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Amadeus Web Services

Sales & e-Commerce

In the online world, constant improvement is not merely an aim, it is a must. Amadeus Web Services
latest-generation technologyoffers you unparalleled connectivity from a single point of access to all of
Amadeus' comprehensive content. With its state-of-the-art open system architecture and XML formatting,
Amadeus Web Services offers an economical way to build and update your own customized travel booking
applications. And best of all, it's easy to implement and integrate with existing systems. With Amadeus
Web Services, you will always be at the cutting-edge of system architecture and technology.

Open technology for effortless A long-term vision for your

implementation technology investments
Implementation of new systems can be The cost of implementation and
slow and difficult, but with Amadeus Web development of new products and
Services you can relax. Amadeus Web functionalities in existing or new systems
Services is entirely platform-neutral and is can be prohibitive, especially in the
totally independent of both language and technology sector, where to succeed you
application framework, making have to be at the cutting edge. The flexible
implementation quick and efficient. integration of Amadeus Web Services into
your systems means that you can now
You will be able to combine the powerful invest with confidence in new software
and reliable source of information provided and development languages.
by Amadeus with your own business logic
saving you time by avoiding the necessity Amadeus Web Services has been designed
of accessing various environments. to give you maximum flexibility at
minimum cost, both now and in the future.
In addition, Amadeus Web Services has the With Amadeus Web Services, you will no
most comprehensive documentation and longer be locked into expensive application
automatic code generation in the market, systems and your choices will no longer be
which drastically reduces implementation hampered by your existing platform and
time. language. Instead, you will be free to use
the most innovative and cost-effective Server uptime
technology in the market at next to no High-tech, uninterrupted service to a
wealth of information
Amadeus customers who have development and maintenance costs.
already selected this solution Being at the cutting edge has never been More than 99.5% guaranteed server
benefit from access to the so easy! accessibility
entire range of 150 Amadeus
Web Services, including some State-of-the art technology
of our key online innovations The entire industry is shifting towards a
such as: more service-oriented architecture which main concerns, Amadeus Web Services is
> Amadeus Master Pricer Standard permits incorporation of Web 2.0 the solution for you as it conforms to
> Amadeus Master Pricer Calendar developments. Amadeus Web Services is Amadeus' rigorous quality standards and
> Amadeus Master Pricer MySearch scalable and totally Web 2.0 compliant, benefits from the highest server uptime
> Amadeus Sell By Fare allowing you to deploy these new features guarantee in the market.
> Amadeus to their fullest advantage and integrate
future improvements quickly and easily. If
excessive server downtime is one of your

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Count on us 24/7 A new door to Amadeus content

We support Services A Web Services The S.I. routes Since 1st Jan 2007,
Our Amadeus Support and Certification both intranet Integrator Access Point to the correct all Amadeus applications
and Internet is our new is the entry point application can be reached
team is unrivalled. Nine years of hands-on public access enterprise for the client via 1APA (150 Web Services)
to our platform! service bus system platform
experience validates our claim. With
Amadeus Customer Care Services, you can Services Air
rest assured that each time you call you will Integrator Hotel
be talking to a panel of experts with both SOAP / Philips Car

2008 Amadeus North America, Inc. All rights reserved.

in-depth technical knowledge and an all- Ticket
Web Services XML EDIFACT
encompassing overview of the flow of work Access Point Fare

in an online travel agency. Queue

Our Global Support System is available 24/7

MK-956 Amadeus Web Services - 9/08.

Security Server
and applies the highest standards of
support and care, providing customized
assistance and streamlined solutions, which
maximize efficiency rather than patch
existing systems.

Amadeus is a registered trademark of Amadeus IT Group, S.A. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.
2008 Amadeus North America, Inc. All rights reserved. Trademark of Amadeus North America, Inc. and/or affiliates.
Key features Key benefits Visit
where you will find:

Built on open standards

Flexible, scalable and easy to integrate and implement > Extensive documentation
> Detailed examples
Web 2.0 compliant Allows deployment of service oriented architecture > Best practices
> Tutorials on Amadeus Web Services
Support structure Available 24/7 and complemented by a comprehensive architecture and transactions and
and certification process extranet with documentation, examples and best practices much more

No platform/ language/
Decreased development costs and time to market
framework dependency

Can be fully customized to agency needs, allowing
differentiation that illustrates your unique value proposition

Consulting services Full on-site professional training, support and guidance

offered by Amadeus


In the US, call 1.888.AMADEUS, or send an

e-mail to to learn more.

In Canada, call 1.888.611.5554, or send an

e-mail to to learn more.