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Summary of the Environmental pipelay) generate much less underwater noise.

The use of mitigation measures will ensure that the

resting areas have been identified in the vicinity of
the planned Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Finnish
operation phase, there will be freespanning pipeline
sections which may cause some hindrance to
Scientific heritage
Sedimentation caused by construction activities is

Impact Assessment Report,

occurrence of blast injuries and hearing losses will EEZ. Areas of shallow water are located more than trawling. However, the pipelines do not make the assessed to be so low that negative effects on
be reduced in the proximity of munitions clearance. 5 kilometres from the planned pipeline route, and all project area untrawlable as the prevailing trawling benthos monitoring stations are unlikely. Similarly,
Additionally, Nord Stream 2 is currently investigating Important Bird Areas (IBAs) are located more than 8 method in the area is mid-water trawling. turbidity changes are so short in duration that the

Finland alternative clearance methods that would allow

limiting or removing the potential adverse impacts
kilometres away from the pipeline route. Therefore,
no impacts are foreseen on birds. Existing and planned infrastructure and
representativeness of the water sampling stations
would not be compromised. Therefore, no impacts
caused by munitions detonation. future use of the Finnish EEZ are envisaged to occur on scientific heritage.
Nord Stream 2 plans to build a new pipeline through the Baltic Sea, which can
Protected areas Two existing Nord Stream pipelines and twenty-four
transport natural gas from the worlds largest reserves in Russia directly to EUs
Fish Most of the protected areas are located at a existing cables cross the Nord Stream 2 pipeline Cultural heritage
consumer market. The twin 1,200-kilometre subsea pipelines will have the capacity
Avoidance reactions of fish in relation to distance of 8 kilometres or more from the Waters). Therefore, a detailed Natura assessment seal) in the chain of biodiversity is assessed to be route. Planned infrastructure that would cross the Due to the mitigation measures applied, there peoples fears and aspirations. Social impacts been assessed on the basis of the assumption
to supply about 55 billion cubic metres of gas per year. The pipelines are scheduled
construction activities are assessed to be temporary Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Only one protected area, will be carried out for the permit application. This affected, while the other links remain unaffected. Nord Stream 2 pipeline route are one gas pipeline are no impacts assessed to occur on submerged that originate from offshore activities are assessed that the same quarries used during the Nord
to be laid during 2018 and 2019, and to be operational in 2020. Besides pipelay, the
and not to have an impact on fish communities. a Natura 2000 site called the Sea Area South of assessment will be based on the latest munitions Therefore, the system as a whole is likely to (Balticconnector) and two telecommunications historical wrecks during the construction and to be very limited, except for a certain degree of Stream project in the Kotka region would also
construction activities include munitions clearance, rock placement and crossing
Munitions clearance by detonation may kill some Sandkallan, is located closer than 2 kilometres survey data and on the study of mitigation measures withstand minor or even moderate changes. cables. Except pipelines and cables, all other exis operation of the pipelines. World War II historical concerns that exist among the residents in coastal be used for Nord Stream 2. Rock transport from
installations. The environmental impacts of the pipeline in the Finnish section have
individual fish close to the clearance site; however, from the pipeline route. According to the Natura applicable to clearance activities. Additionally, a ting or planned infrastructure is located at least 10 sites are assessed to be partially affected because area, for example the status of the Baltic Sea and quarries to Mussalo Harbour will increase heavy
been assessed and are presented in the national EIA Report. The assessment re-
this is not assessed to have an impact on fish assessment screening and the results of the Natura assessment screening will be carried out for Ship traffic kilometres from the Nord Stream 2 pipelines. By some relatively small parts of the antisubmarine-net possible political dimensions of the project. It is traffic, especially on Road 355, Merituulentie.
sults are summarised in this leaflet.
stocks. Suspended sediments and released sediment spreading modelling, the Nord Stream 2 three other sites as a precautionary measure. Potential impacts on ship traffic during the adopting mitigation measures for impacts on pipe (barrage) might fall under the pipeline. assessed that the impacts will begin to diminish It is assessed that the Kotka region will benefit
contaminants are not likely to affect sprat eggs and project will not have adverse impacts on the construction phase are mitigated with Notices to lines and cables, there are no impacts assessed during the construction phase and towards the economically from the project activities since a
larvae survival (due to the low value of individual protection objective (habitat type reefs) of the Biodiversity Mariners and safety zones around project vessels. from construction activities. If new infrastructure Social impacts operation phase in the event that no unintended large number of new jobs and additional business

