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ESLA History and Social Studies

ESLAs History and Social Studies Department contributes to ESLAs greater mission by fostering metacognition, self-
understanding, historical empathy, and interpretive sophistication in its students. Emphasizing discussion and debate,
writing and reflection, the departments curriculum encourages students to explore, critique, and contribute to standard
narratives about histories both foreign and familiar. The departments core courses and more specialized electives
increase students subject knowledge, but do so within the context of broader questions about the relations between self
and society, mind and matter, agency and power, and morality and sovereignty.

Upon graduating from ESLA, the History and Social Studies student will possess research and writing skills; facility with
contemporary historical narratives and the ability to think beyond them; deeper understanding of the origins of
difference, inequality, and injustice; a greater capacity for examining ones assumptions and assessing the implications of
ones actions; and the ability to educate oneself, to complete self-directed projects, and to distinguish between the
reasonable and unreasonable claims of others.

Course Offerings

6th: The Ancient World

7th: World History, from the Fall of Rome to the Colombian Exchange

8th: U.S. History

9th: Los Angeles Past and Present

10th: World History, 1500 Present

11th: AP US History

12th: Electives (students required to take one semester)

2017- 2018 Elective Offerings

African-American History, to 1865

African-American History, 1865 Present

AP United States Government and Constitutional Law

Intro to East Asia

World War II


Allegiance and Disobedience