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As updated on 2010 January22

Compiled by Sunil Behari Mohanty, General Secretary, AIAER

JOURNALS (OAJ: Open Access Journal) WEBSITES

Academic Leadership :The Online Journal
ISSN: 1533-7812 (OAJ)
Academic Medicine
ISSN:1040-2446 ault.aspx
Academic Psychiatry
ISSN:1042-9670 EISSN:1545-7230 =2&mid=3&bottom=7&subsection=12
Across the Disciplines
ISSN: 1554-8244 (OAJ)
Action in Teacher Education
ISSN 0162-6620
Action Learning
ISSN:1476-7333 Online:1476-7341
Action Research
ISSN: Print 1476-7503 Online: 1741-2617
Active Learning in Higher Education
ISSN: Print 1469-7874 Online : 1741-2625
Administration & Society
ISSN: Print 0095-3997 Online ISSN: 1552-3039
Administrative Science Quarterly
ISSN: 0001-8392
Adult Education & Development http://www.dvv-
ISSN: 0342-7633
Adult Education Quarterly
ISSN: Print 0741-7136 Online: 1552-3047
Advances in Physiology Education
ISSN: 1043-4046 eISSN: 1522-1229
Advances in Science Education: Theory and Practice
ISSN: Print 1382-4996 Electronic: 1573-1677
Africa Education Review
ISSN: Print 1814-6627 Online: 1753-5921 4-6627&subcategory=ED200000
Aging, Neuro psychology and Cognition Print ISSN: 1382-5585
Online ISSN: 1744-4128
Alberta Journal of Educational Research
ISSN: 0002-4805 ml
ALT-J Research in Learning Technology
ISSN: Print 0968-7769 Online: 1741-1629 8-7769&subcategory=ED200000
American Behavioral Scientist
Online ISSN: 1552-3381 Print ISSN: 0002-7642
American Educational Research Journal
ISSN: Print 0002-8312 Online: 1935-1011
American Educator
ISSN:0195-6744 reports/american_educator/index.htm
American Journal of Agricultural Economics
ISSN: Print 0002-9092 Online: 1467-8276 9092&site=1
American Journal of Community Psychology
ISSN: Print 0091-0562 Electronic : 1573-2770 nvironmental+psychology/journal/10464
American Journal of Distance Education
ISSN: Print 0892-3647 Online:1538-9286
American Journal of Education
ISSN 0195-6744
American Journal of Evaluation
ISSN Print 1098-2140 Online: 1557-0838
American Journal of Sociology
ISSN: 0002-9602.
American Psychologist
ISSN: 0003-066X
American Secondary Education
ISSN:0003-1003 ml
American Sociological Review
Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis
ISSN: 0890-5118 3
Anatomical Sciences Education
ISSN :1935-9772
Anthropology and Education Quarterly
ISSN: Print 0161-7761 Online: 1548-1492
Applied Cognitive Psychology
ISSN: 0888-4080 ACP.html
Applied Developmental Science
ISSN: 1532-480X (electronic) 1088-8691 (paper) nt=t775648085
Applied Economics
ISSN: Print 0003-6846 Online: 1466-4283
Applied Environmental Education & Communication
ISSN: Print 1533-015X Online: 1533-0389 3-015X&subcategory=ED200000
Applied Measurement in Education
ISSN: Print 0895-7347 Online 1532-4818 653631
ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report (online and print)
Asia Pacific Education Review
ISSN:Print1598-1037 Online:1876-407X
Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching
ISSN: 1609-4913
Asia Pacific Journal of Education
ISSN: Print 0218-8791 Online:1742-6855 724324
Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education
ISSN: Print 1359-866X Online: 1469-2945
Asian EFL Journal
ISSN: 1738-1460
Asian Journal of Distance Education
Assessment & Development Matters
ISSN:0261-510X C45.aspx
Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education
ISSN: Print 0260-2938 Online: 1469-297X
Assessment for Effective Intervention
Print ISSN: 1534-5084
Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice
ISSN: Print 0969-594X Online: 1465-329X
Assessment, Testing & Evaluation
ISSN: Print 1874-8597 Online:1874-8600 testing+%26+evaluation/journal/11092
Australasian Journal of Educational Technology
ISSN: 1449-5554 (OAJ)
Australian Aboriginal Studies
ISSN: 0729-4352 ons/australian_aboriginal_studies
Australian Art Education ISSN: 1032-1942
Australian Educational Leader
ISSN: 0157-3357 =84
Australian Educational Researcher
ISSN: 0311-6999
Australian Educator
Australian Geographer
ISSN: Print 0004-9182 Online: 1465-3311
Australian Journal of Accounting Education
ISSN 1449–3772
Australian Journal of Adult Learning
ISSN:1493-1394 .aspx
Australian Journal of Education
Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental
Psychologists ns/#about
ISSN: 1446-5442
Australian Journal of Environmental Education
Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling
ISSN:1037-2911 ons/Journals/Guidance&Counselling/
Australian Electronic Journal of Indigenous Education
Australian Electronic Journal of Nursing Education
Australian Journal of Early Childhood
Australian Journal of Indigenous Education
The Australian Journal of Engineering Education
ISSN: 1324-5821
Australian Journal of Language and Literacy
Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties
ISSN: Print 1940-4158 Online: 1940-4166
Australian Journal of Mathematics Teacher
ISSN: 0045-0685 catalogue/Australian-Mathematics-Teacher
Australian Journal of Music Education
Australian Online Journal of Arts Education(AEI)
ISSN: 1833-1505 research/arts-ed/journal.php
Australian Journal of Outdoor Education
ISSN: 1324-1486
The Australian Journal of Teacher Education (OAJ)
ISSN: 1835-517X
Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom
ISSN: 1326-0286 catalogue/Australian-Primary-Mathematics-
The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Law and Education
ISSN: 1327-7634 tent&task=section&id=5&Itemid=28
Australian Review of Applied Linguistics
ISSN: Print 0155-0640 Online: 1833-7139
Australian Senior Mathematics Journal