Marine mammals sprat eggs in the context of overall sprat stock). site in question. Munitions clearance by in-situ The biodiversity status in the Baltic Sea and However, there are two locations where special is planned in the future in the nearby areas of the The assessed social impacts include possible impacts occur. No social impacts from offshore will be generated by project related activities
There are three resident marine mammal species in detonation may have negative impacts on the in the Gulf of Finlad has been assessed to be mitigation measures are planned to ensure the pipeline, consultations with Nord Stream 2 will be impacts on tourism and living conditions as well as operations on recreation, tourism, and the living for the duration of the project in an area of high
Minor impacts
Impact Assessment Report, Finland the Gulf of Finland: grey seals, ringed seals and Birds nearest protected sites with seal species as a "unacceptable level" (HELCOM 2010). The Nord smooth running of third party ship traffic: 1) Traffic necessary. environment are otherwise assessed to occur. unemployment. Some impacts are assessed to
harbour porpoises. The population of grey seals is According to available data, no significant feeding or conservation objective (Kallbdan Islets and Stream 2 project will not affect the majority of the Separation Scheme (TSS) Off Kalbdagrund an relate to residential amenity and traffic safety due
The results of the environmental impact
Summary of the Environmental abundant and has been increasing over the last biodiversity components (e.g. species, habitats assisting tug will be stationed at the shoal near Impacts on the Kotka region to noise, heavy traffic and dust.
assessment indicate that the impacts caused by
decades. The population of ringed seals in the Gulf and ecosystem). Direct mechanical disturbance the TSS, 2) TSS Off Porkkala Lighthouse further The project activities are estimated to have a
the Nord Stream2 pipeline will be mostly
of Finland has been declining over the last decades on the seabed and impacts caused by sediment discussion and planning with the Finnish Transport slightly positive impact on land use in Kotka, since Impacts on the Hanko region
negligible or minor within the Finnish EEZ.
and at the moment it is considered to be in a poor dispersion have very limited impacts on any life Agency will be carried out. existing infrastructure in the Mussalo Harbour and Wasco will utilise existing harbour and
Through the Baltic Sea Most of the potential impacts will be local
state. The harbour porpoise is a very occasional form in the Gulf of Finland. The same applies to industrial area will be used. A slight increase in infrastructure in Koverhar, Hanko, for storage yard.
and short-termed, occurring solely during the
visitor in Finnish waters. Munitions clearance by the amount of space occupied by the pipelines in Commercial fishery emissions to air is not expected to deteriorate In Hanko, economic development has been slow
construction period. The pipeline project was
detonation produces high underwater noise peaks shallow waters (which can be seen as a measure of Only a fraction of the fishing area is impacted by general air quality in the Kotka region or cause in recent years. Construction activities are not
A Natural Gas Pipeline

Jacob Botter, Flinkr

assessed to be environmentally viable; however,
that are uncommon in the normal sea environment. potential impacts on biodiversity). Underwater noise construction vessels for short periods of time and, exceedances of guideline limit values. Overall assessed to affect the Hanko region. However,
special attention must be paid to planning and
Noise levels can be far-reaching and cause adverse from detonations may have negative population as the pipelay vessel moves about 2.5 kilometres noise levels due to onshore activities in Kotka they will induce a small increase in business and
implementing adequate mitigation measures
Nord Stream 2 impacts on marine mammals. level impacts on seals (Gulf of Finland ringed seal per day, it does not pose a hindrance to fishing Mussalo are estimated to be below the noise job opportunities.
during construction activities.
Other project activities (e.g. rock placement and population). Only one link (Gulf of Finland ringed at any location for more than a day. During the guideline values. Quarrying activities have

Climate and air quality KOTKA

The total carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxides
(NOX) emissions of the Nord Stream 2 project during
construction and operation of the pipeline in Finland
assessed to be approximately 3 per cent, sulphur
dioxide (SO2) emissions under 1 per cent and par-
ticulates emissions 2 per cent of the total emissions
occurring annually from existing vessel traffic in the
Baltic Sea. Offshore activities are assessed to cause KOVERHAR
approximately 9799 per cent of the project emis-
sions and only a small percentage of the emissions MARIEHAMN
would derive from onshore activities. Of the offshore HELSINKI H
activities, pipe laying is assessed to be the most NI
significant contributor, comprising 2834 per cent

