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General RE and Welsh Baccalaureate- Environmental and Nature Issues

The British government is working at home and abroad to adapt to the effects of climate change
and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by investing in low-carbon energy sources, improving fuel
standards in cars and increasing energy efficiency wherever possible.
The UK has committed up to 720 million to the Green Climate Fund, joining other major
economies to help developing countries adapt to climate change and go low-carbon.
The fund will target developing countries, including the most vulnerable, to help them adapt to
the adverse effects of climate change and limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
I think for the first time ever the world can contemplate a global deal applicable to all and Lima
has helped that process, the UKs energy and climate change secretary, Ed Davey, said.
The Pope wants all other religions to get involved as he called a deal to benefit the climate
change. The Pope "called a summit of the worlds main religions in 2015".

The UK has committed up to 720 million to the Green Climate Fund, joining other major
economies to help developing countries adapt to climate change and go low-carbon.
After the UKs contribution, the climate fund now stands at around $9bn with 13 countries
already pledging, including $3 bn from the US, $1.5bn from Japan, $1bn from Germany, and
$1bn from France.
The UK money comes from existing funds earmarked for international climate work under the
UKs commitment for 0.7% of gross national income to overseas development assistance.
The Church of England has been running it's Shrinking the Footprint campaign since 2007 and
aims to cut the Churchs carbon emissions by 42 per cent by 2020.
Among the measures being adopted are advice on green energy tariffs, encouraging tree
planting on church land, climate justice fund offering aid to churches in the developing world
and fair trade status for all Diocese by 2016.

Food systems
Impacts such as rising temperatures and increased frequency of extreme weather events put
severe pressure on food availability, stability, access and use. Availability of agricultural products
is affected by climate change directly through impacts on crop yields, crop pests, diseases, soil
fertility and soil water-holding properties.
One of the most serious impacts of climate change is how it is affecting water resources around
the world. Water is intimately tied to other resource and social issues such as food supply,
health, industry, transportation and ecosystem integrity.
The health of human beings is affected by climate change, either directly through changing
weather patterns, or indirectly through changes in water, air, food, ecosystems, livelihoods and
infrastructure. Generally, these direct and indirect exposures can cause death, disability and
suffering. Ill-health increases vulnerability and reduces the capacity of individuals and groups to
adapt to climate change.

Social media has propelled the rise of the independent activist. Since people now look to their
social media streams as primary sources of news and information, this can be both positive
(encouraging alternative streams of information) and problematic when information isnt
verified or trustworthy.
Social media can be used to promote and encourage support during specific campaigns for
climate media can be used to support and spread environmental messages in a
rapid, dynamic format. The Catholic church can use this to spread information and also to
influence people to help reduce global warming by asking for donations or spreading ideas to
reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Social media and sensors that connect with online networks have the potential to change the
way that the environmental sector and all stakeholders involved public, corporate and
government interact, share information and make decisions. Social media furthers the reach
of the public, allowing members to influence shifts in the environmental sector on every issue
from moving away from fossil fuel dependence to renewable energy or changing the dynamic
of current conversations on climate change.

The basis of Catholic concern over climate change is exemplified in Psalm 24:1: The earth is the
Lords and all that it holds. In response to the wonderful gift that God has given us of clean air,
life-sustaining water, fruits from the lands harvests and even nourishment from the sea, we are
called to not only honor God for these many blessings but to also do so by honoring his
Climate change is about our responsibility as Gods children and people of faith to care for each
other and future generations by caring for all of Gods wondrous creation.The human
contribution to climate change represents one of the clearest examples of how human activity
can be damaging to Gods wondrous creation. We need to recover the spiritual values that
respect Gods creation. For those of us in economically developed countries, we have a duty to
examine the ethics of responsible usage of Gods resources.
In the Bible we are called to love God, and care for each other and all of Gods creation. If we
improperly or disproportionately use the fruit of Gods earth, we not only dishonor him but also
we ultimately endanger the livelihood of our poor and marginalized siblings who most depend
on Gods creation.

The British government manage environmental issues by these organizations:
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Environment Agency, Marine Management
Organisation, Natural England, Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment, National
Measurement Office, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Radioactive Waste Management.
The British government is working to protect our environment by reducing pollution, reducing
the amount of waste sent to landfill, protecting areas of parkland, wildlife reserves and marine
biodiversity, and enforcing regulations that keep our water and air clean. We also help
communities avoid or recover from flooding and other weather-related hazards.
Environmental damage such as water, air and noise pollution, deforestation and Population
Explosion are caused by large companies for profit and market share. Due to this God's
creations are damaged or destroyed. If the Catholic church wants to fight against it then it
would have to take to the court, this would lead to a legal fight.