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Danfoss at a glance

Key facts Regions Core & Clear journey

Since the beginning of the Core & Clear journey, the
Sales bn DKK Sales bn EUR Western Europe Eastern Europe foundation of the core businesses has continuously

39.2 5.3
been strengthened, and today we are in a robust
21 factories 39%
share of
15 factories 8%
share of
financial position to accelerate sustainable profitable
Sales companies in 17 countries Group sales Sales companies in 12 countries Group sales growth, driven by the digital transformation.
9,858 employees 4,426 employees
Digital Transformation
The digital transformation focuses

on four key priorities that hold the
Local currency growth EBIT margin North America Asia-Pacific biggest potential for increased

6% 10.9% 14 factories 24%

share of
15 factories 21%
share of
Get Going
customer value: We deliver a best-in-
industry digital customer experience;
We take the lead on connected
Sales companies in 2 countries Group sales Sales companies in 11 countries Group sales Get Going has a strong focus products and services; We take
on accelerating profitable

3,675 employees 5,809 employees advantage of new digital technologies
growth by taking market share; what to speed up innovation; We have one
we call building a powerful global common IT architecture with fast
Get the Basics Right sales engine, including having leading implementation of our new common
business positions, a strong brand, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP/
Get the Basics Right provides a an innovation pipeline with growth SAP) system. Accordingly, the digital
Employees worldwide Latin America Africa-Middle East strong and scalable foundation for impact, and investing in the best
opportunities for growth.
transformation reflects that we are
strongly positioned to take advantage

all activities in Danfoss. Focus is on

3 factories 5%
share of
1 factory 3%
share of
what we call our engine room, e.g.
high quality, on-time deliveries, less
of the growth potential held by a
digital future.
Sales companies in 5 countries Group sales Sales companies in 3 countries Group sales complexity, improved customer focus,
optimized procurement, improved
1,281 employees 243 employees and more fine-tuned processes
everywhere in the organization.

Our business model Global growth opportunities

The Danfoss business model drives competitive advantage Our business model capitalizes on our four growth themes: infrastructure,
and sustainable, long-term value creation. The model creates a food, energy, and climate. These global trends drive the future growth
foundation for our four business segments to take advantage of opportunities for Danfoss and represent areas, where we contribute to a
the global growth opportunities. sustainable global development.

Climate Infrastructure 35-50% 90-95% 10-15% 50% 20-50% 10-25% 30% 98% 6%
lo b al growth trend energy savings with oil-free reuse of heat with energy savings increase in energy savings with energy savings fuel savings with of the sun energy more efficient
G s variable speed compressors heat recovery from control valves power plant aqua variable speed with variable electronic throttling available goes to farm machines
for heating, ventilation, and ventilation for in heating and efficiency drives in water speed drives valves for refrigeration the grid with solar with hydraulic
air-conditioning systems optimal comfort and cooling systems with combined heat applications in refrigeration systems in trucks inverters motors
Danfoss Danfoss energy savings and power solutions systems
Heating Power Solutions 40%
16% of 30% of energy savings from
Group sales Group sales variable speed drives
controlling fans and
Competitive pumps
Suppliers Leading
positions 50-75%
Application energy savings with
knowledge air and ground source
Danfoss heat pumps
Drives Innovation
25% of
Group sales Customers
29% of
Group sales

Energy Food
Examples of how Danfoss technology and solutions are creating value for our customers and the society as a whole