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Student ID
Pre-service Teacher Hayley Rice 2135959

School Port Noarlunga Primary

Year Level
Mentor Teacher(s) Jeff Wakefield 6/7

School Co-ordinator Kingsley Heard

University Liaison Chris Purgacz Jackie Thomson

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Teaching Days 10 introductory days + 30 day block: 40 days
8 week Country/Term 2 Placement: 40 days
Extended Placement: Up t0 65 days

CONTEXT Please add brief context statements about the school and class:
School sector; size and composition of campus (R-12, Area, Primary); particular
features or unique characteristics; index of disadvantage.

Port Noarlunga Primary School has increased enrolments recently and currently has
466 students in 17 classrooms. It has an index of disadvantage of 5. Over 60% of
students live outside the local area. 17% of families have arrived from overseas in the
past five years. An Aquatics Centre is on site. OHSC operates before and after
school, as well as holidays.

Class (including children with special needs)

The class consists of 28 students, of which 7are in year six and 21 in year seven.
Four students have been diagnosed as asthmatics. Another student has a severe
allergy and has his epipen at school for emergencies. One student is nearly blind in
one eye. One student is on the autism spectrum and only attends from 8:30 until
12:50, lunch eating time, when his mother collects him from the classroom. Seven
student wear glasses to assist their learning.


Please place an X at the point along each continuum that best represents the development of the pre-service
teacher towards each of the standards at this time.

Standard 1 Know students and how they learn

I I Ix I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 2 Know the content and how to teach it

I I Ix I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient


Standard 6 Engage in professional learning

I I Ix I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 7 Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

I I Ix I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient


Standard 3 Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

I I Ix I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 4 Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

I I I x I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 5 Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

I I I x I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient
SUMMARY STATEMENTS (You may choose to comment on both personal and professional characteristics)
School Coordinator/Principal

Hayley has positively developed her practice throughout her time at Port Noarlunga Primary
School. She has been willing to take on advice, both from her mentor teacher but also other staff
members as well to continue to develop her skills.
Hayley was able to quickly form positive relationships with both students and staff and be able to
hold professional conversations around the complexity of roles within the school setting. Her
professionalism and willingness to learn should hold Hayley in good stead for her future career.
Areas of development for Hayley are around her assessment of student learning tasks. Her
mentor teacher has had quite lengthy discussions with her around the need to be extremely
accurate and thorough when assessing student learning. Hayley was able to take this advice on
board and work towards improving in this area.
I have found Hayley a pleasure to have at our site throughout her placement and endorse her
moving forward as a classroom teacher.

Name: Kingsley Heard Date: 29/06/2017

University Liaison
Hayley is a bright and enthusiastic student who has shown a great willingness to take on
feedback to improve her practice. She was very proactive about seeking advice and help from
both her mentor teacher and myself. She was very lucky to have a dedicated and serious
mentor teacher who was willing to take the time to provide excellent and thorough feedback
during her time with the class. At times, she was a little overwhelmed by this and I was
impressed by her ability and determination to listen, reflect, seek advice and help and to be able
to use all this effectively. Her report certainly reflects this. She developed good relationships
within the school community taking an active role in staff activities and learning, and gladly
participated in extra curricular activities such as netball. In my last observation lesson I was
impressed by Hayley's ability to include all students in their learning and to be able to give
encouragement or to manage more challenging behaviours. The students were engaged and
she had developed a respectful relationship with them. She has taken on the mentor's advice to
increase the depth of her own knowledge and understanding and being vigilant in marking
student work. Hayley loves teaching and this was evident in her enthusiasm, her drive to
improve and in her love for classroom interaction with the students.

