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Juvenes, Juvencelae Eis aiona, eis aiona, tui sum. Juvencelae Tui sum. Juvenes, Juvencelae O mea vita. Eis aiona, tui sum. Eis aiona! Juvenes, Tu mihi cara, mi cara amicula corculum es! Juvencelae Cornulum es! Juvenes Tu mihi corculum, tu mihi corculum! Juvencelae Corcule, corcule Dic mi, dic mi, a te me amari? Juvenes O tui oculi, ocelli lucidi Fulgurant, efferunt me velut specula Juvencelae Specula, specula tu mihi specula? Juvenes O tua blandula, blanda, blandicula, blanda, blandicula tua labella. Juvencelae Cave, cave, cave cavete! Juvenes ….ad ludum prolectant Juvencelae Cave, cave, cave cavete! Juvenes O tua lingula, lingula, lingula Usque perniciter, vibrans ut vipera Juvencelae Cave, cave, cave cavete, Cave meam viperam, nisi te mordet.

Young men and women, couples, are cavorting together, observed by a group of old men. Young Men & Women Forever, forever, I am yours. Young Women I am yours. Young Men & Women You are my life. Forever, I am yours. Forever! Young Men You are my darling, my dear one, my sweetheart. Young Women You are my sweetheart! Young Men You are my sweetheart, my sweetheart! Young Women Dear one, dear one, Tell me, tell me, are you my love? Young Men O your eyes, your shining eyes, They glitter, inspiring me to hope. Young Women Hope, hope, are you my hope? Young Men Oh your charming, flattering, alluringYour charming, alluring, lips. Young Women Watch out, watch out, beware! Young Men …they entice us to games (of love). Young Women Watch out, watch out, beware! Young Men Ah, your tongue, your tongue, Always quick, darting like a viper. Young Women Watch out, watch out, beware! Beware of my viper, it may try to bite you.

coda.Catulli Carmina – Text and Translation page 2 /9 Juvenes Morde me! Juvencelae Basia me! Juvenes O tuae mammulae… Juvenculue …Mammulae… Juvenes. illas prensare. such pleasure Young Men to grasp them. Young Men …the penis.mammulae molliculae… Juvenes. Juvenes. illas prensare Juvenculae Suave. Your tail.peni peniculus… Juvenculae .dulciter turgidae.velut pisciculus. Juvencelae . Young Women …just like a little fish. the little penis.. to passionately grasp them. Juvenes . eager! My hand is longing to seize it. Young Women My hand is longing. vehementer prensare Juvenculae O tua mentula.. avida! Mea manus est cupida.. avida. suave. codicula.. Juvenes . … Young Men …phallus… Young Women …longing to rise. O you thrusting nipples! My hands are longing to grasp them. Young Women O your phallus. … Juvenes Mentula… Juvenculae Cupide saliens .. your phallus. like twin apples! My hands are longing. qui desiderat tuam fonticulam Juvenculae Mea manus est cupida.. . O vos papillae horridulae! Mea manus est cupida. your little tail is eager. lenire. illam captare. Young Men Mischievous little hands! . mentula. gemine pomo!! Mea manus est cupida.. Juvenes Petulanti marticula! Young Men Bite me! Young Women Kiss me! Young Men Oh your breasts… Young Women …breasts… Young Men & Women …supple breasts… Young Men …sweetly swelling. Young Men …which desires your little pond. Young Women Delightful.

Young Men You are Venus. Venus! Young Women How happy I am. vos stupidos. in tuo amplexu In tuta ingenti amplexu Yota est. which was just now full.. o me felicem! Juvenes In te. fades to a gentle breeze. all sweet delight. the time for love is not in the bedroom. Juvenes Tu est Venus. in te. listen. The Songs of Catullus! Young Men & Women We listen! The theatrical play begins. listen and see! The Songs of Catullus. unthinking men! Old man Lantern-bearer. Juvenculae O me felicem! Juvenes.Catulli Carmina – Text and Translation page 3 /9 Juvenculae …illam captare. In you. how happy! Young Men In you. omnis voluptas. The moon wanes. Sublata lucerna nulla est fides: Per fida omnia sunt. Juveaculae Eis aiona! Senes Eis aiona! Eis aiona! Eis aiona! O res ridicula. utter folly! Nothing. all pleasure. Young Women How happy I am! Young Men & Women Forever! Old men Forever! Forever! Forever! How ridiculous. tota est mihi vita. Time. Juveaculae Audiamus! Young Women . hold the ladder! Old Men Listen. in your embrace. Decrescit Phoebe. O vos brutos. you stupid. Venrum feritas Saepe. Fades. Is all. in you dwells All joy. nothing can last forever As the sun begins to shine on the ocean. . tene scaiam! Senes Audite. Love’s fire often changes. fit aura levis. saepe. Catulli Carmina! Juvenes. is all my life. Under the lamp’s light (you can see) there is no faithfulness: All is deceit. nihil durare potest tempore perpetuo Cum bene Sol nituit redditur seize it. tempus amoris cubiculum non est. audite. omnes dulcedines. vos stolidos! Senex Lantenari. O you dullards. audite ac videte: Catulli Carmina. Venus es! Juvenculae O me felicem. in te. Tempus. In your fervent embrace. immensa stultitia! Nil. In te. in te habitant Omnia gaudia. quaemodo plena fuit.

