BPOV No, Rose, she s at Jake s. She said she d be there till three . I told her. No, I checked everywhere.

She s really missing. Everybody s looking for her. Even the wolves. Rosalie said. I looked at Edward, he looked just as worried as I was. Where should we look? Edward asked worriedly. Anywhere. Jacob is even going to let you on the reservation until we find Renesmee. Rosalie said. Edward growled and rolled his eyes. Hey, none of that, now let s go. Nessie could be hurt. I said. Yeah, suck it up Edward, it s not like Jacob s gonna do something stupid. He cares about her too you know. Rose said. Thank you Rosalie. I said. She smiled and stuck her tongue out at Edward. Please Edward? Let s go, now. You two go out the window, I ll go downstairs and meet you outside. I said and walked towards the door. But, before I got there, Edward spun me around and kissed me. I didn t get to say goodbye babe and that s not fair. He said. Well bye. I said and I kissed him. Bye. He said and he flew out the window. I rolled my eyes and walked out the door, downstairs and into the living room, where Charlie was watching baseball. Shocking. Hey dad, I gotta go. I said. Why? You just got here. He said. No, I have to. Rose just came into my room through the window and told me some terrible new. I have to go. I explained. What news? he asked, but I was already out the door. Rosalie? Where are you? I called. Over here! she said, and I ran in her direction. Rose, what about Jacob? Have you heard anything from him? The last time I saw Renesmee, she was with Jacob. I said. Even though for Jacob, I knew that he knew where Renesmee would

be. She had never really been missing. Somebody always knew where she was at all times. I was going to Jacob s house. If he wasn t there, Billy would know where he went. But when I got there, Billy wasn t. I heard Edward in the house, yelling at someone. How did he get there before me? I knew something was wrong, I had never heard him yell like this. He was very upset. So I went into the house and found Edward with his hand on Jacob s neck, pinned up against the wall. Where is she? Edward screeched. I don t know! She left an hour ago! She didn t tell me where she was going! Jacob gasped. Edward! Let go of him! He can t breathe! I yelled. Bella stay out of this. Edward said. Then Jacob looked at Edward, like he was thinking something to him. Damn it Jacob tell me where she is or I ll rip your limbs off until you do! Edward was really pissed. I was starting to worry for Jacob s life. Bella will be so pissed if you do that. So will Nessie, if you find her. Jacob said breathlessly. He s right you know. I said. Bella, I said stay out of this. Edward growled. I walked over to Edward, put my hand on his shoulder and said: Please Edward, let him go. I put on my sad face. I knew he hated it when I was upset, especially when he was causing my sadness. Edward turned back to Jacob, bared his teeth, pushed on his neck and then let him drop to the floor. Jacob sucked in a huge gulp of air. Edward walked over to me and took my hand. Come on, we should go. He said. You go, I m gonna talk to Jacob. I said. But Bella- he started to say. But I interrupted him. Go, I ll be right there. I said. He left and I turned to Jacob. Okay Jake, where is she? If you don t want to tell me where she is, tell me why she s not here. I said. You ll kill me if I do. He said hesitantly. One sec- Edward! Go home! I yelled.

Damn. Edward said to himself. After I was sure Edward was gone, I turned to Jacob. Now, why isn t Renesmee here? I promise I won t kill you. I said. She s in the basement. She had to hide. He said. What? Why is she under there? I screamed. If I tell you, please don t tell Edward. He said. My the wheels in my head started turning. Oh no, he was not going to say what I think he s going to say. She s not what I think she is, is she? I asked. He got up from the floor slowly, but stayed away from me. He nodded. Oh my god. She is. My mouth dropped open and my eyebrows raised. Then I smiled and squealed. I ran over to him and hugged him. Congratulations Jake! I m so happy for you guys! I said. Wait, he said pulling back from me, you re okay with her being pregnant at her age? he asked, shocked. Yeah but, oh crap! How are we gonna keep this from Edward? He s going to want to know why he can t see Renesmee. I said. He shrugged. Well, tell her I love her and congrats. I gotta go. I said. K, bye. Jake said. I left and went immediately to mine and Edward s house. He wasn t there. Maybe he s at Carlisle s, I thought. Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice were all in the living room, talking. Hey guys. Is Edward here? I asked. Alice shook her head. Good cause I have some great news he can t know. Promise you won t think about or talk about this around him? I asked. Okay, yeah what s the news? Rosalie asked. I smiled as I looked around, looked behind me, then back to the family. Okay, here it goes. Renesmee s pregnant! I said. Esme, Alice and Rosalie all got up, ran over to me and started squealing with me. Jasper, Carlisle and Emmett just rolled their eyes at our childish noises, but smiled anyway. I know right? Jacob told me. It s awesome, but the only problem is telling Edward.. So like I said before, don t think or talk about it when he s around. I said. Don t worry, we won t. Esme said.

