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My asthma triggers The step-by-step guide that helps

Use it,
Taking my asthma medicine each day will help you stay on top of your asthma

Your asthma
reduce my reaction to these triggers. Avoiding them
where possible will also help.

dont lose it! action plan

Your action plan is a personal guide to help you stay on top
of your asthma. Once you have created one with your GP
My asthma review or asthma nurse, it can help you stay as well as possible. Fill this in with your
I should have at least one routine asthma review
every year. I will bring: People who use their action plans are four times less GP or asthma nurse
My action plan to see if it needs updating likely to end up in hospital because of their asthma.
My inhaler and spacer to check Im using them in the
best way Your action plan will only work at its best to help keep
Any questions about my asthma and how to cope with it. you healthy if you:

Next asthma review date: __/__/____  ut it somewhere easy for you and your family to
find you could try your fridge door, the back of your
front door, or your bedside table. Try taking a photo
GP/asthma nurse contact
and keeping it on your mobile phone or tablet.
Phone number:  heck in with it regularly put a note on your
calendar, or a reminder on your mobile to read it
Out-of-hours contact number through once a month. How are you getting along
(ask your GP surgery who to call when they are closed) with your day-to-day asthma medicines? Are you
having any asthma symptoms? Are you clear
Name: about what to do?
Phone number:
 eep a copy near you save a photo on your phone or
Get more advice & support from Asthma UK: as your screensaver. Or keep a leaflet in your bag, desk
Speak to a specialist Get news, advice or car glove box. If you use a written asthma action plan
asthma nurse about and download information you are four times less likely to be
managing your asthma on: packs at:  ive a copy of your action plan or share a photo of
G admitted to hospital for your asthma.*
0300 222 5800 it with a key family member or friend ask them
to read it. Talk to them about your usual asthma
symptoms so they can help you notice if they start.
Name and date:
Help them know what to do in an emergency.

 ake it to every healthcare appointment including

Any asthma questions?
A&E/consultant. Ask your GP or asthma nurse to Call our friendly helpline nurses
HA1080216 2016 Asthma UK registered charity number in England
and Wales 802364 and in Scotland SCO39322.
Last reviewed and updated 2016; next review 2019.
update it if any of their advice for you changes.
Ask them for tips if youre finding it hard to take 0300 222 5800
your medicines as prescribed. (9am 5pm; Mon Fri)
*Adams et al; Factors associated with hospital admissions and repeat emergency
department visits for adults with asthma; Thorax 2000;55:566573
Every day asthma care: When I feel worse: In an asthma attack:
My personal best peak flow is:
My symptoms are coming back (wheeze, tightness My reliever inhaler is not helping or I need it
in my chest, feeling breathless, cough) more than every hours
My preventer inhaler
(insert name/colour): I am waking up at night I find it difficult to walk or talk
I need to take my preventer inhaler every day even My symptoms are interfering with my usual I find it difficult to breathe
when I feel well day-to-day activities (eg at work, exercising) Im wheezing a lot or I have a very tight chest
I take puff(s) in the morning I am using my reliever inhaler times or Im coughing a lot
a week or more My peak flow is below
and puff(s) at night.
My peak flow drops to below

My reliever inhaler
(insert name/colour): This is what I can do straight away to THIS IS AN EMERGENCY
I take my reliever inhaler only if I need to
get on top of my asthma: TAKE ACTION NOW
I take puff(s) of my reliever inhaler
if any of these things happen: 1 If I havent been using my preventer inhaler,
start using it regularly again or:
Sit up straight dont lie down. Try to keep calm

Take one puff of my reliever inhaler every 30 to 60

Im wheezing Increase my preventer inhaler dose to seconds up to a maximum of 10 puffs
My chest feels tight puffs times a day until my symptoms
Im finding it hard to breathe have gone and my peak flow is back to normal
A) If I feel worse at B) If I dont C) If I feel better:
Im coughing. Take my reliever inhaler as needed (up to any point while Im feel any better make an urgent
using my inhaler after 10 puffs same-day
puffs every four hours) appointment with
Other medicines I take for my asthma every day: my GP or asthma
URGENT! If I dont improve within 24 hours make nurse to get advice
an emergency appointment to see my GP or CALL 999
asthma nurse.

With this daily routine I should expect/aim to have no 2 If I have been given prednisolone tablets
(steroid tablets) to keep at home:
taking longer
than 15 minutes?
If I feel better, and have made my
urgent same-day appointment:
Check if Ive been given rescue
symptoms. If I havent had any symptoms or needed Take mg of prednisolone tablets prednisolone tablets
my reliever inhaler for at least 12 weeks, ask my GP or Repeat step
(which is x 5mg) immediately If I have these I should take
asthma nurse to review my medicines in case they can them as prescribed by my
and again every morning for days
reduce the dose. doctor or asthma nurse
or until I am fully better.
IMPORTANT! This asthma attack information is not
URGENT! Contact my GP or asthma nurse today designed for people on a SMART or MART medicine
People plan. If youre on a SMART or MART medicine plan,
People with
extra and let them know I have started taking steroids and
careful please speak to your GP or asthma nurse to get the
careful as attacks can be moresevere.
as attacks can be more severe. make an appointment to be seen within 24 hours.
correct asthma attack information.