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Statement of Qualifications for

Geotechnical Engineering,
Geologic, Geomorphic, and
Materials Testing Services

Due September 29, 2017

CARMEL, CA 93921
September 29, 2017

Mr. Robert M. Harary, P.E., Director of Public Works

City of Carmel
Junipero 2 SE of 4th Avenue
Carmel, CA 93921

Re: Statement of Qualifications for Geotechnical Engineering, Geologic, Geomorphic, and Materials
Testing Services

Dear Mr. Harary,

Thank you for this opportunity to present our Statement of Qualifications for Geotechnical Engineering,
Geologic, Geomorphic, and Materials Testing Services to the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea. Established in
1898, Moore Twining Associates, Inc. (a California Corporation) has been providing professional
services in California for over 119 years.

Moore Twining Associates is certified as a Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise (DVBE) by the
Department of General Services Office of Small Business & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise
Services (OSDS) and is registered with the Dept. of Industrial Relations no. 1000008991. Our business
integrity and corporate commitment to quality services set us apart from our competitors. We understand
the importance of delivering services that meet the quality, budget and schedule expectations of our
clients. To address those needs, we have offices strategically located throughout California in Sand City,
Fresno (headquarters), Sacramento and Riverside.

Moore Twinings Central Coast Office will be the primary office for services under this contract and is
located at 501 Ortiz Avenue in Sand City, California 93955. Mr. Rudy Alejo, our Central Coast Area
Supervisor will serve as the Project Manager/Primary Contact for the City of Carmel. We anticipate the
majority of the geotechnical engineering investigations, laboratory and materials testing will occur locally
out of our Sand City office.

We sincerely appreciate this opportunity. If you have any questions or need additional information or
assistance from our firm, please do not hesitate to contact us at (831) 392-1056


Kate Clark


2527 Fresno Street 501 Ortiz Avenue 165 Commerce Cr. Ste D 11800 Sterling Ave. Ste C
Fresno, CA 93721 Sand City, CA 93955 Sacramento, CA 95815 Riverside, CA 92503
559-268-7021 559-268-7126 Fax 831-392-1056 831-392-1059 916-381-9477 916-381-9478 Fax 951-898-8932 951-898-8974 Fax
Moore Twining Associates, Inc.
501 Ortiz Ave.
Sand City, CA 93955


Rudy Alejo Area Supervisor 831-392-1056

2527 Fresno St. Fresno, CA 93721 800-268-7021 76

11800 Sterling Ave. #C Riverside, CA 92503 951-898-8932 14
165 Commerce Cr. #D Sacramento, CA 95815 916-381-9477 7

6 103

5,000,000 Occurrence & Aggregate

Evanston Ins. Company 1185 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036
Harry D. Moore, RCE, RGE President Principal Engineer for Firm
providing project oversight
Read Andersen, RCE, RGE Geotechnical Division Manager Lead Geotechnical Engineer
Area Supervisor and Lead
Rudy Alejo, ICC, ACI Area Supervisor Inspector for Construction
Oversight of all Materials Testing
Michael Shwiyhat, EIT Materials Testing Div. Manager Services for the firm.
Engineer providing direct
Scott Krauter, RCE, RGE Asst. Manager Geotechnical Div. oversight to Sand City office

Henry Gage, ICC, ACT Special Inspector Special Inspector Construction

and Materials Testing Divisions

none none none

Harry D. Moore RCE, RGE
President/Principal Engineer

Michael Shwiyhat, EIT

Read Andersen, RCE, RGE Rudy Alejo
Materials Division
Geotechnical Div. Manger Area Supervisor

Scott Krauter, RCE, RGE Ken Clark, PE, CEG Deborah White Henry Gage Isaac Chavarria Thuy Duong
Asst. Manager Project Manager Field Technician Special Inspector Lab Technician Lab Technician

Zubair Anwar, EIT Allen Harker, PG Robert Mallory Mike Marshal Jeremy Ritter Patricio Villegas
Project Manager Project Manager Field Technician Special Inspector Lab Technician Lab Technician

Dean Ledgerwood, PG,

Barry Smith, PG Marcus Pena
Project Manager Lab Technician
Project Manager
Harry D. Moore, RCE, RGE

Principal Engineer

39 39

B.S. Civil Engineering; Graduate Studies- Geotechnical

Registered Civil and Geotechnical Engineer
State of California. Contractor's License
Registered Professional Engineer in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Pennsylvania
Georgia, Florida, Texas and New Mexico. Registered Roof Observer RCI.

