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COURSE 90021A_360
GROUP 90021_418




To make known through this document the respective information of each of the
members of the group 90021_418, consolidated in the recognition forum, which aims
to provide a space of communication between the group's colleagues and exchange


1. Collect educational information from peers in the group.

2. To fulfill fully the activities proposed by the subject.

3. Establish communication between group members.

4. Identify different types of job profiles.

5. Analyze the different labor terms.

Stage 1 Fill in the form

Fill in the gaps according to your own information and upload it to the forum. Write
enough information in the last four items:


Full Name: Wilmer Esteban Calderon Muoz
Age: 27 years old
Occupation: coordinator regional de supported technical
Marital status: Cased
What do you study: I study engineering in telecommunications
Free time activities: Riding, listening to music, watching movies and share with my
Interests: continue to grow professionally, provide a better quality of life for my
family and help my parents.
Skills: riding bicycle, repairing computers, dancing, order
Work experience: I have worked in 3 companies in my working life, all working in
the systems area. In the Sena, NIssan the brand of vehicles and for two years I work
in IBM multinational and patent in the field of technology, where I am currently
regional coordinator of technical support.
Years of experience: I have a little more than 6 years of experience practicing in
the areas of technology in the companies with which I have been linked.
Full name: Diego Andrs Cepeda Jimenez
Age: I am 25 years old
Occupation: Engineering Sales Specialist Junior
Marital status: single
What do you study: Engineering study in telecommunications
Free time activities: playing video games, reading, cycling, football and tennis
Interests: I like everything related to technology, especially networks and computer
Skills: knowledge and administration of Firewalls, Switches, Routers, Access
Points, etc., servers, VoIP, mail systems, knowledge in videoconferencing systems,
SQL database management, Backups systems, CCTV systems, preventive and
corrective Maintenance of computers, printers and stabilizers, structured cabling,
operating systems management (Windows, Mac and Linux), warranty processing,
file control, documents and area licenses.
Work experience: my first work experience was in a college of mojas where I was
performing preventive and corrective maintenance of computer,Then I went to work
in proelctrica in the management of all the technology infrastructure of the
company, after a computer security company as a project assistant and currently
Engineering Sales Specialist Junior in adistec Colombia business.
Years of experience: I have experience more than 4 years in the field of new
technologies, configuring, repairing and managing computer equipment.


