enjoyed attending the St. Martins Old Home
Week Seniors’ Day. The Four Seasons complex was a great
venue and the entertainment was wonderful, keeping the
MATTERS Registered Massage Therapists
crowd well pleased. Later our group enjoyed a lovely roast
beef supper followed by a bit of sight seeing; a pleasant drive Cara Seeley
home with many good memories. Jane McConchie-Payne
On August 9th the Nauwigewauk Darling Seniors held their (receptionist)
monthly meeting. President Isabel Wanamaker called the Lyndi Leask
meeting to order. All members sang O Canada and repeated Melissa Smith
the Lord’s Prayer. Roll was called with 21 members present. Erin Dunlop
Secretary Jane Henderson read the minutes of the last 433-4033
meeting and approval was given. 368 Main St, Sussex
President Isabel Wanamaker extended congratulations to Evening Appointments & Gift Certificates Available
members Les & Fran Scribner on the occasion of their 52nd
Wedding Anniversary. President Wanamaker also welcomed
member, Jane O’Brien, back to the meeting after her absence
which was caused by hip replacement surgery. Secretary Jane
Henderson read a thank you card from Cathy Langille in
regards to the Club’s recent gift certificate to her for work
providing name tags for the club members.
Treasurer, Nancy Ketchum, gave a full treasurer’s report for
the club and all outstanding bills were paid and a collection
from members was received. President Isabel Wanamaker
read a letter from the NB Senior Federation stating that each
voting club had to have at least 15 members on their roll call.
The NB Senior Citizens Federation will hold their annual
meeting in Campbellton on October 5th & 6th. President,
Isabel Wanamaker, brought forward nine (9) resolutions that
our club will have to respond to before the meeting. The club
discussed and noted on each issue and our President will
forward a letter stating our club’s decision.
The next Dairy Zone meeting will be held on September
20th, 1:30pm at the Nauwigewauk Hall. Member Lillian
Anderson will arrange entertainment.
President, Isabel Wanamaker called on the nomination
committee of Irma Burnside, Olive Smith and Jane
Henderson to have a meeting on August 13th to discuss filling
vacant positions within the club due to the yearly
nominations. President Isabel Wanamaker called on the Club
to give future thoughts on the 25th year history of the Club
and its benefit to the community. This matter will be
discussed at a later date.
Pat Hanratty, of the Nauwigewauk Community Club, asked if
a volunteer in the Nauwigewauk Darling Seniors would be
willing to send out cards for the Community Club. Judith
Moore volunteered to undertake this task and will be
provided further information.
The President asked all convenors to bring their written
yearly reports to the next meeting and these reports will be
kept in a permanent file.
The next meeting will be held on September 13th, 1:30pm at Dairytown Grooming
the Nauwigewauk Hall.
Jane O’Brien moved the meeting be adjourned. Games were
enjoyed and a lovely lunch was served by the Entertainment
Committee. 114
Large and small breeds welcome
25 Vail Court, Sussex
Saltsprings, NB
Construction Call (506)433-3889
Free Estimates - Red Seal Licensed Carpenter For Quality & Reliability
Over 30 Years Experience
Atlantic Home Warranties
Work Guaranteed (506) 832-0270
For Builder Info - Web Search - RVMCEWEN Email:

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 23

Family Away? The challenge for healthy living is on! New Brunswick
residents looking to lead a
They can read us healthier lifestyle can do so
t h ro u g h t h e C a n a d i a n
online at: Cancer Society's Eat Well, Be
Active program. This 12-week
program, to start Wednesday,
September 15th, at the Ossekeag Room, Hampton Community Centre, will show participants how to adopt
healthier eating habits and become more physically active
under the guidance of a registered dietitian. Each person will
Ossekeag receive expert nutritional information, weigh-in sessions
Publishing every week if desired, and lots of encouragement.
Your Community Connection Eat Well, Be Active is free of charge for participants. Take the
steps you need towards better health today. Call today
because space is limited. To register or for more information,
contact 1-800-455-9090 or 634-6277. 519


