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Pacing and Planning for 6 grade


August 17-18
some kind of intro writing sample?
Tshirt design and face for posting?
Get to know you/collab activities (Pinterest board)
discuss and choose classroom jobs
August 21-25
Hyperdoc of goal setting for ela school year
Anchor charts for classroom norms
How can we make sure our quiet classmates get their voices heard?
How would you help someone listen more and talk less?
How can we all stay on task and make good use of class time?
What is our policy on late/missing work?
What are some tips for working effectively in a group?
Intro group roles and practice with team challenges (pull from Pinterest board)
Reader survey (ask about pull out for intervention/extension, wifi access)
Begin Read alouds (novel excerpts and selected picture books)
practice different types of reading responses and apps
Continue discussions of classroom expectations
review elements of plot
Narrative reading: Culturally Diverse Unit
focus on character and plot development, setting up an organized reading response
Tic tac toe boards for 4 chunks of each text (lower levelled class may stay on one novel
o Red Glass
Tequila Worm (will have audio for this)
o Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
o Chu Jus House
o Climbing the Stairs
o The Jumping Tree
CFA: character traits/evidence and second one on plot elements
Narrative writing: Harris Burdick
emphasis on narrative writing and writing process
write only one piece of plot, not entire narratives, per pic
shared/guided writing of the writing process
portfolio piece: finalize and publish the favorite piece
Research/Informative Reading/Writing: Unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement
emphasis on research, effective searches, validity/purpose of sites, paraphrasing
read/research/brainstorm master list
shared/guided writers workshop (emphasis on hooks, thesis statements, topic sentences,
develop CFA on emphasis?
*During workshop SSR and structured one pagers
Narrative reading: Poetic Novels Unit
Emphasize on supporting inferences with text evidence, analyzing figurative language
o Hugging the Rock
o Yellow Star
o Locomotion
o Love that Dog
One and Only Ivan

intro close read analysis at an accommodated level

CFA on figurative language
Integrate with science on human impact on environment?
emphasis on argumentative
persuasive techniques
CFA on elements of an argument