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Lanier, Alisa

From: Burger, Annetta (Anteon) [burgera@ONR.NAVY.MIL]

Sent: Monday, September 27,2004 11 :45 AM


Subject: Contract Info


Here are the contracts that I know she dealt with at the time:


. NAVAIR Contracts

SAIC N00421-02-0-3016 Orincon N00421-02 -0-3063 Solypsis N00421-01-0-0080 EWA N00421-01-C-0385

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systesm N00421-01-D-0407 Trex Enterprises N00421-02-D-3090

Textron N00421-02-D-3117

Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii (RCUH) N00421-03-C-0013 Phoenix Towers N00421-03-C-0065

ONR Contracts

Orincon N00014-02-C-0185 APIC N00014-03-C-0342

The only grants I know of are:


University of Hawaii N00421-01-1-0176

ONR Grant

University of Hawaii N00014-01-1-0562

vir Annetta

1 (1/'7 f')(]flA

1-bq ENCLOSUR~}J\\

O'Connell, John





CaposelJ, Chartes USNUNK NAVAIR AIR-4.5T [] Tuesday, August 03,20049:00 AM

John O'Connell (E-maif); Cooper, Phil AAUSN-NAVIG




John and phil,

This may answer some of your questions about

Gerrard Wallace was detailed toONR and worked with Mun-Won Fenton for over a year. He was sent back to NAVAIR at the beginning of this year. NAVAIR reassigned him to the F/A-IB office, PMA-265, to help work their science and technology efforts. I do believe he and MUn have maintained some contact, though she now goes by her maiden name of Mun-Won Cheng.

I believe that our contracting officer will not make the requested

award to ARINC based upon her discovery that ~ 3 involved

along with the points I have .raised. ..,'I.JJ

So, now we know a bit more on what has become ot

is awarded, lo Ie

residence, . wa.l.lace would have

reasons to V1SIC Hawall which he seemed to enJoy while working with Mun.

If this

Regards, Chuck

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From: Robert Swisher [] Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 2004 1:56

To: Caposell, Charles USNUNK NAVAIR AIR-4.5T Subject: RE: Specific SOW paragraphs for Hawaii

Hey Chuck,

Phoned Vicki directly about this one. I have never heard of this


but Sharmaine checked out their listing with CCR. Seems

liticant involvement with this company ...

Just a matter of public record, Rob

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From: Caposell, Charles USNUNK NAVAIR AIR-4.5T {mailto:charles.caposell@navy.mill

Sent: Monday, August 02, 2004 6:00 PM

To: Fuhrmann, vicki D. USNUNK NAVAIR AIR- Cheryl A Holbrook (E-mail); Robert Swisher (E-mail)

Subject: RE: Specific sow paragraphs for Hawaii


I've never heard of this firm. I would be supicious of any "services" effort such as this where there is no specific evidence of unique qualifications of this firm over ARINC themselves or other potential services contractors. I believe that AIR-4.S recently put out a services

contract of their own and would wonder why this effort cannot be done by that contractor or in-house. I'll await response from Rob or Cheryl then

talk with you when I return later this week.

Regards. Chuck

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From: Fuhrmann, vicki D. USNUNK NAVAIR AIR- Sent: Monday, August 02, 2004 14~51

To: Cheryl A Holbrook (E-mail); Robert Swisher (E-mail); Caposell, Charles USNUNK NAVAIR AIR-4.ST

Subject: FW: Specific SOW paragraphs for Hawaii

Calling Hawaii Grapevine:

The SOW below is for an effort that Gerry walles wants me to put on an Arinc

contract to be subcontracted to Hawaiya. a Hawaiian company. Before getting

myself burned, I wanted to see if anyone has heard of this company Hawaiya

and is there anything I should be aware of.

Mahala from rain drenched Southern Maryland.

Vicki D Fuhrmann Contracting Officer

Naval Air Systems Command (301) 757-9707

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From: Tremel, John USNUNK NAVAIR 1490, , 53 Sent: Thursday, July 29, 2004 14:19

To: Williams, Robert C. USNUNK NAVAIR Subject; Specific sow paragraphs for Hawaiya


Below are the specific SOW paragraphs are applicable to the Hawaiya efforts.

vir John

3.3.1 Program Management: The contractor shall provide technical services to NAVAIR 4.5 customers in the development of acquisition plans, schedules, and budgets in accordance with the Program Planning Budgeting System (PPBS) and DOD-5000.2, or the Government specified equivalent. The acquisition plans, schedules, and budgets will account for specific program elements, platform implementations, and execution goals. The contractor shall provide alternatives and recommendations for program development, test and evaluation, and fleet support. The contractor shall perform technical reviews of NAVAIR 4.5 projects and provide recommendations for meeting project objectives to NAVAIR 4.5 customers. The contractor team members shall attend meetings as authorized by Government Personnel as technical expert with Navy, other DoD and government organizations, and other contractor organizations as necessary to disseminate/gather information and/or coordinate the actions conducted under this order. The contractor shall prepare briefing materials and agendas, provide recommendations on platform issues, and submit written meeting reports in accordance with CDRL A003

Hawaiya will provide support to the AIR-4.S S&T Coordinator for 2

F/A-18 program office for the following: (1) The establishment of the Hawaii based Military Rapid Response Communication Information System (MRRCIS) project by leading the planning effort to execute the project and to start-up a testing and integration testbed in support of F/A-18 network centric warfare experiments. This effort will also support the establishment of the future Hawaii based Carrier Battle Group/Air Wing (2) Experimentation and Integration of the F/A 18 with the surrogate Marine Corps CONDOR capabilitYi and (3) F/A-18 integration with the

Affordable Platform-borne Deployable Remote Sensor (APD-RS).