Full Name: Diana Carolina Hernandez Ramirez
Age: 27 years old
Occupation: I am a support operator in second level
Marital status: I'm single
What do you study: student of telecommunications engineering of 4 semesters.
Free time activities: student of telecommunications engineering of 4 semesters.
Interests: Among my main interests is reading, watching plays, going to concerts,
sharing time with my son, traveling and watching movies
Skills: I am very versatile and always willing to learn new things, I always have a
good attitude towards the difficulties and I always focus on the improvement as the
basis for any activity
Work experience: At the beginning of my working life I focus on transportation
logistics, where I work in companies such as the district mobility secretary,
transmilenio and the SITP. After I decided to retire from this field and start studying
telecommunications engineering at UNAD, I am currently working at Widetech, a
Colombian multinational where I am a second-level support operator and I am
gaining experience in technology and telecommunications.
Years of experience: In the district mobility secretary I worked one year, then
worked for transmilenio 3 years and in the SITP worked 2 years. I am currently
working at Widetech where I have been since July 2016. All this gives me 6 years of
transport logistics and 8 months around support in technology for a total of 6 years
and 8 months of work experience.
Full Name: Angie Astrid Acevedo Aranguren
Age: 21 Years Old
Occupation: Help desk leader
Marital status: Free Union
What do you study: Telecommunications Engineering
Free time activities: I like sleep, I listen to music, and I like to spend time with my
Interests: Personally, I like to learn constantly of technology, I want to give a better
quality of life to my family and study to have the resources to travel around the world.
Skills: I characterize myself for being responsible, friendly, intelligent, with skills to
work in groups, propose solutions and improvements.
I am a fast learner especially in subjects of computer science and technology.
Work experience: My first job was attending an internet caf, there I acquired skills
to attend to the public, administration of resources and personnel, Then I carried out
my Sena practices in the Terpel Organization, there I made technical support to the
meeting rooms and visitors, Finally I go to work at Arus there I have worked as a
help desk agent, on-site support and currently as a help desk leader.
Years of experience: I work 2 years as an advisor in an internet caf, 6 months as
an apprentice of the Sena, 1 year as a help desk agent, 6 months as on-site support
and 1 year leader of help desk.
Full Name: Germn David Devia Valderrama.
Age: 28 years old.
Occupation: Student.
Marital status: Single.
What do youstudy: Telecommunications engineering.
Free time activities: play soccer, xbox 360 and spend time with family.
Interests: I am very interested in sports, especially soccer (I see the Spanish league
and the Champions League, I also like to read about topics that deal with technology
or informatic security, I would like to learn how to do modeling in 3D and animations
in turn.
Skills: I learn fast, I know to work in a team, I like to collaborate in what is within my
reach, my experience is based on the administration of servers, I know a little about
Firewall, network routing, operating systems Windows and Linux, I also have
administrator emails in Zimbra and in Office 365, I have managed web servers that
are installed under IIS, Apache Tomcat, Xampp and Wamp, among other things.
Work experience: I will name the last three companies where I work, from the oldest
to the most recent, in 2009 I worked in a general services company installing security
software in ATMs in BBVA bank, I had to travel in several parts of the region of
Antioquia and guarantee the visualization of these ATMs in a central server. In 2011
I joined a cleaning and maintenance service company, where I started the
administration of servers and chose it as the main thing for my work; Administered
the servers of the application of payroll, accounting, telephone plant, mail, perimeter
security, among others. My last experience was in a company of the health and
religious sector, where I was in charge of the administration of fifteen servers among
which was Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, FTP, databases, web publications, instant
messaging, HSEQ software, accounting, payroll, etc. In each of the experiences I
had much knowledge of which has served me today.
Years of experience: In total, I have been working in the systems area for eight
years, the first two were based on technical support of the first leve, performing
installations or giving basic support to the end user. After this experience, start with
the server administration.
Stage 2 Writing a recommendation paragraph.
Mr. Smith;
Seeing the personal information and work of Mr. Wilmer, I strongly emphasize that
his interests include supporting his parents and offering a better quality of life to his
family; Seeing this you can see that he is a person dedicated to his family, which
encourages him to grow in his work environment.
Being a person with family responsibilities can be assumed that he will be more
committed and careful of his work since his work stability depends more people. In
addition to this he has 6 years of experience in the systems area, which gives us
security in which he knows of support and systems. I hope you consider my
considerations regarding this person for the vacancy of technology support
Diana Carolina Hernandez


Dear Mr. Simpson,
It is a pleasure to recommend to Diego Andres Cepeda analyzing your personal
information proves to be a person who likes everything related to technology,
especially networks and computer security, with extensive knowledge in firewall
management, switches, routers, access points, Etc., servers, VoIP, mail systems,
video conferencing systems, SQL database management, backup systems, CCTV
systems, among other skills, satisfying the needs of the vacancy.
With a track record of 4 years of experience is a good indication of how he would
perform in his company, would be a very positive asset for his program in the position
of Engineering Sales Specialist Junior.
If I can be of any other assistance, or provide you with any additional information,
please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours Sincerely,
Angie Acevedo
Dear Mr. Lozano, it is a pleasure for me, Mrs. Angie Acevedo, a person who, at a
young age, since she is 21 years old, has a great work experience; Having four years
and six months of experience in technical assistance in an Internet Caf, the
experience where he had to have contact with the public helping to strengthen his
communication and his agility to solve problems in a short time, also had a position
Company and staff resources a burden.
I practice internships at SENA, which is the technical support to support the meeting
rooms and visitors, his last work experience is the most outstanding and he initially
worked as a desktop help agent, supporting the site of the problems presented in
the computer equipment, for his great performance today as leader of help desk,
coordinating the different cases reported, assigning work load to a working group
prepared to solve the different requests.
Personally, it is a person who is interested in technology, likes to learn every day
about new developments to be both evolution and innovation, is familiar, likes to
sleep, listen to music, travel and is characterized by being a responsible person,
smart and kind.
Good day
Mr. Leonardo
Considering the profile of the people who presented themselves in the interview, I
give faith and I recommend to Mr. Diego Andrs Cepeda as you can see in his
resume he is identified that he has a broad labor profile, meets all those required to
cover the Available vacancy
Among the factors that characterize it is a person who is currently studying
engineering in telecommunications, has extensive knowledge in the area of
computer security and network administration. For what I compete in my opinion I
think it would be a very good collaborator to work as a team and take the projects of
the company forward.
Recommendation paragraph
Mr. Leonardo I am pleased present Mr. Wilmer, is a hardworking, enterprising,
responsible and honest person capable of carrying out the work for which it is
agreed. Wilmer has more than 6 years in the field of technology, he has had the
opportunity to work in large companies such as Sena,NIssan the brand of vehicles
and for two years I work in IBM multinational and patent in the field of technology, is
currently regional coordinator of technical support.. He is also a person who is
constantly looking for a way to keep growing professionally and professionally.
Stage 3 Select a role.

