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High Performance bow mounted sonar for Force Protection

and Power Projection ASW missions.
 ery powerful BMS for large ASW frigates and destroyers.
Very long range detection& tracking for offensive ASW and self protection
in any environmental condition
Detects up to Convergence Zone in the Mediterranean and uses Bottom
Bounce propagation
Permanent panoramic torpedo alert
Multi-static interoperable with CAPTAS family VDS and FLASH dipping sonar


UMS 4110
Low Frequency Active and Passive Bow Mounted Sonar (BMS)
for Medium to Large Platforms

Twenty-five UMS 4110 sonars have
already been ordered.
Stable & continuous production, beyond
the 2020s:
Long lead production that warrants
systematic upgrades, evolutions, and long
term support.
UMS 4110 has been selected by:
French Navy (F70, Horizon & FREMM
Italian Navy (Horizon and FREMM
Royal Moroccan Navy (FREMM frigate)
Egyptian Navy (FREMM frigate)

UMS 4110
Low Frequency Active and Passive Bow Mounted
Sonar (BMS) for Medium to Large Platforms


High Performance
The 4110 is particularly efficient to detect submarines Detection range Typical up to 35 km
in harsh conditions. Functions Active & passive surveillance +
Reverberation effect is limited thanks to wide bandwidth analysis + audio + torpedo alert
Added value of HMS/BMS versus VDS + obstacle avoidance
HMS/BMS is all weather Sustainability Up to 30 kts
HMS/BMS provides excellent coverage above the
HMS/BMS is key for torpedo alert in forward section Frequency 4.6 to 6.1 kHz
Multi-static interoperable with CAPTAS VDS and Bandwidth Wide FM

Temps Prsent 092016 - Thales Underwater Systems S.A.S. 2016 This document and any data included are the property of Thales Underwater Systems SAS.
FLASH dipping sonar, to form all together the most
powerful and unrivalled deterrent ASW sonar suite. Pulse modes FM, CW, COMBO
Pulse length Up to 4 s
System features Passive frequency 1 to 6,1 kHz

They cannot be reproduced, disclosed or used without the companys prior written approval. Printed in France 08/2016 Photos: Thales
Very high source level at relatively low frequency INSTALLATION / MODULARITY
Provides ASW all-round surveillance
Array size 2200 (H) 2000 (W) 2000 (L) mm
Provides performance prediction function to optimize
the sonar use. Array Weight 10 t in air
Technical Features Inboard 3 electronic cabinets
Omni-directional low/medium frequency transmission.

2016 TUS SAS/2016/COMEXT/0383.R01 - This leaflet cannot be considered as a contractual specification.

Operated either from CMS consoles or stand-alone
Mammals safe; adjustable source level.
Enhancements to the basic system
Underwater telephone

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U K : T h a l e s U n d e r w a t e r S y s t e m s L t d - O c e a n H o u s e , Te m p l e c o m b e , S o m e r s e t BA 8 OD H ; + 4 4 ( 0 ) 1 9 6 3 3 7 0 5 5 1
A u s t r a l i a : T h a l e s A u s t r a l i a L t d - 2 7 4 V i c t o r i a R d , R y d a l m e r e , N e w S o u t h Wa l e s 2 1 1 6 ; + 6 1 ( 0 ) 2 9 8 4 8 3 5 0 0