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A. DIRECTION: Listen to the conversation and choose the best answer.
1 How did Carlene become a ghost hunter?
a) she wanted to contact her dead grandmother
b) she grew up in a haunted house
c) her parents encouraged her
2 What, according to Carlene, do ghost hunters need most?
a) a special gift
b) equipment
c) an adventurous mind
3 Who does Carlene mostly work for?
a) people who want reassurance
b) people who want to contact loved ones
c) people who want to find a ghost
4 How does Carlene detect when ghosts are present?
a) She feels cold.
b) She gets evidence from her equipment.
c) She feels them touching her hair.
5 When is Carlene most afraid?
a) when her equipment breaks
b) when things move on their own
c) when bad spirits are nearby
6 What does Carlene think about people who don’t believe her?
a) She doesn’t understand why they think that.
b) She thinks they don’t have enough evidence.
c) She wants them to experience it for themselves.
7 What does Carlene feel about her business?
a) She realises she is taking advantage of customers.
b) She feels she is providing a service.
c) She wants to expand and make more money.

READING (35pts.)
A. DIRECTIONS: Read the text and answer the questions (4X3=12pts.)

Our facial expression is usually the first indicator of our state of mind. When we’re happy, we smile. And when
we’re sad or angry, we frown. There are times, however, when we don’t want people to know what we’re really
thinking or feeling, or when we’re trying to hide something. In these situations, we choose our words carefully,

These are the most revealing parts of our body as they are the furthest from our face and we don’t usually pay attention to what they are doing. Part of us knows that what we are saying is not true. Starting to read to a child at an early age ___________________________ A) helps him to amuse himself with the comic strips B) encourages his wish to read by himself C) makes it possible for him to select his own books . What can our faces do? 2. should not continue reading to their child year after year as he passes through the elementary grades. and they have their arms folded while they are speaking. 1. smiling. and tries to stop it coming out. Parents. and nodding. however. A person who says he or she is very pleased with something. but our body language often tells a different story. Body language refers to the pattern of gestures that express our inner thoughts and feelings in communication. and into the voluntary reading of self-selected books. comic strips of the better type. but we know they are probably communicating something important so we try not to use them. When are the words chosen carefully? 3. 1. we often cover our mouth with our hand or put a finger on our lip. This difference can have a significant effect on how we get on with that person. most commonly. 2) Gesturing with our hands. What do you usually do when you lie? READING II B. But if we feel uneasy in someone’s company. If the child can only get his reading pleasure through his parents' efforts. this could tell us that he is not enjoying the interview at all. This awareness and interest form a springboard from which he can leap into learning to read in school. Experiments have shown that we use our hands to talk with much less than usual when what we are saying is not true.) READING TO THE CHILD It is advisable for parents to read to their children at preschool and early primary levels. Parents should decrease their reading to the child as he learns to read and put him on his own as soon as possible. and children's magazines. However. he becomes aware that books. and newspapers hold something of interest and amusement for him. and that these symbols can be unlocked only when one knows how to read. If we are not very clever. Most of us don’t know exactly what someone else’s body language means. Touching our ear or hair and. he may not have much enthusiasm for doing the reading himself. it may be because their words and their body are saying different things from each other. or that we are angry or frightened but don’t feel able to express it. no matter what our words and facial expressions are communicating. An interviewer might be listening patiently.and we consciously make our facial expression mirror what we’re saying. our bodies will usually try to tell the truth. magazines. may actually be feeling quite the opposite. When they read to a child from story books. up to 90 per cent of communication is non-verbal. He also comes to realize that this "something" which he enjoys is tightly locked within black and white symbols. our nose are signs that we might be feeling anxious. We don’t know exactly what our hands are saying. If we are lying. According to the text why do you sometimes feel unhappy or restless when you are with somebody? 4. So we might say one thing. Here are three of the most common ways that our bodies can give us away: 1) Touching our faces more often than usual. but if he’s tapping his foot. DIRECTIONS: Read the article and choose the correct answer (3x3=9pts. 3) Moving our legs and feet.

