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Across 1 Big animal with a trunk (8) 5 Household pet that purrs (3) 6 Raises (5) 7 Insect found around ponds (9) 10 Bird of prey (5) 11 Frozen form of water (3) 12 Young adult aged 13 – 19 (8) Down 2 Additional (5) 3 This is celebrated on October 31st (9) 4 The whole amount (5) 8 Respond to (5) 9 Throw (5)

the giggler
Q: What do you call someone who stands around in their underwear saying nothing? A: A pantomime Q: What’s the only noise you can hear in a graveyard? A: Coffin

Did you know?
A whistle was first used to referee a sports match in 1884, when William Atack stopped play with a dog whistle during a rugby match in New Zealand. Previously, referees used their voices to control the game.

what am i?
can you name the musical instruments from these four close-up pictures?

crack the code
can you work out the phrase or saying represented here? it helps if you say out loud what you can see.

Book club
Mortlock by Jon Mayhew This book is very original and has a lot of cool parts. It is a story of death, magic and mystery, based on the life of a girl and boy from the 1800s. Authors hardly ever think of putting so much power into an object as gentle as a flower, but I liked that a lot. Review by Merlin Roche, age 11. Tell us about your favourite book at g2kids@guardian.co.uk

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activity make a wormery
wHat yoU NeeD • A large, clear container or fish tank • A few sheets of newspaper • Sand • Soil • Manure or compost • Rotting leaves • Kitchen scraps or garden waste • Worms • Some old fabric wHat to Do 1. Ask an adult to help you make drainage holes in the bottom of your container and air holes in the top. 2. Wet some of your newspaper and put it in the bottom of the container. Make sure it’s damp, but not too wet. 3. Add layers of sand, manure or compost, leaves and soil, and strips of damp newspaper. 4. Find some worms! Look in the garden or park after rain, or make your own rain shower with a hose. Try A wormery is a house for worms. You can feed them your leftover food and they will turn it into compost to put on the garden.

the riddler
Which meal is hidden in this riddle? My first is not in smart but is in silly. My second is in tulip but not in lily. My third is the first letter of night. My fourth is in scare but not in fright. My fifth is not in dark but is in bright.
Last Friday’s answers
Word ladder One possible solution is: MAKE, TAKE, TAME, TIME, TIDE, TIDY. Crack the code Backwards What am I? Jellyfish, sea lion, octopus, shark. Word wheel Possible words include: feint, fen, fern, fin, fine, finer, fir, fire, firer, fit, fret, fruit, fun, fur, furniture, future, infer, refit, rife, rift, turf, unfit. The riddler Shirt. Sudoku

puzzles by clarity media

G o to to g pr ua in rd t of ou ian th t m .co is o .u pa re k/ ge co g2 pi ki es ds

digging in the soil and under shrubs or rocks. Add the worms to the container. 5. Your worms will need feeding. They love fruit and veg, and even eggshells and teabags. They don’t like fat, meat, fish, orange or lemon peel and onions. 6. Cover your wormery with the fabric and put it in a cool, dark place. Make sure it stays moist but not wet (add a tiny bit of water if you need to). 7. Feed the worms again when they have eaten everything up. Don’t give them too much though. 8. When the layers in the container are all mixed up, the compost is ready to put on the garden. 9. Now return the worms to where you found them. Rachel Dixon

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