Crimestoppers Tip Line
It's almost time for the Hampton Environment Committee's
Call 1-800-222-8477
5th Annual Enviro Fair and Locavore Banquet! This year's fair
WE LIVE IN THE COUNTRY, THERE IS NO RUSH! will be held at Hampton High School, on 34 Elizabeth Ave,
It’s almost 11 o’clock at night. The air is warm. It’s a little foggy. You just
from 11:00am-3:00pm on Saturday September 25th. The
want to get home safely. You come upon some pylons on the highway, Banquet will be held at the River Center, 1075 Main Street on
then you realize that someone has rearranged them and you’re now Friday, September 24th.
heading straight for the ditch. Luckily you’re alert and drive over a pylon The fair is a venue for government, non-government
and right yourself on the road. Everything had been running through your organizations and businesses to display products and services
mind for a quick second. All this because someone thought that it would that promote environmentally friendly practices and
be funny to rearrange the pylons that way. Not only is this not funny, it is
dangerous and can land the person or persons responsible in court. This is attitudes. There will also be guest speakers providing some
not only vandalism but could be construed as criminal negligence. hands-on insight into newer technologies and initiatives.
The fair is a great opportunity for the interested eco-friendly
Another under the heading “Stupidity” involved youths running a rope citizen, as well as exhibitors in need of an event to present
across the road recently in Garnett Settlement to see if they could upset
anything running on the road. Here’s another one. A lady was seen their product, service, or idea.
heading into Kredl’s parking lot with several kids in the vehicle and a The cost of admission for exhibitors or presenters is free.
young child on the female’s lap. This is not only dangerous to the health There is also no charge for anyone wishing to attend! If you
of the kids but is against the law and subject to fines. Lady, you will be are interested in more information on becoming an exhibitor,
contacted in the near future! please contact the acting chairperson, Laurie Mills at
A 71 year old Hampton resident had a vacant rental home broken into and
vandalized on Main Street. The culprits entered the residence through a If you are a lover of delicious, local food please be sure to get
back window and decided to punch holes through the upstairs walls and your tickets for the Locavore Banquet. Last year's banquet
to spray paint the walls with graffiti. This would have occurred sometime
after the first week of July to the end of the first week of August.
was sold out and this year's promises to be another delicious
way to support the local food movement. Highlights from the
A 63 year old Midland man was the subject of a complaint of public menu include vegetables from the Hampton Community
nudity. He was seen running buck naked on the road at 10:50 PM and was Garden and a Pumpkin Maple Crème Brulé for dessert. To
identified by the complainant who knows him. The man had had a few
drinks during the night. No charges are being laid as the complainant
purchase tickets please contact Jennifer Duguay at 832-6096
refuses to prosecute. Deadline for ticket purchase
is September 17th. Proceeds
Our Prolific Offender program has been a great success. We have a court from tickets sales go to the
ordered curfew in place and most have been abiding by it. Those who still
haven’t gotten the point will be reappearing in court.
Hampton Enviro Fair legacy
project at HHS.
We have received a couple of calls recently in regards to vacant property. Sponsorship opportunities
Owners who have purchased the land for future use have been finding the
property used for parties and garbage left around. It is not that they mind
are still available for the Bridal Showcase
people on the property, it is the mess left behind and the trees being cut for Enviro Fair. Current sponsors Sunday September 19th
firewood. include the Hampton and Fort Howe Hotel
Rothesay Scotiabank & Convention Centre
Has anyone seen a 4 meter long light brown Pathfinder canoe? We have a branches, Moosehead and
family on the Norton Shore Road that had theirs by the river that has gone 10 Portland Street, Saint John NB
missing. If anyone has seen this canoe you are urged to call the RCMP or Java Moose. Doors Open at 1pm
Crime Stoppers. For more information visit Visit
the Town of Hampton's for your free invitation
Have a great two weeks.
w e b s i t e , or call 1-866-873-9948
Pat Cole, Cpl RCMP Hampton and
click on Hot Topics. 122
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 24
Today's job market demands new skills, and Sell Today With George Ask about a FREE CRUISE
career training schools, both public and
private, offer training that can help you prepare Waterfront
for a new career. But which ones will really help
you land a job?
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) can help
you narrow your search. BBB Reliability Reports
show whether the school has been the subject of complaints
from students and others and give you information such as $299,900
who runs the school or how long it has been in business. The 643-1972 453 Rte. 100, Nauwigewauk
reports are available online at Waterfront property only 6 years
"It pays to check out a school's credentials and its success at old with above-ground pool.
placing graduates," said Don MacKinnon, BBB president and R


CEO. "While most vocational schools do a good job of training
students, there are some operators who
are more interested in collecting tuition
than in providing valuable training."
Just as with buying a new appliance, it
pays to do some comparison shopping to
determine the cost, the course offerings
and other aspects that may make a
particular school the right one for your
schedule, your budget and the skills you
need. The following are some tips to help
you find the right school: Obtain catalogs
or bulletins from several schools, both
public and private that offer the training
you are seeking. Find out whether it is
licensed by your provincial Department of
Education; Compare the courses, rates of
completion, and job placement
percentages with those being offered in
your community by public schools,
community colleges, nonprofit and for-
profit schools; Talk to employers in your
field of interest. Tell them your objectives
and ask them if training in a career school
would qualify you for a job; Visit the school
and inspect its facilities. Are the facilities
and equipment the same as described in
the school's printed materials or its
website?; Find out about the instructor's
qualifications. What is the teacher-to-
student ratio and the teacher turnover
rate?; Determine the costs for tuition,
books, materials, lab equipment, housing
and meals before signing a contract. Ask
for details on the cancellation and refund
policy and whether financial assistance is
available; Know the requirements for and
terms of the financial aid program. Get the
facts about the institution backing loans,
grants, or work study programs; how and
when funds are disbursed; and how loans
are repaid; Be wary if a school guarantees
you job placement or makes promises
about how much money you will make.
Contact the BBB for a Reliability Report
o n t h e s c h o o l a t or by
calling 902-422-6581. 900
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 25
“We will HUFF ‘N PUFF and blow your house in” LEARNING TO FLY
Sergeant Matthew Laaper from 527 Simonds Air Cadet Squadron
located in Saint John NB, is one of the 47 cadets who attended
the Glider Pilot Scholarship Course at the Regional Gliding
School (Atlantic). The school is located in Debert, Nova-Scotia,
and was the hub for all Air Cadet flying operations for this
• Fiberglass summer. Sgt. Laaper has just completed his third year in the
• Cellulose cadet program. The Cadet Program is available across Canada to
• 2 lb. spray young people ages 12-18. It is one of the largest youth programs
foam in the country (over 55,000 cadets nationally) and is committed
to providing a safe and healthy environment where young people
can develop as strong leaders and active citizens. 120
New Homes Renovations
We provide complete insulation services to new and existing homes 832-7337
We are a Trained Efficiency New Brunswick Contractor.


The Sussex Valley Parkinson Chapter
would like to invite you lace-up your Parkinson Society Maritime Region
sneakers, bring a friend or submit a Société Parkinson Regional Maritime
team and join them for their 2 annual
Parkinson SuperWalk, which will be
held on Saturday, September 11th at the Royal Canadian Legion,
Sussex. Registration is a 1:00pm with the walk starting at
For more information contact Leona at 433-5342 or email; regional office 1-800-663-2468 or visit 509


Auction 45's - an evening of cards is now being held at the
Belleisle Creek Hall on Saturdays at 7:30pm. $3.00/person,
all welcome. 511


CERTIFIED Sussex, Air, Ventilation & Energy
Pre-Season Skill Development Clinics
Sales, installation and servicing Sept 10 th - Sept 26 th
VanEE air exchangers and heat Hampton Community Centre
SPECIALIST recovery units. We also service CLINICS AGE GROUPS
all makes and models. Novice.................................... (6-8)
Atom ...................................... (8-10)
Limited Space Available
Call Gordon Keddy
PeeWee ................................. (10-12) Contact: Rob Blackmore
Bantam.................................. (12-14) (Home) 832-9083
Certified VanEE Bantam/Midget ..................... (14-16)
(Cell) 653-7087
Specialist PHONE: (506) 432-5184 Midget/High school............... (16-18)
FAX: (506) 432-9447 Brochures available at the Hampton Pool & Sussex Source for Sports
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 26
We are pleased to be Southern New Brunswick’s Newest & Largest Aveda Concept Salon & Spa
Located in the heart of Uptown Saint John

Our professional & well educated staff of 30 are pleased to offer you the total spa experience
7 days a week in our newly designed & renovated licensed facility. We have 8 treatment rooms as
well as 2 large multipurpose rooms that can hold up to 11 at a time for manicures & pedicures,
great for wedding parties, corporate events or a girls night out!

