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Application of Super Capacitor in Elevator

Elevators have typical load cycles characterize by a low energy balance between up
and down movement. However, they have a high power demand during acceleration
in the up direction, as well as a high power restitution in the down movement,
especially during deceleration. On the other hand, the strongly modulated power
demand represents an availability problem of the feeding network. Other than that, the
traditionally used breaking resistors in the frequency converter of the variable speed
drive are the cause of the high amount of wasted energy.

In the solution to propose the problem, the supercapacitive storage device will use.
This device can cover not only the energy needed to cover the elevator dynamic but
also, the energy used for overcoming the potential energy while travelling at a
constant speed in the case of unbalance elevator.

For application in which the super capacitor serves to compensate for power peaks
and also if necessary, to reduce the power supply connection rating by a relatively
modest amount, it is expedient to use an energy storage unit which uses super
capacitors only as storage medium.