Rancho San Carlos Road Evaluation, Santa Lucia Perserve, CA

Principal Engineer for of firm's services
for overlay improvements to Santa Lucia Preserve Roadways including crack sealing, dike installation and
repair, new sub drains, subgrade preparation, asphaltic concrete testing and inspection for new pavement
and repair. Pavement thickness studies were also performed on approx. 850 ft. of Rancho San Carlos Rd.

Carmel Valley Rd. Overlay, Monterey County, CA

Principal Engineer for our firm's services
for overlay improvements to Carmel Valley Road for the County of Monterey Dept of Public Works.
Work included compaction testing, asphalt testing including Hveem Densities, Hveem Stabilities, Rice
Specific Gravity, Sieve Analysis and Gradations.

Pioneer Bluff Bridge, West Sacramento, CA

Principal Engineer for Moore Twining for the
construction of a new bridge to connect the southern and northern reaches of South River Road over the Yolo
Barge Canal. The bridge consists of a pre-stressed concrete deck supported by several rows of piers and
abutments. Moore Twining provided Construction Inspection and Materials Testing for the $10,000,000 project.
Read Andersen, RCE, RGE
Geotechnical Engineering Division Manager

19 13

B.S. Civil Engineering

Registered Civil and Geotechnical Engineer California

Main St. Middle School, Soledad, CA

2016- Present
New Middle School project including four (4)
one and two story public school buildings ranging from 15,000 square feet to 25,000
square feet in plan area. Structures included concrete masonry unit walls and structural steel and/or wood
framing. Mr. Anderson is the Geotechnical Engineer of Record for the project.

Public Street Rehabilitation, Visalia, CA

Conducted a pavement investigation
for eleven different street sections for the City of Visalia to catalogue the pavement condition, evaluate
the structural integrity of the street sections, develop rehabilitation strategies for each street and
Engineers Estimates. Mr. Anderson served as the lead Geotechnical Engineer for the project.

Santa Lucia Preserve, Carmel, CA

Mr. Anderson was the Geotechnical
Engineer for various expansion projects for the Santa Lucia Preserve. The projects included expansion of
wastewater treatment ponds and analysis of existing and proposed slopes associated with the ponds;
along with seven (7) new buildings ranging up to 30,000 square feet for the Operations Center.
Michael Shwiyhat, EIT

Materials Testing Division Manager

31 12

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

American Assoc. of State Highway Transportation


Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL); State of California Department of Transportation
(Caltrans); State of California Division of State Architect (DSA/LEA #065); United States Army Corps of Engineers;
City of L.A., ACI Concrete Strength Tester
Mont. Penn. Unified School Dist. Pavement Modernization
Mr. Shwiyhat oversaw all materials testing
conducted for the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District pavement modernization program. The
program included pavement work throughout the school district on various schools as well as district

San Clemente Dam Removal, San Clemente, CA

Mr. Shwiyhat was the Materials Manager
during the San Clemente Dam Removal, which was the largest dam removal project to occur in
California. He performed multiple tests, including a Soil Compaction, Concrete Testing, Reinforcing Steel
Testing, Soil Classification, etc.

Main Street Middle School, Soledad , CA

Mr. Shwiyhat is overseeing all of the materials
testing services provided by our firm for the construction of four separate one story buildings and two,
two story buildings. Testing includes concrete, aggregate base, masonry, steel and asphalt.

Scott Krauter, RCE, RGE

Assistant Manager Geotechnical Division

29 15

B.S. Civil Engineering

Civil and Geotechnical Engineer State of California

Scotts Valley Middle School

Mr. Krauter is serving as the DSA Engineer
overseeing Moore Twining's construction inspection and materials testing services for the upgraded
at Scotts Valley Middle School. Upgrades include a new gym, admin buildings, library and 12 new
classroom units.