ISSN:0819-4564 catalogue/Australian-Senior-Mathematics-Journal
Australian TAFE Teacher
ISSN: 0815 3701 Tissues.html
Australian Universities Review
ISSN: 0818-8068
Basic and Applied Social Psychology
ISSN: Print 0197-3533 Online: 1532-4834
Behaviour and Information Technology I
SSN: 1362-3001 (electronic) 0144-929X (paper)
Behaviour Change ISSN 0813-4839
Australian association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy ons/Journals/Behaviour_Change/behavechange.htm
Behavior Modification Online ISSN: 1552-4167
Print ISSN: 0145-4455
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education
ISSN: Print 1470-9175 Online:1539-3429 4/grouphome/home.html
Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching
ISSN Print 0006-8950 Online1460-2156 =code&homepage.x=83&homepage.y=9
British Educational Research Journal
ISSN: Print 0141-1926 Online: 1469-3518
British Journal for the History of Philosophy
British Journal of Aesthetics
ISSN Print 0007-0904 Online 1468-2842 gifields=code&homepage.x=117&homepage.y=11
British Journal of Clinical Psychology
ISSN: 0144-6657 Psychology-BJCP-SUBSCRIPTION-P760.aspx
British Journal of Developmental Psychology
ISSN: 0261-510X Developmental-Psychology-BJDP-SUBSCRIPTION-
British Journal of Educational Psychology
ISSN 007-0998
British Journal of Educational Studies
ISSN: Print 0007-1005 Online: 1467-8527
British Journal of Educational Technology
ISSN: Print 0007-2023 Online 1467-8535 1013&site=1
British Journal of Guidance & Counselling
ISSN: Print 0306-9885 Online: 1469-3534 6-9885&subcategory=ED150000
British Journal of Health Psychology
ISSN: 1359-107X Psychology-BJHP-SUBSCRIPTION-P762.aspx
British Journal of Learning Disabilities
ISSN: Print 1354-4187 Online ISSN: 1468-3156 5/grouphome/home.html
British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology
ISSN:0007-1102 Mathematical-and-Statistical-Psychology-BJMSP-
British Journal of Religious Education
ISSN: Print 0141-6200
British Journal of Sociology
ISSN: Print 0007-1315 Online: 1468-4446
British Journal of Sociology of Education
ISSN: Print 0142-5692 Online: 1465-3346
British Journal of Special Education
ISSN: Print 0952-3383 Online ISSN: 1467-8578 6/home
British Journal of Visual Impairment
ISSN: Print 0264-6196 Online: 1744-5809
Brock Education
Cambridge Journal of Education
ISSN: Print 0305-764XOnline: 1469-3577
Campus-wide Information Systems
ISSN: 1065-0741 als.htm?PHPSESSID=4gihmsi860sbhg5uujdkj6dhg7
Canadian and International Journal of Education
Canadian Journal of Education
ISSN 1918-5979
Canadian Journal of Educational Administration & Policy
ISSN: 1207-7798 p.html
Canadian Journal of Higher Education
ISSN: Print 0316-1218Online: 0316-1218
Canadian Journal of Learning & Technology (OAJ)
ISSN: 1499-6677
Canadian Journal of School Psychology
Print ISSN: 0829-5735
Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology
Education 2-6156&subcategory=ED200000
ISSN: Print 1492-6156 Online: 1942-4051
Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education
ISSN: 0318-9090
Career Development for Exceptional Individuals
Print ISSN: 0885-7288
Changing English
ISSN: Print 1358-684X Online:1469-3585
Childhood Education ISSN: 0009-4056
Child Welfare
Christian Higher Education
ISSN: Print 1536-3759 Online: 1539-4107
The Chronicle of Higher Education (online)
Cognitive Science
College Teaching (online)
ISSN: 8756-7555
Cognition and Instruction
Communications Disorders Quarterly
Print ISSN: 1525-7401
Communication Quarterly
ISSN: Print 0146-3373 Online 1746-4102 nt=g913989788~tab=summary
Community College Journal of Research and Practice
ISSN: Print 1066-8926 Online : 1521-0413
Community Development Journal
ISSN Print 0010-3802 Online ISSN 1468-2656 e&homepage.x=90&homepage.y=8
ISSN: Print 0305-7925 Online: 1469-3623
Comparative Education
ISSN: Print 0305-0068Online: 1360-0486 5-0068&subcategory=ED100000
Comparative Education Review
ISSN: 0010-4086
Computer Assisted Language Learning
ISSN:0958-8221 Online:1744-3210
Computers and Education (online)
ISSN: 0360-1315 ws_home/347/description#description
Computers in Higher Education Economics Review (CHEER)
ISSN: 1358-5363
Computer in the Schools
ISSN: Print 0738-0569 Online:1578-7033
Computer Science Education
ISSN: Print 0899-3408 Online:1744-5175
Contemporary Education
ISSN:0010-7476 es.jhtml?sid=HWW:EDI&id=03715
Contemporary Educational Psychology
ISSN: 0361-476X ws_home/622811/description#description
Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood
Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education –
CITE o.CITEEntrance
ISSN: 1528-5804
The Contemporary Pacific
ISSN: 1043-898X E-ISSN: 1527-9464
Continuing Higher Education Review
ISSN: 0893-0384
Online ISSN: 1748-7382 Print ISSN: 1354-8565
CREARTA – the International Journal of the Centre for Research
and Education in the Arts
ISSN: 1443-5373
Creativity Research Journal
ISSN: Print 1040-0419 Online: 1532-6934 0-0419&subcategory=ED200000
Critical & Creative Thinking: he Australasian Journal of
Philosophy of Education
Critical Discourse Studies
ISSN: Print 1740-5904 Online: 1740-5912 0-5904&subcategory=ED200000
Critical Inquiry in Language Studies
ISSN: Print 1542-7587 Online:1542-7595
Critical Studies in Education
ISSN: Print 1750-8487Online: 1750-8495
Cultural Studies of Science Education
ISSN: Print 1871-1502
Current Directions in Psychological Science
ISSN: Print: 0963-7214 Online: 1467-8721 m?journal=cd&content=cd/home
Current Issues in Comparative Education (OAJ)
ISSN: 1523-1615
Current Issues in Education
ISSN: 1099-839X
