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Traduccin: Carta de reclamo

January, 06th of 2011

Caja Trujillo
Balta 528

Mr. Manuel Romero

CEO of Credit and Risks

Esteemed CEO:

Through the following complaint, I would like to state my insatisfaction in regard with
the treatment received in one of your subsidiaries from your employee Mr. Francisco
Garca, who in the beginning treated us nicely until the conversation took a different
turn, resulting in mistreatment to my wife.

We have not reported anything to the authorities because we wish to solve this
problem in a friendly manner. In light of my deep discomfort I ask for a meeting with
you both in order to reach an agreement.

Best regards,

Anselmo Gonzales Cruz.

ID 17495511


Director (n.) Chief of an enterprise. CEO (Chief executive

Sucursal (n.) A part of an organization. Subsidiary

Crditos y riesgos (n.) - Credit and risks

Agresin (n.) To mistreat someone. Mistreatment

Denunciar (v.) Give advice to an To report

Sin embargo (cj.) - In light of

Aplazar (v.) To gather people for a To ask for a meeting

specific purpose.

Student: Olenka Chapon