then the chorus Let us live. Deinde usque altera mille. Nox est pepertua una dormienda. Ille. mea Lesbia. Dein.Catulli Carmina – Text and Translation page 4 /9 Acutus I I: Catulli Carmen #85 Chorus Odi et amo. Then. basia. beholding you. Catullus Kiss me. then another thousand. and a second hundred. As nearly worthless! Catullus & chorus Suns set and rise again: For when our short-lived light fades. Just as. Quare id faciam. adspexi. Aut nequis malus invidere possit. ne sciamus. si fas est. fortasse requiris. if I may. Dein mille altera. I: Chorus I hate and love. Rumoresque senum severiorum Omnes unius aestimemus assis! Catullus & chorus Soles occidere et redire possunt: Nobis cum semel occidit brevis lux. appears to surpass the gods. ever watching and listening to your sweet laughter… Lesbia …laughter… Catullus …which miserably robs me of all sense. kiss me…. Conturbabimus illa. Cum tantum sciat esse basiorum. Catullus Da mi basia! Chorus Da mi basia mille. deinde centum. basia… III: Catulli Carmen #51 Catullus Ille mi par esse deo videtur. Catullus and Lesbia stand together II: Catulli Carmen #5 Catullus. Lesbia. Catullus Da mi basia. so that no one can be jealous of the number of our kisses. Lesbia Ridentem Catullus Misero quod omnis eripit sensus mihi: Nam simul te. sed fieri sentio et excrucior Act I Catullus leans on a column. dein secunda centum. cum milia multa fecerimus. nihil est super mi… II: Catullus. with many thousands more. Catullus Kiss me! Chorus Give me a thousand kisses. deinde centum. then still another thousand. my Lesbia. and it tortures me. III: Catullus and Lesbia sit by a column Catullus He seems to me like a god. but I sense it happening. together in love Regard the mumblings of old men. I am overcome… . Nescio. and a hundred more. atque amemus. Why do I do both. He. Lesbia enters. superare divos. Qui sedens adversus identidem te Spectat et audit dulce ridentem. The man who sits opposite you. you may ask? I do not know. We will sleep together in the eternal night. then a hundred. then the chorus Vivamus. Lesbia. until we are confused as to the count.

my ears ring with sound. quam Catullus unam Plus quam se atque suos amavit omnes. placet. placet. is what troubles you: You are enthralled with idleness. bravo. bravo. Catullus falls asleep in Lebia’s lap. tenuis sub artus flamma demanat. Catullus O my Lesbia! V Catullus and Chorus My love says there is no one she would prefer to marry than me. Dicit: sed mulier cupido quod dicit amanti In vento et rapida scribere oportet aqua. those descendants of the noble Remus. more than all who were his. that Lesbia. the Lesbia. Chorus Otium. and it is too much to bear. Chorus Now (they are) left at street corners and down alleys. old men applaud. Chorus Nunc in quadriviis et angiportis Glubit magnanimi Remi nepotes. optime! IV: Catullus Caelius. Catullus O mea Lesbia! V Catulli Carmina #70 Catullus & Chorus Nulli se dicit mulier mea nubere malle Quam mihi. it is true! . Idleness has ruined kings and affluent cities. and Catullus despairs. optime.Catulli Carmina – Text and Translation page 5 /9 Lesbia …super mi… Catullus Lingua sed torpet. Lesbia …overcome… Catullus my tongue grows numb. Caelius enters. Meanwhile Catullus awakens.. Illa Lesbia. Catulle. Lesbia dances in a tavern before her admirers. IV: Cattuli Carmen #58 Catullus Calei. sonitu suopte titinant aures. non si se Juppiter ispe petat. Otio exultas nimiumque gestis: otium et reges prius et beatas perdidit urbes.the night. Lesbia Nocte. what a woman tells the lover she desires is as a breath of wind and as though written in swiftly running water. tibit molestum’st. Catullus. our Lesbia. Lesbia illa. Lesbia nostra. Senes Placet. who Catullus loved more than himself. Lesbia leaves Catullus sleeping. Optime. She declares: yet. saying: Bravo. gemina teguntur lumina nocte. an exquisite flame flows down my limbs. Lesbia . It is true. Chorus Idleness. not even if Jupiter himself should ask her. both of my eyes are dim as the night.