She had to settle for a neighbourhood school. Parents are advised _________________________ A) to teach the child to read before he starts elementary school B) to leave the child on his own when he no longer gets any pleasure from being read to C) to start reading with amusing stories so that the child becomes more interested in reading D) to stop reading to the child when he starts elementary school so that they don't interfere with the teacher's instructions READING III C.) When Berenice Belizaire arrived in New York from Haiti with her mother and sister in 1987. "Why can't we go home?" Berenice asked her mother. The family had to live in a small and crowded Brooklyn apartment. She spoke no English. she was hungry for knowledge … And you know it never occurred to me that she also was doing well in English and history. she ordered. If parents go on reading to the child in spite of his having this ability _________________ A) the child doesn’t have the motivation to read on his own B) the child can't learn to make a good selection of what to read C) he can never be fluent in reading D) he becomes a listener rather than a reader 3. Berenice and her family came to the United States so that _______________________ ." Within two years Berenice was speaking English. School was torture. They cursed her in the cafeteria and threw food at her. she was not very happy. Indeed. Because home was dangerous. though not well enough to get into one of New York's elite public high school. But she always seemed to ask the right questions. the other kids at school began to notice that Berenice always. Her mother. a school with a history of unlikely success stories.DIRECTIONS: Read the article and (2x5=10pts." she says. James Madison. a far cry from the comfortable house they'd had in Haiti. "She was good at math." Berenice admitted last week. but now she was learning a new language while enduring constant taunts from the Americans. all these other subjects that had to be much tougher for her than math. She understood the big ideas. a nurse. She could think on her feet. Berenice had always been a good student. but she was quiet. Eventually I realized she wasn't just pushing for grades. D) is essential during the preschool period 2. She could explain difficult problems so the other kids could understand them. and education – her mother insisted – was the most important thing. Her mother had always pushed her: memorize everything." 1. The schools weren't always open anymore. "I have a pretty good memory. "They never called me a nerd. knew the answers. "They started coming to me for help. somehow. "I didn't realize what we had in Berenice at first. Someone hit her sister in the head with a book. worked long hours." says math teacher Judith Khan.

D. Although football violence declined between the two World Wars.) . In fact. The meaning “hungry for knowledge” is _______________________________________________. They all stood together. football violence 2_____. (a) in European stadiums increased 4. in the 1960s regular 1_____. usually at the goal end of their home football pitch.) HOOLIGANS! Football hooliganism started in England in the 1880s. __________________________________. (7X1=7pts. USE OF ENGLISH (27) A. 3. (a) fights started among fans at matches 3. Many people think that the consumption of alcohol is behind a lot of hooligan violence. the police said that on average each rioter 4 ____ every day of the tournament. Four hundred others were also taken into custody. At the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany 3 _____ because over 200 people were arrested in Stuttgart before they could start any fights. At Euro 2000. the English team was expelled from the tournament due to the bad behaviour of the fans. these groups became national gangs that used football matches as an excuse to fight. (a) had eaten 20 hot dogs (b) became even more popular (b) had punched 200 people (c) in British stadiums declined (c) had drunk 30 cups of Coke (d) was never heard of again (d) had consumed 17 liters of beer PART III. and during matches they threatened the opposing fans. By the 2000s most trouble happened in places other than stadiums or major international tournaments. 1. they became known as hooligans. Berenice didn't get into an elite public school because ___________________________. joined groups. (a) the English team was banned (b) parties were held by the players (b) there were only a few violent fights (c) television broadcasts had been banned (c) the German team lost (d) meetings helped fans stop violence (d) they wanted to celebrate their victory 2. Then circle the letter of the correct choice to complete the sentences with the most suitable phrase. As fans began to travel abroad to watch their local club play at away matches. who were from local working-class areas. (4X1=4pts. 4. which they began to identify as their territory. After the introduction of the Football Spectators Act in the UK. 2. The American students treated Berenice and her sister by _______________________ when they first came to New York. DIRECTIONS: Read the following history of British football hooliganism. DIRECTIONS: Read the text and choose the correct option. when what were termed roughs caused trouble at football matches. In the end. Fans.

displayed b. one of the guides pointed at something and told me to keep still. On the first day. Complete the sentences with the given prompts using a suitable tense including used to or negative form.coloured flowers and butterflies. what b. a. As a result. I warn him so many times. After this. 2. but now he just leaves them on all the time. (4xl =4pts) leaving his books not collecting not helping to his sister with her homework was more careful to turn the lights off before he went to bed 1. desire b. but he doesn't listen to her. and we stopped and watched in amazement as a line of army ants marched across our paths. incredible b. I don’t regret it and I look back on that experience with a feeling of pride. so last year I (2) ______ to climb the mountain to raise money for a charity. after an (7) _____ seven-day trek. where d. breath taking c. unusual d. possible b. I was full of enthusiasm. At one point. investigated 3. There were eight other people in my group and two guides who were (4) _____ for leading us safely up the mountain. a. I had an awful headache. efficient c. She keeps warning him to be tidy and helpful. When he was younger. volunteered c. I looked and was (6) ______ to see a family of blue monkeys. For a long time. I started out on my adventure by flying to Tanzania in Africa. C. a.) . but he ____________________ on the floor. (4X2=8pts. Finally. I'm sure he _______________________ his books. For instance. Initially. I've told him so many times to put his books in the wardrobe. unexplained B. surrounded 6. (3) ______ the mountain lies amongst gently rolling hills. approached d. a. willing 7. which c. we reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and climbing the mountain was a true test of my life. a. rushed c. successful 5. Tom. every part of my body ached and the weather became freezing cold and windy. DIRECTIONS: Look at Sarah's comments on his son. expected b. 3. enormous c. responsible d. target 2. allowed d. a. aim d. the climb got very steep and the high altitude made everything more difficult. 1. We were (5) _______ by brilliantly. delighted d.Although I told him to do he __________________________________________. respect c. 4. DIRECTIONS: Complete the sentences according to the given text. when 4. he _____________________________. Sarah also says that he was tidier before. I had a strong (1) _______ to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. focused b. a.