Have you heard of SKIN REMODELING?

Offering: Element5 is proud to be the first in NB with this amazing machine!
Massage Therapy Book your first session today!
Acupuncture The Skin Remodeling System is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation
Reflexology treatment that effectively stimulates new collagen growth in the
deeper skin layers, replacing aged and sun damaged collagen,
plumping the skin, smoothing wrinkles, tightening skin and muscles.
Skin Remodeling
Hair Color Specialist
Retail Boutique
Gift Cards Available


Did you know that we have a beautiful hair salon within our spa?
Discover hair color with the energy of plants. Our innovative
formulas leave hair essentially damage-free—infused with
conditioning plant oils for shinier, healthy-looking color. Our
Aveda Stylists are trained to pamper, transport & expertly care
for you & your hair - spa style! Book with one of our Stylist today
and enjoy your hair experience!

1 Market Square, 2nd level, Saint John, NB E2L 4Z6

506.642.SPA5 (7725) Open 7 days a week (Website Coming Soon) Mon - Fri 9-9 Sat 9-6
Join us on Facebook Sun 12-5

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 27

Harmony Inc. association of women barbershop singing held
its Area 1 Competition recently in Sackville, NB. Area 1
consists of choruses and quartets from Newfoundland, Prince
MARITIME HOMES Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
119 Cougle Road, Sussex, N.B. Congratulations to Sea Belles chorus of Saint John for
placing 1st in the Singing category and 2nd overall in the
contest. Sea Belles have now qualified for International
Contest and Convention being held in Saint John, NB from
November 10th-14th. Nova Quattro, the chorus quartet,
placed 5th overall and also qualified for the international
competition. Last year Sea Belles placed 10th in North
America, and expect to improve their standing in the year's
Sea Belles is a women's chorus that sings in barbershop style
a cappella harmony, under the direction of Janet Kidd, a well
known Canadian singer and song writer. Sea Belles invites
Welcome Home Cottage Kit women of all ages who love to sing, to join their practise each
Tuesday evening beginning in September, at 7:00pm at
AFFORDABLE UP IN A WEEK Forest Hills Elementary School. Come "Share your Voice"!
860 SQFT OPEN CONCEPT LIVING SPACE For more information, contact Ann Connolly at 847-3884.
FINISH INTERIOR AT YOUR LEISURE New members always welcome! 813

Cottage Kits Starting at $15,740

Come and see the cottage on display at 119 Cougle Rd, Sussex Corner PET BIRD RESCUE
Located at 95 Neck Road, Summerville, “Pet Bird Rescue” is a
1-888-497-3111 (506) 433-2063 non-profit rescue centre for pet birds who have been
neglected or cannot remain in their present home. An effort is made to find homes for them, or a home will be provided
until other arrangements can be made. For those who are
turning in pets - cage, toys and food must be provided.
For more information contact 506-763-3323. 825
H C Your complete ?ooring specialists
Carpets & Ceramics Ltd. LEAH MACGOWAN MEMORIAL
One of Eastern Canada’s Largest The 16 Annual Curl for MS in memory of Mrs. MacGowan will
Discount Ceramic Tile Depots be held Saturday, November 20th at the Hampton Curling
Club. This event is in support of Multiple Sclerosis.
• Carpet It is time to register your team. Pledge sheets can be
emailed to you or I can get them to you. Online fundraising
• Porcelain Tile will also be available. You may register as an individual also,
• Mirage Hardwood Flooring we will place you on a team. No experience necessary. All you
Visit Our Showroom Sales & Installation need is a clean pair of shoes and your Sense of Humour.
(506)634-7777 For more information and/or to register please call 832-
621 Rothesay Ave., Saint John 3236 or email at 814 2695225

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 28

Did Shawn Graham really try to close UNBSJ?

Did Shawn Graham really try to sell NB Power without

telling us?

Did Shawn Graham really try to take away our ferries?

Shawn Graham is going to spend the next

four weeks trying to make you forget the last
four years.

It’s time to remember...

On September 27

Bev Harrison

Putting Responsibility Back Into

Responsible Government
Authorized by the official agent for Bev Harrison.

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 29

Are you Ready for “Back to School”? A “Balloon Fiesta Breakfast” will be held at St. Paul’s United
Church (Morrison Avenue, Sussex) on Saturday, September
11th from 7:30-10:00am. The menu includes: scrambled eggs,
sausages, hash browns, toast, donuts, tea/coffee, milk and
Books ? Crayons? juice. Cost of the breakfast is $6.00/adults and
$3.00/children under 10.
Glue? Book bag? This breakfast fundraiser is sponsored by St. Paul’s
Scouting. 518
Ruler? New Clothes?
A Hampton mother is the lucky winner of the 2009 Annual
Scholarship Contest sponsored by Heritage Education Funds
It’s not too early to plan ahead!!! Inc. We are pleased to announce that Danielle Lacelle's entry
Don’t be disappointed!! was selected as one of the eight winners from across the
country. The prize consist of a Heritage Registered Education
Call for your “Back to School” Savings Plan (RESP) providing post-secondary Education
hair appointments today!! Assistance Payments (EAP's) with a total estimated value of
Janice & Shana would be Happy to help $2,500. at the time of pay-out (depending on the age of the
child who will be the beneficiary of the plan).
you with your 'Back to School' haircut needs!! You have until December 31st, 2010 to enter our Annual
Scholarship Contest. Please feel free to visit our web site at 822