dormi. The walls of the house become opaque. It is true. dormi. sleep still… Chorus My life. optime! VII: Catullus O. VI Chorus My life. dormi ancora Lesbia Sleep. Good deeds are nothing. dormi ancora Chorus Jucundum. my Lesbia! Chorus Stop expecting anything good from anyone. still… Love Scene Catullus wakes from his dream. optime. indeed. it is true! . Lesbia Sleep. that we may be granted. ut liceat nobis tota perducere vita aetermum hoc sanctae foedus amicitiae. Catullus is asleep in the street in front of Lesbia’s house. wearisome and an utter nuisance. mea vita. Lesbia caresses him lovingly. placet. VII: Catulli Carmen #73 Catullus O mea Lesbia! Chorus Desine de quoquam quicquam bene velle mereri. Omnia sunt ingrate. Lesbia Dorm. nil fecisse benigne Immo etiam taedet obestque magis. to continue in this sacred bond. Senes Placet. sleep. stop thinking anyone can ever be righteous.Catulli Carmina – Text and Translation page 6 /9 Actus II Act II Night. he sees though the transparent walls of the house to watch himself lying on the couch passionately embracing Lesbia. placet. I promise that this love we share will always be enchanting and will last forever. He realizes Caellus is with Lesbia. Omnai sunt ingrata. I promise that this love we share will always be enchanting and will last forever. facite ut vere promittere posit. Aut aliquem fieri posse putare pium. throughout out lives. atque sincere dicat et ex animo. Di magni. Catullus is in darkness and despairs. Optime. All things are unappreciated. let her truly vow. All things are unappreciated. old men applaud. In a dream. Ut mihi quem nemo gravius nec acerbius urget. sleep. bravo. no one more deeply or severely distresses me than the one who was once my one and only friend. mihi proponis amorem. quam mado qui me unum atque unicum amicum habuit. and say it genuinely from her heart. nil. bravo. mihi proponis amorem Huc nostrum inter not sperpetuumque fore. saying: Bravo. Great Gods. Huc nostrum inter not sperpetuumque fore Lesbia Dorm. mea vita. VI Catulli Carmina 109 Chorus Jucundum. in his place. As for myself.

sated. And if you so command me. ha. Enflamed with passion. be sure no one blocks the door-way. Et si iusseris illud adiuvato. if you request. Amicos medicosque convocate: Non est sana puella. Mistress of the bankrupt Formianus. quibus est puella curae. Catullus pushes Ameana away. VIII: Chorus I hate and love. my charming love. Send for her friends and the medics: she is not sane: she does not ask for the (small) amount she is worth. Catullus writes her a letter. ha. ha Catullus Ameana puella defututa Tota millia me decem poposcit. Catullus leans on a pillar. but I sense it happening. . IX: Catullus My beloved. IX: Catulli Carmen #32 Catullus Amabo. she should be made to see her (true) appearance. ha Catullus Ameana. fortasse requiris. Meae deliciae. Decoctoris amica Formiani. solide est imaginosa Chorus Ha. Catullus looks only for Lesbia. assails Catullus X: Cartulli Carmen #41 Chorus Ha.Catulli Carmina – Text and Translation page 7 /9 Actus III Act III Morning. Why do I do both. you may ask? I do not know. My darling. Sed domi maneas paresque nobis Novem continuas fututiones. Verum si quid ages. Ipstilla. that worn-out whore Asked me for ten thousand. The one with the ugly nose. sed fieri sentio et excrucior. Quare id faciam. Searching among the strolling lovers and courtesans. neu tibi libeat foras abira. And please do not go out. Nescio. my member poking through my tunic and cloak. mea dulcis Ipsitilla. mei lepores Iube ad te veniam meridiatum. Propinqui. X: Ameana. Ista turpinculo puella naso. statim iubeto: Nam pransus iaceo et satur supinus Pertundo tunicamque palliumque. VIII: Cartulli Carmen #85 Chorus Odi et amo. my sweet Ipsitilla. Ne quis liminis observet tabellam. an old prostitute. Nec rogate quails sit. but stay at home and prepare yourself for nine uninterrupted acts of love! In fact. and it tortures me. Call relatives to care for her. ha. appears at a window. a beautiful young woman. I will come at once. Tell me to come to you in the afternoon. For I have eaten lunch and lie down.

