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Name: Shyla Kumar

1. Name of Campus? University of British Columbia (UBC).

2. Why did you choose this campus? This university is one of the best
universities in Canada, the gigantic size of the campus.

3. What is unique about this campus? There is about 14 libraries and the variety
of different departments which ranges from health, sciences to law, technology.

4. What kind of programs are offered? Business, Economics & Law(19),
Chemistry & Life Sciences(26), Creative Arts & Media(21), Earth, Environment &
Sustainability(25), Education(9), Health Sciences(29), History & Cultural
Studies(24), Languages & Linguistics(16), People & Society(33), Physics &
Astronomy(11) and Technology, Math & Engineering.

5. What is the application deadline? January 1st
6. How do I check my application status? Go to the website-

7. After I have been accepted, how do I register? Visit this website-
8. How do I know what classes to register for? Keep an eye out for credits for
each course/program and most important your interests.

9. What is the average class size? 100-300 people.

10. How do you provide academic advice to students? You make an appointment
with your academic advisors.


11. Where are the best places to study on campus? The best places to study on
campus are the lounges, library, the egg (round shaped room above the

12. Does the campus offer residence? Yes this campus does offer residency.
13. How can I get involved with athletics or clubs and societies? You can see
your academic advisors and ask how you can get involved. You can also gather
information from reading pamphlets.
14. How long was the tour? 3 hours

15. What surprised you about campus? The campus was bigger than I expected,
they had a lot of library/study lounges around the campus.

16. What did you like about the campus? It was very open and big, not very
crowded considering there are a lot of students. The class rooms were not that
big and intimidating.

17. What did you not like about the campus? It might be hard to get around the
school in between classes.

18. Would you apply to this Campus? I am considering it , but it all depend on if
there are any courses that I am interested in.