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1. Herringbone gears are-

Double Helical Gears
2. Lancashire Boiler
Horizontal fire tube Boiler
3. Vanes of centrifugal Pumps are-
Curved Backward
4. Semi Automatic Welding Process-
Submerged Arc welding
5. In shaper, Metal is removed during-
Forward stroke
6. Blast furnace is used to produce-
Pig iron
7. Blade of Power Saw is made of-
High speed steel
8. Quartz is a-
Piezoelectric material
9. Maximum value of Poisson ratio-
10. Forge welding-
Solid State Welding
11. Angle of V Belts is-
12. Brayton cycle is
Reversed joule cycle
13. Critical temperature for water-
14. Steam in Boiler drum-
15. Orifice meter is used to measure-
16. Solder is a-
Tin and Lead based alloy
17. Shaping machine
Quick return mechanism
18. Heat transfer takes place due to-
Second law of Thermodynamics
19. Barometer shows-
Atmospheric pressure
20. Surface tension is due to-
Cohesion only
21. Capillary action is due to-
Adhesion and Cohesion Both
22. Density of air-
1.24 Kg/m3
23. Condition for equilibrium for Floating body-
Metacentre should be above centre of gravity
24. Condition for equilibrium for Submerged body-
Centre of Buoyancy should be above centre of gravity
25. Angle of Divergence to avoid flow separation-
Should be not greater than 7
26. Assumption for Bernoullis Equation-
Flow is steady, Continuous, non-viscous and Irrotational
27. Air and Gas Velocities are measured by
Hot wire Anemometer
28. Vorticity is Zero-
For Irrotational flow
29. Velocity Potential function exists only for-
Irrotational flow
30. Equipotential lines and constant stream function lines
31. Capillary tube Viscometer-
Hagen Poiseuille Equation
32. Orifice meter is used to measure-
Discharge(Cd- .64-.76)
33. A Large metacentric height in a vessel-
Makes the periodic time of Oscillation shorter
34. Continuity Equation for Incompressible fluid-
A1V1- A2V2
35. Ideal Fluid-
Zero Viscosity Zero Shear stress
36. Coaxial cylinder viscometer-
Newtons Law of Viscosity
37. Point of application of hydrostatic pressure force-
Centre of Pressure
38. Flow in a straight long pipe with varying flow rate-
Uniform and unsteady
39. Streamline, path line and streak line are Identical when
Flow is steady
40. Condition for Continuous chip-
Ductile material, high cutting speed, Low feed and depth
of cut
41. In Thermit welding-
Thermit is a mixture of iron oxide and aluminum
42. Back rake angle for brass-
43. Effect of sub cooling on performance of Vapor
compression cycle-
Refrigerating effect will increase and
Cop increases
44. The eutectic mixture of austenite () and cementite
(Fe3C) is-
45. For self locking condition-
Friction angle > Helix angle
46. In a flange coupling, the flanges are coupled together by-
bolts and nuts
47. For an involute gear, the ratio of base circle radius and
pitch circle radius is equal to-
48. The height of a Watts governor is-
Inversely proportional to speed
49. For same compression ratio and for same heat addition-
Otto cycle is more efficient than Diesel Cycle
50. Blanking Shear force
Deep Drawing Tensile and compressive
Wire drawing Tensile
Coining Compressive