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JTI Indonesia - Training Registration Form

Completion Checklist :
Please complete and submit Training Registration Form to training administrator and line manager for approval 30 days prior attending (
1 if you submit this form shorter than 30 days before the training date, you agree to pay all the training fees by yourself first, then to be
reimbursed by the Company )

2 Please attach all required supporting documents : Brochure / Proposal from vendor/Registration form

Employee name : Kurnia Jayanto Person ID (HR To fill) :

Position : Area Sales Executive Department : Sales

Title of training
proposed : English Class Training
Training provider : HR :
Training Location : South Quarter City : Jakarta Date(s):
SAP Cost
Center :
Training Fee : (HR to Fill)

Reason for proposing this training (mandatory to fill):

I have TOEFL score of 620 but I haven't got the chance to use my english speaking ability anywhere, it makes me often stutter
and having difficulty to communicate well when I try to speak in english. I recognise the importance of speaking english fluently if I
want to have a chance to advanced my career in JTI. I feel the need to join this class to better myself and work more effectively
with my english-speaking colleagues here in JTI.

- I hereby acknowledge the information and amount(s) listed above for this expenditure is accurate

- I confirm that this training supports my personal development and is aligned with my Dialogue's Development Plan

- I agree that any fees resulting from my cancellation of attendance, or any other relevant fees will be charged to my department's cost center

Employee's Name & Signature Line Manager's Name & Signature

Date : Date :
Head of Department's HR Director's Training Administrator's
Name & Signature Name & Signature Name & Signature

Date : Date : Date :

1 If your participation becomes impossible due to unforeseen circumstances , please inform the
Training Administrator as soon as possible
2 Employee is responsible for completing a Training Evaluation Form and submit it to Training
Administrator after the training