School of Rock
Opens Aug 15th - 20th

Regular Scheduled Shows Campground

Re-open Aug 27th Confidential
For more information on shows
and show times, please visit our website:
693-8720 68 Exmouth St,
847-2421 Saint John, NB

44 Moffett Avenue 936 Main Street

Sussex, NB Hampton, NB
433-4202 832-5507

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 30

The Kennebecasis Valley Quilting Guild presents the 30th Annual
Quilt Show & Sale “Asian Inspiration” on: Thursday, September
16th - 1:00-8:00pm; Friday, September 17th - 10:00am-8:00pm;
and Saturday, September 18th - 10:00am-4:00pm at the Island
View Lions Club (9 Market Street) in Quispamsis. The coveted
prize ribbons will be awarded on Wednesday, September 15th
from 7:00-9:00pm at the Lions Den, Market Street, Quispamsis On September 27th
and all are invited to attend.
Quilting is no longer only bed quilts from baby size to king size Vote Kit Hickey
along with table mats and runners. Today quilting encompasses New Voice...Strong Choice
art in the form of wall hangings with many dimensional effects
and thread painting
and the ladies in Kit will provide a new voice for
this guild are the
equal to the best to
greater change in Hampton-Kings
be found anywhere.
Non-Members are Kit fully supports the Graham Government’s
invited to enter a 5-year Poverty Reduction Strategy
quilt in the show
and entry forms are because it addresses:
available by calling
Jean at 847-4134. Meeting basic needs
The Show & Sale Life-long learning and skills acquisition
The Kennebecasis Valley Quilting will feature: Judged Community participation
Guild is selling tickets on this Quilts - display and
beautiful quilt. Tickets will be quilts for sale; Raffle For the people of Hampton-Kings, the
available from members of the guild Quilt - winning Graham Government has successfully delivered:
and at the Show. ticket drawn at
3:00pm September Over 18.6 million for local transportation
18th; Boutique - with quilted items and Christmas Corner; infrastructure such as bridge repair in Erbs Cove;
Merchants Market and Quilters Walk - baskets with items to be
raffled to raise funds for charity. Sale Tables accept cash and Brawley Brook and Bloomfield Station, as well
personal cheques. as new ferries at Hardings Point and Gondola
For Entry Forms and information call 832-5057 or 847-4134. Point
Admission $5.00 daily or $10.00 all three days. 20 new doctors in the Saint John area as well as
The Kennebecasis Valley Quilting Guild has over one hundred funding for major renovations at the Dr. V.A.
members with meetings on the second Tuesday of each month Snow Centre Inc and money for the Senior
from October through June and the first Tuesday in September. Resource Centre
Anyone with an interest in quilting would be most welcome to
come to our meetings and learn about the upcoming workshops Over 1.5 million to improve local schools
being offered during the fall, winter and spring. If you have never
quilted before, come to the Show and Sale and sign up for the
Over $331,000 in the Belleisle area for projects
beginners course and learn more about the guild. Many such as the Community Pool; the Bears
organizations both local and national have benefitted from the Community Sports Field and the beautiful new
beautiful quilts which our members have made and donated to Community Centre.
raise funds. The main creed of the guild is to encourage and
promote quilting but the offshoot of this is the quilts which are
donated to nursing homes, hospitals, victims of fires, floods, etc.
The money raised from selling raffle tickets is donated to many Visit us online at:
worthy causes, mostly in the local area. 802 Or come by our campaign office at:
1031 Main Street (across from the Legion)
Open from 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday 832-1555
Commercial Don’t hesitate to contact our office if you have any
& questions or concerns you would like Kit to address.
Sussex Corner Residential
Join Kit for breakfast at the
Paving Kingston Farmers Market on August 28th
where she’ll be serving breakfast from 10am to 12pm.
20 Plant Road Cell: 433-0686
Sussex Corner, NB Bus: 433-4721 Authorized by the Hampton-Kings Liberal Association
E4E 2W9 Fax: 433-6488 Are you Kit’s friend on Facebook?
Are you following her on Twitter?
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 31
WE PROTECT, YOU SAVE ... Scouts Canada, part of the world`s largest youth
organization, is growing. For the past two years
Scouts Canada has realized a growth in their
membership numbers, something that has not
happened in twenty years, and the New
Brunswick council is leading the way! To
continue this growth we are looking for adult
volunteers to become part of our organization. You can become
a youth leader, serve on a Group Committee, or help with other
duties on a group or area team.
Our youth need good role models, opportunities to build self
esteem, and to experience how they can have a positive impact
on their community. Scouting fills this need with exciting and
adventurous programs for youth from 5 to 26, in many
locations in our area.
If you would like some more information on any of these
openings or information on programs in our area contact Lloyd
Our BEST PRICE guarantee Keirstead,, 433 5326 or visit our both
at the Community Registration Fair at the 8th Hussars Sports
Home Auto Business Tenant Farm Centre, Sussex on Wednesday, September 1st. 820
Agents Call today for a free quote!


Fundy 1356 Rte 845, Clifton Royal NB, E5S 2B9, Phone 763-2009
Hampton & Area Mondays - Legion meeting the first Monday of
8 Centennial Rd., Unit 1 each month, new members welcomed (anyone
Hampton, NB, E5N 6N2 may become a member), membership not a
Tel: 832-5925 Insurance Company requirement to be a volunteer.
Sundays - 7:30pm, Cribbage. For more
information contact Joe Stack at 763-2959. Sunday, September 12th - next Vets & Friends at
Kennebecasis Branch #58.
Peninsula Pearls meet the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month at
UNEMPLOYED? 12:00noon for lunch. New members welcomed - if interested
call Claudia Small 763-2587.
Have you considered starting Due to renovations the hall will be unavailable until August
your own business? 31st. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
Attend a free information session to find out more about To reserve the Hall call Doreen Stack at 763-2959 and/or
available government programs that can help you get started. Meahgan Hickey at 763-2665, or e-mail 105
When: Every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10:00 a.m.
Where: 2nd floor of the Sussex post office building
For more information, call Jill: 832-6207 FUNDY GARDENERS MEETING
or Dave: 432-2680 The Fundy Gardeners Exhibition will take place on
Wednesday, September 8th, 7:00pm at the St. James the Less
Church (1760 Rothesay Road, Rothesay). All are welcome.
Community Economic Development Agency this place • Être...ici on le peut
For more information please visit 400

