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1.Write true or false according to the grammar.(1mark)0.5c/u
a. It is used to express facts,routines and give instructions or directions._______

b. It isnt used to express facts,routines and give instructions or directions______

2.-Circle the verb that does not belong in each group. (1mark)0.2c/u
a. been were believe is

b. wrote wear written write

c.gone buy went go

d. spoken steal speak spoke

e. swum swim start swam

3.-.Underline the sentences which are positives in present simple tense. (1 mark)
0,50 c/u

a.- I went to Mexico last year.

b.- I go to Mexico every month.
c.- He doesnt go to the river on weekend.
d.- He goes to the gym every saturday.
4.- Match. (1 mark)0,2c/u

a. What is your name?

b. Where are you from?
c. When is your birthday?
d. How old are you?
e. Why do you like listen to music?

_____ Because it is interesting

_____ My birthday is in May
______I am twenty years old.
______I am from Ecuador
______I am Tom
5.- Choose the correct form of To Be verb.(am is are) (2marks)0.25c/u

I ___ You_____ He_____ She_____

It____We___ You____ They_____

6.-Read and answer the following question. (1 mark)0.25c/u

Her name is Antonio Valencia.He is from Ecuador.He was born on August 4th 1985 He
is thirty-two years old. He is a soccer playerHe plays in Manchester United team. He is
very friendly.
What is her name?_______________________________________________
When was he born?______________________________________________
What is his profession?__________________________________________
How old is he?__________________________________________________
7.-Unscrumble the following profssions.(1 mark)0.25c/u

lotip ________ chamenic________ gersin_______ torac_________

8.- Write four words according to the character and personality. (1MARK)0.25c/u


9.-Circle the correct answer about their professions.(1mark)(0.25c/u)

a. George Washington was a president of the USA a writer an inventor

b.Jefferson Perez was a athlete an inventor a scientist

c. Selena is a tennis player a singer a secretary

d. Leonel Messi is a soccer player a writer an athlete

Lcda Liliana Vecilla
English Teacher