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Situation: Briefly outline the circumstances surrounding Action: describe the skills/knowledge/competencies Outcome: Describes the results of your action -
the example of a situation that had a positive outcome or one required to address the situation- outline the steps you took summarise the results of the action and/or the Professional
in which professional growth occurred. to complete the task. Growth that occurred.

Where, why and when did you do the task? What did you do? How did you do it? What was the result of your action? How do you know? What
would you do differently next time?

I was put in charge of co-creating the Economics I worked collaboratively with my colleague and
I linked the assessments (Year 10 Career Report)
and Business programs for years 7-10 with my utilized the sample assessments off of SCSA. I
to an authentic learning experience by taking the
colleague. I was responsible for these programs in sought the advice of my HOLA and found
students on the Career Expo excursion in 2017.
both 2016 and 2017 The economics program had resources online (TES, Films, Cambridge
still been in its infancy in 2015 so we had very textbook) that would supplement the years 7-10
little resources to work off of. We needed to plan programs. I was specifically in charge of creating
Students were better informed of the alternative
for and implement well-structured teaching the 8 and 10 Economic Program and assessments.
career paths.
programs that would engage and promote
learning. We used ICT by using computers to complete the
Career Voyage test (aptitude test) and to research
Students were able to utilise their CV, some
and write a Careers Report Inquiry.
culminating in a employment
Year 10s were given assessments that would be
As a department we reviewed what worked and
immediately transferrable to the wider
what didnt work in the 2016 programs. Reflected
community- they were asked to draft and produce
and made changes (we shortened the programs
a CV and Resume.
from 10 weeks to 8 weeks: which gave us more
leeway and flexibility and changed the resources
I linked the assessments (Year 10 Career Report)
used- Cambridge-> Pearsons)
to an authentic learning experience by taking the
students on the Career Expo excursion in 2017.

Supporting Evidence: year 10 Economic and Business programs and assessment (2016 and 2017), year 8 Economic and Business Programs and Assessment, Student sample PPT Report, (see careers
expo tab for Careers Evidence)
Professional Knowledge Professional Practice Professional Engagement
Standard 1 Standard 2 Standard 3 Standard 4 Standard 5 Standard 6 Standard 7
Know students and how they Know content and how to teach Plan for and implement effective Create and maintain supportive Assess, provide feedback and Engage in professional learning Engage professionally with
learn it teaching and learning and safe learning environments report on student learning colleagues, parents/carers and
Physical, social and Identify and plan the community
intellectual development Content and teaching Establish challenging Support student Assess student learning professional learning needs
and characteristics of strategies of the teaching learning goals participation Provide feedback to students Engage in professional Meet professional ethics and
students area Plan, structure and sequence Manage classroom activities on their learning learning and improve responsibilities
Understand how students Content selection and learning programs Manage challenging Make consistent and practice Comply with legislative,
learn organisation Use teaching strategies behaviour comparable judgements Engage with colleagues and administrative and
Students with linguistic, Curriculum, assessment and Select and use resources Maintain student safety Interpret student data improve practice organisational requirements
cultural, religious and reporting Use effective classroom Use ICT safely, responsibly Report on student Apply professional learning Engage with the
socioeconomic Understand and respect communication and ethically achievement and improve student parents/carers
backgrounds Aboriginal and Torres Strait Evaluate and improve learning Engage with professional
Strategies for teaching Islander people to promote teaching programs teaching networks and
Aboriginal and Torres reconciliation between Engage parents/carers in broader communities
Strait Islander students Indigenous and non- the educative process
Differentiate teaching to Indigenous Australians
meet the specific learning Literacy and numeracy
needs of students across strategies
the full range of abilities. Information and
Strategies to support full Communication Technology
participation of students (ICT)
with disability

Department of Education 2016

Institute for Professional Learning

Evidence annotation

1.3 + 1.5- the year 10 programs were designed with the ICSEA data in mind (a % of students parents did not complete tertiary education) and looking at the survey taken from year 9 the
previous years, it was apparent the program needed to be inclusive of all students learning abilities.

2.1 + 2.2 + 2.3 + 2.6- I chose what to include in the program and what assessments to create by aligning to curriculum and referring to SCSA, I utilized ICT through PPT presentations and
computer research

3.1 + 3.2 + 3.3 + 3.4 + 3.6- the program includes lesson objectives, are organised in logical sequence, I collected and created the resources for the HASS dept and I improved my teaching program
at the summation of the unit during a Learning Area meeting where we made amends

4.1 + 4.5- all students were asked to complete Career Voyage, whole year 10 cohort to attend excursion, Career Voyage test done safely and details were kept private

6.3- had to work in collaboration with colleague to create programs, had to work collaboratively with whole HASS department to review and edit programs