Curriculum and Teaching
ISSN: 0726-4l6X
Curriculum Inquiry
ISSN: Print 0362-6784 Online: 1467-873X
The Curriculum Journal
ISSN: Print 0958-5176 Online: 1469-3704 tml
Curriculum Perspectives
Deafness & Education International ISSN: 1464 - 3154
Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education
Development and Learning in Organizations
ISSN: 1477-7282 als.htm?id=dlo
Diaspora, Indigenous & Minority Education
ISSN: Print 1559-5692 Online:1559-5706
Digital Culture and Education
Disability & Rehabilitation
Disability & Society
ISSN: Print 0968-7599 Online:1360-0508
ISSN: Print 0159-6306 Online: 1469-3739
Discourse Processes Print ISSN: 0163-853X
Online ISSN: 1532-6950
Distance Education
ISSN: Print 0158-7919 Online: 1475-0198
E-Learning ISSN:1741-8887
Early Child Development and Care
ISSN: Print 0300-4430 Online: 1476-8275 0-4430&subcategory=ED750000
Early Childhood Education Journal
ISSN: Print 1082-3301 Online 1573-1707 truction/journal/10643
Early Childhood Matters
ISSN: 1566-6476
Early Childhood Research & Practice (OAJ)
ISSN: 1524-5039
Early Childhood Research Quarterly ISSN: 0885-2006
Early Education & Development
ISSN: Print 1040-9289 Online: 1556-6935 0-9289&subcategory=ED200000
Early Years
ISSN: Print 0957-5146 Online: 1472-4421 7-5146&subcategory=ED750000
Economic Development Quarterly
ISSN:0891-2424 Online:1552-3543
The Economic Journal ISSN: Print 0013-0133
Online ISSN: 1468-0297
Economics of Education Review
ISSN: 0272-7757 ws_home/743/description#description
Educause Quarterly
ISSN: 1528-5324
Educause Review
ISSN: 1527-6619
Education + Training
ISSN: 0040-0912
Education 3-13
International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years 0-4279&subcategory=ED200000
ISSN: Print 0300-4279 Online: 1475-7575
Education and Information Technologies
ISSN: Print 1360-2357 Online1573-7608
Education and the Law
ISSN: Print 0953-9964 Online: 1469-5774 3-9964&subcategory=ED150000
Education and Society
ISSN: 0726-2655 m
Education & Training
Education and Urban Society
ISSN: Print 0013-1245 Online 1552-3535
Education as Change
ISSN: Print 1682-3206 Online: 1947-9417 2-3206&subcategory=ED200000
Education, Business and Society: Contemporary Middle Eastern
Issues ISSN: 1753-7983 als.htm?PHPSESSID=0nm59ifdqvbimd2s0b7tqolgq7
Education Canada ISSN:0013-1253
Education Next: A Journal of Opinion & Research (OAJ)
ISSN: 1539-9664
Education Knowledge and Economy
ISSN: Print 1749-6896 Online: 1749-690X 9-6896&subcategory=ED150000
Education Policy Analysis Archives (OAJ)
ISSN: 1068-2341
Education Quarterly Review
Education Research and Perspectives
Education Review
ISSN: 10945296
Online Edition of Education Review
Education Sciences and Psychology (OAJ) http://gesj.internet-
ISSN: 1512-1801
Educational Action Research
ISSN: Print 0965-0792 Online: 1747-5074
Educational Administration Quarterly
ISSN: Print 0013-161X Online 1552-3519
Educational and Psychological Measurement
ISSN Print 0013-1644 Online1552-3888 odId=Journal200914
Educational Assessment
ISSN: Print 1062-7197 Online: 1532-6977 2-7197&subcategory=ED150000
Educational Assessment Evaluation and Accountability
ISSN: Print 1874-8597 Online 1874-8600 testing+%26+evaluation/journal/11092
Educational Computing
Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis
ISSN: Print 0162-3737 Online 1945-1062
Educational Foundations
ISSN 1047-8248 4&pageID=10
Educational Forum
ISSN: Print 0013-1725 Online: 1938-8098 3-1725&subcategory=ED150000
Educational Innovation and Information (online)
Educational Insights: Electronic Journal of Graduate Student
Research 2/us/index.html
ISSN 1488-3333
Educational Leadership (OAJ)
ISSN: 0013-1784 hip.aspx
Educational Leadership and Administration
ISSN 1064-4474
Educational Management Abstracts
ISSN:1467-582X Online:1467-5838
Educational Management Administration & Leadership
ISSN Print 1741-1432 Online 1741-1440 odId=Journal200888
Educational Measurement, Issues & Practice
ISSN: Print 0731-1745 Online 1745-3992 1745&site=1
Educational Media International
ISSN: Print 0952-3987 Online: 1469-5790 87.html
Educational Philosophy and Theory
ISSN: Print 0013-1857 Online 1469-5812 6/home
Educational Policy
ISSN: Print 0895-9048 Online 1552-3896
Educational Practice and Theory
ISSN: 1323-577X tm
Educational Psychologists
ISSN:0046-1520 Online:1532-6985
Educational Psychology
ISSN: Print 0144-3410 Online: 1469-5820 ml
Educational Psychology in Practice
ISSN: Print 0266-7363 Online: 1469-5839
Educational Psychology Review
ISSN Print 1040-726X Online: 1573-336X +%28default%29/journal/10648
Educational Research
ISSN: Print 0013-1881 Online: 1469-5847 81.html
Educational Research and Evaluation
ISSN: Print 0013-1946 Online: 1532-6993 nt=t714592776
Educational Research and Reviews (OAJ)
ISSN: 1990-3839
Educational Research for Policy and Practice
Educational Research Journal
Educational Research Review
ISSN 1747-938X h_review
Educational Researcher
ISSN: Print 0013-189X Online 1935-102X
Educational Review
ISSN: Print 0013-1911 Online: 1465-3397
Educational Statistics Quarterly
Educational Studies
ISSN: Print 0013-1946Online: 1532-6993
Educational Studies in Language and Literature
ISSN: Print 1567-6617 Online: 1573-1731
Educational Studies in Mathematics
ISSN: Print 0013-1954 Online: 1573-0816 cation/journal/10649
Educational Technology Abstracts
ISSN: Print 0266-3368 Online:1467-5846
Educational Technology Research and Development
ISSN:Print1042-1629 Electronic: 1556-6501 truction/journal/11423
Educational Technology and Society
ISSN: 14364522
Educational Theory
ISSN: 0013-2004