Stage 4 Write a group recommendation for a job.

1. Recommendation for a job

Dear Sirs, I am pleased to present the following working group, highlighting the skills
of each one of them, Diana is a versatile person, always ready to start new things,
with a good attitude towards difficulties and always focuses on improvement as the
basis for any activity ; Diego proves to be a person who likes everything related to
technology, especially networks and computer security; Wilmer has 6 years of
experience in the systems area, which gives us security in which he knows of support
and systems; Angie is a person who is characterized by being responsible, kind,
intelligent, with abilities to work in groups, to propose solutions and improvements;
German is a fast learner and his experience is based on server administration,
knows a bit about Firewall, network routing, Windows and Linux operating systems,
also manages email in Zimbra and Office 365, etc.

They would be very positive resources for your program, I hope you will consider my
considerations regarding this person for the vacancy, if I can be of any other
assistance, or provide you with any additional information, please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Will Thompson

2. Recommendation for a job

Sr. Leonardo

Con mucho agrado nos presentamos como el grupo conju-unad como un equipo
altamente calificado para las necesidades que usted necesita para su empresa , a
continuacin presento a Angie Acevedo nuestra especialista en mesa de ayuda la
cual se encargara de bridar todo el soporte a los requerimientos y apoyndola
tenemos a Diana Hernndez nuestra second-level support con gran experiencia en
los incidentes a nivel de infraestructura , Diego Cepeda es nuestro ingeniero de
seguridad informtica quien garantizara que la red este protegida a cualquier
amenaza , Wilmer es ingeniero de telecomunicaciones altamente calificado por sus
diferentes certificaciones de diferentes marcas , finalmente presento nuestro
ingeniero ms experimentad con 8 aos laborando en infraestructuras tecnolgicas
en grandes empresas del sector de las nuevas tecnologas , como puede notar
nuestro grupo de trabajo es calificado para cubrir todos las necesidades que
requiera su empresa .

Mr. Leonardo

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the conju-unad group as a team highly

qualified for the needs you need for your company, I present to Angie Acevedo our
specialist in the help desk is the person who handles all the support to the
requirements and supporting We have a Diana Hernandez our support of second
level with great experience in the incidents of infrastructure level, Diego Cepeda is
our computer security engineer who will guarantee that the protection of network to
any threat, Wilmer is engineer of telecommunications highly Qualified by its different

