Sleeper Berth


Brian W. Porter

There's nothing like a sleeper berth, The engine droning on all night, A Magic Fingers vibrator To chase the stress and quell the fright. The engine rumble's a steady hum, The frequency's about the same As a satisfied cat's purr. It hides all noise except the rain. And the well conditioned air Is like the late night's sleeping cool. The one who says that it is bad To sleep like that must be a fool. *** Other short stories, essays, and poetry from this author available at *** Copyright 2010 Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs You may share this work with anyone in any way with the following provisions. You must share the complete work, including the title and this notice. You may not make any changes. You may not use this work commercially or accept payment without the written permission of the Author. Any and all rights and credit are held by Brian W. Porter.

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