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Roque, Jason R. Mrs.

Airill Mercurio
HUB 22 General Ecology with Applied Technology

Luzon: Disaster
Reaction Paper

Environment, a simple word that when it comes into our mind, we might just say
“Oh, It’s just the surrounding or something.” But the mere fact that we don’t know about
the environment is its deeper meaning. Environment sustains life! It has been many years
that God sustain and provide our food, shelter, and even our clothes through the use of
environment. For so long, our environment or so called “Mother Nature” had been very
good to us that even small things that we need comes from it. Imagine, the paper you are
using is made up out of wood, the clothes you are wearing is either made up of the plants
or from the worms that produces silk and even the air we breathe is being filtered by the
trees around us. Just like the food web shows that we, humans are on the highest top in
consuming everything around us.

“Give and Take!” a few words that maybe our Mother Nature is screaming right
now. We as humans must protect and be responsible in taking care of our environment,
but most of us are destroying it. I can’t imagine that after the environment has given us
everything we need and yet we pay back by destroying it further more. As I watch the
documentation of Mr. Howie Severino, my heart is like being smashed by big stones. The
documentation shows how humans are so selfish and naïve of not giving importance to
our environment. One problem there is the Pasig River. The people already know that it
has been their fault why did the Pasig River was very polluted, but they blindfolded their
eyes and continue to throw garbages in the river. Another problem that the documentation
focuses is the illegal (others say its legal) logging. They have been so gluttonous to earn
money for themselves but the forest is at stake.
We know for a fact that in any point in time our so called “Mother Nature” will
come back to us as Death Bringer that we will surely not love it. Just like the
documentation shows what happen in San Fernando, Pampangga, the rivers and lakes
were covered with ashes came from the expulsion of the volcano. We must be aware of
what is happening in our surroundings right now. We must join our hands together in
order to protect, conserve and preserve our environment. I am so glad that most of the
citizens of our country has been alarmed and work hard to bring back the lost precious
treasures that God has given us. Most of the university right now are having
environmental projects like “One Million Trees and Beyond.” This project will definitely
help regain our losses. Also we must join the cause in saving our environment by even
doing little things that can surely help. Let us throw our trashes in the right place,
unplugged the appliances when not in use, plant more trees and other kinds of plants,
rarely used the air conditioners and microwave so it will not emit green house gases, and
most especially scream and shout so the every one of us will be alarmed about our
responsibility in taking care our environment. Let’s bring back the dark green