3.3.4 Systems Analysis and Design: The contractor shall provide technical and analytical services to define and analyze system functional interface requirements, operator interface requirements, hardware-software requirements, and specifications for new or modified systems and equipment. The contractor shall liaison with Naval Aviation Science and Technology Office and Office of Naval Research (ONR), as integral part of the Advanced Technology Review Board (ATRB), on emerging technology for use in NAVAIR Platforms. The contractor shall perform both quantitative and qualitative analyses and comparisons of potential system replacement technologies and perform market & manufacturing capability surveys in support of concept exploration and technology selection. The contractor shall employ standard Operations Research techniques (multi-criteria decision making, multi-attribute utility technique, analytic hierarchy process, quality function deployment, etc.) to these ends. The contractor shall document recommendations and findings and provide these findings to the 4.5 customer in accordance with CDRL A004. The contractor shall ensure trace ability of requirements throughout the requirements-to-design process. Services shall also include analysis and documentation of system installation and operational requirements

Hawaiya will coordinate with Office of Naval Research, specifically the KSA FNC and FORCENet pillar lead, the planning of MRR-CIS, Marine Corps CONDOR, and F/A-18 integration with the Affordable Platform-borne Deployable Remote Sensor (APD-RS).

3.3.5 System Development and Prototyping: The contractor shall

provide technical services to support the development, maintenance, and prototyping of new or modified systems. These services shall include providing Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model (SEI - Software CMM R) evaluation capability and Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model Integration sm - SW/SE/IPPD/SS (SED - CMMIsm - Software/Systems Engineering/ Integrated Product and Process Development/Supplier Sourcing) appraisal capability, certified software development capability, certified software engineering process capability, CMMR based process improvement capability, and certified software quality engineering capability for new or modified systems, subsystems, and equipment. The contractor shall provide technical capability in Business Process Reengineering/Engineering (BPR/BPE) and process modeling, using standard methodologies (such as Integrated definition Zero (IDEF 0), IDEF 3, AOWin (IDEF business process reengineering tool), entry - task - verification - exit (ETVX) modeling methodology, and IPO coarse-grained modeling technique. The contractor shall also provide support for the design, installation, integration, maintenance, and test support of development and evaluation laboratory environments. The results of the contractor's development, training and prototyping efforts shall be documented in accordance with CDRL A004.

Hawaiya will conduct a top level systems engineering and concept of operations study in a viewgraph presentation format as specified by the AIR 4.5 customer. As the plans mature, Hawaiya will conduct an advanced system operational concept study, which incorporates a fully capable future system.

4.0 Travel:

Hawaiya will travel to support this effort shall be directed by 3

4.5 customer.


OFFICE OF NAVAL RESEARCH Arlington, VA 22217 -5660 ONR-01IG

Fax (703)696-2102


DATE: 02/10/04

TO (including Fax number): L

:202} 433-6045

fROM (including Phone number): ROci Hert ig


_ Numoor of pages (including this sheet)


~C-\S D~

- As requested three Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports submitted to ONR Corporate Counsel by subject.

Roci Hertig


)0._ ~!! f!1 Vltlt ... se J:; '"II a- t!. ~ ." I f I l~~
f ~
! S
~ (oil
~ r-e
n ~r
.. ~f
2 J
~~ I p 0'"
, ~~

~ ~i
( .. , ~
~ j ~i
... r
B '" [ I bJ 1-
f . ....
gofcJ Table Analysis of Key Documents
A Contact Sheet Undated Sheet containing contact telephone numbers for key
Lockheed Martin/Orincon management and legal
B Letter from Scott 19JAN04 Follow-up to a prior telephonic interview of Orincon
MacKay, Associate officIal Gary Godshalk by ONR:
General Counsel, • Orincon General Ledger (GL) records show
Lockheed Martin (LM) that Orincon supported a table (GL debit of
$5,000) for the Ready- To-Learn (RTL) 2003
event sponsored by Senator Inouye
• Orincon GL records show that Fenton
reimbursed Orincon $50 in connection with
the RTL 2003 event.
• Orincon also sponsored a table at the National
Defense Industrial Association's (NOlA) 2002
award dinner on 11APR02, that included the
presentation of the James Forrestal Memorial
Award to Senator Inouye.
• Fenton may have attended the 2002 NOlA
event. However, Orincon holds no record of
any reimbursement from Fenton.
C Email from LM 10FEB04 Responds to a 6FEB04 emaiJ from Hertig:
attorney MacKay to • Reported that Orincon made a $5,000
ONR IG investigator donation to sponsor an entire table for the
Hertig 2003 RTL event. Orincon was uncertaIn if all
seats at sponsored table were fined. The
donation amount was not broken down further
for cost purposes.
• Expressed a belief that Fenton attended the
APR02 NOlA event as Orincon's guest.
Orincon official who invited Fenton IS
undetermined .
0 Travel Record OCT02- Reflects travel by Fenton during the 21APR03 -
Printouts for Fenton AUG03 26APR03 period from Washington DC to Lihue, HI to
"Attend Meetings at MIOPAC office at PMRF."
E T ravel Record DEC02 - Reflects travel by Walles during the 15 - 26 APR03
Printouts for Gerard APR03 period to Lihue, HI to "Attend Meetings at MIDPAC
Walles office at PMRF."
F Office of Government Undated Details federal regulations pertaining to gifts.
Ethics printouts for 5
CFR Chapter XVI,
section 2635.204
pertaining to gifts.
Attach me nt( s)

(1) Documentation for outlined items (A) - (F)/varlous dates

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