Winter Menu —12

until 4pm
8 12 13 16 14 16 10.5 Collingwood meatballs with fontina, pickled vegetables & fresh basil on a crusty baguette Our Reuben sandwich. Toasted with warm corned beef, sauerkraut, cheese, mustard & one big, mean pickle Herb & parmesan crumbed free-range chicken breast with dill & yoghurt coleslaw Tuna Nicoise French baguette with anchovy & chunky egg mayo *Gluten free bread is available 13 13 Chilli & rosemary marinated Mount Zero olives Pacific oysters freshly shucked served with white balsamic granita Pea & ham hock soup served with crusty bread 13 13 .50 Lamb chops with caponata & pepper verde Potted pork rillette - confit pork, shallots & parsley served with pickled vegetable and croutons Pickled beetroot with buffalo ricotta, toasted walnuts watercress & horseradish cream Housemade falafels with fresh tomato, lettuce & tahini yoghurt served in a crusty baguette 13

from 6pm
Something to start
Mount Zero extra virgin olive oil, pane di casa & dukkah salt 6 8 3.50 ea 14 16 12 15 50gm serve 75gm serve Ask your waiter about our current selection of cheese.

Warm banana & walnut bread with espresso butter Seasonal fruit salad with passionfruit yoghurt Housemade Bircher muesli served with strawberries & honey ‘Bubble n Squeak’- Cabbage, lentil, potato rosti with crispy bacon,fried egg & tomato relish Baked ricotta, tomato, prosciutto, basil & 8 y/o balsamic vinegar served with toasted sourdough Two Pines Poultry Farm poached eggs served on baked chorizo & tomato, with dukkah & sourdough Two Pines Poultry Farm free range eggs any way, served on toasted sourdough

Wild rice salad with rocket, walnut pesto, sweet red onion confit & roasted pumpkin Potato & Gruyere cheese gratin Bitter salad of chicory, witlof, radicchio, rocket Watermelon, prosciutto & Persian feta salad with a sherry vinegar reduction 12 8 9 11

15 20

Pancetta, pea & parmesan croquette Thyme & garlic sauteed button mushrooms Bacon Pork sausage Oven roasted tomato Crushed avocado 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 4 3.5 Cavallero tasting board

Freshly shucked pacific oysters served with white balsamic granita Potted pork rillette - Confit pork, shallots & parsley served with croutons Pickled beetroot with buffalo ricotta, toasted walnuts watercress & horseradish cream Cheeseburger - Sesame seed bun, beef pattie, Gruyere, dill pickle & root vegetable chips 3.50 ea 12 15 16 20

Sweet Main
Roasted butternut pumpkin risotto with crispy sage, taleggio & truffled honey Pan fried gnocchi with gorgonzola, toasted walnuts apple julienne & green basil cress Soft herb crusted Barramundi with a mussel, prawn, safffron, tomato & fennel broth Coq au vin with roasted chat potatoes & buttered green beans Angus Rump Steak (300gm) five week dry aged, with petit pois & handcut pomme frites 24 Chocolate mousse with caramelised orange zest & hazelnut praline 24 Seasonal poached fruits, with optional vanilla mascarpone 27 *Dessert with a glass of Pellegrino Passito Liquoroso 28 29 18 10 12 12 Creme caramel with biscotti 12

‘Rat’, he moaned, ‘how about your supper, you poor, cold, hungry, weary animal? I’ve nothing to give you – nothing – not a crumb!’ ‘What a fellow you are for giving in!’ said the Rat reproachfully. ‘Why, only just now I saw a sardine-opener on the kitchen dresser, quite distinctly; and everybody knows that means there are sardines about somewhere in the neighbourhood. Rouse yourself! Pull yourself together, and come with me and forage.’ They went and foraged accordingly, hunting through every cupboard and turning out every drawer. The result was not so very depressing after all, though of course it might have been better; a tin of sardines – a box of captain’s biscuits, nearly full – and a German sausage encased in silver paper. ‘There’s a banquet for you!’ observed the Rat, as he arranged the table. ‘I know some animals who would give their ears to be sitting down to supper with us tonight!’ ‘No bread!’ groaned the Mole dolorously; ‘no butter, no –’No

pate de foie gras, no champagne!’ continued the Rat, grinning. And that reminds me – what’s the little door at the end of the passage? Your cellar of course! Every luxury in this house! Just you wait a minute.’ He made for the cellar door, and presently reappeared, somewhat dusty, with a bottle of beer in each paw and another under each arm. ‘Self-indulgent beggar you seem to be, Mole,’ he observed. ‘Deny yourself nothing. This is really the jolliest little place I ever was in.’

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The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame (Originally published October 8th 1908)

cavallero cavallero
Our menu is printed on 100% recycled paper

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