but Victor would respond the same way every time. You'll see. After Victor dropped out of high school to focus on his music career. . "Mom. when honest people told him to find something else to do with his life. Victor wanted to be a singer so badly. I won't need to know any of that boring old stuff when I'm famous. Victor ever wanted to do with his life was be a singer. Because he wanted to be a singer so badly. He didn't pay attention in school and he spent all of his time at home watching music videos online and impersonating his idols." But there was one major problem with Victor's plan: he wasn't any good at singing. the years passed and the doors never opened. he accused them of being "jealous haters" and ignored their advice. that he didn't notice the pained look on the faces of those who endured his singing. His mother tried to teach him the value of getting an education and having a backup plan.


Now. This is the second time he has done the same thing He ______________________ (be) more thoughtful. of course. and there’s also a chance to meet new people and 1 ________________________ with them.) die out break down stick up for hit it off get round to run into pick on get on well An average teenager spends from three to six hours communicating with friends on blogs and social networks every day. social networks or blogs to communicate. I also think that things like writing letters or sending postcards are 7 _______________________ . They help and comfort you when you 5___________________________ into tears. 1. You can choose your friends from forum websites. B: Really. Personally.) . I don’t use social networks very often. DIRECTIONS: Complete the dialogue meaningfully (4x2=8 pts) A: I saw Jack with his fiancée yesterday. __________________________________________________________________. VOCABULARY (18pts. she has even more friends than I do! B. who I hadn’t seen since we graduate from elementary school. (6x1=6 pts. 2. B: The girl you saw _________________________________(be) his fiancée because she was blonde and had green eyes. I just visit them to make sure all my friends are alive and well. I think that the internet is a really important part of my life. 3. DIRECTIONS: Complete the dialogues with using one of the words given below in sentences. There are some extras that you don’t need to use. D.) A. All Victor wishes ___________________________________________________. Sometimes. my mum created an account on Facebook. I’m not an exception! In fact. Two weeks ago. But I love blogging! Every week I try to 6__________________ writing a post about my life. You _________________________________(see) someone else. I 2___________________ one of my friends. PART IV. but also there are always good friends who 4__________________________ you. I explained how everything worked. (6x2=12pts. If he realized he isn’t good at singing he ______________________________________. B: I think they _________________________ (break) up and he is dating with someone else. _____________________________________. DIRECTIONS: Complete the text with the missing words. A: Someone else? They were walking hand in hand. If All Victor listens to honest people words about his voice. 4. Did you like her? A: She has beautiful long dark hair with hazel eyes. Last year. there are people who 3__________________________ and criticize you. If he understood the value of education.

A: What do you think about your new job? B: 3 ____________________________________ but it doesn’t matter to me. You must be careful about who you listen to because a lot of dieticians only talk about what to eat or what not to eat but they don’t talk about how important and helpful daily exercising and sports is. They will walk through the İstiklal Street and then one of protesters will give a speech. 3. . A: 4 ________________________an operation? B: Yes. because.A: The police took away my brother’s license. A: What are they going to do. in order to. discrimination injustice march highly-skilled beneficial consider detect rise to the challenge whisper the bottom line 1. People believe that the decision of the judge was unfair. I think you can only improve by facing the difficulty and hard work. they thought about it but they believe that an operation is too risky in her age. It’s a serious issue so the doctors are trying to make a decision. 5. 4. next? B: 2 ________________________________. they stopped his car for a routine check but when 5 _______________________ _________________________ his smell.) (20pts. DIRECTIONS: Choose one of the following and write an article of four paragraphs. they decided to give him alcohol test.A: What do you think is the most useful way to lose weight? B: 6________________ to consult an expert.) A.. They immediately found out that he was way over the limit. 2. (although. PART IV: WRITING (13pts. You are expected to use linking words. Is she ok? B: No. there is a problem with her heart.) 1 The advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad (in a foreign country) 2 The advantages and disadvantages of shopping on the internet.A: Why is there such a big crowd outside? B: 1 _______________________________.A: I’m sorry to hear that your mother is at the hospital. B: Why? A: Well.. however.