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YEAR: 12 DUE DATE Draft: Fri 11 August

SEMESTER: 2 Final: Thur 24 August
ITEM Extended Response
Social Media
Please ensure that: ASSESSMENT Extended Response:
your name is on the header of every page;
you attain the word count;
you show evidence of your work in progress each 4 weeks
lesson; and Individual
the assignment is submitted to the teacher both in
800-1200 words
hard copy and on The Learning Place.

Statement of Authorship:

Student Declaration:
I, Wai Chai Tam, declare that; IMPLEMENTATION
I completed this assessment without any direct
assistance from any other source other
than those listed in my bibliography or that are accepted
by the teacher (which may include group work.)

I completed this assessment with the following

assistance; Draft feedback,
Topic 3
Benefits and Uses 3
Purpose of Report 4
Main Body
Description 5
Simplifications, Assumptions and Boundaries 5
Social Media 6
Facebook 6
Instagram 7
Snapchat 8
Summary 9
Social media is everywhere and hard to miss. Nearly every advertisement contains a logo in the corner
which many people can identify as applications for social media. Currently, there are 2.3 billion active
social media users around the world [ CITATION Kit161 \l 3081 ]. There has never been a more connected
time in human history. Social media can be defined as interactive Web 2.0 Internet based applications
that assist users to connect with each other and receive or share information [ CITATION Kap09 \l 3081 ].
Social media applications and platform heavily rely on content that is user generated. These contents can
include: pictures, videos, blogs and tweets [ CITATION Liz16 \l 3081 ]. User generated content is
oftentimes shareable on social media which brings attention to the content shared. Typically, users that
share a common interest would group together and become a community of users[ CITATION Dan171 \l
3081 ]. Many business and corporations utilise social media in their marketing strategies to promote
their products and services. Through different social media platforms, businesses can broaden their
target audience and in turn, advertise their products and services to a wide range of people. Social
media has changed the way humans communicate with each other and will continue to alter the future
of humanity.
Social media is used on websites and phone applications which increases accessibility to its uses. There
are great benefits of social media which may be favoured by many industries and the public. Social
media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow methods of communication through,
posts, private chat rooms and direct messaging. According to Reachout, comprised of youth mental
health professionals, social networking services are being used to raise awareness on issues and their
causes by organizing activities and events. These activities and events can include fundraisers and
coordinating band activities [ CITATION Rea \l 3081 ].
Similarly, businesses and organisations are using social media to their advantage. By reaching out to a
large audience on social networking services, businesses and organisations have the ability to promote
themselves on a much larger scale. The Coca Cola company used a User Generated Content campaign
dubbed the Share a Coke campaign to advertise their drink in 2015. They asked customers to take a
picture of themselves with a Coke bottle that has their name and share it on social media platforms such
as Instagram and Facebook. It changed Coca Colas image to that of an interactive large corporation that
cares for its customers in different parts of the world[ CITATION Liz16 \l 3081 ]. Brazil is Coca Colas third
biggest consumer of its popular Coke soft drink so it is important for the large corporation to maintain its
international relations with their consumers through the use of social media and networking services.
Fashion designing organisations also benefit from social media. By promoting their products through
posts such as pictures, videos and gifs, their consumers would be able to clearly see and form their own
opinion on fashion accessories and clothes. One such example of a successful social media campaign
would be Nike. This company specialises in professional athletic clothing and in recent years has focused
on keeping its brand fresh and fashionable. With over seventy-three million followers currently and over
nine hundred posts[CITATION Ins \l 3081 ], Nike is the second leading brand on Instagram, behind the