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 32

The Animal Rescue League is having Pets in the Park and our In memory of
19th Annual Dog Jog on Sunday, September 12th!!! Pets in the
Park is one of the fastest growing summer events for the
Lloyd E Allaby
Dad we have lost you to God for a year now and there has
Animal Rescue League. It draws hundreds of animal lovers to not been a day that we have not missed you. You touched
an enjoyable day filled with entertainment, demonstrations, each of our hearts, Cindy with every morning “lets have a
the dog jog, food and trade booths. Pets in the Park is a day cup of that good coffee” and Ashley “ get the crazy eights”
where families can mingle with other pet lovers and pets can and Bailey “what did you see for deer tracks on the hill
meet other pets. young fellow” and Dad I will always remember years of
Mark your calendars, cancel your plans and prepare your love and understanding, life time of memories some good
sneakers as this is an event not to miss. Come out and support some bad but you had an answer for everything. I pray I
can be as good a father to my children as you had been to
the Animal Rescue League and let your pet have a fun day in
me. Dad I will never forget your speech at your last
the park! For more information, please call 642-0929 or birthday party telling us how you were looking forward to
email the ARL at 826 hearing the trumpets of the Lord and you hope to see us
there. Until then we love you and miss you.
Andy, Cindy, Ashley & Bailey
There will be an Old Time Square Dance held in Markhamville
on Saturday, August 28thn from 9:00pm-12:00midnight. Toe
tapping live music with Katherine Moller on fiddle and Jeff
Matheson on keyboard. Admission $5. 523


Hi guys, gals, young & old - after a short recess we are ready to
start up again for another 10+ years, offering support for
those with any type of addiction issue. The meetings (chaired “To Live in the hearts of those
by Ken) will be held every Thursday starting on September we loved, is not to die.”
2nd 1:30pm at the Denis Morris Community Centre (330
Greenhead Road West). The Milford Bus stops across the
We are looking for your support to get this rolling again! For
more information please call: Ken Warner at 672-8002. 815 Christopher
Reminder: “GARDEN OF DREAMS” In Loving Memory of a
The Fundy Gardeners are holding their annual Garden Show dear son and brother,
on Saturday, September 25th from 9:30am-3:00pm at the taken so suddenly
Kennebecasis Valley High School in Quispamsis. The theme
for this years’ show is “Regal Gardens, Riotous Blooms”. on August 6, 2006
Speakers at the show will be Ed Lawrence, retired Head
The Reunion Heart
f o r Since Heaven has become your home
Ottawa’s we sometimes feel so all alone;
and though we now are far apart
you hold a big piece of our hearts.
and John We never knew how much we’d grieve
Armstrong, when it was time for you to leave;
local Dahlia or just how much our hearts would ache
expert and from those few fragments you would take.
God lets these tender holes remain
Tickets reminding us we’ll meet again;
($15) each and one day all the pain will cease
a r e when He restores this missing piece.
a t : He’ll turn to joy our every tear,
with thoughts of you we hold so dear;
it will become our special way
@gardener. to treasure our Reunion Day.
com or by
calling 849- Loving you always, forgetting you never,
6401. 810 Mom, Dad and Michael

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 33

The families of A McGarity-Megarity Family Reunion will be held at the home
Cathy & Michael MacDonald of Gordon & Irene Lewis (165 Kelly Road, Coles Island) on
Sunday, August 29th, starting at 2:00 and supper will be held
would like to invite all friends to a at 5:00pm. Bring photos and a contribution for the pot luck
25th Anniversary For more information contact 362-1250. 805
Celebration Dance,
August 28th at Branch #69 Legion,
7:00pm - 11:00pm ASSOCIATION
New Rates for 5-6 Year Old Players: Initiation fees for 2010-
Casual Attire, Best Wishes Only 2011 have been reduced to the Rate of $200.00 ($150.00
base rate and HNB fees of $50.00). The initiation group will
not have to purchase SMH fundraising tickets if they are the
only player in SMH.
Novice, Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget will remain at
$345.00 for the base rate. Plus HNB fees of $50.00.
The 2nd child, 3rd child etc. base rate will remain at $275.00
plus HNB fees of $50.00. Sussex Minor Hockey Fundraising
tickets (7) $140.00, 1 set per family.
Midget Players playing Central Midget Leauge fee ($50.00)
this is paid at registration and will be refunded if not selected
for this team.
Competitive team tryout fees $25.00
Registration will take place Wednesday, September 1st,
2010 at the 8th hussars sports center. 6:00-9:00pm. 521
To my wonderful husband of 25 years.
Love Always, Cathy xoxoxo
As in past elections, the Hampton Area Chamber of
Commerce will be providing an opportunity for voters to

PADERNO FACTORY SALE meet local candidates for the upcoming provincial election.
Look for details in the next Hampton Herald. 121