Contact information of offshore total emissions. KP 114

Seabed sediments and water quality Koverhar

Mathematical modeling has been carried out
Developer to assess the extent of sediment spreading
and sedimentation caused by the construction Storagearea
Nord Stream 2 AG Storage
Baarerstrasse 52, 6300 Zug, Switzerland activities. The total amount of suspended
Tel. +41 41 414 54 54 @NordStream2 sediments due to offshore construction works is
E S T O N I AN Mussalo harbour assessed to be relatively small. Re-sedimentation ALT E2 EEZ
HANKO Storage areas for pipes and raw materials Potential temporaty
of suspended sediments is assessed to be at
Contact Person: Tore Granskog ALT E1 Coating plant rock storage and
loading of vessels
most a few millimetres and will occur only near Quays for pipe handling
Tel. +358 40 835 0341(Finnish/Swedish/English) the construction site. Seabed sediment spreading during construction is assessed to be comparable MUSSALO HARBOUR
to the natural processes that occur over the seabed
EIA consultant during storms. Suspended sediments also alter
Ramboll water quality. These changes are assessed to be

KP 300
P.O.Box 25 (Sterinkatu 6), FI-02601 Espoo
Contact Person: Antti Lepola
temporary and occur in the water layer closest to
the seabed and relatively near to the activity. A Cumulative
Impacts Impacts
slight increase in the concentration of suspended
Tel. +358 40 588 7557 (Finnish/English)
solids during munitions clearance will be detected
beyond the project area. The concentration level of
dissolved contaminants mobilised to the seawater
Coordinating authority for the EIA The majority of the impacts from the Nord Stream 2 Potential cumulative impacts with the planned
due to construction activities is assessed to be construction or operation phase will remain within Balticconnector pipeline and existing Nord Stream
Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment low if detectable at all. Suspended phosphorus Background and methods TALLINN
P.O.Box 36, FI-00521 Helsinki ALT W2 the borders of the Finnish EEZ. The focus in pipeline have been assessed in the EIA. The
is assessed to not have any effects on the for impact assessment
ALT W1 the transboundary impacts assessment was on Nord Stream 2 and Balticconnector pipelines
Contact Person: Leena Eerola eutrophication status of the Gulf of Finland. the potential impacts on water quality and from are planned to be constructed approximately
Tel. +358 295 021 380 The environmental baseline has been prepared on
underwater noise during construction phase, and during the same time period. If the construction Benthic environment the basis of peer-reviewed scientific literature,
concerns for example about the possible negative periods overlap, increased ship traffic in the same

The presence of benthos in the offshore areas of the other EIAs, technical reports and data as well
impacts on environment and marine life that have area would also increase the associated risks.
Finnish contact authority for international environmental impact assessment Gulf of Finland is mostly dependent on the oxygen as the knowledge and experience gained from

been expressed in Estonia. Sediment spreading The existence of both the Nord Stream 2 and
Ministry of the Environment concentration near the seabed. As a result of Nord Stream, for example, from long-term Nord Stream 2 route
and related contaminant dispersion was found Nord Stream pipelines is assessed to cause an

P.O.Box 35, FIN-00023 Government permanent anoxic conditions, there is virtually no life environmental monitoring of the construction Sub-alternative ALT E1

