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1. Complete the sentences. Circle the right answer: a, b, c

1) A: Do you know my sister? B:_____ a) Yes,she does b) Yes, I know c) Yes, I do
2) A: _____ you from? B:Im from New York a) Where b)What c) Who
3) Were Amy and Megan at school yesterday? B:____
a)No, they arent b) No, they werent c)Yes,they are
4) A:____ John angry? B:_____ a) Are b) Am c) Is
5) A:______ did you buy? B:Some jeans a) What b)When c) Who (5/__)

2.Choose the right words and make complete sentences:

Example Jack isnt here.He s working/ working
1.She always plays/is playing volleyball. She likes it.
2. Oh look outside! It rains /s raining?
3. Sometimes I feel/ am feeling homesick
4.Does she go/Is she going in cinema tonight?
5.I usually get up/ am getting up at six oclock . (5/__)

3.Complete the questions using the words in the box and then match with the answers:

Do have Is are does Are

A:1.What time _________ your brother go to bed? B: a) Not many.

3.How many CDs _________ you got? b)No ,they arent
4.___________ hamburgers good food for you? c)Yes ,he is
5.Why___________ you always arrive late? d)Usually early
6._______ Paul going out with Carlene? e)I dont know
1_____ 2_____ 3_____ 4_____ 5_____ (10/__)

4.Complete the sentences. Use the past simple forms of the verbs in brackets.
1 .I______ (buy) a new anorak.
2. Sara________(be) at the cinema on Saturday.
3. ______you______(play) football yesterday?
4.My friends__________(not arrive) at the party.
5.We_________(go) in holidays by ship. (5/__)
5.Put the verbs in past simple or past continuous:
1. He __________(drive) to work when a policeman _________(stop) him.
2.I _________(clean) my bike when I _______ (cut) my finger.
3.While you ___________(make) a shower, David _________(call).
4.Our English teacher _________(get) very angry because we _________ (not listen).
5.Frank ________(break) his leg while he ____________(play) football. (10/__)
6.Complete the missing words:
Country Nationality





7.Write the verbs of actions: Example fall
1.______________ 2_______________ 3________________ 4__________________
5_________________ (5/__)
8. How do you say these sentences in your language ?
1.How do you do.__________________________________________________________________________
2.Whats the matter?_______________________________________________________________________
3.Hang on a minute.________________________________________________________________________
4.Dont worry about it.______________________________________________________________________
5.Are you free on Saturday night_______________________________________________________ (5/__)

Points 0 - 15 16 - 24 25 - 34 35 -42 43 - 50

Mark 1 2 3 4 5

Good luck!