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I.Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

1. The fish has many parts, including ________.

a.body b.scales c.hoofs d.none of these
2. A part of an animal that is use for swimming
a.wings b.fins c.antenna d.legs
3. This is a part of an animal used for feeling and smelling.
a.wings b.fins c.antenna d.legs
4. Which part is not common to all animals?
a.horns b.tail c.head d.body
5. What animal lives in land?
a.penguin b.owl c.chicken d.all of them
6. Where does a lobster live? b.water c.air d.none of these
7. Which does not belong to the group?
a.cave c.anthill d.stable
8. What pair of animals can run and jump? b.butterfly:snail
c.lizard:sheep d.sloth:grasshopper
9. _______ is/are covered with scales.
a.alligator c.frog d.a and b
10. Animals that are covered with skin and hair include/s _____. c.carabao d.bird
11. These animals use their claws to get their food except _____.
a.lion b.lizard d.hawk
12. Which of these is a need of an animal? b.wind d.a and c
13. A tiger is considered ______ animal.
a.wild b.tame c.helpful d.harmful
14. Why are animals important?
a.Animals are sources of food.
b.Animals are growing.
c.Animals get their food from the environment.
d.not stated
15. A part of a plant that take in water and minerals from the soil.
a.stem b.roots c.flower c.fruit
16. Leaves of all plants are not good for medicine.This statement is _____.
a.False b.True c.Sometimes true d.Sometimes false
17. It is known as part found inside the ovary of a flower.
a.Ovulicles b.Ovule c.Ovum d.Ova
18. Which of them has only one seed?
a.atis b.avocado c.papaya d.all of them
19. Plants give us ________.
a.medicine c.oxygen d.all of them
20. A phase of matter that flows and follows shape of its container.
a.solid b.liquid c.gas
21. Which of the following is in the liquid state?
a.ball d.juice d.balloon
22. It is referred as all the material that the object contains
a.volume b.mass c.weight d.solid
23. It is referred as the amount of space an object occupies.
a.volume b.mass c.weight d.solid
24. State of matter that fill up every available space in the container.
a.solid b.liquid c.gas
25. It is an instrument used to measure mass.
a.weighing scale b.platform balance
c.pedometer d.thermometer