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Media Studies Isabelle Green

How representation is incorporated in The Jungle Book

-Social class
Mowgli is a man-cub. In the jungle
everyone believes he has the power
to create fire. Fire is something in
Mowgali wears small red shorts in which only the most powerful are When In the presence of the
the film, also he has long scraggly seen to behold. It shows great elephants the rest of the jungle bow
hair that appears to be matted and wealth and places him higher in down to them. This shows they are
dirty. This could suggest he is of a hierarchy, obtaining a higher status of a higher class and are well
lower class. in the jungle of this sense. respected animals within the jungle.

King Louie is represented as one of a The monkeys have no dialogue in

higher class through his size. He is the 2016 version of the film.
clearly enormous in comparison to Social Class
Therefore, you could perceive them
the rest of the monkeys, illustrating as lower class. As well as they
his dominance and power. The scavenge for food to give to King
masses of fruit and treasure around Louie, suggesting they are of less
him also connotes wealth. importance.

Bagheera comes across as an old

Shere Khan is also an older character who has experienced the
character who has been around for changes in the jungle for many
long enough to hold grudges that years. He is the one whom takes
influence Mowgali just because he is Mowgali to the wolf pack,
a man-cub. This is a trait an older demonstrating that he is wise and
generation may be seen to behold. knowledgeable of whats right and

The elephants are so well respected

that I believe they represent the Age Mowgali is young and innocent, he
oldest characters in the film. You knows no different to the pack,
are told to respect your elders and therefore hes still learning.
the whole jungle seem to do so. Meaning he is easily influenced and
vulnerable. Whilst still being playful
Baloo is a young adult who is still and easily excited.
around to have a good time and enjoy
life. He seems rather careless to begin
with, however once getting to know
Mowgali they form a bond, in which
Baloo cannot ignore. He takes
responsibility and puts his life at risk
to help Mowgali.