He will not seek you. there were many amusing times. when no one courts you. See what is lost. XI: Chorus Poor Catulus. whose lips will you bite? But you. XII: Catulli Carmina #87 & #75 XII Catullus Nulla potest mulier… Chorus Nulla potest mulier tantum se dicere amatam vere. powerless to refuse. Lesbia sees Catullus and cries out to him. Goodbye. cui quem labella mordebis? At tu. Ibi illa multa tum iocosa fiebant. Once brightly the sun shone on you. but pushes her away. nec miser vive. cum regaboeris nulla. quantum a me Lesbia amata mea’s: Catullus Nulla fides… Catullus No woman can… Chorus No woman can claim to have been truly loved as much my Lesbia has been loved by me: Catullus No such faithfulness… .Catulli Carmina – Text and Translation page 8 /9 XI: Catulli Carmen #8 Chorus Miser Catulle. Nec quae fugit sectare. or live in misery. Then. my dear! Catullus is resolved. Catullus staggers and topples to the ground. in which your wishes were followed. cease being a fool. puella! Iam Catullus obdurat. Truly the sun shone brilliantly for you then. Et quod vides perisse. destinatus obdura. be resolute. Do not pursue her. vae te! Quae tibit manet vita! Quis nuc te adibit? Cui videberis bella? Quem nunc amabit? Cullus esse diceris? Cui quem labella mordebis. Catullus cries out to her. Quae tu volebas nec puella nolebat. Vale. or woo you against your will: but you will know regret. Catullus. woe to you! What a life awaits you! Who will visit now? Who will think you beautiful? Whom will you love? Who will declare their love for you? Whose lips will you kiss. she did not refuse you. Since you loved her more than any other. Among the lovers. Catulle. perditum ducas. but be strong. Fulsere vere candidi tibi soles. Caelius and Lesbia enter. And you went wherever your lover led. choose to be unyielding. she is not willing: Today you are as she once was. Now. Sed obstinate mente prefer. Wretched woman. Fulsere quondam candidi tibi soles. Nuc iam illa non vult: to quoque impotens noli. Nec te requiret nec rogabit invitam: At tu dolebis. obdura. Lesbia Catulle! Catullus Lesbia! Lesbia Catullus! Catullus Lesbia! Catullus leans on a column. Scelesta. desinas ineptire. and this you must accept. Cum ventitabas quo peulla ducebat Amata nobis quantum amabitur nulla. be strong.

negenborn.htm Useful websites: Summary/review of work and recording used for practice CD: inkpot. however virtuous you may become. Catullus & Chorus Omnia si facias. Juveaculae Eis aiona! Accendite faces!! Note: Only a fraction of the repetition of text in the score is included here. etc: rudy. tua Catullus Mea Lesbia. you are to blame… Chorus I cannot now wish you well. and are aroused anew to mutual ardor. Now is my reason shattered. Young Men & Women . nor can I cease to love because of you. Catullus & Chorus Whatever you may do.html Compilation of Catullus’ poems with audio files of readings in Latin. Nunc est mens diducta tua. culpa. Chorus ut iam nec bene velle queat tibi. Chorus No such faithfulness has been found in any vow. I am yours! Old men Ah. you are to blame… Chorus I am also ruined by my own devotion to you. Catullus Mea Lesbia. The theatrical play is Varius Catullus & Robin Ellis and from rudy. culpa. forever. Some text spelling and punctuation corrections taken from Project Gutenberg Ebook of Catulli Carmina by C. Corrections and suggestions appreciated (e-mail sm. This original translation intended for use by Chora Nova. Chorus Atque ita se officio perdidit ipsa suo. nor did any find so great a love. Quanta in amore tuo ex parte reperta mea est. sometimes poetic license freely applied.negenborn. multiple translations. Translation is sometimes Lesbia flees into the house in despair. Catullus My Lesbia. me! Young Men & Women Forever! Kindle the flame! Juvenes. Catullus My Lesbia. Juveaculae Eis aiona! Eis aiona! Tui sum! Senes Oi me! Juvenes. Includes notes of Catullus poem numbers and notes on dramatic setting of the work (adapted from multiple sources).Catulli Carmina – Text and Translation page 9 /9 Chorus Nulla fides ullo fuit umquam in foedere tanta. nec desistere amare. si optima fias. Exodium Exodium The young mean and women take no heed of what they have seen.

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