not to have any impact on neighboring countries additional hindrance to commercial fishery due
on the seabed in the western parts of the pipeline and operation of the pipelines. Nord Stream 2 Sub-alternative ALT E2
Contact Person: Lasse Tallskog Z due to the short duration and low concentrations. to the freespans of four pipelines in the Finnish
route. Consequently, construction activities (mainly has conducted several offshore environmental EE
Sub-alternative ALT W1
Tel. +358 295 250 284 N Underwater noise from munitions clearance is EEZ. However, mid-water trawling is the prevailing
rock placement, munitions clearance and to a lesser and technical surveys to collect information on IA Sub-alternative ALT W2 N assessed to have impacts on the Gulf of Finland trawling method in these waters, not bottom-
the marine baseline along the pipeline route. TO Potential hyperbaric tie-in
extent anchor-handling) is assessed to lead to ES ringed seal population (with the impact extending trawling. When considering the potential future use
defaunation or interference with benthic communities Mathematical modelling has been applied Image Credits
(approx. KP 300)
into Estonia and Russia). Fisheries in neighboring of the Finnish EEZ, the future use of the Finnish
only in a small portion of the pipeline route (in the to predict sediment dispersion and underwater Nord Stream pipeline
countries are assessed to be affected by the EEZ, the existence of Nord Stream 2 pipelines
shallower areas). Benthic communities underneath noise propagation caused by the offshore KP 492 All images unless
Planned Balticconnector pipeline
otherwise specified: project activities same way as Finnish fisheries. means that it is probable that consultation with
the pipelines and support structures will be construction activities. Citizen surveys in Finland Nord Stream 2 AG Territorial border
0 50 This is due to fishing rights within EU that allow Nord Stream 2 will be necessary. However, it is
permanently lost but only a very minor proportion of and a public opinion survey in Estonia have 25 land border
Opinions and statements regarding this Maps: fishing vessels from other EU member states to assessed that the existence of pipelines will not
the benthic life will be affected. Any other adverse been carried out in order to gather information Ramboll EEZ border (Exclusive Economic Zone)
EIA report should be sent in written form to kilometres fish in the Finnish EEZ. prevent future projects, but may have an impact on
impacts on benthos are assessed to be local and of on peoples opinions of the project. Design, and KP Kilometre point in the pipeline route
Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, illustrations: the planning and technical design of such projects.
short duration because the communities are able to mc-quadrat OHG
Transport and the Environment by 5 June 2017 April 2017 recover.

New Pipeline for Europe is Facing an Import Gap Stream 2 will be in contact with cable and pipeline
owners to agree on the detailed crossing method.
After installation, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will un-

Europes Energy Future as Demand Exceeds Supply

dergo a series of activities that prepare the pipeline
Pipelay system for use. These activities include cleaning,
In the pipelay process of the two pipelines, indivi gauging and testing/leak detection. Two options for
dual pipe joints will be transported from Mussalo, pre-commissioning are under investigation. These
Access to natural gas is becoming increasingly critical for the EU as global Kotka and Koverhar, Hanko, by pipe supply vessels are:
demand rises and its own gas resources deplete. With Nord Stream 2, the EU to the lay barge, welded together on-board and
can secure additional gas resources in the long term in order to ensure global lowered as a continuous string onto the seabed > Option 1: Dry pre-commissioning without pres
industrial competitiveness and meet domestic demand. from the lay barge. The average speed of the pipe sure testing, using alternative testing methods and
lay vessel is 23kilometres per day. A dynamically without hyperbaric (underwater) tie-ins. Under this

