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Scale Project Notes

1. Open both your background photo and person photo in

2. Go to your person photo and select either the Magnetic Lasso
or the Quick Selection Tool to trace around your self.
3. After your done, Select All (Command A), Edit Copy
(Command C), and Edit Paste (Command V) your person to
your background photo.
4. Now go to your new copy and clean it up with the Eraser tool,
remember to use the soft tip and resize it to your needs.
5. Use Free Transform (Command T) to resize, move, rotate your
person, remember to hold shift while resizing from the corner
and press enter when done transforming.
6. If the lighting doesnt quite matchup go to Image: Adjustments
and change the Brightness/Contrast or Levels or Exposure to
adjust the lighting on either the person or the background or
7. Make a copy of your person layer with Command J.
8. Now to add the shadow. Select your new person layer. Select the
Magic Wand tool and click outside your person. This will select
everything around your person. Too select background parts like
inside your arms or legs hold Shift and click on those parts to
add it.
9. Once all the background is selected on your person layer go to
Select: Inverse. Then go to Edit: Fill and set Contents: Use to
Black, press ok. Select: Inverse again.
10. Next go to Select: Modify: Feather. Change the setting to 15
and press ok. Now press delete on your keyboard and it should
fade out the edge of your shadow, if you want to fade it more
undo youre the fade with command z and repeat what you did
but change the 15 to a higher number.
11. Next Deselect the dotted lines by pressing Command D
12. Now Go to Edit: Free Transform (command T) to change the
shadows location, flip, and rotate it, when done press enter. To
give the shadow an angle we will use Edit: Transform:
Perspective. The middle squares stretch/pull it while the
corners make it wider/narrow. Use Edit: Transform: Warp to
pull small areas.
13. To make it a similar color to other shadows you can change the
opacity and blending mode. And of course use the Eraser
Tool if you want to erase any unwanted shadow usually use this
around your feet.
14. Place shadow layer under person layer.
15. Create a blank layer.
16. Move blank layer under person layer by dragging it.
17. Select the paintbrush tool, select the color black, select the brush
size, and the soft edge.
18. Paint what would be the shadow
19. To make more transparent, lower opacity from 100%
20.Use Eraser tool if necessary