Kay, I m gonna go home. I have to think of what to tell Edward. See ya. I said, and ran home. All I did while I was there, I paced, thinking about what I would tell Edward. He came home, but I was too busy talking to myself to notice. How am I gonna tell him? This is the biggest great news I ve ever gotten. But if I tell him, he ll kill Jacob. And then me, and Nessie for not telling him the second we knew. Then again he wasn t there so he can t get mad. Yes he can. Damn. But I can t let him kill anyone. But I don t like keeping things from him. Why Jake? Why? But if Edward can t see Nessie he s gonna want to know why. But if he finds out by himself, someone s definitely gonna die. What am I- I heard Edward clear his throat. I gasped. How long have you been standing there? I asked. From how am I gonna tell him till now. He answered. Well, where have you been? I ve been waiting for like 3 hours freaking out over this and now you come home? What the hell? I said. That s when I started to rant again. I mean technically this is all Jacob s fault. Why does he do that? And Renesmee, oh I m so happy for her and Jake but I know you won t be because of what it is. I know you ll freak out on everyone cause you re the last to know, but mostly me and Jacob and Nessie. Me because I didn t tell you, Nessie because she did it and Jacob cause he did it to her. It s making me insane not being able to tell you but- He cut me off. Bella. He said. What? I sounded breathless even though I didn t need the air. What do you need to tell me? he asked. I bit my lip in hesitation. Could I tell him? I don t know. Well? he asked. It s a deep hole in the ground. I said What? He asked. A well is a deep hole on the ground. I answered. Bella, I know that, just tell me what you need to tell me. He said, rolling his eyes. Well, um, I kinda made a promise that I wouldn t tell you. I mean Jake s my best friend and Nessie s my daughter. You really shouldn t break promises to those kind of people. But I ve

never really kept anything from you, so it s really hard keeping this from you now. I said. I was still pacing. He caught my arm before I could walk away from him again. Bella, just tell me. I won t kill anyone. Unless you need me too. He said. That s what you say now, but then I tell you, you go to Jacob s, kill him, ground Nessie, and then come back to kill the rest of us. I said. That s a little harsh. He said. I shrugged. Just tell me! he growled. I hated it when he got mad so I said: Okay, but stay here till Renesmee comes back. She s responsible. And if you don t, you ll be in big trouble. I said. Okay, I will. Can you please tell me why I can t see my daughter. He asked. I took a deep breath to prepare myself for both the truth and his rage. Even though I didn t need the air, I definitely needed the preparation. Okay, here goes everything. You can t see Renesmee, because, she s pregnant. I said quietly. What? How? Why am I the last to know? Edward screeched at me. Because of your attitude! You get so mad over little things! I screeched back. Little? Bella, Renesmee is only four years old! She shouldn t have done something like this! he yelled. What the hell is wrong with you? I trust her and I trust Jacob. She ll be fine. I said as calmly as I could manage. I heard everyone come down to the house and stop at the door. But Edward didn t stop screaming at me. We don t even know what the baby will be Bella! It could kill her! Now he was getting pissed, if he wasn t already. You shouldn t think like that! You don t know what will happen! I said. I heard the others outside talking to each other. Maybe we should stop them. Alice whispered. No, Edward s really mad. We should let them settle this themselves. Jasper said. I turned my head towards the window. I could see Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie. Edward grabbed my chin and pulled my face back towards him. Pay attention. He yelled in my face. I bared my teeth at him and smacked his hand away.

Don t do that! Jesus Edward, what is wrong with you? I asked. He rolled his eyes at me. I was hurt, so I did what any girl would do. I smacked him. He back handed me, knocking me to the floor. I didn t get up. I was too hurt. Not physically, but emotionally. He s never hit me before. So I started crying. I couldn t believe Edward would do something like that. He never has. What s wrong with him? What s wrong with me? I ve never hit him before. I ve never been that mad at him. He knelt down beside me and I flinched away. He paused before picking me up and setting me on the couch. I sat upright and put my head in my hands and shook my head. What s wrong with me? I whispered to myself. Edward sighed and said: What s wrong with me should be your question. I never used to yell at you, let alone hit you. You changed and I ve become such an ass. Don t say that. You know I hate it when you talk bad about yourself. I said. Sorry. He said, and sat down next to me. Me too, I shouldn t have smacked your hand away like that. I said. No, I shouldn t have grabbed your chin in the first place. I m sorry. He said. Well, it s not really my chin that hurts anymore. I said. Alice, Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie were all still at the window, eavesdropping. I looked at them with an eyebrow raised and they looked away. Well, tell you what. You tell me what hurts, and I ll kiss it and make the boo-boo go bye-bye. He said in a baby voice. Well, now that I think about it, my lips hurt really hurt. I said smiling. Then come here, I ll make it better. He said. He put his hand under my chin to lift my lips to his. As we kissed, I heard Emmett say: How do their fights always end in making out? Someone explain this to me. I rolled my eyes while still kissing Edward. Emmett has such a thick skull, I thought. Yes he does. Edward murmured against my lips. I giggled. Outside, I heard Jasper actually explaining why our fights end up in kissing. I giggled again and Edward chuckled with me. We were on the arm of the couch, so I straddled him and pushed him back, onto the couch. Then he rolled over and we fell to the floor. I knew he liked being on the bottom, so I rolled us over once more. His hands were on my back, and he ripped off my dress. Then I tore off his shirt. He then got up, I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried us off to the bedroom.

Guys, once again, I m sorry for the wait, but my cable and internet got shut off and I couldn t update the story sooner. BTW, thanks for all the comments, you guys make me want to write these stories. Oh, and I have an idea for when I m done with this story. It s a Twilight remix. In simple English, Bella s the vampire and Edward s the human. Tell me what you think.

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