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2nd Physically Disabled National

Chess Championship 2017
(AICF Event Code: 173270 /TN(P) /2017)
FIDE Rated Tournament

Organized By

Chess Federation for Physically Disabled

Affiliated to AICF & PCI

Under the Aegis of

All India Chess Federation

From: 09.11.2017 to 12.11.2017


PavendarBharathidasan College of Engineering and Technology

ThanjaiNatarajanNagar,Mathur,Pudukkottai Main Road,Tiruchirappalli 620024.

Email: Website:

For further details: 94438 36015, 97918 99988, 97881 99988

1st Rs.10,000/- Rs.10,000/- Arrival : 08.11.2017 04:00 pm
2 Rs.7,000/- Rs.7,000/- Mangers Meeting : 08.11.2017 07:00 pm
3rd Rs.5,000/- Rs.5,000/- Inauguration : 09.11.2017 09.30 am
4th Rs.3,500/- Rs.3,500/- Prize Distribution : 12.11.2017 04.00 pm
5th Rs.2,000/- Rs.2,000/- Departure : 12.11.2017 05.30 pm
6th Rs.1,500/- Rs.1,500/- JUNIOR
7 Rs.1,000/- Rs.1,000/- Prize BOYS GIRLS
8 Rs.1,000/- Rs.1,000/- 1st Rs.3,000/- Rs.3,000/-
th nd
9 Rs.1,000/- Rs.1,000/- 2 Rs.2,000/- Rs.2,000/-
th rd
10 Rs.1,000/- Rs.1,000/- 3 Rs.1,000/- Rs.1,000/-

Date Round Timing

09.11.2017 1st 11.00 am
09.11.2017 2nd 04.00 pm ENTRY
10.11.2017 3rd 10.00 am
10.11.2017 4th 03.00 pm FEE:
11.11.2017 5th 10.00 am
11.11.2017 6th 03.00 pm Rs. 500/=
12.11.2017 7th 11.00 am

ENTRIES: Entries should be sent by DD favouring Chess federation for Physically Disabled payable
at Trichy.

All Entries should reach on or before 07.11.2017. A late fee of Rs.200/- per player will be
collected on entries received after the last date. No entry will be entertained after 08.11.2017

ALL ENTRIES should be sent to: Bank Details:

Chess Federation for Physically Disabled Name: CHESS FEDERATION FOR PHYSICALLY DISABLED
c/o G.KanickaiIrudaya Raj, Secretary Bank Name: INDIAN BANK
18/1, SengolUdaiyar Street, Branch Name: GOLDEN ROCK (181)
Ponmalipatti,Trichy -620004 Account No: 6572226423
Contact No: 0431-2491637, 9944981952 IFSC Code: IDIB000G011
Email: City: TRICHY
Dr.M.R.Arun,MBBS, Managing Trustee, PavendarBharathidasan Institutions.
Mrs. Uma ArunME.Phd., Academic Director, PavendarBharathidasan Institutions.
Mr.M. Govinda Raj B.A.,M.Ped., Director of Physical Education, PABCET

Shri. Bharat Singh Chauhan, General Secretary, All India chess Federation
Shri.P.StephenBalasamy,General Secretary,Tamil Nadu State Chess Association
Shri.Anantharaja,VicePresident,Tamil Nadu State Chess Association
Shri.G.KanickaiIrudaya Raj, 2nd Vice President, IPCA
Mrs.M.P.Aamenabi,Secretary, Tamilnadu Physically Disabled Chess Association

AICF REGISTRATION : AICF Registration Fee Rs.250/- for the 2017-2018 should be paid or copy of
proof of payment sent along with Entry form, The amount should be remitted along with the duly
signed AICF players Registration form plus one passport size photograph and Date of Birth
Certificate copy. The Registration form will be available at the venue: E-mail ID of the player is

CFPD REGISTRATION: CFPD Registration Fee Rs. 150/- for the year 2017 - 2018 is compulsory for
the Physically Disabled Chess players.

