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Location Recce: Tottenham court road underground

Type of room/area:
Underground station

Location Address: Oxford Street,

Soho, London W1

Sat Nav details (Postcode):

London W1

Nearest Train Station:

Tottenham court road

Nearest Bus stop: Tottenham

Court Road (Stop V)

Lighting Information: Solutions:

Using natural light from the sun only using LED If the sun is blocked by the clouds we will use
light and reflector if needed. This means that the LED light and the reflector to create a light
the sun has the potential to block the clouds
thus creating the shadow over our production.

Sound Information: Solutions:

We will be using a shotgun microphone in order We will have one of us holding the wire and
to record our intro and outro this will enable us standing next to the camera this will prevent it
to record Jordan without much background getting tangled and it also allows us to give the
noise. However, the wire is long and may get wire as much slack as it needs

Power Information: Solutions:

We will be using cameras with battery packs in We will insure all cameras are fully charged
them, the LED light is powered by batteries before filming and we will buy more batteries if
the LED light runs out of power

Hazards: Solutions:
The hazard we will face is that a vehicle could Make sure we check the roads before we cross
hit us. and dont be stupid around the trains