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Jo Calhoun, Associate Provost of Student Life Patti Helton, Associate Provost of Student Life Jim Francescon, Undergraduate Student Body President Carl Johnson, Director of Campus Activities USG Senators and Executives August 2010 USG Update 08/20/10

Over the past several months, the Undergraduate Student Government has been working diligently to start the 2010-2011 academic year successfully. The USG has implemented a variety of new programs as well as set the foundation for various other programs it plans to launch over the next few months. Below is an outline of what the USG has completed and what it is currently working on: Completed Tasks:  Internationalization o Established working relationship with Eric Gould, Vice-Provost of Internationalization, and Mary Boevers, Director of International Students and Scholar Services. o The USG President and the Secretary of Internationalization will now sit on the Internationalization Advisory Board. o USG President drafted a welcome letter to all new and returning international students. This was emailed to all of them as well as posted on the International House website. o All USG Senators will be required to attend one international student luncheon per quarter. USG has also agreed to sponsor one of the luncheons at the beginning of winter quarter 2011. This opportunity will be utilized to market the Global Gala and welcome back program. o USG President and Secretary of Internationalization will speak at international student orientation to discuss ways to get involved on campus.  Inclusive Excellence and Diversity o Opened connections with CME  Met with Interim Associate Provost of Multicultural Excellence, Jim Moran and Director of CME, Tracey Peters.  Working to build a stronger relationship between CME and USG.  Jim Moran will visit a Senate meeting fall quarter 2010 to discuss CME and his vision for student collaboration.  Marketing o Created USG Facebook Page  As of 8/16/2010 (1 week after launch) 1,780 visits and 392 “likes.”

o Created Twitter Account  13 followers o Ordered various marketing materials to rebrand USG during fall quarter 2010. o Updated Logo:

Sustainability o 1500 water bottles ordered and ready for distribution to First-Year students. o USG has decided to postpone the decision regarding solar panel installation on the Driscoll Student Center. Once students return to campus, USG intends to poll students to determine what sustainability changes they would like to see. General Projects o New program to have an administrator at every Senate meeting  Confirmed guests: Chancellor Coombe, Provost Kvistad, Executive Director of Alumni Relations Jeff Howard, Associate Provost of Multicultural Excellence Jim Moran, Associate Provosts of Student Life Jo Calhoun and Patti Helton, Head Hockey Coach George Gwozdecky, Head Men’s Basketball Coach Joe Scott, and Head Women’s Basketball Coach Erik Johnson.  USG will also integrate this into the new marketing program by creating weekly posters that feature the special guest. It will be advertised as an opportunity to hear an update from the individual and ask questions. o Student Senate Panel  American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL)  Sunday, September 19th from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM  Student Body Presidents from DU, CU, CSU, CC, UNC, and Metro will answer questions asked by ACYPL delegates from the People’s Republic of China.  This is being set up through the El Pomar Foundation o Kynewisboks have been ordered  All First-Year students will receive one for free and there should be around 100 left over to sell at the DU Bookstore. o Photo Booth Ordered  This booth will be displayed on the Driscoll Bridge and will be moved around for various events.  Will be able to break-even over time and eventually profit, based off Student Comptroller projections. o USG President welcome video was sent to all First-Year students

o Revamping the Readership Program  New signage to identify readership locations will be installed in early September.  All students living in Residence Halls will receive a USA Today with a sticker saying “Brought to you by your Undergraduate Student Government. You can get the USA Today, New York Times, or Denver Post, free of charge to you at any of the USG sponsored readership locations on our campus.” Or something similar. o Rock the Vote and New Era Colorado  Both neutral political organizations that want to increase voter registration and turnout. Both will be tabling with USG at Pioneer Carnival and USG will work with them to construct an awareness campaign in early October. o Chancellor Dinners Scheduled for fall quarter 2010  Attendance has been divided among USG President, USG VicePresident, and USG President Pro-Tempore. Tasks in Progress:  Funding application and funding body o As mentioned in our last meeting, USG has the ability to significantly influence attendance at events and interaction among students that would normally not interact. In order for an organization to receive its full funding request, it will need to co-program with another organization at an athletic event and attend a few events that will be determined in early September. o The funding body is still in the development stage but as of now it will have a representative from each major funding body and all applications will be presented by the USG President. Still in conversation with the Student Comptroller regarding specifics.  New Student Entrance and Banners in Student Section o It is almost done! o Have been working with Stu Halsall, Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Recreation and Building Operations, and Angel Field, Assistant Athletic Director, to develop this new entrance. o All promotional materials (i.e. Denver Arch for entrance, banners, etc.) will cost approximately $20,000. USG will be working with Angel and Stu to install the materials in a two-phase process to cut down on immediate cost. This quote also includes the new banners to cover the east and west walls of the student section (hockey) in the Ritchie Center.  Pins Recognition Project o This project has student organizations order a number of pins with their logo and the academic year on it to present to each member at the end of the year.