National Geographic as seen on the left1[ CITATION Sta17
\l 3081 ]. One of Nikes most successful social media
campaign is the PhotoiD campaign[ CITATION Key15 \l
3081 ]. Using Instagram, Nike encouraged its followers to
customise their own pair of Nike trainers and share their
photos on the social media platform. In 2013, Nike
designed a microsite to allow users to personalise their
shoes with photographic memories to commemorate
special moments in life where the result was a
shareable photo that often looked good. (Thibaut
Davoult, Nitrogram) The social media campaign enabled
100,000 personalised shoes created in the first week of
the campaign and six hundred shoes created per hour at
its peak. This allowed Nike to promote itself on a large
scale to a wide variety of audiences on Instagram with
minimal cost[ CITATION Key15 \l 3081 ]. By utilising social media, many companies in many industries
have the opportunity to promote themselves through social media campaigns.
The purpose of this report is to present a strategy which benefits and suits the client to assist them in
upgrading their regional, local business to an international, worldwide company. The client, Lawn A-
Bane, is a clothing company which specialises in the design and retail of activewear for women. Their
philosophy is to inspire women to live their best life through active living, with a strong emphasis on
inspirational slogans plastered across fashionable running singlets. From 2007, Lawn A-Bane has slowly
grown its business to include profitable retail outlets in several shopping hotspots throughout South East
Queensland such as Kingston, Booval, Deception Bay, Capalaba and Mount Gravatt. The founder and
current CEO of Lawn A-Bane, Jeremy Jane Clarkson would like to transform the company into a
moderately successful regional brand. The issue that they want to address is their strategies that limits
their success. Lawn A-Bane desires to switch strategies so that they will promote through social media.
The companys situation will be considered throughout the process of the social media strategy which
will upgrade their business to further promote their services and clothing line.

Main body
The client who has reached out to a digital marketing specialist, is identified as Lawn A-Bane which is a
Queensland clothing company. The founder and CEO of the company would like to transform their
business from a moderately successful regional brand to an A-list, top shelf, celebrity-rated, must have
brand, in other words, an internationally recognised brand. Jeremy Jane Clarkson believes that since the
products sold by the company are already simply awesome, a new marketing initiative is needed to

1 This graph shows the amount of Instagram followers that brand accounts have with National Geographic in first
take Lawn A-Bane to the next level. Currently, the business incorporates a marketing strategy which
involves pamphlet drops, newspaper advertisements and local radio spots. This strategy is not keeping
track with the business growth and needs to be changed in order for the company to grow larger. The
renewed strategy will outline how the company will use social media to transform its brand such as
promotional campaigns using UGC for shareable content and customer-business interactions with
giveaways or customer service, for example. The social media marketing campaign designed for Lawn A-
Bane will successfully meet the companys demands and request as well as promote their services to a
large audience on social media.
Simplifications, assumptions and boundaries are important to address in case of a misunderstanding
between the client and the digital marketing specialist. Because the client did not outline all that they
requested in detail, assumptions and simplifications are bound to be made.
Assumptions that need to be considered in the social media marketing strategy include: how Lawn A-
Bane would like to promote, for example, through the use of videos or pictures and what kind of content
the client would like to include in posts. It is assumed that the company would like to promote their
products and services through videos, pictures and text-based posts as they are the most popular form
of communication on social media platforms. The content of those posts may contain the business logo,
slogan or motto, visual components such as models, colours, clothing as well as hashtags to reach a
wider audience, maintain engagement and connections with consumers. It is also assumed that the
target audience of the client have access to the social media platforms that will be recommended as well
as the capability of the clients employees to implement the strategies and the client has the facilities for
photography or videos which will be further discussed in the strategies.
Simplifications were made for the convenience of the digital marketing strategist and the client. The
number of social platforms considered for the market strategy was originally six platforms (YouTube,
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Google+). However, it was decided that managing six social
media platforms on the first digital marketing campaign would prove to be difficult to accomplish as the
staff of Lawn A-Bane would not be familiar with the processes of social media marketing. Therefore, the
number of social media platforms were reduced to three (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat). The
clients requirements for the digital marketing strategy has been considered in all assumptions and
simplifications. All addressed points will decrease misunderstanding between the two parties, the client
and digital marketing specialist and serve to efficiently fulfil the requests and requirements of the client.