Natural gas offers a cost-effective and sustainable se +25 per cent in the coming two decades (equal
EU 28 Production
positioned (DP) lay barge is planned to be used
in the Finnish EEZ from the Russian border at
option, the pipeline will not be water-filled, and
there will be neither water intake from the Finnish
Ancillary Operation of the
Assessed Alternatives Activities Pipeline System
way to achieve emissions reduction targets. It to about 1,000 bcm), therefore LNG availability pipeline kilometre point (KP) 114 to south of Hanko EEZ nor water discharges to the Finnish EEZ. The
makes a good partner to a further build-out of and price for Europe will be under pressure a 491 bcm (approximately KP 350). Either an anchored or a estimated amount of rock to be used decrease
renewables. Due to its role as an efficient, abun- risk to the European industry and consumers that DP lay barge is intended to be used in the Finnish from 110,000m3 to 80,000m3, constituting app
dant and clean pathway to a low-carbon future, cannot be resolved without sufficient available EEZ from south of Hanko to the Swedish EEZ. A DP roximately 5 per cent of the total rock volume in Nord Stream 2 route pipeline may be slightly lower in sub-alternative Nord Stream 2's ancillary activities in- Nord Stream 2 AG is the owner and operator of
the demand for natural gas in Europe is projected pipeline capacity. Nord Stream 2 helps mitigate lay barge uses thrusters for positioning, whereas the Finnish EEZ. The pipeline route (Nord Stream 2 route) in the Fin ALT E2. clude both onshore and offshore activi- the pipeline system. The system is designed to
to remain mostly stable over the coming 20 years. these risks in Europe by providing capacities ~45% ~25% an anchored lay barge is positioned by anchors > Option 2: Standard Wet pre-commissioning nish section is located entirely in the Finnish EEZ, > Another section where the route divides into two ties as follows: have an operating life of at least 50 years. An
Europes domestic natural gas production is in connecting to secure gas reserves readily available Imports from Imports which are moved by anchor handling tugs accord- operations as implemented for Nord Stream, which is considered international waters, and does alternative routes is located in the northern Baltic operations concept and security system will be
outside of Europe from Norway
Offshore Construction Activities
decline, especially in Norway, the Netherlands in Northern Russia. The new gas supply will drive ing to planned anchor patterns. As the basis of this including a hyperbaric tie-in in the Finnish EEZ not enter territorial waters. To the east, the route Proper in the western part of the Finnish EEZ developed to ensure the safe operation of the
and the UK. At the same time, gas exports from the development of new interconnectors between assessment, an anchored lay barge is assumed to at KP 300. Each of the two pipelines will be filled enters from Russian territorial waters and, to the (sub-alternatives ALT W1 and ALT W2). ALT W2, Concrete weight coating plant in Kotka pipelines, including avoiding over-pressurisation,
Northern Africa will be increasingly constrained by member states to ensure that gas can flow freely be used in the western section of the Finnish EEZ. with approximately 1,300,000m3 of seawater west, continues into the Swedish EEZ. The closest the southern sub-alternative, is approximately The pipes, which are manufactured in Russia and managing and monitoring potential gas leaks and
own local consumption, while new gas from the across Europe to meet market needs. Russia has In order to install the pipelines on the seabed, a number of construction activities are A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) will be used for to be taken from the hyperbaric tie-in locations. distance from the route to Finnish territorial waters 2.83.1kilometres shorter than ALT W1. The rock pre-coated with polyethylene plastic, will be coa ensuring material protection.
Caspian region is projected to deliver only small been a reliable partner in supplying gas to Europe necessary. Hereunder, a brief description of the offshore project activities that will continuous touchdown monitoring at critical points Pressure test water will be discharged in Russia is 0.6 kilometres and the closest distance to the volume required for ALT W1 intervention works as ted with a concrete and iron ore mix in Wasco
amounts to the EU. This leaves an import gap of for five decades. The strategic expansion of the take place in Finland, is presented. such as pipelay start-up and laydown, during the Estonian EEZ 1.8 is kilometres. Within the Finnish well as the number of long freespans are greater Coatings Finland Oy's Kotka plant in order to dou- The protection, control and monitoring strategy
EU 28 Production
120bcm of EU's gas supply to be compensated connection from Russia to the European market is crossing of rock supports and at pipeline and cable Commissioning section, the pipeline route is located north of the than for ALT W2, due to the uneven seabed. ALT ble their weight to increase stability of the pipeline for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline system will be
over the next two decades more if countries therefore important to secure the supply of natural Additional imports crossings. Approximately 300 days (150 days per Commissioning comprises all activities that take Nord Stream pipelines for the most part. The total W2 is located closer to the Nord Stream pipelines on the seabed. Kotka will receive approximately based on manned landfall facilities in Russia and
to be secured
supplied from this European market are factored gas to the EU over the long term. Together with pipeline) of pipelay operations will be carried out in place after pre-commissioning and until the pipe- length of the pipeline route within the Finnish EEZ is than ALT W1. When considering the future use of 110,000 line pipes from Russia starting from Germany. These will be supervised by the Main
