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Health Quality and Complaints Commission Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam

HQCC 76 Fegen Drive



Re: Complaint Against PA Hospital, case no: 201400779

In 2013 I was abducted from my home by police and taken by force to the PA Hospital on four
occasions. These were consequent on vexatious reports by my father, Brian Senewiratne and my
neighbour, who I had reported to the police and authorities for illegal activities. In particular, my
claim that my father was a paid lobbyist and propagandist for the terrorist group known as the Tamil
Tigers (LTTE) had been recorded in the hospital notes as evidence of paranoid delusions of
schizophrenia. The following YouTube clips show, quite clearly, that what I said about my father
was true: (early 2009 speech in Australia) (early 2009 speech in Australia) (October 2008 speech in Canada) (2006 interview in Canada)

The police did not try to check the veracity of my claims against my father and neighbour. Instead
they threatened that if I did not go with them to the PA Hospital I would be taken there by force. I
agreed to go with them, but they insisted on handcuffing me after twisting my arms behind my back.
The police were armed. One was wearing a bullet-proof vest. When I asked for the appropriate
paperwork I was told that it was back at the hospital. I was not, at this time, suffering from a
diagnosable mental illness, and was not in need of hospital treatment.

The first of these abductions was on 29 May 2013, at about 7.00 pm. It happened to be the day after
my father returned from a trip to the USA where he had been invited as a senator of the TGTE
(Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, a front formed from the vestiges of the LTTE after the
defeat of the terrorist organization in Sri Lanka in May 2009). I was taken to the locked waiting area
at the PA Hospital casualty where I was injected with a drug the name of which I was not told. This
drug made me sleepy and I cannot clearly recall what happened after the injection, but I was taken,
drugged, to the locked AOA ward, where I was placed under the treatment of Dr Daniel Varghese.
Varghese and his father (Frank, who was previously director of psychiatry at PAH when my father
worked there) are known to my father. It is a serious failure of his duty of care that Daniel Varghese
failed to understand that my claims against my father were true, given the evidence I provided to
him and his juniors. I was discharged from the hospital early the next week, but ordered to take the
antipsychotic drug aripiprazole and placed on an involuntary treatment order (ITO) despite the fact
that I did not satisfy criteria for application of an ITO.

On Saturday, 15 June at about 10 a.m. I was abducted by police again, this time when I was walking
back from Toohey Forest and was near my home. I am not sure who called the police or why. When I
was taken to the casualty department of the PA Hospital I was taken to a cubicle after being forced
to lie on a trolley. I was surrounded by security guards and a male nurse injected me with the drug
Droperidol through my trouser leg. This was a serious assault, and resulted in my having excruciating
spasms in my hips and lower back for two hours while I lay in the trolley in casualty. I was connected
to a heart monitor, since this drug can cause cardiac arrhythmias. Meanwhile a male nurse mocked
me, deliberately bumping and rocking the trolley where I was suffering from the twisting spasms
caused by the injection of Droperidol. It was a relief to be sent to the ward to escape this cruel
mistreatment by the casualty staff.

Unlike previous admissions I was taken to the East Wing ward, which I left the next morning and
walked home. The next morning police officers came to my house again and ordered that I return
with them to the hospital. I was taken to the double-locked AOA ward where I was told that I had
been placed under the treatment of Dr Paul Schneider. I was concerned about this because I had
reported Paul Schneider to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) in 2002, after I was
repeatedly locked up and assaulted at the PAH under Schneider. At the time Paul Schneider agreed
with psychiatrists at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne that I suffered from schizoaffective disorder
evidenced by paranoia about my father (ie: believing he was persecuting me for telling the truth
about him) and the medical profession (believing it had been corrupted by the pharmaceutical

This recent YouTube clip shows my fathers perspective on Affective Disorders which shows his
extreme inclination to label people as mentally ill, and his enthusiastic promotion of drug treatment:

On 20 June I was allowed into the West Wing ward. At this time I confronted Dr Schneider with
evidence that what I had been saying about my father was true and correct. He said that he was
keeping an open mind about your father. If he had been keeping an open mind he would have
checked the veracity of my claims without bias. Schneider also said that he didnt want to be my
doctor, but that it had been decided by the director of psychiatry, Dr Belugi Motomarri. Dr
Motomarri failed to respond to my requests to meet him to discuss the situation. I found the same
dismissive attitude from Dr David Crompton, who I had asked to visit me when I was locked up at the
hospital for two months in 2011 (again, for reporting my father to the authorities and maintaining
that he was a supporter of terrorism).
On 25 June I was discharged but placed, again on an (illegal) ITO. Three days later I was abducted
again, this time by two police officers, one of whom (Arnold Prins) was a white South-African man
who stood on my doorstep with one hand on his gun and the other on his Taser, saying, We can do
this the easy way or the hard way. This man also told me that he was a member of the Afrikaaner
Broederbond. I was angry at his behaviour and ordered the police off my property. They followed
me into the house, however and handcuffed me in my office and marched me to their police car.