Stage 5 Lets get that job - Conversation

GERMAN DAVID DEVIA Hola, Angie. Donde estas ya estoy en la puerta de tu

casa con Wilmer y Diana en el carro para ir a la entrevista.
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA Hello, Angie. Where are you and I'm at the door of your
house with Wilmer and Diana in the car to go to the interview.
ANGIE ASTRID ACEVEDO Hola German; ya estoy lista ya voy a salir.
ANGIE ASTRID ACEVEDO - Hello German; I'm ready and I'm going to leave.
DIANA CAROLINA HERNANDEZ Hola Angie, sbete pronto que an falta
recoger a Diego.
DIANA CAROLINA HERNANDEZ - Hello Angie, come up soon that Diego is still
(llegando a casa de Diego)
(Arriving at Diego's house)
DIEGO ANDRES CEPEDA -Hola Wilmer Dnde vienen?
DIEGO ANDRES CEPEDA - Hello Wilmer Where are they coming from?
WILMER ESTEBAN CALDERON Salga ya que estamos en la puerta
WILMER ESTEBAN CALDERON - Come out, we're at the door ...
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA Diego, sbase rpido que hay mucho trafico
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA - Diego, quickly get a lot of traffic
DIEGO ANDRES CEPEDA Listo, Cinturn puesto arranquemos.
DIEGO ANDRES CEPEDA - Ready, Belt ready.
DIANA CAROLINA HERNANDEZ Compaeros, vamos todos listos, con la mejor
actitud, para que nos ganemos ese contrato con nuestro proyecto.
DIANA CAROLINA HERNANDEZ - Partners, let's all get ready, with the best attitude,
so that we win that contract with our project.
ANGIE ASTRID ACEVEDO Si, ahora Wilmer no vas a empezar a ponerte
nervioso, que nos asustas a todos y eso nos resta puntos.
ANGIE ASTRID ACEVEDO - Yes, now Wilmer is not going to start making you
nervous, that scares us all and that leaves us points.
WILMER ESTEBAN CALDERON no tranquila, yo voy muy tranquilo y con ganas
de que nos quedemos ese contrato, porque hemos trabajado mucho en este
WILMER ESTEBAN CALDERON - not quiet, I am very calm and looking forward to
having that contract, because we have worked hard on this project.
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA chicos, no quiero preocuparlos, ni bajar la moral a nadie,
pero el carro me est fallando
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA - boys, I do not want to worry them, or lower morale to
anyone, but the car is failing me ...
DIEGO ANDRES CEPEDA no German nos va a decir que esta varado el carro?
DIEGO ANDRES CEPEDA - no German are you going to tell us that the car is
WILMER ESTEBAN CALDERON German Qu le pasa al carro?
WILMER ESTEBAN CALDERON - German What's wrong with the car?
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA Pues es que la direccin est un poco dura y no pude
maniobrar bien cuando volteamos la esquina.
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA - Well, the direction is a little hard and I could not maneuver
well when we turned the corner.
DIEGO ANDRES CEPEDA - usted cree que si podemos llegar con el carro as a
la entrevista?
DIEGO ANDRES CEPEDA - do you think we can get there with the car like that to
the interview?
ANGIE ASTRID ACEVEDO Qu vamos a hacer? Todava estamos lejos del sitio
y el tiempo ya no alcanza para ir en transporte pblico
ANGIE ASTRID ACEVEDO - What are we going to do? We are still far from the site
and time is no longer enough to go by public transport
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA no s qu decirles, yo no s de mecnica y nunca me
haba pasado esto
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA - I do not know what to tell you, I do not know about
mechanics and I've never had this happen
WILMER ESTEBAN CALDERON pues si es la direccin toca llevar el carro a un
taller para que lo revisen
WILMER ESTEBAN CALDERON - if it's the address, you have to take the car to a
workshop to have it checked
DIANA CAROLINA HERNANDEZ al taller? Ya? As no vamos a poder llegar a
la entrevista, vamos a perder el contrato
DIANA CAROLINA HERNANDEZ - to the workshop? Already? So we will not be
able to get to the interview, we will lose the contract

DIEGO ANDRES CEPEDA - Qu vamos a hacer?

DIEGO ANDRES CEPEDA - What are we going to do?
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA pues yo voy a seguir manejando despacio e intentar
llegar a la entrevista
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA - well, I'm going to keep driving slowly and trying to get to
the interview
DIEGO ANDRES CEPEDA - usted cree que si llegamos German?
DIEGO ANDRES CEPEDA - do you believe that if we arrived German?
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA tiempo todava tenemos para llegar a tiempo. Todo
depende en realidad de que el vehculo responda
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA - We still have time to arrive on time. It all depends on
whether the vehicle responds
ANGIE ASTRID ACEVEDO qu tal si guardamos el carro en algn lado y nos
vamos todos en un taxi?
ANGIE ASTRID ACEVEDO - how about we keep the car somewhere and we all go
in a taxi?
WILMER ESTEBAN CALDERON No Angie, eso no se puede porque no cabemos
todos en un taxi. Nos tocara separarnos y si no llegamos todos a tiempo no nos
hacen la entrevista a ninguno.
WILMER ESTEBAN CALDERON - No Angie, that's not possible because we cant
all fit in a taxi. It would be up to us to separate and if we do not arrive all on time they
will not interview us.
DIANA CAROLINA HERNANDEZ yo creo que es mejor entonces que todos
continuemos juntos en el carro e intentemos llegar.
DIANA CAROLINA HERNANDEZ - I think it's better than we all stay together in the
car and try to get there.
Ms adelante
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA chicos ya nos falta una cuadra y creo que el carro nos
alcanz a traer as que listos para la entrevista y de salida con calma miramos que
hacer con este carro.
GERMAN DAVID DEVIA - guys are already a block away and I think the car got us
to bring it so ready for the interview and we calmly checked out what to do with this

* To gather the respective information to the initial phase of the English course 2.

* Meet groupmates.

* The roles of participation of the collaborative group are assigned.

* The activities of the course and its evaluative value are recognized.

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