Santa Luca Perserve Road Construction

Provided geotechnical engineering,
materials testing and construction inspection services for construction of over 20 miles of roadways
throughout the 20,000 acre property located on Rancho San Carlos Road in Monterey County, CA

Las Palmas Ranch Residential Community, Salinas, CA

Mr. Krauter served as the supervisor for
soils testing and inspection during mass grading operations of the planned residential community of
Las Palmas in Salinas, CA

Rudy Alejo, RCE, RGE

Area Supervisor for Construction Inspection Division

11 11

ACI Certified Field Technician Grade 1

Certified Nuclear Density Moisture Gauge Operator

ICC Soils Inspector, ICC Reinfoced Concrete, ICC Structural Masonry, ICC Spray Applied Fireproofing
CalTrans Certified for Test Methods: 216, 231, 375 and 125
San Benito County Superior Court House, Hollister, CA
Mr. Alejo served as a field technician for the
$33.6M, 41,500-square-foot, two-story courthouse project. Moore Twining provided testing and
inspection related to earthwork, aggregate base courses, and asphalt concrete pavement and performed
compressive strength tests on each type of CMU block.

Clark Realty, La Mesa Cliffs Subdivision, Monterey, CA

Mr. Alejo provided soil, asphalt and concrete
inspection the project, which included construction of 50 new residential units, comprised of 19 duplexes
and 12 single-family houses. Appurtenant construction included Tot Lots, Portland cement concrete flatwork,
new asphalt concrete paved roadways, underground utilities, and landscaped areas.

Thorne Rd. Bridge, County of Monterey, CA

Mr. Alejo served as a field technician for this
project (CalTrans BRL-5944(073)), which consisted of the construction of a new approximately 600 foot
long prestressed and reinforced cast-in-place concrete bridge overcrossing the Arryo Seco River on Thorne
road in Monterey County. The approximate estimated cost of this project is $15,000,000.

City of Sand Hickory Street Improvement

City of Sand, CA



City of Sand

Todd Bodem

The project involved the reconstruction of Hickory Street, between California Ave. and Ortiz
Ave. in Sand City, CA. The existing street exhibited structural failure, our firm was retained
to perform a geotechnical assessment of the existing asphalt concrete pavement. As a result of
the assessment it was determined that the roadway required reconstruction. Our firm
provided materials testing and construction inspection services for the pavement repair. The
approx. construction cost for this project was $600,000.00


San Clemente Dam Removal Project

San Clemente, CA



California Dept. of Water Resources

Brian Silva, QC Manager Granite Construction


The Project involves rerouting the Carmel River into San Clemente Creek at a location upstream of the
San Clemente Dam (SCD), and permanently bypassing the majority of accumulated sediment in the
Carmel River. Our firm provided construction inspection and geotechnical laboratory testing for the
project. Our scope of services included testing and inspection for the temporary diversions, the diversion
dike, re-route channel, sediment removal, stabilized sediment slope and channel restoration.
Geotechnical laboratory testing included sieve analysis, durability index, atterberg limits, maximum
densities and sodium sulfate soundness among others. Approx. construction cost was $84,000,000.00


Scotts Valley Middle School

Scotts Valley, CA



Scott Valley Middle School

Mike Smith, Facilities Director/ Project Manager

831-439-9555 ex 126

The project consists of the demo of several portable facilities and construction of new gymnasium,
administration building, library and 12 new classrooms. Parking lots and main entry driveways
will also be resurfaced to maximize parking and create drop off areas. In total over 35,000 square
feet of new buildings will be built. Moore Twining has been retained to provide construction
inspection and materials testing. Our services will include testing of cast in place concrete,
masonry, post installed anchors, steel bolting, welding and asphalt. Total construction costs are
estimated at $33,000,000.00


City of Clovis Alluvial Ave Rehabilitation

Clovis, CA



City of Clovis

Thomas Cheng


Our firm has conducted geotechnical design services including pavement coring and laboratory testing for numerous
pavement improvement projects for the City of Clovis. One of these projects included pavement coring/drilling borings
within Alluvial Avenue, between Clovis and Sunnyside Ave. as part of a pavement rehabilitation project conducted in
2014-2015. The street section exhibited significant areas of alligator cracking and the City required investigation for new
pavement design. The existing pavement section thicknesses (existing thickness of asphaltic concrete and aggregate base
materials) were determined and the subgrade soils were sampled for laboratory testing. Based on the data obtained,
design recommendations were prepared for construction of a new structural section. Our firm subsequently provided the
construction inspection and materials testing for the rehabilitation based on the recommendations.