Munitions clearance tions of the pipeline in order to ensure its long-term
in. This gas can be covered by either gas from other suppliers and transport options, such as the Finnish EEZ. However, pipelay is estimated to lines commence natural gas transport, including approximately 378 kilometres. the EEZ, the cumulative impact with Nord Stream Q3/2016. The operations will continue approxi- Control Centre (MCC) in Switzerland and a back-
The Nord Stream 2 pipeline installation and security integrity. Rock placement is required for freespan
the global LNG market or Russian gas. The share LNG, gas from Nord Stream 2 will ensure a com- take place over a total of approximately 9 months. filling the pipelines with natural gas. Prior to the ac- pipeline may be slightly lower in sub-alternative mately until end of 2018. up facility, the Back-Up Control Centre (BUCC),
corridors on both sides of the pipelines will be sur correction, gravel basement at the potential hyper
between them will be set by the market. Nord petitive supply. The project aligns with the goals tivity of gas-in, all pre-commissioning activities must Sub-alternatives ALT W2.
Stream 2 can cover up to 55 bcm of this gap the EU has for its energy system to provide
2035 ~20%
veyed for munitions. Where munitions are found, baric tie-in location and for crossings with other also located in Switzerland.
Transport of pipes, rock and other material be completed successfully and the pipeline filled In the Finnish EEZ there are two sections where two Storage yards for weight-coated pipes
enough for 26.5 million households for one year. secure, affordable and sustainable energy supply 489 bcm from Norway
they will be identified. The pipeline route has been pipelines. Rock material will potentially be supp
The project includes the following offshore transport with dry air that is close to atmospheric pressure. alternative routes were considered for the pipeline Construction alternatives Wasco will store the concrete weight-coated pipes
optimised to avoid munitions to the extent possible. lied from the Kotka region and will be transported
However, the LNG market is typically subject to to Europeans. EU industry in particular needs activities: After pre-commissioning, the pipelines will contain route: The two pre-commissioning alternatives, without or in interim storage yards in Mussalo, Kotka and
However, some of the munitions will have to be by ship to designated locations along the pipeline
cycle shifts, as its global market is clearly focused reasonably priced energy if it is not to relocate > Transport of concrete weight-coated pipes from dry air. Nitrogen gas, as an inert buffer, is then in- > The eastern section is located south of Porkkala with hydrotest (Dry and Wet) have been asses Koverhar, Hanko. It will transport pipes by pipe
cleared to ensure the safe installation and operation route. Rock material will be placed precisely on the
on Asia, where very little pipeline capacity exists. production to other regions. Mussalo, Kotka to interim storage yard in Kover serted into the pipelines immediately prior to natural in the Gulf of Finland (sub-alternatives ALT E1 and sed. See the description of these alternative meth- transhipment vessels from Mussalo to Koverhar.
~65% of the pipeline. The most common way to clear seabed using a fall pipe. Rock placement activities
The global demand for gas is projected to increa Imports from har, Hanko. gas-filling. This ensures that the inflowing natural ALT E2). ALT E2, the southern sub-alternative, is ods in the "Offshore construction activities" section.
munitions is to detonate them in-situ utilising a will be carried out prior to and after pipelay.
outside of Europe > Transport of rock material for rock placement from gas will not be able to react with the atmospheric approximately 700 m shorter than ALT E1. The Extraction, transport and storage of rock
donor charge. Nord Stream 2 will perform a study
incl. declining imports Mussalo, Kotka to designated rock placement air and create unwanted mixtures inside the pipeline seabed profile along ALT E2 is more irregular and, Non-implementation material
from North Africa on alternative methods and mitigation techniques to Crossing installations
locations along the pipeline route as the nitrogen gas will act as a buffer between the therefore, the rock volume required for intervention An EIA must also include a non-implementation (or The rock material is assumed to be extracted from
reduce the impacts from munitions clearance. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will cross telecommu-
> Transport of fuel and other materials to pipe lay atmospheric air and the natural gas. Commissioning works as well as the estimated number of long zero-) alternative describing a situation in which the existing quarries in the Kotka region. The rock will
nications and power cables as well as gas pipeli
barge(s) and support vessels. will then proceed with filling the pipelines with natu- freespans is greater than for ALT E1. ALT E2 is planned project is not implemented in the Finnish be transported by trucks from the quarries to
Rock placement nes. Cables will be protected by concrete support
Source: based on Prognos 2017 ral gas from the connected landfall facilities. located closer to the Nord Stream pipelines than EEZ. Non-implementation would lead to no environ- interim storage in Mussalo, Kotka. Rock transport
Rock will be placed locally at designated locations, mattresses prior to pipelay. Rock placement will be
Total demand includes all gas sourced from European market, EU ALT E1. When considering the future use of the mental or social impacts from the project, neither is assessed to take place for approximately 18
thereby providing support and covering for sec- used to prevent interaction between pipelines. Nord
countries plus Switzerland and western imports by Ukraine. EEZ, the cumulative impact with Nord Stream adverse nor beneficial. months.

