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Ne lin D N° 2 in Eb fat: ga 116076 142622, “ove and Music These Have | Lived For (Visst D’ ARTE, Miss} D'AMoRE) FROM “TOSCA” W. BEATTY-KINGSTON COMPOSED BY GIACOMO PUCCINI. Price 50 Cents net G.RICORDI € Co. INC, g4 a 44 EAST 43rd STREET N . Love And Music, These Have I Lived For 6 VISSI D’ARTE, VISSI D’AMORE (Tosea) English Version by ‘W. BEATTY- KINGSTON G. PUCCINI Andante lento appassionato 4-40 dolvissimo con grande sentimento z 2 Pe. Voice Vis- si dar Love and mu- sic, these have T vis = si da - mo - re Piano PEP | px | Pp con.molto| doleersa non fe-ci mai ma-lead a-ni-wa — ~ val Con man fur - ti - va nor ev-er have harm-ed a liv-ing be ‘The poor and dis - tress- ful, 1 i poco allang. con anima 5 Se quan = te mi ~ se-rie eo-nob ~ biyastu - ta ~ ie times with-out num-ber, by stealth 1 have aid ed. 3 Copyright MOMPT by 0.Ricordi & Co, In. BD All rights ofexcoution, reproduction, truncation and transcription are strictly reserved nome con grande sentimento real ian) cm fo sin ~ ce - ra lamin pre~ a fervent be - liev- er, my hum-ble See Ae oe eee oe = See hie ra ai sentitacder = wi-conti sa fi, Stmpren fi simon = ra pray'ts have been of-ferd up sin - cere-ly to the saints; Ev-er a fervent bée-liev - er, eed ro dies di fio ~ ria-gl'al - tar. Poyot~ to - ra det do-lo ~ 10 per- on the al-tar, flowrs I've laid, ____ In this, my hour of sor - row and m amin 116078 ro tt , t - chi, per-chi,Si-gno - re, per ~ che me ne riz mu-ne-ré ; bit-ter trib-u-la - tion, 0 Heavh-ly Fa-ther, why dost Thou for sake me? ee TY a > 4 4 4 12 r es rc s \ b or . = — see = Pe a a 7 3 x ET Die di gio ict - Fi" det-ta Ma-don-naal man - to, @ die~ diil Jew-els T gave tobe-deck Our La-dys man-tle; I gave my Ppp can - lo a~sglia-strisal ciel, che ne ri-dean pite bel - ti" songs to the star - ry host in trib-ute to their brightness. 116076 4 2 6 # F i 9 to - ra deb qto-lor per he, this my hour of grief and bit + ter trib-u - Ja - tion, SS orese, molto percek? mene ri-mu-no-ri co why, Heavily Father,hastThow for-sak - en eal canto 4 16076