E-Journal of Organizational Learning and Leadership

ISSN: d000 0925
E-Learning and Education
ISSN: 1860-7470
E Learning Papers
ISSN: 1887-1542 e
Effective Education
ISSN: Print 1941-5532 Online: 1941-5540 1-5532&subcategory=ED150000
Electronic Journal for the Integration of Technology in Education
ISSN: 1556-5378
Electronic Journal of E Learning
ISSN: 1479-4403
Electronic Journal of Literacy through Science
ISSN: 1934-6670
Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology http://www.investigacion-
ISSN: 1696-2095
The Electronic Journal of Science Education
ISSN: 1087-3430
Electronic Journal of Sociology
ISSN: 1198-3655
Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education
ISSN: 1559-5005
Elementary School Journal
ELT Journal
Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties
ISSN: Print 1363-2752 Online:1741-2692
English in Education
English in Education
ISSN: Print 0425-0494 Online: 1754-8845 e

English Journal (References as per MLA Sty(le)

English Teaching: Practice and Critique
ISSN: 1175-8708 php?id=1
Environmental education Research
ISSN: Print 1350-4622 Online: 1469-5871 0-4622&subcategory=ED200000
Equity & Excellence in Education
ISSN: Print 1066-5684 Online: 1547-3457 6-5684&subcategory=ED150000
Essays in Education
ISSN: 1527-9359
Ethics and Education
ISSN: Print 1744-9642 Online: 1744-9650 4-9642&subcategory=ED200000
Ethnography and Education
ISSN: Print 1745-7823Online: 1745-7831 5-7823&subcategory=ED200000
Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology
ISSN: 13058223
Eurasian Journal of Physics and Chemistry Education (Online
only) ut
ISSN: 1306-3049
European Early Childhood Education Research Journal
ISSN: Print 0950-0790Online: 1747-7514 0-293X&subcategory=ED200000
European Educational Research Journal
Online only ISSN 1474-9041
European Journal of Education Research, Development and
Policy 8211&site=1
ISSN: Print 0141-8211Online : 1465-3435
European Journal for Education Law and Policy
ISSN Print 1386-8349 Online: 1573-1715
European Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning
ISSN: 10275207
European Journal of Psychology in Education ISSN: Print 0256-
European Journal of Special Needs Education
ISSN: Print 0885-6257Online: 1469-591X 5-6257&subcategory=ED750000
European Journal of Teacher Education
ISSN: Print 0261-9768Online: 1469-5928
European Journal of Women Studies
Online ISSN: 1461-7420 Print ISSN: 1350-5068
European Physical Education Review
ISSN: Print 1356-336X Online: 1741-2749
European Sociological Review
Online ISSN 1468-2672 - Print ISSN 0266-7215 e&homepage.x=76&homepage.y=6
Evaluation and Exchange
Evaluation and Research in Education
ISSN: Print 0950-0790Online 1747-7514 297791~db=all
Evaluation Practice
Evolution, Education and Outreach
ISSN: Print 1936-6426 Online 1936-6434
ISSN: Print 0936-2835 Online:1532-7035
Families in Society
First Language
ISSN: Print 0142-7237 Online:1740-2344
Florida Journal of Educational Research
Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
FORUM for Promoting 3-19 Comprehensive Education ISSN:
Frontiers of Education in China
ISSN: 1673-341X
Games and Culture
ISSN: 1555-4120
Gender and Education
ISSN: Print 0954-0253 Online: 1360-0516
Geographical Education
ISSN: 0085-0969
Gifted Child Quarterly
ISSN: 0016-9862 eISSN: 1934-9041 d=Journal201850
Globalisation, Society and Education
ISSN: Print 1476-7724 Online: 1476-7732 6-7724&subcategory=ED100000
Harvard Educational Review
ISSN Print 0017-8055 Online 1943-5045
Health Education
ISSN: 0965-4283 als.htm?id=he

Health Education Research
High Ability Studies
ISSN: Print 1359-8139 Online:1469-834X
Higher Education
ISSN: Print 0018-1560 Online 1573-174X ournal/10734
Higher Education Management and Policy,3343,en_2649_3
ISSN 1682-3451 (Online + Print) 5961291_35260556_1_1_1_1,00.html
ISSN 1609-6924 - Online Only
Higher Education Perspectives (OAJ)
ISSN: 1710-1530
Higher Education Policy
ISSN: 0952-8733 EISSN: 1740-3863
Higher Education Quarterly
ISSN: Print 0951-5224 Online: 1468-2273
Higher Education in Europe
ISSN: Print 0379-7724 Online: 1469-8358
Higher Education Research & Development
ISSN: Print 0729-4360 Online: 1469-8366
Higher Education Review

History of Education

ISSN: Print 0046-760X Online: 1464-5130
History of Education Quarterly
ISSN: Print 0018-2680 Online: 1748-5959
History Teacher-E Journal
Hong Kong Journal of Applied Linguistics
Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood Education
Human Development
Human Resource Development International
ISSN 1367-8868, Online: 1469-8374 tml
Human Technology
Humanising Language Teaching
ISSN: 1755-9715
Improving Schools
ISSN: Print 1365-4802 Online 1475-7583
Indian Journal of Open Learning
Industrial and Labor Relations Review
Industry and Innovation
Information Systems Education Journal
Information Technology for Development
Information Technology Education and Society
ISSN: 1037-616X m
Innovate : Journal of Online Education
ISSN: 1552-3233 journal-of-online-education
Innovations in Education and Teaching International
ISSN: Print 1470-3297 Online: 1470-3300 tml
Innovative Higher Education
ISSN: Print 0742-5627 Online:1573-1758 ournal/10755
Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching
ISSN: Print 1750-1229 Online: 1750-1237 0-1229&subcategory=ED200000
InSight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching
ISSN: 1933-4850 E-mail;
Instructional Science
ISSN: Print 0020-4277 Online1573-1952 truction/journal/11251
Intelligence ISSN: 0160-2896
Inter Actions : UCLA Journal of Education and Information
ISSN: 1548-3320
Interactive Learning Environments
ISSN: Print 1049-4820 Online:1744-5191
Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer-
Enhanced Learning
ISSN: 1525-9102
Interactive Technology and Smart Education
ISSN: 1741-5659
ISSN: Print 0826-4805 Online1573-1790 /journal/10780
Intercultural Education
ISSN:1467-5986 Online:1469-8439
International Education Journal
ISSN: 1443-1475
The International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives
International Education Studies
ISSN: 1913-9020
International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning
ISSN: 1206-9620
International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education
ISSN: 1307-9298
International Journal for Academic Development
ISSN: Print 1360-144X Online: 1470-1324
International Journal for Educational Integrity (OAJ)
ISSN: 1833-2595
International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance
ISSN: Print 0251-2513 Online:1573-1782
International Journal for Intercultural Relations
International Journal of Rehabilitation Research
International Journal for Researcher Development (OAJ)
ISSN: 1759-751X
International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and
Learning (OAJ)
ISSN: 1931-4744
International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (OAJ)
ISSN: 1867-5565
International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism
ISSN: Print 1367-0050 Online: 1747-7522 7-0050&subcategory=ED200000
International Journal of Children’s Spirituality
ISSN: Print 1364-436X Online:1469-8455
International Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative
Learning truction/journal/11412
ISSN: Print 1556-1607 Online 1556-1615
International Journal of Computers for Mathematics Learning
ISSN: Print 1382-3892Online:1573-1766 cation/journal/10758
International Journal of Disability, Development and Education
ISSN: Print 1034-912x Online: 1465-346X
International Journal of Early Years Education
ISSN: Print 0966-9760 Online: 1469-8463 6-9760&subcategory=ED200000
International Journal of Education and Development using
Information and Communication Technology (OAJ)
ISSN: 1814-0556
International Journal of Education and the Arts (OAJ)
ISSN: 1529-8094
International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership(OAJ)
ISSN: 1555-5062
International Journal of Educational Development
International Journal of Educational Management
ISSN: 0951-354X als.htm?id=ijem
International Journal of Educational and Psychological
ISSN: 2094-0734
International Journal of Educational Policy, Research and
Practice: Reconceptualizing Childhood Studies
International Journal of Educational Reform
ISSN: 1056-7879 x.shtml
International Journal of Educational Research
(Formerly known as Evaluation in Education) ws_home/491/description#description
ISSN: 0883-0355
International Journal of Educational and Vocational Guidance
ISSN: Print 0251-2513 Online 1573-1782
International Journal of Educational Technology
ISSN 1327-7308
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning
ISSN: 1863-0383
International Journal of Engineering Education
International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and
Mentoring ml
ISSN: 1741-8305
The International Journal of Human Resource Management
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Technology 0-739X&subcategory=ED200000
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Marketing NVSM.html
International Journal of Pedagogies & Learning
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3383 /
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(Online Journal)
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International Journal of Technology and Design Education
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International Journal on E-Learning (IJEL) - Corporate,
Government, Healthcare, & Higher Education
ISSN 1537-2456]
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Irish Journal of Education
Issues in Accounting Education
Issues in Educational Research
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Issues in Teacher Education
ISSN 1536-3031
Issues in Teaching and Learning (online)

JENDA :A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies

The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies (OAJ)

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Journal for Research in Mathematics Education
ISSN 0021-8251 urnal_id=1
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Journal of Academic Librarianship
Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy
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Journal of Childhood Psychology& Psychiatry
Journal of Chiropractic Education
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Journal of College Student Development

Journal of Community Psychology

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching

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Journal of Computing in Higher Education
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Journal of Computing in Teacher Education
Journal of Cooperative Education and Internships
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Journal of Economic Literature
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Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk
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Journal of Educational Administration and History
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Journal of Educational and Psychological

ISSN: 1047-4412 Online:1532-768X
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Journal of Educational Controversy
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Journal of Educational Enquiry (AEI) (OAJ)
ISSN: 1444-5530
Journal of Educational Measurement
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Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia (JEMH)

ISSN 1055-8896
Journal of Educational Psychology
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Journal of Educational Research
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Journal of Educational Research
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Journal of Educational Research in Africa
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Journal of Educators Online (OAJ)
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Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools (JEBPS)
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Journal of Excellence in Higher Education
Journal of Experiential Education
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Journal of Further and Higher Education
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Journal of General Education
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Journal of Geography in Higher Education
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Journal of Health Management
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Journal of Healthcare Management
Journal of Higher Education
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Journal of Higher Education in Africa
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Journal of Hispanic Higher Education (USA)
Online ISSN: 1552-5716 Print ISSN: 1538-1927
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Journal of Information Technology Education
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Journal of Instructional Pedagogies
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Journal of Instructional Science and Technology
Journal of Intellectual Disabilities
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Journal of Intellectual Disability Research
ISI Journal Citation Reports® Ranking: 2008: 3/29 Education,
Special; 5/51 Rehabilitation (Social Science) Impact Factor:
Journal of Interactive Learning Research
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Journal of Interactive Online Learning (OAJ)
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Journal of the International Society for Teacher Education
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3283 /
Journal of International Women's Studies
Journal of Jewish Education
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Journal of the Learning Sciences
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Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education

ISSN: Print 1386-4416 Online:1573-1820 cation/journal/10857
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Journal of Music Teacher Education
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Journal of Online Teaching and Learning (OAJ)
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Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism, and Practice
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Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education
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ISSN: 0309-8249 5/home
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Journal of Political Science Education
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Journal of Post Colonial Education
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Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community
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Journal of Psycho Educational Assessment

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Journal of Religious Education
Journal of Research in Music Education
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Journal of Research in International Education
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Journal of Research in Reading
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Journal of Research in Rural Education
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Journal of Research in Science Teaching

Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs

Journal of Research on Christian Education
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Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness
ISSN: Print 1934-5747 Online: 1934-5739 4-5747&subcategory=ED150000
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Journal of School Health
Print ISSN: 0022-4391 Online ISSN: 1746-1561 0/home
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Journal of School Public Relations
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Journal of Social Policy
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Journal of Technology Transfer
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Journal of Textbook Research
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Journal of the History of the Behavioural Sciences
Journal of the Theory of Social Behavior
Journal of Theory and Practice in Education (OAJ)
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Journal of Thought
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Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning
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Journal of Veterinary Medical Education
Journal of Vocational Education & Training
ISSN: Print 1363-6820 Online: 1747-5090
Journal of Women’s Health
ISSN: 1540-9996 • Monthly • Online ISSN: 1931-843X =42

Journal of Writing Research

ISSN: 2030-1006
Journal of Youth and Adolescence ISSN: 0047-2891 (print
version) ISSN: 1573-6601 (electronic version) psychology/journal/10964
Journal of Youth Studies Print ISSN: 1367-6261 Online ISSN:
Kentucky Journal on Excellence in College Teaching
The KEDI Journal of Educational Policy
The Knowledge Tree: an e-Journal of Learning Innovation
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Language and Education
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Language Assessment Quarterly
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Language, Culture and Curriculum
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Language Learning
Print ISSN: 0023-8333 Online ISSN: 1467-9922
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Language Teaching
Language Teaching Research
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The Law Teacher Print ISSN: 0306-9400 Online ISSN: 1943-
Leadership and Policy in Schools
ISSN: Print 1570-0763 Online: 1744-5043 0-0763&subcategory=ED150000
Leadership in Focus: The Journal for Australian School Leaders
Learning and Individual Differences ISSN 1041-6080
Learning and Leading with Technology
Learning and Teaching in Social Sciences
Learning Inquiry
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Learning Environments Research (AEI)
ISSN: Print 1387-1579 Online1573-1855
Learning and Instruction
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Learning and Teaching
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Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (OAJ)
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Learning Disabilities: Research and Practice
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Learning Landscapes
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Learning, Media and Technology
Liberal Education
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Literacy Research and Instruction
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London Review of education
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Maker ere Journal of Higher Education
Malaysian Journal of Distance Education
Malta Review of Educational Research
ISSN: 1726-9725
Mathematical Thinking and Learning
ISSN: Print 1098-6065 Online: 1532-7833
Mathematics Educator
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Mathematics Teacher
McGill Journal of Education (OAJ)
ISSN: 1916-0666
Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science
ISSN: Print 1091-367X Online:1532-7841
Medical Education
Medical Education Online
Medical Teacher
Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies
ISSN: 1024-5375
The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal
ISSN: 1521-2211
Mentoring and Tutoring Partnership in Learning
ISSN: Print 1361-1267 Online: 1469-9745

Meridian (Raleigh): A Middle School Computer Technologies
Merrill Palmer Quarterly
Meta Cognition and Learning
ISSN: Print 1556-1623 Online: ISSN: 1556-1631 truction/journal/11409
Michigan Quarterly Review
Mind, Brain and Education
ISSN: 1751-2271
Mind, Culture and Activity
Print ISSN: 1074-9039 Online ISSN: 1532-7884

Minerva: A Review of Science Learning and Policy

ISSN: 0026-4695 Onliine:1573-1871 sophy/journal/11024
The Modern Language Journal
ISSN: 0026-7902 Online: 1540-4781
Motivation and Emotion
ISSN: Print 0146-7239 Online 1573-6644
Multicultural Education
ISSN: 1068-3844
Multicultural Education Abstracts
ISSN: Print 0260-9770 Online:1467-5854
Multicultural Education & Technology Journal
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Multicultural Perspectives
Music Education Research
ISSN: Print 1461-3808 Online: 1469-9893
Music Education Technology
NASSP Bulletin
National Forum for Teacher Education Journal
National Institute Economic Review
Negro Education Review
ISSN:0548-1457 es.jhtml?sid=HWW:EDUFT&issn=0548-1457
Networks: An On-line Journal for Teacher Research
New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education

New Directions for Evaluation

Online ISSN: 1534-875X Print ISSN: 1097-6736 2/grouphome/home.html
New Directions for Institutional Research
ISSN: 0271-0579 home

New Directions for Teaching & Learning

ISSN: 0271-0633 home
New Directions for Youth Development
ISSN 1533-8916 uctCd-YD.html
New Directions for Youth Development
ISSN: 1533-8916 uctCd-YD.html

New Directions in Higher Education (online)

