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Saint Columban College

Pagadian City
Pre-Final Examination

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SECTION: ______________________________ SCHEDULE:_________________________

A. Read carefully and match the following scenarios of constitutional rights and/or violations
presented from Column A to the appropriate provisions in Column B. Write your answer in the
space before each number.
Article III: Bill of Rights
Answer Scenarios Provisions
1. The Philippines passed a law requiring Filipinos to convert to a. Section 2
Catholic or else they will be persecuted by law. b. Section 3
2. Dexter, an OFW, after being maltreated in Saudi Arabia, was c. Section 4
prohibited by the government to participate in a labor union to d. Section 5
represent his claim. e. Section 6
3. Out of curiosity, Justin watches the investigation done by f. Section 7
Congress on the SAF44 massacre on the television. g. Section 8
4. Lea rented Tonys apartment by signing a contract of lease. h. Section 9
5. Without prior notice of a search warrant, Regines property was i. Section 10
searched by the police.
6. Justin was warned not to publicly campaign against the present
government and publish articles featuring corrupt officials,
otherwise he will be assassinated.
7. Due to a much needed construction of an airport, the LGU took
the property of Teri after payment of just compensation
8. Fifi was was barred by the government from travelling after it
found she has a severe case of birds flu.
9. Leilas diary was seized by the NBI authorities without the virtue
of a warrant.
10. The evidence consisting of the 4 packets of shabu seized on
Dannys property was rendered inadmissible.

B. Read carefully and match the following definitions of kinship presented from Column A to the
appropriate items in Column B. Write your answer in the space before each number.
Answer kinship
1. One man marries one woman . a. Extended Family
2. A family where Grandparents or Aunts and Uncles play b. Monogamy
major roles in the childrens upbringing. c. Polygamy
3. One man marries more than one woman at a given time. d. Unilineal Descent
4. Traces descent only through a single line of ancestors, e. Reconstituted
male or female. family
5. Found in tribal societies across the world where kin f. Matrilineal
genealogy is applied to determine the system of Descent
communal leadership. g. Nuclear Family
6. A family consisting of a married man & woman and their h. Politics of kinship
biological children. i. Bilineal Descent
7. The form of unilineal descent that follows a female line.
8. A marriage taken from previous marriages who have been
emancipated by divorce taking their offspring to the
present marriage
9. This system has simultaneous affiliation to both mother
and father sides.
10. Means of survival is carried out mostly by the women.


Instructions: Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if the statement is wrong.

___________ 1. Kinship by marriage is built based on the classic principle: blood is thicker than water.
___________ 2. If one person has only one partner at a time, and then moves on to another partner after
severing the relationship with the first is called polygamy.
___________ 3. Marriage is an institution that admits men and women to family life.
___________ 4. In Matrilineal descent, only males pass on their family identity to their children.
___________ 5. Social recognition, as long as there is kinship by blood, is not important in determining
consanguineous kinship.
___________ 6. Kinship creates society and society creates the state.
___________ 7. When one becomes the member of the consanguineal relatives of both father and
mother, it is known as bilateral descent.
___________ 8. As a primary group, the size of a family is necessarily limited and considered as a
smallest social unit.
___________ 9. The family is guarded only by social taboos and not by legal regulations.
___________ 10. There is no human society in which some form of the family does not appear.

Instructions: Read the following items carefully and examine the conditions that present a constitutional
violation of each scenario. Write your answers legibly. Knowledge of certain constitutional provisions of
Article III shall be heavily credited.
1. While washing the dishes, Pekto received a knock from the door. He was about to open it when
suddenly the door burst open causing him to be thrown on the ground with such force as to
render him temporarily incapacitated to stand. Immediately, he was ushered to stand by two
authorities who introduced themselves as NBI agents after showing him badges. They thereafter
searched his property upon which they found 3 packets of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.
Also, they took certain parcels of mail correspondents and documents. Pekto who was still
absorbing the information in a state of shock, went along with the police who thereby placed him
under custody inside a dark prison.
a. What were the violations done against Pekto on his constitutional rights? Explain.
b. What was supposed to be the proper act to be done by NBI agents before they raid Pektos
house and arrest him?
2. Elsa and Anna, sisters who have been living in their house for nearly seventeen years, decided to
go abroad to seek for better income to support their nephews and nieces from their brother, Jack.
When they went home after five years, they were shocked to find that their house was converted
into a railroad station. They complained for the conversion to the proper authorities in the
government and asked for a just compensation but they were refused. They said that the just
compensation was already given to Jack who managed to liquidate the value of their property
upon their departure five years ago.
a. Was there a violation of Section 9 of Article III from the situation experienced by the sisters,
Elsa and Anna. Discuss.
b. Would your answer be the same if you found out that the said property was inside a
squatters area? Why?