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This research paper was not able to accomplished without the cooperation of each other in our

team. I, leader of this group, would like to thank my group mates for their contributions.

Many others have contributed to this research and in a several different ways. We would like to

thank of them even though we cannot name most for reasons of confidentiality.

To our supervisor, Professor Josie Barnachea, for their guidance and feedback every step of the

way. We are tremendously grateful to her for the countless ways in which they have supported us. Her

mentoring boosted morale in the project and helped us to overcome major setbacks. Working under her

supervision has been an exciting learning opportunity and We have benefited from their respective

expertise. We are thankful for her patience, frankness and tolerance.

We are equally grateful to the librarians of Dr. Carlos Lanting College and National Library of

the Philippines for having us to borrowed books that helped us a lot about on this research paper.

To our evaluators, for so willingly, enthusiastically and open-heartedly agreeing to take part in

this study. In addition, we also want to thank our parents for giving us permission and guidance to

finished this research, we are thankful for them who gave up valuable time to take part on this study.