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o At commencement, students will wear a tassel—or something of the sort—where they can display all pins they have received over their tenure as DU students. o USG President, USG Vice-President, and USG Pro-Tempore will present this program to all student organizations during fall quarter 2010. o If positive feedback is received, USG will move forward with implementation. Sodexo Cups o Looking into purchasing water bottles—may work with Sustainability Committee—and offering a promotion where students who bring their bottle to certain athletic events receive a free soda. o USG will begin discussions with Sodexo in early September regarding this initiative. Inclusive Excellence integration with Cherrington Global Scholars Program o Working with Eric Gould to develop ways to better integrate IE with Cherrington. International Student Mentorship Program o At the beginning of the summer USG President created an internationalization—student led—task force. The primary goal of this task force was to develop a mentorship program and research ways to connect domestic students and international students. o The mentorship program is in its final stages and will be implemented during September 2010. Senate Accountability Program o Senators and Executives currently receive various perks that are not always utilized to the fullest potential. All USG members who receive season hockey tickets will be required to attend at least 90% of all games—all officers will have the opportunity to refuse the tickets. Senators will also be required to attend one international luncheon per quarter. Although it is not anticipated that this will be a problem this year, the program is still in development to ensure accountability within the USG. o Working with Senate Affairs Committee Chair and Pro-Tempore to develop this program. Liaison Program o SOC Chair is working with Pro-Tempore to update this program o SOC Vice-Chair will oversee program in the future Basketball Courts o USG initially intended to install basketball courts and sand volleyball courts by both Centennial Halls and Johnson-McFarlane. o After conversations with Mark Rodgers, University Architect, it has been decided that it would be best to install one basketball court by Centennial Halls and measure its success. o If successful, USG will contact Mark to explore the possibility of a second court by Johnson-McFarlane.

o After much discussion on sand volleyball courts, it has been decided not to move forward with installation due to upkeep and other obstacles. USG President currently in conversation with Peg Bradley-Doppes and Angel Field regarding a meeting with all the athletic teams. o Ideally, each coach will be asked to send four representatives to an open forum meeting, chaired by Peg and Jim, and discuss ways for athletes to reach out to the general student body. o It is anticipated that this will help connect athletes and non-athletes as well as increase attendance at athletic events. o If successful it will be followed up with “locker room” talks to each team. Athletics promotion partnership o Have ordered 5,000 magnets to be distributed in all residence halls, Greeks houses, and various events. o 2,500 magnets will have the hockey season schedule with the USG logo and the remaining 2,500 will have the men’s and women’s basketball schedule, again with the USG logo. o USG is working with Angel Field on this initiative. Game Day Shirts o Angel Field helped USG acquire 250 Adidas shirts from athletics. o 100 will have the following screen printed on the back:

 

 Cost will be approximately $2.00 per shirt for screen printing.  These will be distributed to students who attend Senate. o 150 will have USG screen printed on the back and “Game Day” printed on the front.  Cost will again be approximately $2.00 per shirt for screen printing  These will be distributed to Sodexo employees to wear on game days. Driscoll TV advertisements o USG will have weekly postings outlining the special guest for the week and ways for students to get involved. Website o Currently working with risk management and UTS o Once both approve the terms and contract, order will be submitted o Once order is received by i4 (company creating the website), development will begin and take approximately 30 days to complete.