Social media has changed the way businesses advertise themselves. They can market products,
promote brands, connect to current customers and foster new business.[ CITATION Mar13 \l 3081 ]
From a business point of view, social media marketing is a way to expose their brand and broaden their
customer range. One of the advantageous characteristics of social media marketing is social customer
relationship marketing. From a consumers perspective, they are able to easily contact the company and
share their good or bad experiences with them. By using social media, the business can respond quickly
to an inquiry and attend to customer problems as well as maintain, regain or build customer confidence
in the business. There are many social media platforms that allow such connections between customers
and the business[ CITATION Mar13 \l 3081 ]. The chosen social media platforms for Lawn A-Bane are
Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. According to the Modo Labs Team, young adults, from the age of
eighteen to twenty-four, favour visual communication in the form of videos, pictures and gifs[ CITATION
Mod16 \l 3081 ]. Using social media platforms that utilises these types of text would benefit Lawn A-
Bane; hence, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat being recommended for the business. These social
media platforms fulfil the requirement of Lawn A-Bane of utilising a digital marketing strategy to help
upgrade the business into an A-list, top shelf, celebrity-rated, must have brand.
Facebook is a for-profit corporation and an online social media and networking site as well as a service
where users can post comments, share photographs, and link to news or other interesting content on
the Web, play games, chat live, and even stream live videos. [ CITATION Dan17 \l 3081 ] Since its launch
thirteen years ago, Facebook has a revenue of $27.638 billion [ CITATION Goo17 \l 3081 ]. Being the most
popular social media site as of current, with over two billion users in total[ CITATION Mar17 \l 3081 ]
&[ CITATION Pri17 \l 3081 ], Facebook would be an appropriate choice. With a large variety of users,
Lawn A-Bane is guaranteed to reach out to their desired audience of females from twenty-five to forty-
five years old[ CITATION Elo14 \l 3081 ] because 84% of adults aged thirty to forty-nine on the Internet
are Facebook users [ CITATION Gre16 \l 3081 ]. To promote Lawn A-Bane, the content of Facebook posts
would be a combination of text, pictures and videos as Facebook allows a variety of methods for
communication. These posts should contain the business logo, motto or slogan and the product being
advertised. This would ensure full advertisement of the business to their target audience, meeting the
request of the client.
Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger[ CITATION
Chr12 \l 3081 ], Instagram is a growing social media
application available on mobile and desktop[ CITATION
Eli17 \l 3081 ]. The picture on the left2 shows how
Instagram has grown in the number of users from January
2013. As of April 2017, Instagram has over 700 million
active users. Although significantly less users than
Facebook, the social media platform would allow the client
to advertise to a wider audience. According to statistics,
48.8% of worldwide brands use Instagram as a means of
advertisement[ CITATION Sal17 \l 3081 ]. Instagrams
functionality as a visually-focused platform lets a
user to scroll through photographs, boomerangs
or videos[ CITATION Eli171 \l 3081 ]. By using this function, Lawn A-Bane is able to promote their
products and services through the mentioned methods above. With 700 million active users on
Instagram, the social media platform has no recorded instance of desktop usage; forty-seven percent of

2 This graph shows the growth of Instagram and regards to number of users. It has risen exponentially over four
users access the application on mobile and fifty-three percent access through tablets[ CITATION Gue15 \l
3081 ]. Because of the way Instagram functions being able to view on post at a time the client is
able to take advantage and promote themselves with a sponsored post. By creating a creative and
unique post, the client may capture a users attention and successfully promote their products and
The client can further create unique posts with a boomerang. It is an
app made by Instagram that allows a user to take bursts of photos
which are then stitched together to form a gif-like image that plays,
reserves then loops back to the beginning[ CITATION Ely15 \l 3081 ].
Posting a boomerang ensures the client to be central to the main
point of their post such as promoting a new clothing line or service
and creating interest for their business.
According to statistics, 80% of Instagram users come of outside of
the USA and a total of 68% of accounts belong to women. With Lawn
A-Bane specifically selling active wear for women, Instagram is a
great place for the business to start their social media marketing
campaign. With a high percentage of users accessing the application
daily (as shown on left3), this would ensure a wide exposure for the
business to a large audience on Instagram. In addition, the ideas
presented above effectively meet the clients request.
The more recent social media platform, Snapchat is created by Snap
Inc which is founded and owned by Evan Spiegel[ CITATION New17 \l
3081 ]. As of current, the application has over 300 million monthly
active users and 173 million daily active users[ CITATION Sal171 \l
3081 ]. As shown on the graphs to the left4, Snapchat attracts a wide
range of demographics. The target audience of the client is the
demographic of users aged between twenty-five and forty-five years
old. This group of people make up 49% of all Snapchat users. The
number of twenty-five-year-old Snapchat users make up half of new
F IGURE 4: S OURCED FROM D EMO D ATA users and are exceptionally active on the platform and roughly 70%
of Snapchat users are female. This would give the client many
advantages when promoting their business such as increased sales and interest in their business as the
business target audience is females within the age range of twenty-five to forty-five years old. In
reference to a report by Snaplytics, more than half of Snapchat users will open a brands Snapchat story
and watch to the end. This would also ensure that Lawn A-Bane to effectively promote their business on
Snapchat through stores and advertisements.