In casualty at the PA Hospital I was injected twice within 10 minutes with Droperidol (in my arm)
despite my protestation that this drug caused severe, painful spasms when I was injected with it in
the past. These injections again caused excruciating pain in my back and hips, made worse by the
fact that I was forced to lie on a trolley. I was then taken to the AOA, where I was seen by a
consultant psychiatrist by the name of Dr Al Sudani. Dr Al Sudani told me that he had discussed me
with Paul Schneider who recommended that I be started on depot antipsychotic. I was told by Dr
Al Sudani that he would be starting me on a new drug called Paloperidone, which would not cause
any side effects. However, when I read the prescribing information after asking the Charge Nurse
for it, I read that the drug is known to cause a range of serious side effects. This is a glaring failure to
provide accurate information about the drug and its risks.

I was kept in the AOA ward till 5 July, which was very stressful since it is a boring environment.
Several of the nurses on the ward told me that they did not think I should be in the locked ward and
that they had made positive reports about me, but that their opinions were being disregarded by the
doctors. During the two weeks I was locked up in the AOA ward I was forced to remain barefoot and
without a change of clothes, since the hospital refused to allow me to go home and get a change of
clothes and some shoes. This was cruel and degrading treatment, designed to humiliate me and
make me seem like an unkempt mental patient. The reason I had no shoes is that I was not
wearing any when the police abducted me from my home on 20 June.

I was forced to stay on the open ward till 9 July 2013, when I was discharged on another
unwarranted ITO. I was only free for a couple of weeks before, on 26 July, I was abducted again and
taken to the PA Hospital. This time I was not assaulted in casualty and was sent straight to the AOA
locked ward. I was seen by Dr Daniel Varghese the next day and moved to the open West Wing ward.
At this time Dr Varghese told me that he did not think I had schizophrenia and favoured the
diagnosis of psychotic disorder not otherwise specified. He also told me that he had discussed me
with my private psychiatrist, Dr Frank New, who does not think I have a mental illness at all. Dr New
first saw me in 2002 when he examined me for the Medical Board of Queensland and, at this time he
ventured the professional opinion that he was confident that I did not suffer from a mental illness
and was not confident that I had ever suffered from a mental illness.

Dr Varghese stated that because he is not an investigator he is unable to verify whether or not
what I said about my fathers support of the Tamil Tigers is true or not. His professional
responsibility is, however, to investigate the veracity of my claims before declaring me to be
psychotic and forcing antipsychotic drugs on me on the basis of my legitimate concerns that my
father had been, and was, a supporter of terrorism. It is because of his known links to the Tamil Tiger
terrorist organization that my father was deported from Malaysia (in 2008) and Singapore (in 2012).
The following shows my fathers radio response to these deportations:
After I was discharged from West Wing I was again inappropriately and illegally placed on an ITO,
however I was not injected again until November 2013. At this time I was visited at home by the
appointed case manager who told me that the injections were to be restarted. There was no clinical
indication for injecting me, especially given that my private psychiatrist was disagreeing that I have a
mental illness. It is the professional responsibility of the hospital doctors to respect the opinion of a
senior private psychiatrist and to take his judgement seriously, especially given that Dr Frank New is
a well-known and highly regarded professional psychiatrist.

The following clips from my YouTube site give an indication of my mental state and why it is that
further forced treatment by the PAH is unjustifiable:

I continue to have nightmares and anxiety about being locked up and tortured at the PA Hospital. I
have endured years of harassment by this hospital, including the trauma of the hospital making false
claims about me to the Health Practitioners Tribunal in 2003, when Dr Schneider provided an
affidavit that I suffered from a serious psychotic disorder that could affect the quality of my patient
care. This is despite the fact that there have never been complaints about the quality of my patient
care and clinical skills. The damage to my professional reputation and finances has been
considerable and I now live in constant fear of being further traumatized by this hospital.

I am seeking for the hospital to respect the law and cease and desist from further harassment of me.
I also seeking an apology and compensation for damages I have sustained over the past 12 years at
the hands of Dr Paul Schneider and other psychiatrists and psychiatric registrars at the PA Hospital.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam