Gurdjieff’s Strange Methods Osho : Gurdjieff was born near the Caucasus in Russia ― still there are nomads

, wandering tribes. Even sixty years of communist torture has not been able to settle those nomads, because they consider wandering to be man's birthright, and perhaps they are right. He started moving from one group to another. He learned many languages of the nomads, he learned many arts of the nomads. He learned many exercises that are not available to civilized people any more, but nomads need them. For example; it may be very cold and the snow is falling, and to live in a tent.... Nomads know certain exercises of breathing that change the rhythm of the breath, the temperature of your body increases. Or if it is too hot, if you are passing through a desert, then change again to a different rhythm...and your body has an automatic, inbuilt, air-conditioning system. Gurdjieff learned his first lessons in hypnosis with these nomadic groups. If the wife and the husband are both going to sell some things in the market, in the village, what to do with the children, the small children? These nomads have used hypnotism for centuries. They will just draw a circle around the child and tell him, "Till we return you cannot get out of this circle." Now, this has been told for centuries to every child. From the moment he could understand, he has heard it. He is hypnotized by it. The moment it is uttered, the moment he sees the line being drawn around him, he simply relaxes inside: there is no way to get out, he can't get out. Gurdjieff was very puzzled, because he was ten or twelve years old then: And what nonsense is this? And each child in every nomad camp is just surrounded by a line, and that's all. The father and mother disappear for the whole day to work in the town. By the evening when they come the child is still inside the circle. Gurdjieff started wondering how it happened, why it happened, and soon he was able to figure out that it is just a question of your unconscious accepting the idea. Once your unconscious accepts the idea, then your body and your conscious mind have no power to go against it. In his own exercises that he developed later on when he became a master, Gurdjieff used all these nomad techniques that he had learned from those strange people ― uncivilized, with no language, no written alphabet, but who knew very primitive methods. And he was surprised to see that hypnotism works not only on children but on grown men, because those children become young adults; then too it works. Then they become old, then too it works. It does not change with age. Gurdjieff used to play with the old people, drawing a circle around them, and the old person would shout, "Don't do that, don't do that," and before the circle was complete he would jump out. If the circle was complete then it was impossible, you were caught. And this boy ― who could know whether he would be coming back again or not? When the circle was half completed, something was open: you could escape. Then you were saved, otherwise you were caught in it. And many times Gurdjieff succeeded in making the circle complete. Then even the old man would simply sit down, just like a small child, and would pray to him, "Break your circle." Gurdjieff used that technique in many ways ― and many other techniques that he learned from those people. He used to have an exercise called the "stop exercise," and he exhibited it all over the world, particularly in America and Europe. He would teach dances, strange dances, because nobody knew those dances that the Caucasian nomads dance... strange instruments and strange dances. They had strange foods that Gurdjieff learned to make. His ashram near Paris was something just absolutely out of this world. His kitchen

perhaps one of the greatest contributions to the modern world ― and the modern world is not even aware of it. He had learned it all from those nomads. you have missed the point. Pavlov would give food to his dog. that such a simple exercise. and children are very curious. The stop exercise was tremendously significant. then the lower laws don't function. you cannot stand on one foot for long. All kinds of activities are going on. because then the whole point of the exercise is lost. somebody is cleaning the floor. Neither Buddha. It is a simple psychological law of association that was discovered by another Russian. For example. Gurdjieff had seen that if a certain music is played and people are dancing a particular dance. in whatsoever posture you are. he would simply move to another because from other groups he had other things to learn.was full of strange things. You will be surprised that you suddenly become a frozen statue ― and in that state you can see yourself transparently. You are constantly engaged in activity ― and with the activity of the body. the mind's activity is associated. strange spices that nobody had ever heard of. but he moved in a different direction ― he was a psychologist. somebody is preparing food. then it is possible for them to dance on red-hot. burning coals and still not be burned. immediately the mind also stops then and there. One of your legs was up ― you were just moving ― and one leg was down. so he was experimenting with everything. Now the bell and the . you can see the mind. you stop dead. because it has lost its association with the body in movement. nor Mahavira was aware of it.. knowing perfectly well that soon you will fall down. He developed all his exercises from these nomadic people. in every possible way. Gurdjieff knew it long before Pavlov. and you just close your mouth and rest. Certain foods have certain effects. with the one condition that when he says "Stop!" then wherever you are. There was no father. and he himself would prepare outlandish foods. now suddenly the "Stop!" call comes. Pavlov. Certainly. as if it is somebody else's body. naturally. no mother to prevent him from doing anything. All the stories about miracles are nothing but stories about people who have come to know certain higher laws. nor Patanjali. have certain effects. The dance is creating a certain kind of energy in them so that they can escape the law of fire ― which is a lower law. And those foods had a certain effect. He started working on the lines of the law of association. somebody is cutting wood. frozen. of course. he had experienced them when he was a child. certain dances have certain effects. if your mouth is open and you see that Gurdjieff is not there to notice. you stay exactly as you are at the moment you hear the word "Stop!" It simply means stop and nothing else. you are not even allowed to blink an eye. But that is the whole point of the exercise: whatever the consequence you simply stop as you are. is not complex at all. When you become just a statue. You are not to be cunning. You cannot separate them. Gurdjieff would tell his disciples to be engaged in all kinds of activities: somebody is digging in the garden. You have to stop. And once he was finished with one nomad group. You can see the body. he would just go on ringing a bell. Pavlov also got the idea from the same nomads. if consciousness knows something higher it can escape from lower laws. You will be surprised that such a simple exercise gives you so much release of awareness. but he was not interested in psychology so he never worked it out that way. you just become a statue. certain drums. and while he was giving the food. suddenly unmoving. so when the body completely stops. Gurdjieff had seen all these things..

bread had nothing to do with each other. I know. no movement. One man in the audience just seeing this got his first experience of meditation. Gurdjieff would shout "Stop!" and everybody would freeze. Gurdjieff was doing far higher work." It was very difficult to be a disciple of Gurdjieff. Even for a man like P. "It is not so easy to become my disciple. But seeing so many people suddenly stop and then fall. and even a single moment of complete silence is enough to give you the taste of meditation. to visualize it. in a deep harmony. Gurdjieff had developed dances. I have come to become a disciple. moving together. Gurdjieff chose a very strange situation. Nicoll said." Nicoll said. but to the dog they were becoming associated. you are not to do anything." No. Gurdjieff said "Stop!" The first person fell. and without knowing he just stopped. But there was dead silence. Now. but falling as if frozen. "I am not going. with no effort on their own to change their position or anything. Gurdjieff said. somewhere in the dog's mind. And one can tolerate things if one can see some meaning in them. and during those dances suddenly he would say "Stop!" Now. It was as if suddenly they had all become paralyzed. He found a simple way of stopping the mind. otherwise. After fifteen days he would simply ring the bell and the dog's tongue would start hanging out ready for the bread.. "It is uncomfortable. but what kind of dance was this? ― suddenly he felt a new kind of energy arising within him. I am a hard disciple!" Both men looked into each other's eyes and understood that they belonged to the same tribe. And when the body suddenly freezes. he would ring the bell too. he was just seeing it. In New York when he was giving his demonstration of the dance. the mind feels a little weird: What happened? ― because the mind has no association with the frozen body. Seeing this scene ― he had come to see the dance. But it was not his discovery. People would simply fall on the floor. But even if you fall. you are not to make it comfortable because that means you have not given a chance for the mind to stop. Whenever Pavlov gave the dog some bread. If your hand is in an uncomfortable position under your body. You may be a hard Master. his breath had stopped. froze in the position he was in: his eyes stopped blinking. I will be just sitting here my whole life until you accept me as a disciple" and Nicoll's case is the only case in which Gurdjieff accepted him without bitching. That very night he reached Gurdjieff and said. he used to be so difficult. This man's name was Nicoll. but with Gurdjieff the problem was that there was no obvious meaning. Ouspensky. it is just shocked. "I can't wait. The man was just sitting in the front row. And it was so silent and he was so full of awareness. while dancing you never know in what posture you are going to be. he had just found what those nomads had been doing all along. He was not doing it. the third fell ― the whole line fell on each other. They are in cooperation. the second fell.. "It is not so easy to refuse me either. In the East people have been trying for centuries to concentrate the mind. that he became a disciple. The mind says. Now the body has completely frozen.. This man was not going to leave. and I will become a disciple. to stop it ― and Gurdjieff found a way through physiology. All the dancers were standing in a line.D. You are still listening to the mind. what is the mind supposed to do? Where can it go? For a moment there is a complete silence. the exercise continues. who . make it comfortable. the bell and the bread were no longer two separate things. And he was really a hard taskmaster. he made it almost impossible. and at a certain stage in the dance when they came dancing forwards and were just standing in a queue with the first person just at the edge of the stage.

Your clothes I've put in my suitcase. he sat silently and smiled. Now what about the man whose suitcase it is?" Gurdjieff said." "But. "This man seems to be mad!" ― so the ticketchecker came in and the guard came in. "You are asking me. He said to Ouspensky. Gurdjieff threw somebody's suitcase out of the window. Keep him in your compartment and we will give you the key. Lock it from within.. "I know he is not mad. I know he is not drunk. "How are you?" Ouspensky said. Keep cool!" "But. just following him. "Don't be worried your suitcase was empty. but what to do? It is very difficult for me to explain what he is doing because I don't know myself. and me too because I couldn't leave you in such a condition. "You threw that suitcase out of the window. "What are you doing?" but Gurdjieff wouldn't listen. "That is for you to understand. And Ouspensky. otherwise we will have to throw you both out at the next station. Ouspensky apologized and said.. not to be embarrassed. Ouspensky remembers that they were traveling from New York to San Francisco in a train. not to be enraged. he had not even drunk water. "Don't be worried it was yours!" Ouspensky looked down and saw that his was missing. He was not drunk. "how can I keep cool now that my suitcase is gone and my clothes are gone?" Gurdjieff said. screaming in Russian. waking people and throwing people's things about. 'How are you?'! You would have forced them to put you in jail. and you are asking me the purpose? The purpose is not to react. said. Now just cool down. but he was behaving like a drunkard ― moving from one compartment to another compartment. when he was in the Caucasus and Ouspensky was in London." Ouspensky said." Ouspensky said." And right in front of the guard and ticket-checker. shouting in Russian." The guard and the ticket-checker said. because what else would Gurdjieff do?" And Gurdjieff said. "This is too much. but." Gurdjieff was behaving wildly. What was the purpose of all this?" Gurdjieff said." But later. What is the point of feeling embarrassed? What are you going to get out of it? You are simply losing your cool and gaining nothing. Gurdjieff sent Ouspensky a . What to do with this master! Ouspensky writes: "l felt like getting down at the next station and going back to Europe.made Gurdjieff world-famous ― even with him Gurdjieff was difficult. "He is not mad and he is not drunk." Naturally Ouspensky was feeling embarrassed on the one hand and enraged on the other hand that this man was creating such a nuisance. "I know what you are thinking you are thinking of getting down at the next station. Somebody pulled the train's emergency chain. He thought. and Gurdjieff started making a nuisance of himself in the middle of the night. Caucasian he knew so many languages and the moment the door was locked. I am doing everything for you.

. People were rushing out of Russia to save their lives. to the faraway Caucasus. "Go on.. It's strange that when the stomach is totally empty it creates a synchronicity in the mind ― the mind becomes totally empty. now you can go: the purpose is fulfilled. and he was not for the revolution. and that too. I will see you later on in London. hence. He would have to pass through the whole of Russia to reach to Gurdjieff who was in a small place." He is trying to bring you to the brink of the capacity of your whole physiology.. and you have never touched that. and after twenty-one days your mind is empty. he may have become enlightened by the time he reached London ― but he missed the point. It was also well-known that he was anti-communist. so to enter Russia and for a well-known person like Ouspensky.. because he had passed by burning trains." But he had some hidden meaning in it. when Russia was in revolution. This is also a similar method ― in the opposite direction. We are always in the middle. but somehow he managed to. he would go on forcing you.. It brings you to a moment after fifteen days when you simply start forgetting thoughts. And in those days. and then there is no more hunger. and those spices.." Now this kind of man.. That's why fasting became so important in all religions. Neither are we fasting. Ouspensky.. we are always in the middle. you could feel the fire even in your stomach. and he was saying "Eat! Go on eating until I say stop. but it is always meaningful. Once that is experienced. Now. nor are we feasting like Gurdjieff. but if Gurdjieff calls. when after five days it changes its system.. Only idiots have followed it as a goal in itself It is simply a technique to bring you to a stage where you can experience a state of no-mind. well-known as a mathematician. to call him back into Russia. pack immediately. the mind is also settled in its way of movement. That is. And how he had managed ― he himself could not believe that he was going to reach Gurdjieff. strange in every possible way.. "You have come. Fasting is not a goal in itself. finish everything and go to the Caucasus. He has his purpose ― there is no doubt about it ― but has strange ways of working. in your intestines. to go to the Caucasus was dangerous.. While tears were coming to you he was saying "Eat!". the body starts absorbing its own fat. And what did Gurdjieff say? He said. because this man had pulled him into the very mouth of death for nothing! But Ouspensky missed the point. Tiflis. absolutely dangerous. but he had to leave his job. to go on eating. He got so angry that he dropped all his connections with Gurdjieff after this incident. When he arrived there he was really boiling. Ouspensky went.. stations. I said just the other day to you that a point comes for the body. Nicoll became his disciple. Caucasian spices ― Indian spices are nothing! Your whole throat was burning. he would force you to eat.. you . No Master before Gurdjieff had tried such strange ways. but the master says. That is one method that has been used. if you fast.telegram: "Come immediately!" ― and when Gurdjieff says "Immediately. missed. and he had to make it through so many strange tasks. "Eat!" ― and you could not say no to the Master." it means immediately! Ouspensky was involved in some work. world famous. There is a point for the body.. For example. The body is in a settled routine. even Ouspensky. Fasting destroys that. If he had gone back as silently as he had come. A man like Gurdjieff ― may not always do something that is apparently meaningful.. butchered people and corpses on the platforms... Bigger gaps start appearing: for hours there is not a single thought. There is a point beyond which you cannot eat.

but you cannot go on more than ten pages. Mahavira. Gurdjieff was doing just the opposite because that's what he had learned from the nomads.. It is a bio-computer. And then. ." . You were not aware of it because you were completely intoxicated. And you can break the program only at the ends. You were not present when he worked on the unconscious and persuaded it to give all the clues about you. It cannot work any longer in this situation. you cannot read more than ten pages. what music was needed for you. All the clues have been given by your unconscious. eating normally also you can go into that state any time you want. How can i steal your silence. Now it is inconceivable for the mind to grasp what is happening. Freud took three years. you know the track. Gurdjieff would force people to drink so much alcohol ― and all kinds of alcoholic beverages ― that they would go almost crazy. But to understand him is more difficult than to understand anybody else. All And Everything is the name of the book. but i don’t recall hearing Your criticism of Gurdjieff. A moment comes when it is not possible to eat anymore ― and that is the point when Gurdjieff would force you to eat. Is that significant? He talked about the sly man Who stole his Enlightenment from the Master. With Gurdjieff it was true – he was very secretive.. They don't have any people like Buddha. In that moment his unconscious starts speaking. And you would not know that you had given those clues to Gurdjieff ― but he would know. This technique Gurdjieff learned from those nomads. "Then this is not the place for you. because there is a moment when the person has come to a point where his whole body. And he would go on giving it to them. And then he would work according to those clues: what exercises would be right for you. Even if you read his book. So if somebody refused. Gurdjieff did it in a single night! Your unconscious would start speaking. One sentence goes on running over the whole page. what dances would be suitable for you.. one of the most remarkable who has ever walked on the earth. They eat too much.Osho Gurdjieff and Gurdjieff Disciple Nicoll Question: Beloved Osho. and go on eating. If you say yes even then. You have been critical of most of the masters. You may be aware of it. If anybody wanted to get anything from him. so drunk that they would forget completely who they were. five years of psychoanalysis to do this." he would throw him out. certain techniques that were given by the father to the son.can go back to food. Those are a totally different kind of people. and go on eating. it was not an easy job. Break the program somewhere. but they have passed on by word of mouth. Those were the secrets about you ― then he had the keys in his hands. would give all the clues about you of which you have not even been aware. only at the boundary. where you are facing an abyss. or any others. your bliss. sit them up and pour them some more. four years. from generation to generation. his whole consciousness is completely overtaken by the intoxicant. He would say. for the simple reason that he writes in such a way that to find out what he is saying is difficult. "Now I cannot drink any more. it functions according to its program. It is a one-thousand-page book. but it functions according to a program. They don't have any scriptures. I’m puzzled about how to do It. suddenly there is an immediate state of no-mind because you have broken the whole rhythm of body and mind. you may not be aware of it. and go on eating. your grace? Osho: Gurdjieff was really a remarkable Mystic. It has not known it before because ― always remember ― mind is exactly like a computer. If they fell he would shake them. Then there is no problem.

he simply invented them. he has no way to find out where the treasure is. ”How was the scene?” Nicoll was perspiring in the air-conditioned compartment. although not drunk. The disciple said. poor man. Those words belonged to no language. and he said. his masterpiece. It is almost like stealing. He is right: you have to steal. Master?” Gurdjieff hit Nicoll. throwing their bags out of the train. they went aboard a train. throwing their things around. Finally the train was stopped. and one disciple would read what he had written that day. speaking strange languages!” Somehow Nicoll persuaded the conductor and the driver. If nobody understood it. pubs. beaches. shouting obscenities. He was inventing words of his own. ”What are you doing. was trying to tell the people that he is a great master! The people started looking at Nicoll and they thought. In the darkness. it remained. It is true that Gurdjieff was a difficult man. almost impossible to cope with. And sitting in the middle of the restaurant where everything was going on – hundreds of people coming in and going out. in the evening.By the time you end the sentence you have forgotten the beginning. He is a great master? – in the middle of the night waking strangers. he would have to change it the next day. and he asked Nicoll. solid rock. He has no map. Gurdjieff’s sly man is the man who has a knack for finding the right door when there are thousands of similar doors all around. to write books.” As the door was locked. not to make any noise.” They agreed to let him stay on board only if Gurdjieff and Nicoll went into the compartment and they locked it from the outside. to see whether they were understanding it or not. But the master thieves have an insight. He said. utterly drunk. all kinds of talk – he was writing his book. They thought I was mad. Gurdjieff used to go to restaurants. ”He is a famous master. the driver and the conductor came in. and Gurdjieff. But Gurdjieff was a very strong man. No book has been written the way Gurdjieff’s book was written. but that man was a category in himself. Even to read it is difficult. People go to silent places. was traveling with Gurdjieff in America. In the darkness of the night – when even the people who live in the house cannot move. because he was stumbling from one compartment to another compartment. Nicoll. Then whatsoever they wanted to do inside they could do – the great master and the great follower – ”But don’t disturb the whole train. in a strange house. And they are long words – sometimes half the sentence is only one word. One of his disciples. holiday homes. mountains. ”The scene? You almost killed me. Gurdjieff would watch the faces of the other disciples. He wants you to find those ten sentences in that one-thousand-page book. which he has made as difficult as possible. perhaps there are ten sentences at the most which are really profound. and I knew perfectly well you were . his disciples would gather in his house. In that book of one thousand pages. ”Who are you? I have never seen you before. nobody knows. It took ten years for him to write that book. to pronounce it is difficult. and he has hidden the secrets in those one thousand pages. he manages not to stumble. started behaving like a drunkard. in case they stumble upon some table or some chair – the man who has come to steal has a tremendous artfulness. In the middle of the night. so you cannot consult any dictionary. You enter a house you have never been in. If they understood it. waking people who were asleep. he might throw the man out of the window! And Nicoll. He is a drunkard and you are mad. and nobody dared to catch hold of him. shouting obscenities. And miraculously. Gurdjieff relaxed.” He woke up the whole train. And what happened in the middle. but what to do? This is his way. he finds the place where the treasure is. laughed. ”You are mad. Every day. Gurdjieff could have printed them on a postcard.

And I am so full of my ecstasy that I want to rain on anybody without asking his qualifications. Gurdjieff was his type.. But Gurdjieff was far ahead of Joseph Stalin. Are you going to save your clothes? Then you will remain dry bones. then all the lies that you have been living up to now have to be dropped. compassion. This is one of the fundamental laws of spiritual life. Soon they will all be rain clouds ready to shower. That’s why they are becoming juicier and juicier. his characteristics.” But to trust a man like me is very simple. suddenly I have found. Just think of yourself – you would have escaped. And I know there is no need for me to hide anything. You have simply to receive with grace. because I am putting everything on the table before you. we have already informed them. People have asked. because the well is available.. But there is no need to steal. Why should you be reduced to thieves? Why should you be made the sly man? I want you to be the innocent child. and the men are becoming more and more tight. that he is going to be caught and thrown into a jail. ”I am ready to go to hell with you. we are going to throw your master into jail. the more you have. Whatever you do. But you are so afraid seeing the rain cloud coming up. there is a deep trust in me that it must be for something good. you rush into your homes just to save your clothes. ”We see the women here in the commune are becoming juicier and juicier. love. I am available. Another Caucasian was Joseph Stalin. There is no need to steal here. more loving. but what to do with the passengers. whether you can stay with me if I behave in such a manner. and if you allow me to shower on you. I am not your master. tight.. This was a test for the follower. You need not steal. Seeing the situation. and I am not so strong a man as you are. who is ready and open and vulnerable. He takes all precautions. I will not put you in any such situation. a great challenge to man.. And you go on running away from me because you know that I am a lazy man and I will not run after you.not drunk. The man thinks a thousand times before opening his heart. So Gurdjieff’s statement is relevant only to him and to his disciples. you have to come to the well. but with no juice. the conductor. The word ‘stalin’ in Russian means man of steel.” The reason is simple: the woman is always ready to open her heart. waiting for you. ”It was a test for you. That’s what the driver and the conductor and the engineer were all saying: ”If you don’t stop. I am not hiding anything from you. Source: "From Death to Deathlessness" – Osho on need of Masters . straight. you are going to become juicy. because you are hiding from me. and the Caucasus is famous for producing really strong men. I am my type. more juices have flowed towards me. meditation – everything – into your pockets. And suddenly. I knew it all the way. and I am trying to push truth. You need not steal anything from me. At the next station the police will be there. The well cannot run after you. because if you accept the truth. more feeling. afraid that they will get wet.?” Gurdjieff said. that the more you give. And I can say from my own experience that the law is one hundred percent true. because ”Who knows what a man is going to do when you open your heart?” But the woman is more trusting. as a gift. it is true you are dry. with the driver? The whole crowd was against me. because up to then you were absolutely alright. It is absolutely irrelevant to me and you. Now. But truth – even to accept it as a gift – is a difficult phenomenon. straight. The more I have given.. Yes.” Gurdjieff was Caucasian. I am trying to give you the gift and you go on running! I am trying to present you the truth. from unknown sources of existence. Can you still see the master in me?” Nicoll said. it is up to you. You just drink out of me. afraid.

almost starving.but masters take their own time. he started thinking. Your whole life is nothing but decorating the jail. If you can find a master. and you are competing with other prisoners who are decorating their dark cells. in reference to spirituality. He moved for at least twenty years from one master to another master -. But the only possible way out of this mess is being in tune with somebody who is already awakened. You are asleep. the whole credit goes to me. That's how he learned. can arrange it so that you can escape from the jail.” This idea went to his head – it became too much for him – and in subtle ways he started to dominate the movement. only somebody who is out of jail can manage it. 2. They had to part. he can help you to be unconditioned. can manage to wake you. cunning.1. what he means simply is: be clever. He can manage to dehypnotize you. And you are not only in a jail have believed it to be your home and you are decorating it. Gurdjieff used to say: If you are in a jail. The awakened one is called the master -. you cannot dictate to a man like Gurdjieff. he can bring a ladder close to the wall. intelligence. He can bribe the warden. He can make a hole in the wall from the outside. they live in the eternal. so there is no hurry. be intelligent.. what is Gurdjieff? Who is Gurdjieff without me? Who was he? When I met him he was just a refugee living in a refugee camp in Constantinople. and he can devise methods and means so that you can escape from the jail. be utterly alert. the jailor. I have made him world famous.. can help you to come out of it. 'cunning'. this is your home. IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS. He wrote one of his greatest contributions. otherwise. If you understand him rightly. he will impart his wisdom.Satguru. They don't live in time. so rather than waiting until whenever the master feels the time is right and he will impart his knowledge. Ouspensky also became very egoistic – naturally. you will also be a buddha. beauty. relax into his being. let his fragrance surround you. they are not in a hurry. And the day is not far away when you will also be awakened. Nobody had ever heard about him. imbibe his awareness. be wise. Gurdjieff used to say that unless you are cunning you cannot escape from the bondage of the world -. Keep on reminding yourself that unless you are a buddha. because he was the cause of the whole thing.surrender. And you cannot dominate a man like Gurdjieff. your life is a wastage. In fact. don't miss the opportunity -. he started stealing wisdom from the masters. Gurdjieff used to say that if you want to learn from a master you have to be very sly. Gurdjieff says he learned by stealing. You are not only in a jail -. But Gurdjieff was in a have been hypnotized and told that this is not a jail. Gurdjieff and Ouspensky a. Only by being a buddha does one's life have grace. only somebody who is awake can shake you out of your sleep. to make you aware of the reality. He started writing books on Gurdjieff. And these two books introduced Gurdjieff to the world. otherwise it is impossible. benediction. b: In the End Ouspensky Left Gurdjieff . then he wrote THE FOURTHWAY. Only somebody who is free. who has been in the jail once and is no longer in the jail. But as those books spread all over the world and thousands of people started moving towards Gurdjieff. Ouspensky Introduced Gurdjieff to the World In the End Ouspensky Left Gurdjieff : Ouspensky Introduced Gurdjieff to the World Ouspensky introduced Gurdjieff to the world. Maybe a few people would have come in personal contact with him and would have been benefited. But the only hope for you is to be in deep contact with somebody who is awakened. but Ouspensky made him available to millions. but Gurdjieff is a rare man. he can throw a rope inside. ”Without me. he would have remained an absolutely unknown Master. significance.a thousand and one possibilities.because the bondage is so complex that you have to be very sly. by being cunning. It looks strange to use the words 'sly'.

Buddha. and you will fall down suddenly. He was not fully enlightened yet. He was a man of action. Only love can become an antidote. He was in between. He would give techniques. said that he had gone mad. was working under Gurdjieff for ten years. but you cannot remain indifferent. and the moment they feel that a certain energy is coming to them they will start dominating others. and one had to work. and there was no theoretical knowledge to be imparted. but the pull will be not to free you but to enslave you. that you are not dominated by them. Such persons like Buddha or Gurdjieff will affect you without their conscious effort and you will be pulled toward them. You are not yet awake. And this is pure wastage. when you start listening to the noises which indicate morning is near. and in such a way that he would never become aware that he had been thrown out consciously.. He became an integrated man. That was the moment when Ouspensky had to be left alone. And they will help to make you masters. You are wasting your efforts. Jesus.. you are asleep. you will not feel purity in their eyes. The moment came when he had to be thrown out. Ouspensky. Gurdjieff never told him to leave.” He would say. Remember. Those who are trying to dominate others. Remember. but not totally asleep. Whosoever would come around him would be pulled. he was transformed. Then Ouspensky achieved a certain crystallization. And really. did such absurd things. evilish. Sooner or later you will be empty again. you cannot be indifferent to such people.When you feel that the morning is near. many people. standing on your own feet. That may be just a cunning trick of the mind. the mind is so cunning that you may be thinking that you are helping others by healing them. If you come around a person who is magnetic. He started up in such strange ways with him. And when Ouspensky was just near awakening. just near awakening. and they went on hammering. Ouspensky came to him. He was a man of infinite magnetism. This happens every day. contradictory. and he always said. just to protect yourself. you will start dominating. But they will try in every way that you are not pulled in that way: that you are not attracted hypnotically. you may again fall into a sleep. be filled with love for everyone. but the attraction will be like alcohol.” He would not talk about the later Gurdjieff. my teacher. The sleep is just on the verge of going. You will feel a magnetic pull. Something has happened to you. You will feel attraction. but now he is mad. they will grow a little. I have come across many. With such people. If you touch someone who was ill and he becomes okay. ”I am teaching according to Gurdjieff. just on the verge. their eyes will be tense. ”According to the early Gurdjieff. worked with him. either you are pulled or you become afraid and go against them. But suddenly Gurdjieff started behaving in such a strange way that Ouspensky had to leave. you will become an enemy. Because of this. He started teaching. Otherwise when the energy comes to you and you are overfilled with it. nonsensical – on the surface – that Ouspensky had to leave him on his own account. the chief disciple of Gurdjieff. never use spiritual energy to dominate. they will try now to use it. But the basic reason why Gurdjieff did this is deep compassion. how can you resist touching others now? How can you resist? If you cannot resist. went against him.. but it is very difficult to control it because you become aware that now you can do certain things. I start helping them. even for your enemy – because if you are filled with love you will not be attracted to the inner violence which wants to dominate. they made it a point. but he was not fast asleep as we are. On his own account he left him. And that going against is just a safety measure. because that is a protection. never use any energy to dominate anyone. Mahavir. that the moment you enter the spiritual search. You are just on the surface.I will tell a more recent incident. either you will become a slave to him or. You are either for or against. otherwise he would have become a constant dependent. You will not feel any innocence in their eyes. because if you have no . he was thinking that now Gurdjieff will help him more because this was the moment. stayed with him. but soon you will throw it away unnecessarily. you will waste your energy.. It was very difficult to work under Gurdjieff.

everything about him had the quality of strangeness. he gave the indication to de Hartmann to stop. and de Hartmann had become such an expert that he would make it a reality. The music was also devised by Gurdjieff. as if suddenly they had become . He would explain his whole program to de Hartmann. His understanding was about man. his mind. in one of his shows. it cannot be stopped.. Sitting in Zen by 2: “In the End Ouspensky Left Gurdjieff” from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra by Osho Gurdjieff disciple de Hartmann and Gurdjieff Music Question: Beloved Osho. As the music stopped. He was not an ordinary musician. Source: Osho 1: “Ouspensky introduced Gurdjieff to the world” from Walking in Zen. if their eyes are open. it remains up. they remain open. It is something in the very nature of things that this kind of thing happens again and again.this was where the trouble arose. They have to dance intensely and totally. and will continue to happen again and again. the question is something of deep significance and with profound implications. De Hartmann lived with George Gurdjieff for perhaps the longest period of any of his other disciples... you can dominate them. The intimacy was because of the music. And now your ego is feeling so fulfilled and contented that you don't want to sit among the disciples. And when the dance came to its climax. that was why the problem arose. de Hartmann. how can you be so concerned with others’ diseases. who had been with him for a long time and in a very intimate way . He started working for Gurdjieff insofar as he needed music for his special dances. And he said to de Hartmann.suddenly left him. They say beware because when the energy comes to you.. you can throw it away. If you can heal. You may say." The separation was bound to happen one day. then they have to stop in whatever position they are in -. In New York. who played his music . He was taking his disciples around the world. but not as a disciple. and he forgot completely why he had come. you are a perfect master as far as music is concerned. it was said that two of his disciples. remember -. In a book I read about Gurdjieff. because finally Gurdjieff became very hard. You stop music completely! Burn all your musical instruments. they have to forget the whole world. Gurdjieff was a strange master. his meditation. But de Hartmann was not a disciple -. but his genius about music took him on a different route: rather than being a disciple. You have forgotten that your basic motive was not to play music Gurdjieff reminded him many times: "de Hartmann. So all the old treatises say beware. their health? You are not concerned. you are at a dangerous point. But if the music stops. now this is a power. but you had not come here to play music. it remains where it is. He left Gurdjieff rather than leave music. but he understood what kind of vibrations could create certain states in man." This was too much for de Hartmann. Gurdjieff needed a musician. every dancer had to stop -. but for yourself it has become a barrier. which Gurdjieff had devised. Really. This will become a food for your ego. He was a great genius as far as music is concerned. they don't blink -.” but even in your help you are simply trying to dominate them. de Hartmann had to bring the device into reality. He had come to George Gurdjieff to be a disciple. showing people the immense effect of vibrations. Your ego will be fulfilled. because music has become a barrier. If one leg is up in dancing.for example. Your music has helped others tremendously.just like statues.if the hand is up.that was forgotten. he became an associate. ”I am just helping them. do not allow anyone to know about it. He himself was not a musician.a total stop. make it a secret. perhaps forty years or more. the possibility of his receiving certain vibrations and being affected by them. And because he had lived for forty years with George Gurdjieff. their illnesses. "You have to stop music completely. and had remained in a very intimate relationship. and he was playing music for special meditations. When you feel any energy. You can waste it. the disciples were dancing. Can you explain why this seems to happen again and again in the master-disciple relationship? Osho: Turiya.

. their becoming centered. That's why he went to America to open his own school. "We will not prevent you from being a master. A whole line of dancers went on falling from the stage. The people who had seen that show could not believe.. then I can drop the idea of being a disciple. it is the same: to have power. a silence surrounding them. your isness. To them. And when he left Gurdjieff." And then he said. In the life of Basho. But when he said to de Hartmann to stop. you simply feel your existence. it may take years. because life is slipping out of their hands. The master has to be patient. It was not for thirty silver coins that he betrayed Jesus. In that gap. A desire to become a master is a simple ego number.whatever happened.. Moving with Jesus.but this is the category of the Judas. "Then what about the master? -. you can join. But there is no back door. no movement. prestige. "You are more important to me than Mr. and I will come again. no search for knowing oneself.. one cannot be a master -. Are you ready for it. A few people simply come to the masters because they see a certain dimension of fulfillment for their ego. For years. he could easily visualize himself . you could not do anything be a rich man. If there was some back door. His statement. He was sitting with his disciples and a man came and he said. created a new vibration.although it is very easy. If it is easier.. On top of him. because soon you will have to leave. when he said to people. It seems to be the law of nature that the people who come to a master don't come with the same motivation. A few come to seek the truth. He was just a technician: he played the music -. but now that motive has been dropped. richness. you will have to come through the right channel of being a disciple. happened. you had to stop. when all movement has stopped." The man said.. he betrayed Jesus because he was the only educated disciple. and one never knows when they will change. But these people are in a hurry.marble statues. and a very close disciple. So they cannot be prevented from the very beginning." Basho said. "Then I will think it over.only then can you be a disciple. "I also want to join. He was more educated and cultured than Jesus himself. or is it just curiosity? If it is just curiosity then don't waste your time. a few come to learn how to be a master. and a peacefulness. "There is no barrier." is simply shameful -. he maintained the illusion -perhaps he himself was in the illusion -. They have no desire to know the truth. there is a beautiful incident. their ambition. "I am not prepared. Judas betrayed Jesus not for any other reason. Even the people in the audience who had no idea of any meditation certainly felt a new breeze. Turiya. But nothing happened to de Hartmann. the silence of the disciples. If it is a sincere search that you are ready to stake everything -. and people naturally thought that he was a disciple. because sometimes when they come and they try to understand. But he remained in close proximity to Gurdjieff for forty years.and when the indication was given he stopped it. I never thought that to be a disciple costs so much. And you cannot prevent them." and he never came included -. to be a governor. I can become the master. to be a prime minister. as if they were dead bodies." The man said." Basho said. that he had learned everything that Gurdjieff knows. or to be a great master with thousands of disciples. it was simply sheer magic. another dancer fell. forty years is enough. respectability. to be a master is just like any other ambitious project of the world -. but unless one has passed through the arduous path of disciplehood.I can become the master. they change. the intelligentsia of New York talked about the dance. Because there was no way. Gurdjieff. the doors are open. seeing his teachings.. But let me tell you: disciplehood is an arduous thing. to be a politician. In every master's life there are bound to be Judases. To them. one of the great mystics of Japan. They could not believe what had happened. one dancer fell from the stage. the dancers were moving in a certain round and they were so close to the edge of the stage that with the sudden stop.he was an expert -. They see that when they came they had come with a wrong motive. It is a tremendous experience.. I would have allowed you in.that he was a disciple.

He started with many colleagues and students -. This was far better. Except for Edison. That master touch will be missing.just old bottles filled with new wine. because every experiment went on failing. people had seen only candles. He could not believe that he had done this -. His wife was sleeping in the other room. But this is how the mind deceives you. the music. the old name has a credibility. Finally we will sort it out. The competition is going to be tough and very difficult. Today I cannot leave it. you just go to sleep and don't disturb me. still he has created a great stir in the country. He had become a technician.. I am so close. And that was his logic -. a great repentance. I may have forgotten something.but the bottle has to be old.." He said. Nobody bothers about the wine. Simple logic. the puzzle is to be settled tonight. an established credibility. people started deserting him: "He seems to be mad. early in the morning. Hundreds of experiments have failed. they are not on our list anymore. but if this man is alive he will always remain a disciple. but how can Judas forget it? That realization came only later on.rather than opening a new shop. But Edison continued. Because he had to supply the music to every technique. he is not Edison.. but still. Either he had to revolt against him and create a totally different following. De Hartmann could not prove himself to be a master -. She had been calling him again and again -. but that man seems to be strange. He knew the technique.." All his colleagues were feeling that it would be better to do something else -. because the Jews were after him and things could be done in such a way that nobody would ever know that Judas had done it. You may be offering better things to the world.. And Judas was bound to be the leader. Tomorrow things may be different. That realization came only when Jesus was crucified. Although he knows everything. We have tried hundreds of experiments and they have all failed. "Three years have been wasted. But he forgot one thing: nobody would ever know that Judas had done it." .."We are wasting our time."It is time to go to sleep. every day. "Don't desert me. nobody had any enthusiasm. the same zest. everybody looks at the bottle -. and we cannot imagine how long this `soon' is going to take. he had betrayed a friend.he was a professor. but he was not aware that the technique. That means that the one experiment which is going to succeed is coming closer. He was only a technician.. all were alive because of the living presence of a master." And that night he started to feel from the very beginning of the evening that he was coming closer: "Things are fitting." He went on and on and on. with an established following. "Not tonight. which is more arduous. We are dropping those which are going to fail. greater than Jesus: "Because this man is simply a carpenter's son..he was saying to his colleagues. It was so much light! No human eye had ever seen it before. And by and by. he is trying to do something impossible. but that does not mean that he is Edison who discovered electricity. and within three years all his colleagues and students had left. he knew the techniques in every detail -." It was a very simple arithmetic: Judas could see that if this man is removed. knows nothing much. but he knew certain techniques that Gurdjieff was practicing with disciples. It took three years for Edison to discover electricity. The list is becoming shorter -.but he had never practiced them. and I don't want to miss. because he was coming so close." They were all frustrated. It is just like a shop with a credibility of hundreds of years -.just to become a master. And now he forgot all about the old ego trip. within twenty-four hours he committed suicide.. The old bottle is the proof of old wine. Now if something goes wrong with the electricity any technician can come and fix it. Judas was in the crowd. he knew the music. his work was to supply the music. he comes back to the lab with the same enthusiasm." They said. That is the difference between a technician and a master. Something new that he had never thought about. a master who loved him. And to remove Jesus was easy. if Jesus could be removed in some way.soon we will be able to find the right method. the whole night he had been working.. a guilt. The best way is somehow get the name of the old shop a great master. De Hartmann was not a disciple at all.without Gurdjieff. and one night at three o'clock. you are deserting at the wrong time. Your own mind leads you astray.. he can prove himself to be a great master. trusted him.. and by three o'clock he saw the first electric bulb. the music fell flat.

but he is only a technician. he was simply standing there. the music was the same. He was purely a master. exactly at those points -. through him the whole world knew about the teaching of Gurdjieff. It was almost like lightning in the house. with such beauty -. they had nothing worth condemning either. "You idiot.beyond that. to belong to the category of Gautam Buddha. they started feeling inferior. who was really a disciple. a great writer. their consciousness.. anybody can do.. the whole credit goes to Ouspensky. nothing happened. "I myself can teach.. Wherever there will be a master. Even before meeting Gurdjieff he was known all over the world. Seeing his influence. de Hartmanns. And you will be surprised to know that the whole world condemned Gurdjieff. because in America Gurdjieff had been such a success. But these persons wanted to be masters. but that is not an art recognized by the world. a methodology to transform humanity. and that something was similar to de Hartmann's music -. All that he used to do was to tell me. because even in teaching higher principles of consciousness he was using a blackboard. put that light out! Neither are you going to sleep nor will you allow me to sleep. because Gurdjieff became famous through his books. De Hartmann can be simply cancelled. Those miracle-making hands are not there. is a totally different matter. Gurdjieff.. but the charisma is not there." Now every electrician knows -. it was Ouspensky who made Gurdjieff's name known to the world. And when Ouspensky saw that he had made Gurdjieff worldfamous. the same thing happened with Ouspensky. With Mahavira there was Goshalak. I left him because he started going wrong. unbelievable! It has happened! And the poor woman was saying. something took him away. they wanted to move away and create their own sphere of influence. Gurdjieff and Krishnamurti. Nobody knew Gurdjieff. In this whole century there has not been another writer of the same caliber. suddenly the light.At three o'clock. "Turn the light off. he would simply call him "G". why should he bother? He knew everything about what Gurdjieff was teaching. If he had remembered that he was only a musician -. he would not use Gurdjieff's full name. "This light is never going to be turned off. And such ungratefulness. In fact.. he was never a disciple. Gurdjieff was not a writer. He could transform human beings.. he had no special talent which is recognized by the world. And I myself know at what point he used to say stop. there will be Judases. Ouspenskys. with no aura of a master. he had written everything. Now it is going to be on forever and ever. "And that man Gurdjieff was not doing anything." But he was just a schoolteacher.but the magic is not there. He can fall into the illusion that he is also as knowledgeable as Edison himself. he would use only the first letter. it has no significance. He would not look into anybody's eyes.. Just the old habit of being a mathematician. he is not an Edison.. they became power hungry. G.and he had become a master! He forgot that he had been only a musician. With . nobody condemned Ouspensky. Seeing the power of Gurdjieff.. He would have been perfectly good as a professor in a university. the genius is not there. He went through the same cities giving the same shows. So he would write on the blackboard. not by himself -.. He was not an impressive personality. He could not figure out what was wrong -. So it seems to be in the very nature of things that this will go on happening. but to be a master. but he could not manage anything. the dances were the same. Turiya.and that became his fall. The wife said. and one of the foremost disciples.because the songs were the same. He tried hard. In fact. So his teaching is valid till I left him -.." He started a school in London. De Hartmann tried hard in America.that was Ouspensky's intelligence. But Ouspensky was a disciple.. But again. It was really ridiculous to see him pretending to be a master. he was brought to such refinement by Gurdjieff. the musician was the same." He forgot that he had never been a disciple -. a professor." He said. as if the people who had gathered were students. that "Gurdjieff was right as long as I was with him. And he made it clear to his students. 'Stop!' Just that much. Gurdjieff had a teaching. so I stop myself at those points. Just to avoid the full name.things would have been different. And from where did you get this light?" And he was sitting with unblinking eyes in a state of awe. He writes with such authority. nobody condemned de Hartmann. They all failed. He was a world-famous mathematician.and in that too. but everything fell flat.

it disappears and you are awake. That's what meditation is all about. ii. You have to go on remembering the whole day." It takes three to nine month for the idea to sink into your heart. the dream disappears if you don't believe in it.and that is a moment of great illumination. this is a dream. these trees and the people on the road are not a dream so they don't disappear. he pushes a button and immediately you are enraged." Go on remembering the whole day. The light has no time to think whether to come on or not.because that will be too much. How to remember in a dream that "This is a dream"? But if you practice the Gurdjieffian method. There is no gap: you push a button and the light comes on. Our imagination is intoxicating. instantly. "Wait at least for five minutes. 3: Because you are not functioning according to the robot . then you will be able to know what unawareness is. it is the power of his humbleness. It is like pushing a button and the light comes on. give it five minutes. But when you really remember in a dream that "This is a dream. in your dream you remember and you say. Remember in a Dream that it is a Dream Become Detach from your Acts Don’t act like a Robot "in Moods of extreme desire. but they don't make even a dent in human evolution. the dream disappears. one day you can remember it. these people have followed like shadows -. jealousy -all is mechanical. Next time somebody insults you. immediately." But how to do it? It seems almost impossible. Become a man.anger.hungry for power. and watch what is happening inside you -.each great teacher. in the middle of the night. What is the hurry? Let him insult you. lust. that's what sannyas is all about. and you will be surprised: after five minutes it is not the same anger that it would have been five minutes before. iv. sit silently for five minutes. So these people will continue to happen.. And all is mechanical in you -. They simply spoil their own life and a great opportunity that was given to them. Gurdjieff used to say to his disciples." Gurdjieff himself became enlightened through this simple procedure: that whatsoever is mechanical in man he tried to make it non mechanical. The power of the master is not of the power of the ego. it is the power of his nothingness. The moment you say it is a dream. 2: Become Detach from your Acts You will have to be a little separate from your acts. let him finish first." the dream disappears. You can go on saying. "This is a dream". But to be a master is not an ego game. I am not saying "Don't become angry" -. Source: "Osho Upanishad" – Osho Gurdjieff Meditations to Disciples: i. and then you can become angry. iii. It simply is there whenever somebody pushes a button.. greed. fully awake. suddenly. the dog barking. Then one day. Of course. You are functioning like a robot. "This is a dream. anger arises. Somebody insults you.anger boiling. Then you close your eyes and wait for five minutes. whatsoever you see. Immediately. that "This is a dream." Walking on the street. "This is a dream." That was just a method to practice. The method is simple. The dream can exist only if believed. "This is a dream!" -. Be undisturbed" “Self-Remembering” Remember in a Dream that it is a Dream Gurdjieff used to say to his disciples that the most important thing is to remember in a dream that "This is a dream. Somebody insults you. Create a little distance. "This is a dream.. I am saying that just for five minutes allow a gap.

that is the last method.. People would become so drunk they would fall on the ground. It used to last four. seven hours.a moment comes. Ordinarily a man will die. He would change people's eating hours. . Naturally. and something would be done so that you would get angry. but the method is simple: he was trying to de-automatize.and he would sit by the side and listen. And it would be done so naturally that you could never imagine that some situation was being created for you. and he was a taskmaster. Change it! Gurdjieff's method was this: if some vegetarian had come to him as a disciple. Gurdjieff used to use that method with his disciples.. Then the last thing they try is this: they keep poisonous snakes and they allow the snake to bite them on their tongue. You turn towards your house.he has to. Gurdjieff was puzzling to people. he would stop him from drinking. The greatest thing in his commune was the dinner. no animal food of any kind. Once you have learned driving. no milk... The moment you have learned it. These snakes are absolutely poisonous. simply to shatter your settled habits. YOU cannot be aware even without drinking.. Be undisturbed" Gurdjieff used this technique very much. and keep awareness. Now. still there are people in the East who practice it -.and he would go on forcing. He would force you to eat meat. whenever you are learning something you are more aware. And he himself would take care of everybody. you lock the car. you simply go on doing it mechanically. Tantra has methods to slowly slowly drink. of eating meat. He would change everything.. no meat. But these tantra masters will remain alert even in that moment and they will not die. And he would sit there. he would throw you out if you didn't listen to him. just to learn tantra. A man who had never been drinking wine. Their bodies have become accustomed to all kinds of poisons and they have become alert. the quantity of your drug has to be increased as you increase in your awareness. Every evening it would start. then Gurdjieff would say. Slowly slowly. the learning part gives its information to the robot part. of what was given to them -. "Eat meat!" Now this is a very shocking thing for a vegetarian -. He created situations. And Gurdjieff was a tough master. you arrive in your garage. You cannot do that alone. he would will be surprised to know. 4: Sutra from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra "in Moods of extreme desire. when no drug can affect your consciousness at all. The learning part learns. not to lose track of your awareness. Just go on eating vegetables. then you don't need any awareness. actually be told to eat meat. he would force to drink wine just to change and shatter his pattern. and they would start saying things in their drunkenness -. when a vegetarian eats meat he becomes very conscious -. Gurdjieff had a small school in Fontainebleau. "For a few weeks you be just eggs. everybody was against him. no experience in the past. and it would end in the middle of the night. "Eat at nine. he would say to go at two or at ten. He knew how to create situations. six. Just think of Mahatma Gandhi eating meat.Mind has two parts: one is the learning part." If you were going to sleep every day at twelve. You are doing everything like a robot. the other is the robot have to be. if you are learning driving you are more aware -. Tantra has special methods how to go on drinking and yet remain aware.. You would enter the room. You would enter the room where a group was sitting. but to create situations a school is needed. Three percent of the snakes in India are dangerous. He also used to drink with them. He was a tantra master." The whole body system had become accustomed to a certain pattern.FORCING.. The man who had been a drunkard. He has no idea in the past. A moment comes when -. twenty-four hours a day. he will become tremendously aware! And if there was a meat-eater. so alert that no drug can affect them. if you didn't follow the discipline. If you were eating every day at one o'clock. five. And this is the story of your life. the first thing he would insist was..once bitten you are gone. Don't eat meat at all -. if you didn't follow the command. of what was being eaten. and a group would be sitting there. very much misunderstood. you cannot survive their bite -. He had been to India and to Tibet too. He was one of the greatest masters of this age. Who has ever heard of religious masters forcing their disciples to drink? -.. but he had worked hard on the way. For example.

The whole day they were trying to remember – not doing anything else. we are mad. and you would get disturbed. because ”I” is also a label. Why? As we are.But it was a device.” You can help each other. and then in any hot situation you can remember it. it just is. Among all the techniques. but you start laughing. the opposite. so immediately. it is just the reverse.” now you would know that this was a created situation. and you know that a point exists within you which is undisturbed. They never turned back. Once you know a cool center within you in a hot situation. really.. Your glands had thrown poison in the blood. And when even the question. ”Who am I?” Or you can go on asking continuously. And when you were right at the point where you could explode. does the anger remain. it would be difficult to do anything. You know two things now – a point which is undisturbed and a periphery which is disturbed. Not remembering who we are. what we are. your face is violent. ”Remember! Remain undisturbed. for three months he had to make much effort. Before that point comes you cannot ask. Buddha used it. this is one of the most potential. 5: Sutra from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra “”BE AWARE YOU ARE AND DISCOVER THE EVER-LIVING”: This technique is one of the most helpful. Only after the first month did they start having glimpses of simply being – of ”I am. Once you try to go back. At the center you suddenly cool down. we are mad. they never met Gurdjieff again. Your family can become a school.” Twenty-seven felt they were going crazy. in order to have a glimpse of what self-remembering is. You start laughing. ”Remain completely undisturbed. Even that word dissolves. The pure being is not ”I” and ”thou”. So continuously. the whole family can decide that now a situation has to be created for the father or for the mother. months will pass. regain it. once you try to contact the real. You can help. arduous effort. and then the whole family works to create the situation. And when Gurdjieff would shout. Gurdjieff tried from one corner: just try to remember you are. But three persisted. And by the third month even the feeling of ”am-ness” dissolved because that feeling of am-ness is still a word. One of the three was P.. ”Who am I?” disappears. you know who you are. Mahavira used it. Even now that you had come to know that you had been deceived. Try it. just remembering that ”I am. but this madness is taken as sanity. Ouspensky. Anger cannot disappear so immediately. reclaim it. and by the end of the first week twenty-seven had escaped. on the periphery. Your eyes are red with anger. you cannot forget it. ”Who am I?”. Then you are. The anger is there. then everyone starts laughing and says. He made it a meditation to ask. and then the question itself falls down and disappears. You go on asking. your body had become affected. and it has been used for millennia by many teachers. It will take time. it will look like madness. Friends can become a school and they can help each other. ”Who am I ? Who am I?”. . Only on the body. Thirty persons started that experiment. your body is filled with it – but suddenly your temperature cools down. irrelevant. They felt that now madness was just near. When Ouspensky was learning with Gurdjieff. and the experience is simply wonderful. Someone would insult you by saying something. Raman Maharshi tried from another corner. masters. that will look like madness. If you feel that this is sanity. just continuously inquiring. for three months. ”Who am I?” And don’t believe in any answers that the mind can supply. animal-like. and all the answers that will be provided by the mind will be found false. that no one was insulting you and no one meant anything by it. Ouspensky lived in a secluded house just doing only one thing – self-remembering. and in modern times Gurdjieff used it. You can decide with your family. it will look like craziness. you can help each other. All the answers fall down. ”Remember! Remain undisturbed!” A situation can be created. only three remained. even the ”I” dropped. to inquire. For three months they persisted. ”Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?” and a point comes where you can no more ask the question. not even of ”I”. and then you know what you are. Jesus used it. Gurdjieff would shout. Compared to what we are. but only in a school where many persons are working on themselves. The disturbance cannot disappear so suddenly. so they escaped. and they started having the glimpses of ”am-ness” – of just being. D.” After the second month. Then everyone would help the disturbance and you would become mad. because it has physical roots. When the father or mother goes completely mad.

the Russian group knew only Russian. The difficulty was double. and she was dying. England refused. But they were ignorant of the fact that he was not looking after his wife. His disciples got scattered. who were far more developed than the new followers from the West – particularly from America. The question was that he had worked on the woman the most. But the Western group could not understand why he was so interested: a man who is enlightened should look equally towards everybody – whether one is his wife or not. just a step more and she would not be coming back. communication was difficult because the Russian group was far more developed – Gurdjieff had been working for years with them. you are a woman. They cannot accept anybody who knows more. but everybody could contribute a little bit of energy to his wife. A moment will come when no answer will come. ”What nonsense are you asking? You are this. they are coming from others. and Gurdjieff was a very strong. He invited him. and these new people were highly educated but spiritually not developed at all. education prevented it. that was irrelevant. Gurdjieff's Wife Enlightenment Question: Beloved Osho. . It was just by chance that the prime minister of France had read a few of his books and was immensely impressed. and on the plane of being also.” The mind will supply answers. Go on asking. And it was only a question of a few days – if he could manage to keep her alive her crystallization will happen. They remained in Constantinople waiting for some opportunity to settle somewhere. they are coming from conditioning. he was looking after a human being who happened to be his wife. In that commune there were two sections. So there was another barrier of communication – intellectually they could not communicate. powerful. rich or poor. His disciples seem shocked and didn’t understand. First he wanted to settle in England. They conceived of man just as a vegetable. In what way was he trying to help her that he was unable to do before she Was dying? Osho: The 1917 revolution in Russia disturbed Gurdjieff’s whole work. Country after country refused him. First. if he transmits his whole energy he will die immediately. Second. so communication was impossible. but who was in such a position that just a few days’ health would release her forever from every imprisonment. but it seems no country – because of its politicians’ mediocre minds – wants any giant to settle there. you are educated or uneducated. they are coming from society. It can be used to the extreme – that the dying person can live as much as the person who is transmitting his energy to him. who is more. Let this arrow of ”Who am I?” penetrate deeper and deeper. They are coming from words. a few miles away. And it was only a question of a few more days of good health. And it became troublesome to people. Don’t accept any answer because all the answers given by the mind are false. But Gurdjieff managed to take with him a small group of disciples who had developed and crystallized very much. but go on asking. particularly the new group: ”Why should Gurdjieff be so interested in his own wife?” It was not a question of being his wife. you are that. because in his system. charismatic man – whoever came into contact with him was changed. who were coming into power. They are from the unreal part of you. She had almost reached. And he was capable of keeping her alive. It was worth doing. His wife happened to be one of them. Gurdjieff was accused of trying to keep his wife alive while she was dying. they are coming from scriptures. One was the old-guard Russians who had come with him. Otherwise one knows not into how many circles of birth and death she would have to move. you are a man. so she can continue the work. transfer of energy is one of the basic methods. He himself had to escape out of Russia because the communists. where he established his commune.The mind will say. and gave him a beautiful place near Paris. Those Russians were not very educated. and the dying person can live long. they were highly developed. Gurdjieff was not trying to sacrifice anybody. It was in Constantinople that they were found by Bennett and brought to Europe. language prevented it. were materialists: they did not believe in any spiritual growth. The oldest disciple was his own wife.

”This is attachment. they cannot listen to anything that is so new and goes against their well-trodden path. many mystery schools have kept themselves underground and have worked without anybody’s knowledge. it is a science. He’s too much attached to his wife. the orthodox religion.. . Sufis were not happy. They are deaf. trying to keep her alive. the ordinary mediocre mind will think. He’s trying to keep her in the body. He’s talking almost as if it is a science” – and he was right. This is possible in a school.And he managed it – his wife died enlightened. in Sufi schools. not because of himself but because of the masses. Of this caring for the wife. So it is better to keep silent. Gurdjieff’s intention was to make all those secrets available to a wider number of people – in which he failed. And a man who is so much attached to his wife cannot be enlightened. and do what you want to do in a secret way. If we see that somebody has developed so much that there is no harm if everybody else contributes a little energy. it is the way of a mystery school. so that the person can continue more in the body and come to fulfillment. not letting her die.” These are the mediocre minds’ logical standpoints. Just because of religious persecution. that’s why no religious recognition has been given to him. He was never a monk. Gurdjieff was the first to bring them to light in the Western world. The wife has to be renounced! – but here it is something else. Even if the husband is part of a mystery school. Alone it is not possible: it is not the way of the monk. and the Western world was shocked because they were used to thinking of religion in a totally different way: ”What he is talking about does not seem to be religion. will immediately start persecuting him. And Gurdjieff himself had learned all his techniques. all his experiences. and other mediocre minds will agree perfectly all over the world. And Sufi schools keep their techniques very secret.. his wife does not know about it – because the church.

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