3 The graph shows the number of users accessing social media site daily. Facebook and Instagram are the top two.
4 These two graphs indicate the demographic of users on Snapchat. 18-24-year-old users make up 45%, followed by
25-44-year-old users at 23%.


Snapchat was well known for their stories
and messages that would disappear after
one day. Before an update, Snapchat had
created a function where a snap or video
has a time limit of ten seconds and sixty
seconds respectively. However, one
function on Snapchat has changed that. On
May 2017, Snapchat introduced a looping
feature that mitigates the time limit
function[ CITATION Mad17 \l 3081 ]. The
client can utilise this function by cleverly
creating a snap that loops perfectly to
guarantee the satisfaction of all customers. This can catch a customer or users attention and captivate
their interest for the business. Creating enthralling Snapchat stories or advertisements on Snapchat to
present to Lawn A-Banes target audience of females aged from twenty-five and forty-five years old,
effectively meet the clients request of transforming their local business to an internationally-known

Lawn A-Bane is a company that specialises in the design of active wear for women. The local business
had begun branching into different areas of South-East Queensland. However, the client, Lawn A-Bane,
has reached out to a digital marketing specialist to transform their local business into an international
brand through the use of social media marketing. Three social media platforms have been chosen which
are believed to benefit the company greatly. They are: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. These social
media platforms allow the client to access a large international audience. The strategies of each
platforms were discussed and analysed to determine the viability of these platforms in accordance to the
clients requirements. The social media platforms have successfully and effectively met the requests of
the client as these platforms are able to reach a wide audience and establish communication methods
that meticulously connects the client to their customers through social media posts, stories or updates.
There are some possible limitations that could come after the strategies have been implemented. These
limitations may include: the company closing down due to external reasons such as competition; the
social media platforms also shutting down due to similar external reasons; new policies created by the
social media platforms that may force the client to discontinue the strategies; the social media platforms
updating which may impact the strategies as they may no longer be relevant or effective and the client
no longer possessing the capabilities or facilities to implement the strategies. If this report were to be
done again, the businesses used in the Benefits and Uses sections would be changed to mention more
successful social media marketing strategies.
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1. What demographic do I think that Lawn A-Bane is trying to appeal to? (Age group, gender, income level)
Lawn a-Bane is appealing to females within an age range of twenty-five to forty-five years old[ CITATION Elo14 \l
3081 ]. Females in that age range would prefer to wear active clothing. Preferably, the income level of
customers would be average income earners which is $82,000 [CITATION Aus17 \l 3081 ] to 100,000 as the price
range of the clothing in Lawn A-Bane ranges from $60 - $250.
2. What interests do you think people in that demographic have?
People in that demographic would have a preference of regular exercising, eating healthily while living an active
They would strive to be fit while maintaining healthy relationships with other people and society.
3. What social media platforms do you think people in that demographic use? Are there any social media platforms
that you think they might not use?
People in that demographic would use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat depending on their age. According to
Greenwood, 84% of adults aged 30 49 who are internet users use Facebook[ CITATION Gre16 \l 3081 ].
People in that demographic would be unlikely to use apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter as these apps are
not angling towards posts but rather chatrooms.
4. What examples of successful social media marketing do you know off? Give examples, and describe what was
The American 2016 Election was a very successful social media campaign. Different parties and groups used
platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram to promote their party and group to earn favour
from social media users. They used pictures updated with captions on Instagram and live video coverages on
Facebook. Campaign groups even uploaded videos to YouTube that were mini documentaries about candidates
and parties. Many campaign groups also conduct user polls on Twitter or Facebook[CITATION Eun17 \l 3081 ].
5. What social media platforms will you recommend are used by Lawn A-Bane?
I recommend Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to be used by Lawn A-Bane. It would be the most efficient way
to promote their products using pictures or videos to earn favour from social media users. This will in turn,
increase their sales and customer service and favour.
6. What do you think you will need to know (about the company, about the people they are trying to appeal to)
before you can design your social media campaign?
I would need to know what the company wants to achieve, their preferred way to promote, preferred colours to
be used in social media campaigns, what their slogan or motto is.
7. Where do you think you could find more information about successful social media campaigns? How will you
search for it?
I can find more information on successful social media campaigns through social media or the companys
website or articles through search engines.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Jul-31 Aug-02 Aug-04 Aug-07 Aug-09 Aug-11 Aug-14 Aug-16 Aug-18 Aug-21 Aug-23 Aug-24