Frequently Asked Questions Facts and Figures National EIA and Permitting Procedure and EIA & Permitting Environmental Impact Key Mitigation Measures
Does natural gas support the Does this pipeline increase Europes About
Construction Time Schedule in Finland Construction Activities
Assessment Procedure Nord Stream 2 AG is committed to designing, planning and implementing the
pipeline project with the least impact on the environment as is reasonably
1,200km 120bcm
climate goals and the shift to dependency on Russia?
2013 2016 2017 2018 2019 National procedure The EIA procedure must be conducted before practicable. One of the most important factors during optimisation of the pipeline
renewable energy?
The environmental impact assessment procedure the authorities will make any decisions to officially route has been avoidance of uneven seabed, thereby reducing the number of
Russian gas provides currently around one third of is the total length of of additional imports need to be secured Q1 Q2 Q3 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
for the EU in the next two decades, aims to increase and enhance environmental infor- approve a proposed project. Hence, the EIA proce- locations where seabed intervention works are necessary.
Gas can help the EU to meet its climate targets. the gas needed in the EU in total energy terms the Pipeline.
owing to decreasing production and EIA PROGRAMME PHASE mation for decision-making and planning. For this dure is not a decision-making process, and permits
It is the cleanest fossil fuel with the lowest CO2
emissions and can provide flexible, reliable, sto
thats only about 6 per cent of the energy used in
the EU. As EU domestic gas production declines, 378km lower output from other exporters to Europe.
Preperation of EIA Programme
purpose, the projects environmental impacts are
assessed and possible different project alternatives
for a project are granted separately in accordance
with relevant legislation. The EIA procedure provides
rable energy to supplement renewable production. more gas will need to be imported. While Russia thereof are within the Public hearing Technical solutions: > Specific consultation will be held and procedu
Finnish section. compared. The procedure also aims to promote the authorities, other stakeholders and the public vari-
Using natural gas to generate power instead of will continue to be an important supplier, these ad- > Use of a dynamically positioned lay barge in res will be agreed with the pipelay contractor
Statement by the Coordinating Authority participation of the public in the planning phase and ous ways to participate in the procedure. Informa-
coal cuts down CO2 emissions by 50 per cent. ditional imports will need to come from a range of the heavily mined areas of the Gulf of Finland and relevant authorities at TSS Off Kallbda
If the additional gas that could reach Europe
through Nord Stream 2 were used to replace coal,
sources. Nord Stream 2 will provide an additional
import route, but it can only cover part of the ad-
80 % Nord Stream 2 will have
Preperation of EIA Report
to provide information to the public. Consequently,
the purpose of the EIA procedure is to prevent the
tion on the Nord Stream 2 project has been shared
during several meetings and is publicly available
to minimise impacts from munitions clearance.
> Controlled rock placement utilising a fall pipe
grund and TSS Off Porkkala Lighthouse.
> The Finnish authorities will be notified of un
capacity to transport occurrence of harmful environmental impacts and to on the project's website (
it could save 14 per cent of the EUs entire CO2 ditional needs. Once gas reaches the EU energy 55bcm of natural gas Public hearing and instrumented discharge head located near planned events during pipeline operation.
reconcile opposing views and goals. The Uusimaa The EIA procedure is conducted in an interactive
emissions from power generation. Converting market, different gas suppliers compete fairly with Utilisation of the existing per year, enough to the seabed to ensure precise placement of
Statement by the Coordinating Authority Centre for Economic Development, Transport manner to provide the authorities, other stakehol
coal-fired generation to gas at the same time each other, as well as with other forms of energy. Nord Stream pipeline has supply some rock material. Underwater cultural heritage:
and the Environment (ELY Centre Uusimaa) is the ders and the public an opportunity to discuss and
as continuing to build the renewables we need
would be a significant contribution to fighting
In the end, European gas companies will buy gas
where they find the best deal. The concept of
increased every year since
it opened in 2011, reaching 26million PERMITTING
Consultations and preparation of permit applications
coordinating authority for the Finnish EIA procedure
for Nord Stream 2. The EIA procedure was officially
express their views on the project and its impacts.
Marine fauna:
> The Nord Stream 2 project is committed to im
plementing stringent measures to ensure that no
80 per cent capacity in 2016. European households.
climate change. The National Energy and Climate companies sourcing their gas based on the best > Deployment of acoustic deterrent devices for adverse impacts on cultural heritage occur from