Harry Moore, RCE, RGE Principal Engineer X X X X

Read Andersen, RCE, RGE Geotechnical Engineer X X

Rudy Alejo Area Supervisor X X X

Scott Krauter, RCE, RGE Geotechnical Engineer X X

Michael Shwiyhat, EIT Materials Testing Div. Mang. X X X X

Henry Gage Special Inspector X X X

City of Sand, Hickory St. Scotts Valley Middle School

San Clemente Dam Removal City of Clovis, Alluvial Ave.

Nuclear Gauges, Compression Machine, Compactor, Sample Splitter, Shakers, Sieves,

LA Rattler, Marshal Molds, CBR Molds, Expansion Index Molds, Hydrometers,

Calibration Blocks, R-Value Molds, Scales, Ovens, Thermometers, Stabilometers

Elm Tree Construction Inspection and Materials Testing Software, AutoCAD,

Geosystem, gINT, MTest Quattro, Geomatic Direct Shear, Slide, Liquefy Pro, Axial G,

Frisk, EQ search, PCAPAV, USGS Seismic Design Map Application, USGS Unified Hazard

CalTrans Testing Methods, ASTM Testing Methods, AASHTO Testing Methods,

CCRL ,California Division of State Architects (DSA), California Building Code

Each of Moore Twining's office has a well-equipped laboratory to provide material testing services

and staff to perform the services outlined in the request for qualifications. Each of our facilities is

approved by CCRL and AASHTO and are inspected and audited on a regular basis as required by the

inspecting agency. Moore Twining Associates, Inc. laboratories are approved by the Division of State

Architects LEA program license numbers 065, 200, 201 and 278.
Harry Moore, RCE, RGE Principal 150.00 150.00 150.00

Read Andersen, RCE, RGE Geo Engineer 125.00 125.00 125.00

Rudy Alejo Project Manager 65.00 65.00 65.00

Scott Krauter, RCE, RGE Geo Engineer 120.00 120.00 120.00

Michael Shiwyhat Project Manager 90.00 90.00 90.00

Henry Gauge Inspector 99.50 99.50 99.50

Soils Inspector Soils Inspector 94.50 94.50 94.50

Special Inspector Special Inspector 99.50 99.50 99.50

Administrative Clerical 35.00

AutoCAD Drafting 45.00

Unit rates for materials testing typical of the potential tasks listed in the RFQ have been provided
below. It should be noted however that this list in not comprehensive of the testing services we are
able to offer.

Vehicle Mileage $0.535 Mile

Vehicle and Equipment Charge $15.00 Day
Maximum Density Curve (ASTM D-698) $125.00 Each
Expansion Index $150.00 Each
Atterberg Limit/Plasticity Index $150.00 Each
R-Value ASTM D2844 $200.00 Each
Wet Washing and Dry Sieving (ASTM D-422, T-88) $110.00 Each
Sand Equivalent (ASTM D-2419, T-176) $ 80.00 Each
Cleanness Value (CT-227) $100.00 Each
Durability Index (ASTM C-40, T-21) $ 70.00 Each
Percent of Crushed Particles (CT-205, ASTM D-5821) $ 80.00 Each
Los Angeles Rattler Abrasion Test (ASTM C-131, T-96) $120.00 Each
Marshall Density- Lab Mix Method ASTM D6926 $240.00 Each
Asphalt Extraction (Ignition Method) ASTM C6307 $150.00 Each
Asphalt Gradation and Extraction ASTM C5444 $120.00 Each
Maximum Theoretical Density/Rice Specific Gravity ASTM D2041 $150.00 Each
Hveem Stability ASTM D5160 $150.00 Each
Concrete Cylinder Compressive Strength (4 x 8) (Set of 5) $70.00 Set
Concrete Cylinder Compressive Strength (6 x 12) (Set of 4) $70.00 Set

We encourage the City of Carmel By The Sea to consider our firm's full-service capabilities, relevant
project experience and local presence as you proceed with your selection process. Should you have
any questions or comments, or if we may be of any service to you, please contact us at (831) 392-1056.
We appreciate the opportunity to provide this statement of qualifications and look forward to working
with the City of Carmel By The Sea on this project.

Kate Clark