Name: Chris Purgacz Date: 2/7/2017

SUMMARY STATEMENT (May be used as a referee statement)
Classroom Teacher/Mentor
Student Name: Hayley Rice

Professional Knowledge
Hayley displayed an increasing understanding of the different rates that students learn and the
need to differentiate her teaching to accommodate this diverse range of learning skills, capabilities
and intellectual development within the class into her lessons. This was evident in all of her work
but especially her Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Technology and Art/Craft work which was
inclusive and responsive to all students in the class. When she planned and taught a unit of work,
she constructed each lesson so it flowed onto the next in a logical, sequential manner. She
incorporated ICT strategies, such as Power Point, You Tube and computer room lessons, into her
teaching to motivate and engage students, as well as to expand their knowledge and learning
opportunities whenever possible. Hayley took on the responsibility of marking all of her work,
which is the one area that she can still improve her skills, and sought regular, honest feedback
from myself regarding assessment routines to ensure all procedures and results were fair,
accurate and in line with established structures. Feedback to students was positive and
constructive at all times. Her lessons plans improved greatly and became more detailed while
displaying greater understanding of the lesson content to present in her teaching. Introductions to
lessons became more detailed and explained more clearly with each lesson taught and as her
knowledge that students do not all understand content or concepts at the same time or the same
level. Her work with an autistic student in the class developed impressively from being
apprehensive to engaging and working together productively on many tasks.
I am very impressed, and proud, of Hayleys increased knowledge and understanding of the
demands required with being a teacher. Her progression in this area is a credit to the
determination that she displayed to improve her skill level in areas where we discussed she
needed improvement.

Professional Practice.
Hayley assumed full control of the class for the final two weeks of her practice. Before that she
was teaching the majority of the lessons each day with myself only supplying comments or advice
as needed. The more she taught, the more confidence I had in her ability to manage the class
successfully. She displayed greatly increased confidence in her own teaching as well as in her
preparation, and determination, to succeed in this profession. Hayley learnt, and understood, the
need to keep accurate and up-to-date records of student achievements and efforts as a vital tool
in the assessment procedure.
She prepared, taught and assessed units of work in the following areas:
Literacy: narrative and persuasive writing, alliteration, similes and metaphors, spelling, poetry
Numeracy: perimeter, area, volume, capacity
Science: electrical units and using energy from the sun
Technology: planned work that linked into Science where students, in small groups, created and
constructed models of cars, homes and similar, to display their understanding of electrical circuits
Civics and Citizenship: democracy and Westminster system including students using plays to
show their understanding as well as groups making Power Points to present and You Tube clips
shown to motivate the class
Art / Craft: class designed and created their own personal dream catchers
Reconciliation Week: presented a Power Point display of her own to the class to create
discussion and understanding of the importance of this week to all Australians
Professional Practice.(continued )
Hayley set achievable goals in all of her lessons to meet the varying abilities of the class. She
provided timely and appropriate feedback to the students. She built relationships with the class,
especially our autistic student, and they responded with interest, understanding and respect
towards her caring approach. She also built a strong, truthful and honest relationship with myself.
She accepted all advice positively and would regularly seek out even more feedback and ask
more questions about her lessons and how to further improve them and her teaching style,
especially the transition from one lesson to the next. Hayley was particularly interested in ways to
create a positive class environment and the efforts required to make this occur. She totally
engaged in the whole classroom atmosphere and experience as well as considering and
understanding what it takes to create a class out of a group of students. All this as well as
preparing herself to be the most confident and enthusiastic teacher that she can achieve.

Professional Engagement
Hayley actively sought out feedback on her teaching performances and responded professionally
and positively at all times. She displayed sensitivity and understanding when working with
individuals with the aim of assisting and supporting their learning outcomes by helping them gain
a better understanding of topic content and expectations. Behaviour management, when required,
was appropriate and clearly explained to the individuals involved. She attended staff meetings
each week and made positive contributions to group discussions and also asked relevant
questions to assist her understanding of topics. She attended cluster school staff meetings and
was involved in the introduction of the Brightpath programme at our school. She managed regular
class disruptions, such a choir, music, Quicksmart, with ease and ensured those students caught
up on missed work. She spent time being involved in moderation at a staff meeting with cluster
schools. She observed other teachers teach their class as well as NIT teachers teach our class
and took interest in changes in behaviour. Hayley assisted other teachers in the computer room
when they needed an extra hand with testing or similar tasks. She umpired netball games for our
school when we were involved in a knock-out competition. She assisted with marking and
assessment in preparation for report writing.

Written by: Jeff Wakefield Date: 27 / 6 / 2017

SUMMARY ASSESSMENT (To be agreed by the School Coordinator and the University Liaison)

In our opinion Hayley Rice

has demonstrated the following overall level of performance in this final professional experience:
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High Distinction


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