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The value of a hospital resides in its capacity to instigate the patient and its
respondents emotional response likewise the developing demand for inpatient and
outpatient facilities. According to a study on leading morbidity and mortality rates in the
city done by the Davao City Health Office in 2015, eight out of the fifteen in the
morbidity list and four out of the fifteen in the mortality list were chronic (Davao City
Health Office, 2015). Specialized Hospitals such as Chronic Disease Hospitals which
caters to long-term illnesses play a vital role in a community such as in Mintal, a
community which lacks healthcare facilities to cater its growing population.

The proponent intends to integrate stress reducing spaces within the hospital
through Stimulation Architecture, the control of space, material, and lightness and
darkness to make an extraordinary experience through an effect on the five senses
(University of Kansas, 2011). Along with the infusion of hypo stimulating spaces which
provide peace and serenity for low sensation seeking individuals and hyper-stimulating
spaces that trigger adrenaline or thrill in high sensation seeking individuals. Modern
medicine only provides a temporary increase in dopamine that would, therefore, lose
its effects over time, nevertheless, through these facilities, it will provide a natural
stimulation of the senses that would increase dopamine levels, therefore, reducing the
need for prescribed medications, alleviate health naturally, and boost immune

Keywords: Stress Reducing Spaces, hypostimulati on, hyperstimulation