EEZ permit procedure, public hearing and decision initiated when the EIA Programme was submitted International procedure
Strategy of Finland recognizes also the role of gas economic offer is at the heart of the EUs goal for marine mammals prior to munitions clearance project activities. In general, a 50 m minimum
on 25 March 2013 to the coordinating authority. The Finland is a signatory to the Convention on EIA in a
in the transition towards a carbon neutral society. a liberalised internal energy market. Water permit procedure, public hearing and decision detonations to drive animals away from the safety distance should be assigned to each
Uusimaa ELY Centre issued its statement on the Transboundary Context (Espoo Convention),
CONSTRUCTION IN FINNISH SECTOR which promotes international cooperation and detonation zone. cultural heritage site.
EIA Programme on 4 July 2013. On the assignment
> Stationing of marine mammal and bird obser > In those areas where an anchored lay barge is
Munitions clearance of the Developer (Nord Stream 2 AG), Ramboll public engagement when the environmental impact
Will the pipeline make other Is Nord Stream 2 in line with the Rock placement vers on munitions clearance vessels. planned to be used, an anchor corridor survey
has prepared the EIA Report, based on the EIA of a planned activity is expected to cross a border.
transport systems reduntant? EUs energy goals? Pipelay > In addition to the munitions clearance methods will be completed to identify, verify and catalo
Programme and the statement from the Uusimaa The Espoo Convention lays down the general obli-
Each pipe joint 33 Pre-commissioning ELY Centre. gation of countries (Parties of Origin) to notify and and mitigation techniques described above, gue potential cultural heritage objects. Anchor
Nord Stream 2 complements the existing natural Nord Stream 2 clearly meets the three core goals will be 12 metres long and weigh Commissioning and start of operation which were successfully implemented for patterns will be designed and approved prior to
consult one another (Affected Parties) on all major
24 tonnes with concrete coating.
gas import routes to the EU. As domestic pro-
duction declines, more gas imports are needed,
of EU energy policy: Its competitive, secure and
up to 184m projects that are likely to have a significant adverse
environmental impact across state boundaries. For
the Nord Stream Project, Nord Stream 2 will
perform a study of alternative clearance met
construction in consultation with national cultu
ral heritage agencies.
which require reliable import systems connecting The pipelines will have a
Depth of the the Nord Stream 2 project, the parties of origin are hods and mitigation techniques to reduce the
constant internal diameter of
to ample available resources. The project will sup- 1,153millimetres (48 inches) Finnish sector impact associated with underwater noise from Contractor audits:
Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany,
plement existing pipelines and other routes such What are the benefits of the new and a wall thickness of up in-situ detonation. > Nord Stream 2 will periodically audit its contrac
and the affected parties are Russia, Finland, Esto-
as LNG deliveries. Increasing choice between pipelines here in Finland? to 41millimetres without > Construction activities, such as pipelay and tors (including ancillary activities) to ensure that
conrete weight coating. nia, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark
different suppliers and different supply routes will rock placement, are not planned in winter ice they operate in accordance with their environ
and Germany. Russia has signed but not ratified the
boost competition. The market will decide which Nord Stream 2 related activities will bring additio Design pressure conditions to prevent impacts on seals during mental permit.
agreement. To comply with the Espoo Convention,

gas to favour and gas importers will make use nal business and jobs to Finland in Hanko and the breeding season. > A waste management strategy and plan will be
Baltic Sea states Nord Stream 2 AG will issue a description of the
of the available infrastructure options in the most especially in the Kotka region. For example, Was- are involved in consultations developed and implemented for waste generated
project and its potential transboundary effects
efficient way. This will be based on the most eco-
nomic offer, benefitting European consumers. The
co, Nord Stream 2s partner for concrete weight
coating, storage and logistics of the pipes, will
200/ about the pipeline.
It will will run through the (a so-called Espoo Report) to all potentially af- Ship traffic:
> Information on project vessels plans and
offshore. Contractor waste management plans
and supporting procedures will be developed
end result will be more secure supplies, at more employ up to 300 persons directly and some 100 177.5 exclusive economic zones
or territorial waters of five
fected countries. International consultation will take
place at the same time as national EIA consultation. schedules will be provided to the Finnish and implemented for each vessel.

bar gauge
affordable prices. persons indirectly in its operations for the duration countries Russia, Finland, Transport Agency for Notices to Mariners
of the project. Sweden, Denmark and Germany.