TNSCA REGISTRATION: TNSCA Registration is compulsory for the TAMIL NADU players. The
TNSCA Registration fee Rs.150/- for the year 2017-2018. The amount should be remitted along
with the duly singed TNSCA Registration form along with a copy of their Date of Birth Certificate
obtained from Municipality/Corporation with one passport size photograph. Those who are
already registered with TNSCA must show proof thereof. The registration forms will be available
at the venue.

BOARDING & LODGING: From 08.11.2017 evening to 12.11.2017 evening Boarding & Lodging will
be provided in PABCET free of cost (unfurnished dormitory type). Players are requested to bring
their own beddings. Accompanying persons should inform us with the players entry form.

ELIGIBILITY: Any INDIAN PHYSICALLY DISABLED person who has 60% and more disability can
participate (with reduced efficiency of the musculoskeletal system. Wheelchair users and who
have difficult in walking Men and Women) Disability certificate should be enclosed along with
the entry form.

TOURNAMENT REGULATIONS: FIDE Rules in force shall apply.

MODE OF TOURNAMENT: 7 Rounds with Swiss system.

TIME CONTROL DGT CLOCKS: 90minutes each with 30seconds increment per move from move.1.
TIE BREAK: Buchholz system of tie break will be applied. In case of tie, prizes will not be shared.

WITHDRAWAL: A Player may withdraw at any stage of the event, after informing the Chief
Arbiter in writing.
Silence in the Tournament Hall: Strict Silence must be observed in the tournament hall.
Spectators and the players, who have finished their games, shall not remain in the tournament
hall. Players shall not analyze in the tournament hall.

PROTESTS: Protests if any, against the decision of the Chief Arbiter shall be made in writing with
protest fee of Rs.500/- within 15 minutes of the occurrence of the incident to the appeals
committee. The protest fee will be refunded if the appeal is upheld.

APPEALS COMMITTEE: Before the commencement of the tournament, appeals committee will be
formed from the senior participants present at the players meeting.
*The TNSCA /AICF /CFPD reserve the right to admit / reject any entry without assigning any
reason thereof.
* The TNSCA / AICF /CFPD reserve the rights of admission to the venue and lodging places.


S. Shahayaraj. CFPDA. Kalaiselvan TNPDCA
G.KanickaiIrudayaRaj CFPDA. Edwin Paulraj TNPDCA
M. Baskaran CFPDDr. I. Mohammed AmeerHussain TNPDCA
B.S. JagadishRao. CFPDDr. N. Senthil Kumar TDPDCA
K. YesuBabu CFPDP. Kalaiarasi TDPDCA
Suresh Agarwal CFPDS. Madhusudan TDPDCA
ShaikNazeer CFPDB. Dhenagaran TDPDCA
M. John Agnel CFPDMohammad Ali TDPDCA
R. SathyaMoorthy CFPDJ. Alexander TDPDCA
K. Prasaddas CFPDV. Ganesan TDPDCA

Contact: M.Baskaran 9043814733,

B.Dhenagaran 9443159319, J.Alexander 9843327772,

For Hindi Speaking people contact:Suresh Agarwal - 9941806896

From: 9th to 12th October 2017

Entry Form

1. NAME (as in the Fide list):..

3. FIDE Rating: Title IF any.
4. Date of Birth:
5. Address:

6. Gender: Male / Female
7. Mobile: 1., 2
8. Telephone No:..Email:@....................
9. AICF Registration No:...(Fee enclosed/Registration Proof enclosed)
10. TNSCA Registration No:....(Fee enclosed/Registration Proof enclosed)
11. CFPD Registration No:..(Fee enclosed/Registration Proof enclosed)
12. Physically Disability % .................................(Certificate Proof must be enclosed)

Demand Draft (DD) NO.for favour of


AICF Reg Fee: Rs.. Tick the appropriate box
TNSCA Reg Fee: Rs..
CFPD Reg Fee: Rs..
Note: 1. Disabled Player must inform his/her arrival time and his/her accompanying
person in advance to the organizer.
2. Disabled player must bring his/her ORIGINAL DISABLITY CERTIFICATE


Place: Signature

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