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Troop Coordinator Ministry Agreement

To serve the local AHG Troop by working closely with the Vice Coordinator and the Troop Board and Ministry
Team, to ensure the health and well-being of the Troop and its implementation of the AHG program based
on the policies and guidelines of the American Heritage Girls, Inc. and the Charter Organization.
Appointment is for one year; length of term is recommended to be a minimum of two years. This agreement
can be terminated by AHG, Inc. or the Charter Organization.

At least 21 years old and a citizen or legal resident of the United States.
Registered AHG member with current approved background check and successful completion of Youth
Protection Training.
Willingness and desire to share a Christ-like servant leadership spirit while working with the Troop Board
and Ministry Team, Charter Representative, Charter Organization, adult volunteers, girls, parents, and
American Heritage Girls, Inc. through this local Troop.
Willingness to assist with and, if necessary, participate in the Matthew 18 Conflict Resolution Process as
outlined in AHGs Conflict Resolution Resources.
Agree to and live by the AHG Oath, Creed, Mission Statement and Statement of Faith.
Adhere to the AHG Child Abuse Prevention Policy, AHG Health and Safety Guidelines and all other policies
and procedures of AHG, Inc.
Possess effective communication, human relations and organizational skills.
No familial relationship to the Charter Representative or Troop Board, except for the role of Troop

Job Responsibilities:
As an approved Troop Coordinator, you will complete the AHG Essential Training Track for Coordinator and
review additional Troop Board and Unit Level Trainings within 14 days of your appointment. The roles of this
position are to be divided with the Troop Vice-Coordinator as your spiritual gifts, personalities and experience
dictate. All training of the Troop Board and Ministry Team, as well as all Unit Leaders and/or Asst. Unit
Leaders, must be completed prior to the first Troop meeting.

Partner with AHG, Inc.:

Ensure all AHG Charter and Registration paperwork is signed and submitted to AHG, Inc. in a timely
fashion. This includes appropriate Charter and Registration Fees as well. Coordinate with the Charter Rep
and Troop Board at the time of Charter Renewal to ensure timely paperwork completion and submission.
Communicate regularly with the AHG Troops designated Support Services Coordinator.
Ensure that families who are interested in joining the Troop are communicated with in a timely manner and
that those who are unable to join, for whatever reason, are directed back to the National Membership
Department for further assistance.
Work with entire Troop Board to ensure that AHG Health and Safety Guidelines are followed as stated in
the AHG Coordinator Handbook. Make sure all Unit Leaders and other Troop volunteers understand and
follow the health and safety guidelines. Submit copies of First Aid/CPR certification, to AHG, Inc., for each
applicable individual.
Adhere to AHGs logo, trademark, name usage, social media, and Troop website creation policies and
guidelines, utilizing the standards set in the AHG Volunteer Messaging Guide.
Oversee or delegate fundraising projects to Troop Fundraising Manager or registered parent volunteers.
Work with Troop Treasurer to get Charter Organization fundraising activity approval; complete necessary
AHG paperwork for those activities; and submit form to AHG, Inc. three weeks prior to start of fundraising
Partner with Troop Treasurer to understand and comply with the AHG Program Support Fee responsibility
and fundraising guidelines as described in the AHG Coordinator Handbook.
Seek the approval of the Charter Representative and AHG, Inc. when taking a trip that exceeds a 75-mile
radius of meeting place, is overnight, or is considered High Adventure.
Oversee or delegate uniform and insignia orders.
Submit eligible candidates for AHG leader recognition programs.
Confirm that the Troop Treasurer has completed and submitted to AHG, Inc., the Troop End-of-the-Year
Report and Troop Financial Statement.

Partner with Charter Organization:

Maintain a close relationship with the Charter Organization. Encourage the Charter Reps participation on
the Troop Ministry Team, keeping him/her informed of Troop needs. Communicate with the Charter Rep
about service opportunities for the Charter Organization.
Partner with Charter Rep to implement a volunteer approval process that includes recruiting, selecting and
approving all volunteers.
Ensure that background checks are completed for all Adult Members. Collect and securely maintain all
Adult Volunteer Applications; check references and communicate approval via a confirmation letter or
Obtain approval from the Charter Rep for High Adventure activities, Troop Trips, and Fundraising
activities, when needed.
Communicate with the Charter Rep to schedule dates and rooms for meetings and activities prior to first
Troop meeting. Maintain communication regarding facility needs as those needs and schedules may
If needed, communicate with Charter Rep to make arrangements for storage of Troop property. If space
is unavailable, assume all responsibility for storage of Troop supplies.

Partner with Troop Ministry Team:

Establish a Troop Budget with Troop Board prior to the initial Parent Info Night or Registration Meeting.
Continue to work with the Troop Treasurer, to communicate and make available, to the parents, Troop
financial reports.
Consult with Troop Ministry Team about making policies for the AHG Troop and its Units. Lead the Team
in creating a Troop Policy Handbook and submit a draft copy to AHG, Inc. A Support Services
Coordinator will communicate final approval. Ensure that the Handbook is reviewed annually and is
changed, if needed, and ready for submission at time of Charter Renewal.
Be responsible for calling and presiding over Troop Ministry Team and Troop Board meetings.
Work with Charter Rep and Treasurer to set up a Troop checking account based on guidelines from the
Charter Organization.
Coordinate with Treasurer on preparing the Troop Financial Report. This report must be submitted
annually to AHG, Inc.
Oversee or delegate the Registration process for girl and adult members.
Coordinate with Troop Board to ensure that all AHG volunteers are adequately trained.
Coordinate with Troop Board to ensure that the Troop completes three service projects per year.
Monitor growth and retention levels of Troop. Work with the Troop Shepherd to ensure that required
girl/leader ratios are met and that all five levels of AHG are implemented where there is girl interest.
Coordinate with Troop Board to develop and implement a succession plan and an annual recruitment plan.
Supervise Troop meetings:
Oversee beginning and ending of Troop meetings, i.e. large group time/flag ceremony. Always make
yourself available during Troop meeting times to help with questions, new girls/families, etc.
Conduct bi-monthly planning meetings for Unit Leaders and Troop Board.
Conduct an annual AHG Unit Leader planning session prior to fall Troop meeting start. Attend leader
meetings for AHG if local area provides them. Encourage Unit Leaders to attend these meetings, too.
Maintain Troop paperwork and Advancement records, keeping back records for seven years.
Work with the Troop Board members to organize various ceremonies throughout the year.
Ensure that First Aid/CPR trained leaders, one per Unit Level, attend each meeting and Troop activity.
Ensure that a monthly parent newsletter or other form of regular communication is created and distributed.
Confirm that the Troop Shepherd contacts the family when a girl misses three or more meetings.

Partner with the Parents:

Oversee that the Parent Participation Tool is completed by each girls family.
Collaborate with Unit Leaders to track and process Troop Recognition Requirements.
Encourage girls and their families to take part in AHG, Inc. and Troop special events.
Conduct an annual parent meeting which covers Troop policy, parent expectations, registration, etc.

Partner with the Community:

Ensure that new girls and their families are communicated with in a timely manner and warmly welcomed
into the Troop.
Coordinate with Troop Board and Ministry Team to promote AHG in the local community.

By signing this Agreement for this volunteer leadership position, I agree that I have read and understand the
Agreement and agree to adhere to, subscribe to and comply with the American Heritage Girls, Inc. (AHG)
Mission Statement, Oath, Creed, Statement of Faith and all other AHG rules, policies and procedures.

Signature Tamarah Pearson

Signed On 2017-06-15