5qt Colander 3pc Mixing

Reg- $34.99 Bowl Set
Sale- $24.99 Reg- $46.99
The 59th NB Provincial and 58th Canadian Championships will
3qt Colander Sale- $19.99
be held in Mundleville NB (Route # 470, 7.2 km west of
Reg- $29.99
Rexton) the week of August 30th-September 4th inclusive. The
Sale- $19.99 Asparagus NB competition will be held on August 30th & 31st, and see
Cooker plowing only with Conventional Plows.
Salad Reg- $99.99 For information: Gar y Keith 506-372-9427,
Spinner Sale- $39.99 or David Mundle 506-523-9685,
Reg- $29.99 807
Sale- $19.99
Egg Toss
In loving memory of Lloyd Allaby
who passed away quietly, August 22, 2009.
Reg- $9.99
Sale- $6.99 Tenderly we treasure the past,
Reg- $749.99 Memories that will always last;
Come in and check out our other Sale- $229.99 When we cease to think of you,
amazingly priced Paderno stock. Will be when God has called us too.
406 William Bell Dr., Hampton, NB, Remembering you,
832-5525 Daughter Sue, Paul,
Hours: Mon - Thurs 8am-6pm Grandchildren, Rob & Tracy, Beth & Dave and
Great Grandkids, Michelle, Miranda & Mark.
Fri - 8am-9pm~ Sat - 8am-5pm
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 34
Obituaries Const. Ltd
Macaulay, Kathleen Excavating, Backhoe & Dozer
Kathleen Patricia (McAuley) Macaulay (Kay)(H.C.S) wife
for 44 years, to Harold R. Macaulay, Salt Springs, NB. Born 1/4 Minus Crushed Rock
May 23, 1946 to the late George A. McAuley and Patricia Norton area $200/ Tandem Truckload
A.(Ryan, Morehouse, McAuley, King). Passed away July 31, Truckload Delivered Sussex and
2010 after a long battle surrounding areas $225.
with cancer at the Saint
Excavating Services $85./hr
John Regional Hospital.
Kay was one of nine
children Ron Morehouse 839-2635 Cell: 433-0747
(deceased), Joy
granddaughters on the way.
Morehouse (Landry), Leo
Kay worked as a Human Service Counsellor for many years
Morehouse (Bud), Donna
between Sussex and Saint John NB. The job she enjoyed the
(King) Doyle, George
most was at Portage Atlantic, Cassidy Lake, where she was
M c Au l e y ( d e c e a s e d ) ,
known as “Nan” by the residents there.
C ha rl e s Ki n g , Li n da
At Kay’s request there was no funeral service. Kay has
(McAuley) Keirstead. and
donated her body to Dalhousie University for medical
Kimberly (King) Craft.
research. Visitation was held at Reid's Funeral Home,
Proud mother of Art
McAuley, Tim Macaulay Donations can be made to Portage Atlantic, Cassidy Lake,
and Leigh Nice (Peter). Extra Mural program New Brunswick, or the Canadian
Grandmother to five Cancer Society.
grandsons Wayne, Jessie, John, Joshua, and Riley and four A big thank you to all the staff on 4B South and Palliative
granddaughters Ashtin, Nikki, Tasha and Randi-Leigh also Care at the Regional Hospital. Your loving care was very
to two great-grandsons Regan and Ryan with two great- much appreciated. 102

Blended Academic Upgrading

iology 122
Blended Learning • Chemistry 112 Starts: September 20, 2010
• Online lessons • English 122
• Email support • Math 112A Apply now at
• Phone support • Math 112B
• Online tutoring • GED Preparation Tuition: FREE
• Physics
P 112
Information: 1-888-550-7070


Start achieving yours at on
yours at

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 35


The Hampton Lions Club congratulates Jessica Kelly,
daughter of Grant and Tammy Kelly, on her achievements and
wish her well in her further endeavours. 104
Serving Kingston, Hampton & surrounding areas.

6 Trucking
6 Float Service
6 Screened Topsoil
Septic Systems
6 Sand
~licensed under new NB guidelines~

Randy Hampton
832-0520 (H)
721-2919 (C)

Freedom's Exclusive Escorted Tours On the left, Lion Jim Simpkins, and Lion George Tays
Eastern Caribbean Cruise - Feb 1-14 on the right presenting the $500 Hampton Lions
Cruise by Coach to New York and enjoy a 10 day fabulous cruise Club Bursary award to Jessica Kelly.
A Canadian Mystery Tour - Sept 20-24
Come join us on this all inclusive tour
A Niagara Experience - Oct 24-30
Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls,1000 Island Cruise, Wineries, Old
Quebec & more
There will be a Turkey Supper held on Saturday, August 28th
A Piece of Heaven Cruise - April 4-17 from 4:30-6:30pm at the James H. Williams Community Hall,
Escorted from Saint John - NCL Canary Island & Morocco Cruise
from Barcelona Crystal Beach. Cost for the supper is $12/adults, $6/children
Shopping Weekend Tour - Nov 5-7
and pre-schoolers eat for free. 821
Come have fun and sightsee too! Shopping NO TAX in New
Hampshire, Portland and Freeport too
Ottawa - An Act of Remembrance - Nov 9-13
Remembrance Day Service, tour of the Diefenbunker, Chateau
The Kings County Peewee AAA Cougars hockey club is
Magic of New York - Dec 3-8
Broadway Show, Midtown Manhattan hotel, up close & personal hosting a pre-season conditioning clinic for all peewee-aged
NY tour, private breakfast at Macy’s, fashion coordinator & more players next month. The clinic, which will offer five hours of
Call for our 2010 FREE Brochure ice time at the Hampton Community Centre, will run
Freedom Travel, 80 Charlotte Street, Saint John, NB, Canada, E2L 2J3 September 6th, 7th & 9th. The cost is $100 and the deadline for
Tel: (506) 632-1012 Toll Free: 1 800-561-2324 Fax: (506) 631-0980 registration is August 31st. Email:
The application form can be found at For more information, call
832-6689. 510

Happy 95th Birthday

Shirley Howes
August 28, 2010
12 Lowell Street - Sussex, NB E4E 1Y5
Carol & Bill, Sandra, Frances
and families PHONE 433-3627 TO SAVE

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 36

Musings Community Classifieds
By Debbie Hickey CHILD CARE
SPACE up. Receipts and references available. Call Tina 832-2061.
Mike and I were on the Kennebecasis recently and looking at PENINSULA PRESCHOOL LOCATED IN THE CHURCH
the beautiful new homes got me wondering. That can be a HALL beside MacDonald Consolidated School, has room for 3 and
dangerous thing, since I will then need to satisfy my curiosity. 4 year olds. For more information, please contact Margaret-Ann
It used to be the encyclopedia or the dictionary that I relied Boucher 763-3228.
on to answer all those niggling questions; now it's usually
Google. At any rate, what I was curious about was house sizes.
What I found was that according to the CMHC, the average MOMS HELPING MOMS WORK from home. Free website,
size of a Canadian house in 1945 was just over 800 square unlimited support, computer required.
feet; by 1975, it was 1075 square feet. A further source stated
that in 2003 it was 1800 square feet. As family size shrinks, WANTED - HOMEMAKER IN HAMPTON, 19 or older to work
our houses grow. So then I wondered if this was a Canadian 12:30am to 8:30am, 4 nights on and 4 off, $9.25/hr. Must have first
phenomenon only or more widespread. Well, according to the aid/CPR, medical, criminal check and be willing to take the Health
National Association of Home Builders, the average home Care Aide course. For more information call 832-4663.
size in the United States was 2330 square feet in 2004, up LOOKING FOR WORK WITH SENIORS OR light housework.
from 1400 square feet in 1970, but the average size of a new Reference available. Call 654-8153.
home that was completed in 2009 fell to 2480 square feet WANT TO WORK IN A RELAXED ATMOSPHERE? Come work
from 2520 square feet in 2008. Meanwhile, in Europe the for Senior home in Hampton. First Aid/CPR a must. Call Krissy,
BBC reports the average new home in Ireland is 88m^2 (947 832-4051.
square feet), England a little smaller than Ireland and LEARN TO TURN 10-15HRS./WEEK into $1000.00 +/month.
137m^2 (1475 square feet) in Denmark during the 2003- Operate a mini office outlet from your computer. FREE online
2005 era. I like the way those Europeans think. training, FREE evaluation.
Where am I going with all this? I know a lot of people are
envious of those lovely big homes with the beautiful lawns and
grounds. I look at them and think how lucky I am not to have MARIE SHORT COUNTRY CONCERT, Saturday Sept. 11,
to clean them or mow those lawns! And much as I love my 7:00pm, Belleisle Community Centre (Springfield). Featuring Herb
children, having a big house just encourages them to move Isbill along with our other regulars and special guests, Allison Inch,
back home with spouses and grandchildren in tow. Most Matt Hayes, Joe Ness/Brenda McLaughlan, Vera DeAmbrose,
importantly, the more space, the more Mikie collects! Our Ralph and Lynn Henderson. This is a special tribute concert to
new home is small enough that he had to build a big shed to celebrate HERB and LORRAINE'S upcoming induction to the
NBCMHF. Admission $10.00 at the door.
accommodate his latest toys. I shudder to think what he
would be parking in the middle of all those lovely unused "C" COMPANY COUNTRY MUSIC DANCE, Havelock Legion,
rooms in a large house. I would come home to find an old Aug. 28 from 9:00pm to 1:00am. Admission $8.00.
trailer in the games room, a wood splitter in the library and a FIREWOOD
snowblower torn apart and under repair in the billiards room. SPRINGFIELD FIREWOOD dry, seasoned, split firewood,
No thank you! Now a bigger closet for my clothes, that I could delivered. Call 485-2349.
live with. 801
TIRED OF GETTING THE WRONG size wood? Fire wood cut to
specification. Call Doug 763-3486 or 333-5843.
J & S Construction Ltd.
Hampton, NB
432-0560 before 9:00pm.
FIREWOOD FOR SALE, fresh cut. Call Ken Northrup, 832-4326,
leave message.
! Screened Topsoil ! Septic Systems DRY FIREWOOD, MAPLE AND YELLOW BIRCH, prompt
! Screen Rock ! Bulldozing delivery. 832-5416 or 651-8693.
! Over-sized Rock ! Excavating FIREWOOD CUT, SPLIT, DELIVERED. Custom lengths
! 3”-5” Rock ! Basements available, $230+ per cord depending on delivery area, Good cords
! Pit Run Gravel & Sand guaranteed 763-2560.
Jerry Smith 832-7772
Cell 640-0292 stove included. 640-0292 or 832-7772.
Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 37
Community Classifieds
fridge. Call 832-5554 or 832-3151. NEW PRICE $259,900.00 Garden Home, 5 commercial, recreational, restyling and
COMMERCIAL SPACE FOR LEASE,380 Merritt Hill Rd, Quispamsis (end of Gondola customization. Trust your furniture to the
sqft, 1031 Main Street, Hampton. Lower Point Rd), superlative waterviews, John Hart professionals. The most training and
experience in the Kennebecasis. Serving you
level, ample parking, signage space Construction, see,
for 30 years. Offering project classes. 849-
available, will be fitted to suit tenant. ID#118248 or call 847-1243.
Utilities included, ideal for office, 1 B E D R O O M G A R D E N H O M E ,
physiotherapy, esthetician, hair salon or ALEXANDER CT, HAMPTON, kitchen, COATINGS SUMMER SALE! Coatings for
barber shop. Contact: Wayne Law, 653- livingroom, some appliances negotiable, garage floors, pool decks, front steps,
1957. walkways. Residential, business, concrete or
$205,000. Call 832-9025 or 651-3030.
wood. Call Bruce, 693-7730.
FREE PICK UP of junk cars, trucks,
tractors and farm equipment. Small fee for
new tank, also bow and arrows for sale. 832- and the Mackay Highway, overlooking the appliances and small scrap. 763-2933 or
3220. Hammond River. 832-3856.
DAVENPORT with mirror, couch, 2 chairs, SCRAP METAL DROP OFF SITE. All car clients in the Hampton and surrounding
2 end tables, coffee table, lamps, dresser, parts, car batteries, lawn mowers, washers & areas. Services offered: general house
light oak table, 4 chairs, all in good dryers, pots & pans, scrap metal etc. Open 7 cleaning, decluttering, organizing etc., also
condition, reasonably priced. 847-3871 or days a week, 187 French Village Road. accepting commercial clients. Free
847-2260. Phone 847-3569 estimates. 832-3894.
fluorescent ceiling fixture 25"x6.5", $30.00, applications for Fall course. Learn to read GOOD, WE LOOK GOOD. Lawn mowing,
unfinished pine coffee table, 35"x35", and write in English using Phonics. Adult mulching, raking, whipper snipper, flower
$20.00. 832-2739. students welcome. Contact Melanie beds, lime and fertilizer. Free estimates,
HARMAN P100 PELLET STOVE, NEW. Atkinson B.Sc.Ed., Instructor. Call 832- seniors discount. Call 832-2844 or 639-
Purchased for $3,700.00, sale price 3112 or email to 8485.
$3,200.00. Heat the whole house, clean register for the 2010/2011 season. Course D AV E ' S L I G H T T R U C K I N G &
burning, auto ignition and temperature begins Sept. 14. CLEANING SERVICE, junk, garbage,
controlled. No more ranking, seasoning, no PIANO LESSONS AVAILABLE IN construction, demolition, brush, decks,
mess, no temperature extremes. Call 832- Hampton and Bloomfield Station at $13.00 small moving jobs. 7 days a week. Also
5703. per half hour lesson for ages 7+. Call David picking up unwanted vehicles. 832-3982 or
LOST/FOUND McCready 832-2514. 653-0026.
GARNET STONE, Sat. Aug. 14 around PRODUCTS: Traction chains, winches, WA N T E D L A W N T R A C T O R S ,
Hampton Station area. High sentimental hoists, rope, netting, tarps, shelters. Wire SNOWBLOWERS in need of repair. 832-
value, reward offered. 642-1967. rope, web & chain assemblies for lifting, 4905.
NOTICES towing & securing loads. Health, safety, NEED LEADERS FOR NAUWIGEWAUK
janitorial, welding & hydraulic products. SPARKS & HAMPTON BROWNIES.
Truck caps & accessories. Hampton 832- Please contact Beth Middleton at 832-1103.
KINGSTON, NB, heirs and successors to a
1198 Mon-Sat anytime. Girl Greatness starts here.
Loyalist Grant 1783 by King George III,
Charter issued by Queen Victoria year 1859 BRIAN'S MAINTENANCE & HOME LARGE AMOUNT OF MANURE. Call
registered in Fredericton, NB as no. 9098 REPAIR - Carpentry, kitchens, bath, 832-4923.
and a grant of land issued by the Court of painting, ceramic tile, electrical etc. Over 20 YARD/GARAGE SALES
Chancery year 1871 registered as Grant no. years experience. Free estimates. Call Brian
11, surveyed and laid out by 4 surveyors 839-2296. Yard sale Sat. Aug. 28 from 9:00am to 12
appointed by the Court, PID No. 0159566 BUYING JUNK CARS, trucks, travel noon at 3567 Rte. 845 Long Reach, Kingston
have had our Riparian Rights violated and trailer, motor homes, farm machinery. I pay Peninsula. SILENT AUCTION runs Aug. 23
exploited. you cash. Call 721-4255. - 28. Call 643-1979.

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 38

Call Ossekeag Publishing GODDARD’S PLUMBING & HEATING
Sales/Repairs/Heat/Well Pumps
UV Lights & Water Conditioners
to book your space! Certified in-floor Radiant Heating
Back Flow Prevention Tester
Phone 432-5199 Fax 432-6475
Bob 433-0583 Dion 434-2622


Oct 2 - 6 Boston Cape Cod & Martha’s Vineyard We sell and install Garaga, Commercial Residential & Commercial
Oct 21 - 24 Christmas Shopping Party, North Conway, NH and Residential doors & openers. BOOK NOW FOR Fall
Nov 30 - Dec 5 NYC Christmas Tree Lighting
Eastern Caribbean Cruise May 5 - 15, 2011 $1650pp GARAGA DEALER exterior cleaning
(506) 386-3180 We Sell the Best and Service The Rest! 654-2960
485-1994 or 1-866-606-6158 Vinyl, aluminum, Hardy plank, stone, decking, cement
Visit our website for 2010 tours.

Jake of All Trades darren f RENOS
Roofing Renovation
NOW OPEN 24/7! Trim • Kitchens • Flooring
Vinyl Siding Decks Join now and pay no enrollment fee! Decks • Railings • B Barns • Sheds
New Construction Contact us for details at 832-4848
Blown-in Insulation or 647-5905 Free Estimates


SARAH’S SECONDS COOKE’S HEATING SERVICE Maritime Eavestroughing & Roofing
Division of Cooke Fuels
Now Accepting We are WETT (Wood Energy Technology Training) Quality Work
SEASONAL CONSIGNMENTS Furnace repair/cleaning, sales/installation of oil & wood furnaces Free Estimates
& stoves, tanks (steel & fiberglass), chimneys & liners, duct
Home Improvements
Please call for more info - 832-5027 cleaning now available
Free Estimates. Financing Available
563 Main St. Hampton 832-1124 JOHN ROBERTS 832-7270


Serving Hampton & Surrounding Areas
All types of construction Plumbing & Heating 654-3322
Phone 433-5990 Cell 433-0233 Supplies *Boosting *Airport Service *Deliveries
Pre-arranged appointments
Fax 433-5906 Phone 433-1134 Fax 433-5906 Don’t get nabbed - take a cab!


Compact Excavating Henderson Overhead Doors DANAHER TREE CARE CO.
Specializing in Tree Planting &
Ditching Drain Tile Fully Sales & Ser vice of Establishment,
Culverts Landscaping
Tree & Stump Removal Insured Overhead Doors & Operators Removals, Pruning & Maintenance of
Easy Access to backyards Young and Mature Trees
3331 Rte 710, Henderson Settlement Fully Insured, Call Paul Danaher,
with minimal property damage
(506) 485-2151 Fax: (506) 485-2151 TREE@CARE
Forest Technician643-8600 or 485-8863
Jeff Doherty 650-0186 763-2741


557 MAIN STREET Pet Safe Containment Systems Installation and Service
Cut Flowers Plants Sales, Installation & Training Duct Work and Fittings
Arrangements Call Mike Anderson 832-2317
Gift Items Certified Venmar Dealer
Permanent Botanicals Lifetime Warranty
832-3100 Money Back Guarantee Patterson’s Heating Ltd. Ph: 832-4508 Cell: 333-0120

Next Issue September 7th - Deadline August 31st

Hampton Herald – August 24, 2010 39

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