Design Template
Research: Social Media
Assignment: Introduction [DRAFT [FINAL
(Topic) DUE] DUE]
Assignment: Introduction [DRAFT [FINAL
(Benefits and Uses) DUE] DUE]
Assignment: Introduction [DRAFT [FINAL
(Purpose of Report) DUE] DUE]
Assignment: Main Body [DRAFT [FINAL
(Description) DUE] DUE]
Assignment: Main Body
(Simplifications, Assumptions
and Boundaries)
Assignment: Develop [DRAFT [FINAL
(Analysis) DUE] DUE]
Assignment: Conclusion [DRAFT [FINAL
(Summary) DUE] DUE]
Assignment: Appendix (Gantt [DRAFT [FINAL
Chart) DUE] DUE]
Assignment Appendix (Log [DRAFT [FINAL
Book) DUE] DUE]
Activity Date Comments Screenshots/pictures
I have almost completed the design template
with only question six and seven to answer. The Screenshot of
other questions were completed with ease. I also article
found an article online that would greatly assist
31/07/2017 me in the completion of the design template. It
contains statistics and facts relating to social
media and marketing campaigns on social media.
I also finished making the Gantt chart for the

The design template has been completed. I
added more research to the questions to support
my answers and expand my knowledge of social
media to assist myself on the assignment and to
Design effectively write it. I think the amount of research
Template I have put into the design template is reasonable
as I understand the task that I need to complete.
It was quite fun researching different topics on
social media and finding so many new facts and
statistics about social media.