ISSN: 0271-0560 home

New Horizons in Adult Education

ISSN: 1062-3183
New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource
Development m
ISSN: 1939-4225
New Horizons in Education
ISSN 1818-3352
New Perspectives on Learning and Instruction
New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies
Nigerian Journal of Educational Foundations
NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research
Print ISSN: 0803-8740Online ISSN: 1502-394X
Nordic Educational Research http://www.nfpf.nrt
ISSN: Print 0901-8050 Online 1504-2995
Nurse Researcher
NZ Journal of Teachers' Work
ISSN: 1176-6662
Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration
On the Horizon
ISSN 1074-8121
Open Education Journal
ISSN: 1874-9208
Open Learning
Oxford Review of Education
ISSN: Print 0305-4985 Online: 1465-3915 5-4985&subcategory=ED200000
Pastoral Care in Education
Pastoral Care in Education: An International Journal of Personal,
Social and Emotional Development 4-3944&subcategory=ED200000
ISSN: Print 0161-956XOnline: 1532-7930
Peabody Journal of Education
ISSN: Print 0161-956X Online: 1532-7930 ducation.xml
Pedagaogica Historica
ISSN: Print 0030-9230 Online: 1477-674X 0-9230&subcategory=ED150000
Pedagogies: An International Journal
ISSN: Print 1554-480X Online: 1554-4818 4-480X&subcategory=ED200000
Pedagogy, Culture & Society
ISSN: Print 1468-1366 Online: 1747-5104
Performance Improvement Quarterly
(online and print) 0/home
Perspectives on Psychological Science
Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education
ISSN: Print 1360-3108 Online: 1460-7018 0-3108&subcategory=ED150000
Phi Delta Kappan
Physics Education
Physical Education & Sport Pedagogy
ISSN: Print 1740-8989 Online: 1742-5786 0-8989&subcategory=ED200000
Policy Futures in Education
ISSN: 1478-2103
Positive Pedagogy (Online)
ISSN: 1496-8126
Power and Education ISSN:1757-7438
Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation
ISSN: 15317714
Practical Experiences in Professional Education
Practice and Evidence of the Scholarship of Teaching and
Learning in Higher Education and-evidence-of-the-scholarship-of-teaching-and-
ISSN: 1750-8428 learning-in-higher-education/
The Prevention Researcher
Professional Development in Education (Previously Journal of
Inservice Education)
ISSN: Print 1941-5257 Online: 1941-5265
Professional Educator (AEI)
PROFILE Issues in Teacher Professional Development (Print &
OAJ) pid=1657-0790&nrm=iso
ISSN: 1657-0790
ISSN: Print 0033-1538Online 1573-9090
Psychiatry & Clinical Neuro Sciences
Impact Factor: 1.394
Psychological Bulletin
ISSN: 0033-2909
Psychological Science
Psychological Science in the Public Intervention
The Psychology Teaching Review
Public Opinion Quarterly
Qualitative Health Research
Online ISSN: 1552-7557 Print ISSN: 1049-7323
Qualitative Research
ISSN: Print 1368-7941 Online:1741-3109
Quality Assurance in Education
ISSN: 0968-4883 als.htm?id=qae
Quality in Higher Education
ISSN: Print 1353-8322 Online: 1470-1081
The Quarterly Review of Distance
Education Distance-Education.html
The Queensland Journal of Educational Research
Race Ethnicity and Education
ISSN: Print 1361-3324 Online: 1470-109X
Radical Pedagogy(OAJ)
ISSN: 1524-6345
Reading and Writing ISSN:0922-4777
Reading & Writing Quarterly
ISSN: Print 1057-3569 Online: 1521-0693 7-3569&subcategory=ED200000
Reading in a Foreign Language(OAJ)
ISSN: 1539-0578
Reading Psychology
ISSN: Print 0270-2711 Online: 1521-0685 0-2711&subcategory=ED200000
Reclaiming Children and Youth
ISSN 1089-5701
Rehabilitation Counselling Bulletin
Print ISSN: 0034-3552
Rehabilitation Psychology
ISSN: 0090-5550
Reflective Practice
ISSN: 1462-3943
Religious Education
ISSN: Print 0034-4087 Online:1547-3201
Remedial and Special Education
Religious Education Journal of Australia
Research in Comparative and International Education (Online)
ISSN 1745-4999
Research in Dance Education
ISSN: Print1464-7893 Online:1470-1111
Research in Drama Education
ISSN: Print 1356-9783Online:1470-112X
Research in Higher Education
ISSN: Print 0361-0365 Online 1573-188X ournal/11162
Research in Higher Education(online)
ISSN: 1941-3432
Research in Mathematics Education
ISSN: Print 1479-4802 Online: 1754-0178 9-4802&subcategory=ED200000
Research in Middle Level Education Online (OAJ)
ISSN: 1940-4476 426/Default.aspx
Research in Population Economics ISSN: 0163-7878
Research in Post Compulsory Education
ISSN: Print 1359-6748 Online:1747-5112
Research in Science and Technological Education
Research in Science Education
ISSN Print 0157-244X Online 1573-1898 n/journal/11165
Research Intelligence
Research into Higher Education Abstracts
ISSN: Print 0034-5326 Online: 1467-5862 4-5326&subcategory=ED200000
Research Online
Research Papers in Education :Policy and Practice
ISSN: Print 0267-1522 Online: 1470-1146 7-1522&subcategory=ED200000
Research Policy ISSN: 0048-7333
Research Studies in Music Education(AEI)
ISSN: Print 1321-103X Online: 1834-5530
Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies
ISSN: Print 1071-4413 Online: 1556-3022 1-4413&subcategory=ED200000
Review of Educational Research
ISSN: Print 0034-6543 Online: 1935-1046
Review of Higher Education
ISSN: Print 0162-5748 Online: 1090 ducation/
Review of Research in Education
ISSN: Pint 0091-732X Online: 1935-1038
Roeper Review
ISSN: Print 0278-3193 Online: 1940-865X 8-3193&subcategory=ED150000
Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
ISSN: Print 0031-3831Online: 1470-1170
The School Community Journal
ISSN: 1059-308X
Schools: Studies in Education
School Effectiveness and School Improvement
ISSN: Print 0924-3453Online: 1744-5124 4-3453&subcategory=ED150000
School Leadership and Management
ISSN: Print 1363-2434Online: 1364-2626 3-2434&subcategory=ED150000
School Psychology Forum
School Psychology International
Online ISSN: 1461-7374 Print ISSN: 0143-0343
School Psychology Review
School-University Partnerships
ISSN: 1935-7125 x.shtml
Science & Education : Contributions from History, Philosophy
and Sociology of Science and Education n/journal/11191
ISSN: Print 0926-7220 Online: 1573-1901
Science Education
Science Education Review (AEI)
Science in School
ISSN: 1818-0353
ISSN: 1504-4831
Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning
ISSN: Print 1468-1811Online: 1472-0825
Sign Language Studies(FTJ)
Simulation and Gaming: An International Journal of Theory,
Practice and Research ISSN: 1046-8781
Social Psychology of Education
ISSN: Print 1381-2890 Online:1573-1928
Social Science Quarterly
Social Studies Research and Practice
ISSN: 1933-5415
Sociology of Education Abstracts
ISSN: Print 0038-90415 Online:1467-5870
South African Journal of Education
ISSN :Print 0256-0100 Online 2076-3433
South African Journal of Higher Education
Special Education Perspectives
Special Educational Needs Abstracts
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Spread Sheets in Education
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Studies in Continuing Education
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Studies in Educational Evaluation
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Studies in Higher Education
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Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development
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Studies in Media & Information Literacy Education
Studies in Philosophy and Education
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Studies in Research, Evaluation, Impact and Training
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Studies in Science Education
Studying Teacher Education
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Summer Academe: A Journal of Higher education – Annual
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Support for Learning: British Journal of Learning Support
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Synergy (SLAV)
Taboo: The Journal of Culture and Education
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Talent Ed Journal
Teacher Development
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Teacher Education & Practice
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Teacher Education and Special Education
Teacher Education Quarterly
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The Teacher Educator
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Teacher Education and Special Education
Teachers College Record
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Teacher Learning Network (AEI)
Teaching Artist Journal ISSN:1541-1796 Online:1541-180X
Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice
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Teaching and Change
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Teaching and Learning: Journal of Natural Enquiry and
Reflective Practice
Teaching and Learning in (Higher) Education for Sessional
Staffs (AEI)
Teaching and Learning in Medicine
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Teaching and Teacher Education
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Teaching Artist Journal
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Teaching Children Mathematics
Teaching Education
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Teaching English with Technology
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Teaching Exceptional Children Plus...
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Teaching History
Teaching in Higher Education
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Teaching of Psychology
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The Teaching Professor (online)
Teaching Science
Teaching Sociology
Tech Trends Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning
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Technology & Learning (online)
Technology, Humanities, Education and Narrative
Technology, Pedagogy & Education
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Tertiary Education and Management
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TESOL in Context(AEI)
Theory and Research in Education
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The Educational Forum
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The Journal of Education for Teaching: International Research
and Pedagogy
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Theory into Practice Print
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Thesis Eleven
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Topics in Early Childhood Special Education
Training and Education in Professional Psychology
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Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology
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University News
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University of Sydney Papers in TESOL http://www-
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Urban Education
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The Urban Review Issues and Ideas in Public Education
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Victorian Journal of Music education
Vocal: Australian Journal of Vocational Education and Training in
Schools 15
Vocations and Learning
ISSN: Print 1874-785X Online: 1874-7868 +vocational+education/journal/12186
Vocational Education & Training Abstracts
ISSN: Print 1943-0272 Online:1943-0280
VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit
Organizations ISSN: 0957-8765 Online:1573-7898 ces,+general/journal/11266
Vulnerable Children and Youth studies
The Welsh Journal of Education
Women Studies
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World History Connected : The e-Journal of Teaching and
ISSN: 19318642
World Studies in Education
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The WWW Journal of Online Education
ZDM The International Journal on Mathematics Education
ISSN: Print 1863-9690 Online: 1863-9704 cation/journal/11858