I have started the Topic section of the

Introduction. So far, I have included research and
statistics to support the statements made in the
Writing: Introduction. These research sources come from
Introduction 4/08/2017 the Internet as it is convenient. They contain
(Topic) information about social media: the number of
social media users in total, the definition of social
media and user generated content and how it can
affect social media users and businesses.
The Topic section of the Introduction is almost
complete. I only need to add a few more
Writing: sentences on social media and then a linking
Introduction 7/08/2017 sentence. I have found an article that would
(Topic) greatly assist me on the assignment which is
about UGC (user generated content) and how it
affects business marketing campaigns.
I have completed the Topic and Benefits and Uses
section of the Introduction. Although the The design of
classroom environment today was quite noisy, I the old logbook
stayed focused on the assignment. In the Benefits
and Uses section, I found an article that gave a
great example of a company using social media
and UGC to further promote its business. In the
morning before ITS, I redesigned the Gantt chart
and Logbook with brighter, and lighter colours so
9/08/2017 that they would not appear so plain and dull as
they would be the only coloured text in the
and Uses) The design of
whole report. The teacher has found a very
the new
helpful article online posted this morning at
8:30am which would greatly assist every student
in their analysis as the article discusses a very
successful social media marketing campaign. The
strategies discussed in the article can be the basis
of my social media marketing strategy for the
client, Lawn-a Bane.
Writing: I have added a lot more detail to the Benefits and
Introduction uses section. I wrote about very successful social
(Purpose of media campaigns from Coca Cola and Nike,
Report and showcasing the success of large companies in
Benefits and different industries. Nike, however, is more
Uses) closely related to the client than Coca Cola as
The Benefits
Lawn A-Bane also sells activewear except the
clothing line is exclusively for women, while Nike
is for both genders. The social media campaigns
that I wrote about for Coca Cola is dubbed the
share a coke campaign where a name is printed
on a coke bottle and the customer with the same
name would usually take a picture of themselves
and share it on social media. The Nike campaign
also included shareable pictures. However, Nike
gave their consumers a chance to personalise
their own Nike shoes with pictures of their own. I
have made a start on the Purpose of Report. I did
not go into specifications of the clients
background information such as where their
other stores are located (this will be written in
the Main Body Description).
At home, the Purpose of Report was finished
with additional details to the clients background
information and situation.
The Description was written in exclusive detail in
regard to the clients information such as where
the clients other stores are located in South East
Queensland. The content of the digital marketing
strategy was outline briefly (this was discussed in
detail in the Analysis section: Social Media
From then on, I have completed everything
except for some sections in the Analysis
(Instagram, Snapchat) and the Conclusion. This is
to provide a template for the teacher to see how
I will write the rest of the report.
While writing, I had collected a large number of
sources which really benefitted me in my writing
and justification of statements in sections.
The second part of the analysis, Instagram, has
begun. I have already found four sources that
may assist me in this paragraph. The teacher was
supposed to bring the drafts back, however, they
fell sick during the weekend so the handing back
of the draft has been delayed. This may affect in
Writing: my improving the report and spending time to
Analysis 14/08/2017 continue writing it. Nevertheless, the teacher let
(Instagram) us have the lesson to work on the assignment.
While going through the report, the Deputy
Principal came to the classroom to find
something. He disturbed the lesson and my train
of thought, although I tried not to be distracted. I
had to re-read the Facebook paragraph in the
Analysis section
I have continued with the Analysis paragraph on
RNA SHOW Instagram. So far, I have written information
HOLIDAY about Instagram. Later, I will incorporate the
clients needs into the paragraph to link them in
and meet their requests.
We have received our drafts back from the
teacher. The overall feedback was to follow the
PEEL structure closely to ensure higher grades
and cohesion and succinctness between
paragraphs. in the report and do not confuse the
Purpose of Report with the Description as many
students repeated the same details of the client
in both paragraphs. My draft feedback was to
Writing: include a connection between social media and
Draft businesses in the introduction; the Benefits and
Feedback 18/08/2017 Uses section was written well, however, I may
and find some parts to improve on; I need to include
Correcting a clear statement on the purpose of report, the
description should include or focus on the clients
requests; and use the PEEL structure more closely
in the Simplifications, Assumptions and
Boundaries section. The draft feedback was very
clear and I know what I need to do. In the picture
shown on the right, the black pen is my own
writing where I have ticked or written notes on
how I can approve on the report.

Writing: 21/08/2017 I have researched more into Instagram to write

Analysis the paragraph and found some interesting facts.
(Instagram There is no recorded usage of the app on
Paragraph) desktop. Users access the app through mobile
and phones and tablets. It should be noted that a
Correcting user cannot upload a post through desktop. The
class was very disruptive today, as the original
teacher for the class is acting as a Deputy
Principal. However, with the sub-teacher who is
mildly strict, the class may calm down next
lesson. This lesson was a little short as the sub-
teacher was speaking to the class about the
absence of our original teacher and outlining
their plan for the upcoming weeks for our class.
As predicted, class did calm down and I could do
my work very efficiently. I have finished
correcting my report in accordance to the draft
feedback from the teacher. This included sections
of the Simplifications, Assumptions and
Boundaries. I decided to separate that section
into different paragraphs so that it is easier to The Instagram
read and displays better. Paragraphs
I have started writing about statistics on
Snapchat and linking it to the client by saying
that they can promote on Snapchat because
there is a large number of users within the age
range of their target audience that comprise of
half of Snapchat. I have collected four graphs to
support my statements and many other
references in the form of citations which are
found throughout the report.
I have found some very interesting website which
(Instagram 23/08/2017
display clear statistics on the social media apps
and The Snapchat
that I am recommending to my client. The CEO of
Snapchat) Paragraph
the site Omnicore, wrote articles that describe
Facebook, Instagram and Snapchats statistics
and interesting facts as of this year. These facts
and statistics included the profit of the platform,
the number of monthly and daily active users,
the demographics of those users, how many
posts are made each day and minute as well as
how many posts are made so far since the start
of those social media platforms as well as how
much time on average users spend on those
These statistics helped me form and write the
analysis by providing a large number of evidence
and supporting my statements throughout the


The report has been completed. Only a few
corrections in regard to grammar are needed to
be made. I have also added one more source, the
bibliography totalling to 34 sources. There were
no problems observed today.